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A Thin Bright Line #2020

A Thin Bright Line At the height of the Cold War Lucybelle Bledsoe is offered a job seemingly too good to pass up However there are risks Her scientific knowledge and editorial skills are unparalleled but her persona

  • Title: A Thin Bright Line
  • Author: Lucy Jane Bledsoe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Thin Bright Line By Lucy Jane Bledsoe, At the height of the Cold War, Lucybelle Bledsoe is offered a job seemingly too good to pass up However, there are risks Her scientific knowledge and editorial skills are unparalleled, but her personal life might not withstand government scrutiny Leaving behind the wreckage of a relationship, Lucybelle finds solace in working for the visionary scientist who iAt the height of the Cold War, Lucybelle Bledsoe is offered a job seemingly too good to pass up However, there are risks Her scientific knowledge and editorial skills are unparalleled, but her personal life might not withstand government scrutiny Leaving behind the wreckage of a relationship, Lucybelle finds solace in working for the visionary scientist who is extracting the first ever polar ice cores The lucidity of ice is calming and beautiful But the joyful pangs of a new love clash with the impossible compromises of queer life If exposed, she could lose everything she holds dear Based on the hidden life of the author s aunt and namesake, A Thin Bright Line is a love story set amid Cold War intrigue, the origins of climate research, and the nascent civil rights movement Poignant, brilliant, and moving, it reminds us to act on what we love, not just wish for it It triumphs as an intimate and humane evocation of day to day life under inhumane circumstances New York Times Book Review Bledsoe covers a lot of ground here, imagining her intellectual aunt s relationship to the queer cultural transformations of the 1950s, as well as the paranoia of the Cold War era San Francisco Chronicle

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    1 thought on “A Thin Bright Line

    1. Historical fiction like this always makes me so thankful for the people who came before me Unwilling to remain silent and unseen How brave they were Even though I loved the story, the best part to me was the post script It was such a personal story for the author which made the whole thing a little interesting.

    2. Not sure yet what to do with all my feels Best thing I ve read in along time Ok, a couple of hours later and I think I may be able to write about this coherently.I ve always liked Bledsoe s writing, but she outdid herself here You feel that this story is a labor of love and that she pours everything she s got into it The introduction and the postscript which I cried right through go into this and I feel she did her aunt proud.I ve read about the McCarthy era before, and I ve read about queer lif [...]

    3. A Thin Bright Line is a thoroughly engrossing novel It fully succeeds on several levels First, it captures two particular eras in American history the paranoia of Joe McCarthy s 1950s as well as the anxious hopefulness of Dr King s 1960s The story contrasts the lives of lesbians trying to survive amidst the institutionalized homophobia and racism of that period Second, the story features two wonderfully realized love stories And third, and for this reader most compelling aspect of the novel, is [...]

    4. Deft and entertaining A pleasure to read about a women in the sciences I love that Lucy Jane Bledsoe is writing lesbians back into history, and her imagined family story both breaks my heart and mends it.

    5. LGBTQ youth in the U.S are no strangers to alienation, discrimination, and all manner of oppression, that confronts members of our community on an ongoing basis However, I am very pleased to say that most of our youth will be unfamiliar with the fear that comes from the knowledge that coming out could lead to loss of one s job, career, future and possibly even imprisonment This is an existential, ontological fear that follows one daily and hovers like a cloak over our lives, our friends, and, mo [...]

    6. I loved this book, which is beautifully written and weaves together major historical events the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, McCarthyism with the life of LucyBelle Bledsoe, a science writer and lesbian LucyBelle, the main character, is a fictionalized version of the author s aunt, about whom she has done extensive research, yet never does the book feel overwhelmed by research as is sometimes the case with historical fiction Instead, LucyBelle exists on the page as a fully realized charac [...]

    7. I didn t finish this book I got about 1 3 of the way into it and decided it just wasn t for me When I read the reviews, I thought that it was going to be about science and the polar ice core and a little bit about Lucybelle s personal life Instead it was the other way around not much about the science Maybe it would get into it later in the book, but I didn t have the patience to continue and find out.

    8. Lucy Jane Bledsoe is one of my favorite writers This novel, an unusual blend history and personal intersections, a joyful imagining of what might have been, what should have been, balanced with what actually happened In short, just the sort book I love Bledsoe is named for an aunt who died when Bledsoe was young Left with only a few memories and even fewer facts, the natural curiosity about her namesake sent Bledsoe on a quest to find out all she could This novel rests on the bare facts, but is [...]

    9. Lucy Jane Bledsoe s A Thin Bright Line has left me overwhelmed by its brilliance From page one, I was hooked by its historical setting the Cold War, McCarthyism, the rising civil rights movement, J.F.K and Martin Luther King, Jr even a time in history when threatening to expose a person s secret life of homosexuality was still considered a weapon of disenfranchisement All generations stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, and I am grateful to have read this book and gained greater insight [...]

    10. The story behind this book is incredible, and is a testament to the thin bright line that divides the generations, even when they are separated by loss, secrets, and time I truly loved several of Lucy Jane Bledsoe s books, most notably This Wild Silence and The Big Bang Symphony However, I felt that this book fell short of some of the others the plot was tedious and sometimes confusing, focused too much on intimate details of the imagined relationships and love affairs of the protagonist This wa [...]

