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Ryan #2020

Ryan RYANShe was perfect Sweet smart awkwardly adorable and beautiful as hell The only problem was she was terrified to leave her apartment And apparently she had somehow gotten herself wrapped up wit

  • Title: Ryan
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ryan By Jessica Gadziala, RYANShe was perfect Sweet, smart, awkwardly adorable, and beautiful as hell The only problem was she was terrified to leave her apartment And, apparently, she had somehow gotten herself wrapped up with some pretty bad guys to boot.DUSTY He was perfect He was a living, breathing, walking, talking statue come to life.But when would a man like that ever want to be with a wRYANShe was perfect Sweet, smart, awkwardly adorable, and beautiful as hell The only problem was she was terrified to leave her apartment And, apparently, she had somehow gotten herself wrapped up with some pretty bad guys to boot.DUSTY He was perfect He was a living, breathing, walking, talking statue come to life.But when would a man like that ever want to be with a woman who was too anxious to even walk into the hallway Let alone go on a date with him Or meet the family he was so close with That being said, he seemed interested for some reason.So obviously, he was just as crazy as I was On top of that whole confusion situation, something was going on with my business partners And things were about to go straight to hell For possible triggers, please visit jessicagadziala trigge
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    1. This book right here is why Jessica Gadziala is one of my favorite authors I loved every moment of reading this and Ryan and Dusty were fantastic characters Dusty had a lot of issues she was dealing with and getting to see Ryan be so understanding about them and helpful in literally the best ways was swoon worthy As someone who has dealt and still deals with anxiety, reading a book where a character has similar problems is a little nerve wracking It s something that gets mishandled by authors a [...]

    2. While I enjoyed this story, it wasn t as strong as others by the author Dusty suffers from agoraphobia and Ryan has managed to sense her across the hall and is curious about the shut in When she lands herself in trouble, the sexy enforcer is there to help The plot takes an interesting approach to mental illness I liked the differences from how I d seen it portrayed in other books up until that point Ryan is patient with Dusty and understanding but he pushes her comfort level to get her to move f [...]

    3. 4 Ryan stars Ryan is the second book in the Mallick Brothers series which means there are 5 hot and rough brothers finding their ONE Shane and Ryan are out 3 to go I love these dark hair blue eyes rough and sexy brothers walking around in Navesink Bank Can t wait to get of them I enjoyed this book a lot Ryan was amazing and so understanding and patient with Dusty She had her issues and never once felt with Ryan that even when she failed he would judge her That was the best part for me, having [...]

    4. I absolutely fell in love with Ryan He was such a sweetheart, and how he dealt with his heroine who suffered from agoraphobia and anxiety, was so heartwarming This book touched me, and hit very close to home with me as I have been battling severe anxiety this past year I could relate so much to what Dusty was going through, and it also gave me some insight on how she dealt with her affliction.Another thing that I love about this series is how the Mallick family are so loyal to one another I love [...]

    5. This family just keep getting better.I ve been dyin for this book for ages I luv The Mallicks brothers there so hot and amazing Once these men fine that woman that they want they go for it Nothing will get in there way and once Ryan got a look at Dusty that was it he needed to get to know this woman that never left her apartment ever Dusty is agoraphobic she hadnt left her apartment in 3 years This still doesnt stop her from noticing things and she had noticed her neighbour Ryan a while ago Ther [...]

    6. I absolutely loved Ryan and his unending patience that he had with Daisy as she tried to overcome her demons And Daisy was as sweet as they come and deserved a man willing to battle with her These Mallick brothers are yummy No OW OM drama at all.

    7. 4.5 starsAnyone who knows me, knows I hate perfect, fluffy bunny, angstless novels But every time Ms G offers up a new coupleI m so on board Ladies, this book is why you should be reading this author Seriously If you aren t already reading her books you re missing a sure safe bet.She even has a trigger page jessicagadziala triggeI started this very ambivalent about the whole thing Sometimes I m afraid to start one of her novels fearing that THIS one will be the one that makes me fallout of love [...]

    8. She was the mysterious girl across the hall She never left her apartment and she had convinced the postman to deliver her copious packages right to her door Even Ryan, the Mallick family enforcer, successful businessman, couldn t convince the guy to do that Who was this beautiful woman held prisoner by her own fears He was everything a woman could dream of He even starred in some of Dusty s fantasies, but the chances of them ever meeting were slim and none, because that would require leaving her [...]

    9. 3.75 Ryan starsEven though, Shane is still no.1 ALPHA in my book, his bro didn t disappoint The quit, sullen, enforcer Ryan Mallick gives a total different meaning to being a sweet caring yet badass alpha protectorwhen his eyes fall on a little, slender and shy blonde across the hall from his appartment, his own dry spell and hold off posture soon become melted away as the need to know this beautiful shut in tender womand he does, and she comes with issues agoraphobia and anxiety attacks only se [...]

    10. I absolutely adored this It was super sweet and fun and, like JG s others, it was a really easy read.It hit very close to my heart not just because we share names I identified often w the h.Full review to come when I m not on the clock at work As always, thank you ARC given by author for honest review.

    11. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Dusty 1 5 Hero Ryan 3 5Plot 2 5Grovel noneCheating noneHEA yesTriggers h is beaten up not by H , drug dealingAverage score 2 5Best Line none that stood out to meWorst Line a lot of linesPersonal Review A disappointing romance between a protective hero and a woman who should have NOT BEEN A DRUG DEALER The heroine was perfect for me until I found out what she did for a livingRandom Ramblings I liked that he wasn t such a big man [...]

