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Overtaken #2020

Overtaken Reunited with her people Shanti knows that she must make a move in order to finally put her duty to rest But as always Xandre is one step ahead of her For one brief moment when she lets down her gua

  • Title: Overtaken
  • Author: K.F. Breene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Overtaken By K.F. Breene, Reunited with her people, Shanti knows that she must make a move in order to finally put her duty to rest But as always, Xandre is one step ahead of her.For one brief moment when she lets down her guard, Shanti falls into enemy hands But if Xandre thought she would be a docile prisoner, he was sadly mistaken.With Shanti running interference, it is up to the boys she hasReunited with her people, Shanti knows that she must make a move in order to finally put her duty to rest But as always, Xandre is one step ahead of her.For one brief moment when she lets down her guard, Shanti falls into enemy hands But if Xandre thought she would be a docile prisoner, he was sadly mistaken.With Shanti running interference, it is up to the boys she has trained, and the army Cayan leads, to fight their way to her side.The fate of the land will finally be decided.Which side will be overtaken

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      K.F. Breene

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    1. Actual rating 2.5 stars Foreseen this I could have not.I was slightly pissed off when I wrote my crappy pre review nonsense for this book Now I m still kinda sorta slightly pissed off, but this is still one of my favourite series ever and Shanti is one of the Mostest Wondrousest Female Characters Ever MWCE , so I decided to be uncharacteristically kind and magnanimous and considerate, and go for a full 3 star rating instead of a 2.5 star one Pretty sure it will do wonders for my karma, too.It s [...]

    2. I M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE JUST YET 5 DON T ACT LIKE YOU RE SURPRISED BY THIS RATING STARSI ve had a hard time reading this partly because I know full well it would be the last time I d be stepping into this world chock full of adventures and wittiness and loyalty CUE THE TEARS And partly because I ve been binge watching Star Wars.Plotwise, I thought it had a couple of gaps and holes that doesn t make sense The bits about Burson was effing confusing too and didn t help the story at all But wha [...]

    3. Good conclusion to the series, I give this 3 1 2 stars and the series 3 1 2 stars also My favorite books were still 1 and 4, both solid 4 star books for me view spoiler I didn t like the way Shanti was captured, it just seemed to convenient to the storyline hide spoiler

    4. I absolutely love the Warrior Chronicles series by K.F Breene but I had the final book, Overtaken, sat on my kindle for months before I eventually got around to reading it because I just didn t want the series to be over I ve really grown to love Shanti, Cayan and the others so I wasn t ready to say goodbye to them and if I m honest even now I m hoping the author may decide to go back to this world in the future so we can see how everyone is getting on So this is it, the book we ve all been wait [...]

    5. 3.5 stars.While the whole series is good, unfortunately this one not working for me Too many honor guards POV, it feel like a YA book, boo No, not cute I wasn t complaining with the lack of Shanti s and Cayan s time together but I hated to get those kids bickering POV so much Also Shanti and Cayan separately about 2 3 of the book, that s not what I expected in the last book of this series and no epilogue here either, however you can get it from the author s website.And the whole big fighting war [...]

    6. Over two years of following this series and now it has finally come to an end These characters that I have learned to love so much Reading this world is one big adventure I will miss them Truly Please hurry up with the bonus epilogue Ms Breene.

    7. 3.25 Kinda went out with a whimper instead of a bang, but I still enjoyed the series as a whole.So this one has Shanti in Xandre s crazy clutches She was fooled quite easily IMO but the author has Shanti admitting to acting foolishly when she was captured, so we can let that one go I guess.Most of the story takes place with our gang separated The Honor Guard follows Shanti to Xandre s stronghold and their adventures, though unrealistic yes, I know Breene explained how they managed to go undetect [...]

    8. OH MY GOD This literally had to have been one of the best series I have ever read, if not THE BEST The book just kept getting better and better as the series went on I loved every single character in this book Sanders constantly had me crying laughing with his ways He just blurts out everything I normally just think of and never say out loud He was amazing And don t get me started on the fact that EVERY female was badass and could handle themselves There were no damsels in distress Quite opposit [...]

    9. 1.000.000 StarsThe awesomest heroes in the landI have no words to describe this amazing book and series No words I absolutely loved this, one of my very favourites I am sad it ended but I am also so very happy I found this This non review will end with me telling you to read this series, it is freaking amazing Go, read it P.S This is my first book for 2017 I hope the year will go as awesome as these characters

    10. This book was a very disappointing end to a fantastic series After an extremely detailed build up, Breene finishes her book in a whirlwind way with a lot of convenience Once we finally got to see who Xandre was, I was pretty disappointed We d been hearing about him for five books and then he turns out to be a somewhat average villain For someone who was so cunning, I didn t find him particularly clever or intimidating.Additionally the challenges and Shanti and Cayan have to face are not nearly a [...]

    11. Loved this series Such a touching and heartwarming story from beginning to end It has the total package Magic, Battle, Comedy, Strife, Loss, Joy, Love A wonderful roller coaster of emotion throughout the entire series A must read for any fantasy fan

    12. The way Xandre end is a bit anticlimactic I was looking for Xandre able to fight her lol Anyway, yay I am officially done with this series It was really good I am so gonna miss Shanti and her Honor Guard Sanders too

    13. This series is a bit erotic than I usually read, but there is enough plot to keep me involved In other words there s quite a bit of action 0 and a satisfying ending I love the Heroine I wouldn t reccommend this for kids though

    14. 4.5 Read the first five in a week then waited ages as didn t wanna finish but I finally did Still need to read the bonus epilogueI need another book series that makes me laugh as much as this one did The wit dry humour, sarcasm, inversion of gender roles and completely redefining them on top of the cultural clashes had me deaaaad GONNA MISS THESE GUYS SO MUCH I WANT MORE

    15. TerribleThis book is proof that the series should have ended after book 3 or 4 Way to many characters, no development and a rush job Felt like the author quit on this series This book was the worst of them all Boring and just seemed like the author had no plan Very disappointing.