    11. A novel based on the life of the author s namesake aunt, this took me into aspects of society I knew little about Cold War non atomic science, the queer subculture of the 50s, Chicago in the early 60s The characters were all vivid and memorable, down to the party guests and the scientists It s bittersweet as well, which isn t a spoiler if you read the author s note at the beginning I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    12. This is one of my favorite books of the year It s thoughtfully and beautifully written with a huge heart and a terrific story Lucybelle is an incredibly brave woman who I would love to have met Her story spans so many issues but she s so human and relatable her untimely death is a tragedy because she undoubtedly had so much to give and love to share Thanks to Beldsoe for bringing her aunt to life she s done a terrific job.

    13. A Thin Bright Line is a lovely homage to the queer women who bravely navigated their careers, families, social circles by hiding or not their desires, their lovers, and often having to sacrifice something in the bargain It s an homage to a little known aunt, the author s namesake, who seemed to lived two lives the one her family saw and or wanted to believe and the one she actually lived, fictionalized here The novel itself is just okay It meanders between engrossing and boring pretty consistent [...]

    14. Lucy Bledsoe blends fact with fiction to uncover the lost story of her favorite aunt, Lucybelle Bledsoe, a brilliant, pioneering climate change science writer responsible for hundreds of science papers spanning the 1960s that are the basis for today s climate change knowledge, which started with The Army Corp of Engineers researching ice cores in Antarctica to reveal thousands of years of the earth s climate history Bledsoe gives a thin bright line into the life of her beloved aunt who lived in [...]

    15. How to describe a story you know going to be a tragic one Yes, indeed, it is a tragic fictional biography about the author s aunt Lucybelle and her struggles with her relationships with other women, her struggles to not to be lonesome and perhaps even Difference creates line which is so thin that you don t even realise it exists, although this thin line has brightness which dazzle you again and again Perhaps I m dazzled not by the story as much as, I m dazzled with the context, the helplessness [...]

    16. The intriguing story of the life of Lucybelle Bledsoe, written by her niece and namesake, who was hired at the height of the Cold War as a writer and editor for the publications of scientists who were working on extracting polar ice cores to learn the history of Earth s climate change while simultaneously building a secret underground city in Greenland as a possible missile launching site against the Russians, and who herself had to lead a secret life because of the personal and professional ris [...]

    17. An enjoyable read about a character forced to live in the closet due to her time in history, it combines research on queer life in the 50s and 60s with historical events and an engaging protagonist While some of the elements the author emphasized seemed like odd choices and I felt there were a few to many lose end left untied, I enjoyed it Ultimately however, the explanation of how the book came to be written told in an afterward felt like the most compelling part of the story.

    18. After reading the multitude of glowing 5 star reviews, I had to give this book a read I came away asking, did we read the same book It reads like a relationship procedural There is little to no plot or character development Storylines are clumsy and characters act in ways that are contrary to their unforeshadowed nature To say it reads like non fiction is to insult authors like Erik Larson whose masterful narrative style demonstrate that Bledsoe is out of her depth.

    19. Well told imagining of a woman s story living as a lesbian during the 50s, a time of difficulties too soft of a word for the LGBT community Since most of the books from this era that cover LGBT sexuality send negative messages, it s refreshing to see a story that imbues these lives with vitality and happiness even when events are unpleasant Also a nice handling of race.

    20. When I finished this book, I thought, Holy moly, this is a good book The premise of this book is a hook that draws you in author Lucy Jane Bledsoe is writing about the life of her aunt and namesake, Lucybelle Bledsoe She didn t know her aunt well because Lucybelle perished in a fire when Lucy Jane was nine However, when trying to learn about her aunt as an adult, she learned that Lucybelle had had a remarkable life, and one with quite a lot in common with Lucy Jane.The aunt was a science writer [...]

    21. If you are hoping for ice and snow, as in The Big Bang Symphony, this book will disappoint However, as historical fiction it s somewhat interesting for its perspective on the cold war, homophobia and government surveillance Didn t quite add up so, given high hopes, a little disappointing.

    22. Absolutely Fantastic WOW A Thin Bright Line is a beautiful book Beautifully written This period in history is hard to read about How women who love women had to be so careful So moving.

    23. It s rare to find a well written book, so after the first few pages I savoured every word Wow Involving, thought provoking, poignant, unforgettable.

    24. historical fiction from 50s 60s following namesakes aunt through her work, relationships and lifereally feels like an honest portrayal real life, real challenges decision, real relationships

    25. This is the story of a gay woman back when everyone was in the closet, who is unashamed of that fact Her orbit includes New York City, Chicago and a laboratory in Canada She works as a writer for the first project in American history to perfect the art and science of measuring ice cores, even before the full extent of its usefulness was known She has love affairs and heartbreak, like anyone else Yet the difficulties are not ignored or underestimated A lot has to be kept secret, and that has deva [...]

    26. I found this a totally engrossing novel It is a work of fiction but based on the life story of the authors aunt who was a scientist, based in the US at the height of the cold war and the civil rights movement Lucybelle is offered a position too good to pass up even though it involves her compromising her true self Yet she manages to hold the job and to still express her lesbian sexuality It s a great story about a strong woman who makes the decision to follow her heart I loved it.

    27. Author Lucy Jane Bledsoe has done what many of us wish we could do she has taken an intriguing fragment of a true story, researched the heck out of it, and turned it into an interesting novel A Thin Bright Line covers a pivotal decade in American history 1956 1966 , focusing on a major movement of that period civil equal rights for gay people, women, African Americans The story also touches on the Cold War and how the arms race ultimately co opted the work of scientists focusing on higher ideals [...]

    28. A brilliant story that I couldn t put down for the few days it took me to devour it cover to cover Bledsoe s scientific interests blend beautifully with her fiction instincts in this gorgeous, Cold War era, queer love story.

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