    12. Kristen Ashley better watch out Jessica Gadziala is quickly becoming the number one spot for authors with the most male heros on my book boyfriends list I am absolutely smitten with the Mallick family and Ryan simply swept me off my feet Loved this

    13. 3.75 4 starsLiked this one better than the previous book in this series Very likable hero Not a manho Despite him being a loan enforcer, he had good human qualities.Sweet heroine, not a badass She had anxiety and agarophobia But she wasn t weak or an annoying I actually liked her.Plausible drama.Cute epilogue.

    14. 3.5 RATING The first book I ve read in a while I ve actually been able to finish The authors writing is very readable and she mostly gives me what I want a sexy protective hero who falls hard for his lady I also have a thing for heroines that have agoraphobia don t judge so enjoyed the story from that aspect although it was a bit unrealistically dealt with IMO.Overall an enjoyable story I look forward to reading about of these siblings.

    15. bobinho, A personagem tem agorafobia e por isso interessei, mas o foco no tal Ryan, a profiss o dele e a a o que todos inclusive ela se metem.

    16. Jessica Gadziala has done it again This series is shaping up to be one of her best The Mallick men are just too swoon worthy for their own good, or the good of the women of Navesink Bank The depth of character and plot development will have you fist pumping and slack jawed in awe JG really put her all into Dusty A beautiful young woman struggling with not only a crippling mental illness, but an unsavory drug dealing gang Her journey of pain and progress touched my heart, and gave me a new apprec [...]

    17. A favorite author is always a joy to read with the fabulous stories they give us to escape with It is even special when they also give us a piece of themselves in a story The heroine of this book suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia, something the author has dealt with herself You can feel Dusty s fears and understand them with the way the author presents them This book give s us Ryan Mallick s story He is the third of the five brother s stories we ve gotten so far Even though he is an enforcer [...]

    18. Epilogue author s note were my favorite parts I wish the babies would have been apart of the story instead of the epilogue, especially given their love of big families wanting lots of kids Looking forward to Mark Eli.

    19. First of all, I adore the Mallicks, so for me, this is another amazing installment to the fantastic five there are 5 gorgeous, complex Mallick brothers in total The Mallicks are a close family who run a number of legitimate businesses in Navesink Bank, but who also are notorious loansharks Ryan is a serious workaholic who takes care of most of the business side, like doing all of the paperwork and keeping the books He is also the one who pays the first pay up visit to clients who use the Mallick [...]

    20. Ryan Mallick is a business owner and enforcer for his loan shark father He lives across the hall from Dusty McRae who is a YA PNR writer but suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia Ryan sees Dusty for the first time when she opens the door to some shady guys He is drawn to her but tries to put the brakes on his feelings because of her condition A small accident will give him an opportunity he is not expecting and he not only gets the chance to help her but to get to know her and neither can stop th [...]

    21. 5 Ryan Mallick StarsFirst off Jessica can do no wrong in my eyes and with this book its not different I fell in Love with this book from the first page and just couldn t put it down It was a love story through and through I learnt a little about agoraphobia, It was interesting learning so much about this paralyzing condition My eyes where very much opened Ryan is this amazing sweet guy from the start and I fell hard for him Dusty is this sweetheart who is struggling through life the best way tha [...]

    22. Although I did love that the h had agoraphobia which I feel like is not portrayed very well in media but was absolutely great in this book, the story was lacking a bit for me I didn t really feel the sparks between the H and h in this And it was resolved really really quickly only to drag out the ending I dunno, I liked Ryan in the other books but this one just didn t do it for me.

    23. My new favorite author Love all her books and if you really wants to know about this book, pick it up and read it Sorry, not spoiling it

    24. Another fabulous 5 gazillion stars love story Absolutely Fabulous I ve recognized Jessica s signature of choosing an underlying social or physiological issue to explore which lays the foundation of her stories Simply brilliant In this case, it is mental illness and true to form, Jessica gives it the delicacy and respect it deserves when sharing the human toll and impact Brava PS Please have audio books made but if you do, please ensure there is a male and female narrator Imagine bringing your st [...]

    25. I really wish I lived in Navesink Bank This place is filled with hot, sexy, dirty mouthed men And one by one they re finding their tough, sassy mouthed badass women Ryan is the third Mallick brother to get his story We ve already gotten Hunter s story in For a Good Time Call, and Shane s story was simply entitled Shane Ryan is probably the quietest of the brothers who enjoys spending time alone and relaxing when he can For the last year, he s been aware of his shut in neighbor but has never actu [...]

    26. Jessica I don t even know where to start with this review You wrote about a serious mental illness that affects a lot of people and families It could not have been written any better It was perfect This is my new favorite Your stories only get better and I feel like I know you I m so excited that you are doing it girl Ryan and Dusty were a perfect match I was sucked in from the beginning The Maklick s are the best Even with her disability Dusty was strong, smart Ryan was not afraid of her illnes [...]

    27. ExcellentAn excellent story of as young woman who suffers from anxiety and the man who loves her enough to help her through it as well as protect her from the dangerous situation she unwittingly gets involved in I highly recommend this one.

    28. So Definitely enjoyed Ryan Mallick than his brother, Shane As a hero, Ryan is pretty awesome Not a manwhore, respectful to women, and he doesn t play games with the heroine or waffle about what he wants Love I enjoyed Dusty, but I know some people will have a problem with her source of income I thought Ryan said it best, though, when he told Dusty that he didn t approve of drugs but he understood that sometimes you do what you have to And honestly, Dusty wasn t even THAT involved with the drug [...]

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