    16. this series is life and probably the most underrated amazing book I ve read this year this book was an emotional roller coaster and I loved every single moment.Shanti ,Captain and the boys of the honor guard stole my heart and I m sad to say that his amazing ride is almost over.This series while always have a special place in my heart

    17. Solid, like the series Was kinda hoping it would end with a bang and badassery, but instead got honor guard bumbling, skulking, a swamp.

    18. 3.75 starsGoing back and looking at the series as a whole Invasion, Seige, and Overtaken should have all been one final book take the boring filler stuff out making this a 4 book series instead of a drown ought 6 book series I also would have added that perfect Shadow Land s amazing fighting scene at the end as the final fight The last two books of this series really was watered down and lackluster Despite this series revolving around incredible fighters you didn t even get a fighting scene at t [...]

    19. Overall a good series although the end was pretty weak I d give it a 3.5 It would have been deeper and engaging if there had been risk and deaths of characters throughout the seriesI never worried about any of the main characters in any of the books so there was no edge of your seat feeling This book was light on action which was surprising given it was the big finale I have to mention that the narrator got and on my nerves as I progressed through the books She sounded robotic and had the ch [...]

    20. This has been such a great series, I m sad to see it end but very happy with the conclusion I love and hate the twists involved in revealing the internal leak and how that even happened I really hate the lack of final conclusion with one of the characters but it definitely realistic to not have absolutely everything tied up in a nice bow at the end But my favorite thing about the entire series is that Shanti is a bada from start to finish She is fierce in everything she does from fighting to tr [...]

    21. This book A nice wrap for a very well done series For me there were a couple of threads that could have been fleshed out , especially for a final book of a series Overall for the series 4.5 stars It gets at least 4 stars for holding my interest enough to binge read the whole series From there, the main characters are well developed and balanced as the series progresses There is depth to the emotions of each character that bring the story to life A few characters offer the right mix of snark and [...]

    22. I loved the Warrior Chronicles series I truly enjoyed the journey of the Chosen s and how the chosen who was also the wanderer had to bring the people together I am sad about Daniel, I didn t know couldn t they poison him with something that put him in a coma The loss of people that died was small compared the devastation that world could have experience if Burson s hadn t interfered I enjoyed how she groomed the Honour Guards from imbeciles that everyone thought they were to men and soldiers th [...]

    23. Well, all good books come to an end, and this is it This is the final book in Wariror series, and as I said this was quite nervus jurney I really liked every book, from the first one to the last one The story is so well written that I could easily imagine all of the books in a movie In this last one you get, shocked abaut the autcome, and the casualties Traitor shocked me the most, I must confest I was really mad, and yes I cried But I ylu must love the Bastard, he is my absolute favorite, and H [...]

    24. Audiobook review The sixth book in the Warrior Chronicles saga is one of the best conclusions to a series that I ve had the pleasure to listen to in a long while There aren t any dull moments in this book Action, kidnapping, loss, deception, battle, trust, and a common cause along with Breene s sense of humour and writing style kept me wanting and saddened when it ended Overtaken is a great ending to a unique adventure series The narrator also did a fantastic job at providing unique voices for [...]

    25. Reunited with her people, Shanti knows that she must make a move in order to finally put her duty to rest But as always, Xandre is one step ahead of her.Overtaken is the final book in The Warrior Chronicles Let me start by saying every previous book in this series was a hands down 5 star rating in my opinion The first book introduced is to Shanti and Cayan and through their journey we met so many people along the way Each book showed how the main and secondary characters grew and led up to what [...]

    26. The EndI truly enjoyed Shanti s story that does not quickly turn into Shanti s and Cayan s story By book 4, I was salivating to find out what happened when Shanti got her vengeance, not if The suspense was killing me, or it felt like it was, so I cheated and skipped to the end, only to go back and read through book 5 leisurely Sometimes, patience isn t a virtue of mine, okay it never is Fantastic job, K.F.

    27. Could ve have a better ending I love this series Have loved it from the very beginning, which is why it pains me to say that the ending of the series wasn t so great I of course knew that it had to end with the death of Zander, I m pretty sure anyone who is reading this series knows that, but the end when it came was super anticlimactic Which is why I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5.

    28. While I love this series, this book just wasn t the conclusion I thought it would be There are still so many questions left unanswered and that s even after reading the bonus epilogue from Breene s website With all of those unanswered questions she could write another book in the series, but she has stated this is the last one Other than the disappointing end this book was auctioned packed and just as hilarious as all of the others.

    29. Sorry I didn t update this before finished like months ago I think I read all 6 books in the series in something like 8 days Not certain if that s a testament of how much I liked the books or how short they are though I should wait to reread before reviewing as it s not very top of my mind at the moment but the kids, while not the stars, are what makes this series There are a host of series with pretty much an identical plot but this was a fun ride, well written and worth it for the kids.

    30. I could have not wished for a better ending Ms Breene s writing is on point, off the charts, remarkable This series has taken me through so much laughter and tears I enjoyed it thoroughly Took me three years to finally read all of them but it was worth the wait I found myself liking One and wondering if there was a story to be told there Would have liked to have had an update in the bonus chapter Amazing writing.

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