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Before You Break #2020

Before You Break Lena McKenna hides behind the safety of her camera lens A talented driven perfectionist she s earned a scholarship to a prestigious art school But when her father suffers a heart attack Lena drops

  • Title: Before You Break
  • Author: Kyla Stone
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before You Break By Kyla Stone, Lena McKenna hides behind the safety of her camera lens A talented, driven perfectionist, she s earned a scholarship to a prestigious art school But when her father suffers a heart attack, Lena drops everything, rushing back to a house shrouded in shadows and secrets She s confronted by Lux, the troubled younger sister she left behind when she fled her past two years agLena McKenna hides behind the safety of her camera lens A talented, driven perfectionist, she s earned a scholarship to a prestigious art school But when her father suffers a heart attack, Lena drops everything, rushing back to a house shrouded in shadows and secrets She s confronted by Lux, the troubled younger sister she left behind when she fled her past two years ago Volatile and reckless, Lux McKenna is teetering on the brink The black hole of her mind is sucking her under Plagued by guilt and a devastating darkness, Lux will do anything to forget Anything Whatever she tries, Lena can t reach her sister Instead, she devotes herself to her father s care, all the while haunted by the memories of her mother, a passionate, enigmatic artist whose tragic death shattered their family.When Lena finds unexpected refuge in the arms of Eli, a former crush, his steady strength begins to thaw her heart and challenge her fears But can he convince her that love is always a risk worth taking Meanwhile, Lux s dark secrets send her hurtling toward the precipice Will Lena choose to escape her past once and for all, leaving her sister and her chance at love behind Or can these sisters find a way back to each other before their demons destroy them both

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    1 thought on “Before You Break

    1. I am not going to offer a synopsis of the book as you can read the one already provided by the publisher, and IMO I think this is the kinda book you have to enter as spoiler free as possible That said, if the book summary has caught your eye, you will probably enjoy the book.We follow the story of two sisters who hail from a broken home, with broken parents, leaving them broken Each one of them is coping in the way they can one, Lena, seems to be the perfect one she has left to pursue her dreams [...]

    2. Lena McKenna is busy attending photography classes at the Art Institute of Florida in Tampa, Florida She has a prestigious gallery competition for the Central Florida Metropolitan Museum of Art coming up and is already a semi finalist in the competition Winning the competition would mean a grant and a stipend with Photography magazine Before Lena can submit her final entry into the competition, she is called home to Brokewater, Michigan Lena s father, has had another heart attack, and this time, [...]

    3. I ve received this book as an ARC from Netgalley I just didn t enjoy the story as much as I d thought I would after reading the synopsis.To me, the plot isn t gripping enough It s predictable Lena was gonna save the day, yay About the characters, I like neither of the girls spoiler alertLux yeah, we all know she was bad news Ain t nobody should deal with your messy life like that Lena she thought she was way better than her sister No, she was not When she learnt it was about time for her father, [...]

    4. Just couldn t get into this one I tried, but it didn t pull me in and I did not relate to the characters at all They didn t seem very likable.

    5. A tale of family, love and loss I enjoyed this story of two sisters battling with their inner demons and the ill health of their father A little slow in places but overall an enjoyable read Thanks to tbc reviewers for my copy

    6. Absolutely excellent this book deftly threads the needle of addressing mental health issues and abuse without either excusing them or softening the blow too much There s subtlety and complexity here, and excellent use of visual themes, but it s never forced The descriptions are beautiful, the emotions genuine Lux and Lena are heartbreakingly real and relateable, and the destruction of a family is traced inexorably to its conclusion.Readers who liked Looking for Alaska but want something mature [...]

    7. A well written, moving tale that provides a candid look at troubled family relationships The first person narrative alternates between Lina and Lux s point of view, providing insight into the differences in how they see things Both Lena and Lux are struggling in their own ways as they face their father s imminent death They each remember different things from their childhood and have secrets they share with no0ne not even each other Lux uses substance abuse and hook ups to escape, she swears a l [...]

    8. Brilliant Another brilliant book by this very talented author I read this book in two sittings after buying it on sale last week What a find I m looking forward to watching Kyla Stone shine

    9. Before you break by Kyla Stone Lena McKenna thought she escapes apscaped her past It s been two years since she s seen her troubled younger sister or set foot in the house haunted by memories of her mother s suicide This was a fantastic read with brilliant characters Moving and powerful read I really felt for lena I loved the ending 5 Tbc on fb.

    10. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review And I must say, I thorougly enjoyed reading this thought provoking account of two sisters, Lena and Lux, deal with some tough life situations The characters react differently to the stresses that come their way, one trying to forget and the other flying out of control The author s portrayal of two distinctly different sisters is nothing short of fascinating I connected with Lena than I did with Lux, but they both captivated me and [...]

    11. Kyla creates yet another phenomenal story in Who We Are Instead with characters who quickly become close friends It s got a bit of a Sarah Dessen feel, but still with a unique storyline Kyla manages to illustrate the very real balance that we see in life of dealing with the very hard things we experience as humans and the very beautiful things we experience as humans At the beginning, I did have trouble connecting with Lux as quickly as I did with Lena, but I soon grew to understand, connect wit [...]

    12. I had the good fortune to get to read an advanced copy of this book It was the 2nd book I ve read by Kyla Stone, and so far, I really love her writing style and subject matter She is great at bringing characters to life, even characters as diverse as the two sisters in this story This story is full of drama, a bit of mystery, a little romance, and results in a huge amount of character growth by the time you get to the last page I found the ending satisfying, even though there were some sad spots [...]

    13. Who We Are Instead is the second book I ve read by Kyla Stone and I definitely love her writing I don t have a sister, but the relationship between Lena and Lux twisted my gut at times How they interacted and grew was a high point, with an underlying sadness that lingered with me for some time after I finished reading Beautiful writing, a must read I was gifted a copy of this novel to offer an honest review.

    14. A great book This is a story about the relationship between two sisters, Lena and Lux Lux is struggling with her life with jealousy, gilt, low self esteem and other issues Lena is the strong one, but she struggles in her own way Their relationship with their parents is complicated, and now their father is dying This brings the sisters back together The book is very well written

    15. This was quite an intriguing and complex story and at times very emotional It delves into the lives of Lena and Lux from a young age and how the abandonment of their father and the sickness of their mother had such a profane impact on them as a family and individually Lux holds herself responsible for her father s heart attack when she blames him for his betrayal she thinks her father dying is her fault and cannot relate to him As far as Lux is concerned, her parents loved Lena than her Lux is [...]

    16. This book was not what I was expecting I ve read many other books that tackle substance abuse issues and highly detail them and the life the addict lives, then I realized this book is targeted to young adults and it brought upon this issue very well to such genera It reads with inspiration, the message that anyone can turn themselves and their lives around regardless of what issues and secrets darken your path Before You Break was a well written book that portrayed it s synopsis very well This i [...]

    17. Outstanding Also published under the title of Before You Break, this novel by Kyla Stone is an emotionally charged book that I had difficulty putting down Very well written with complex plot and character development The book explores some very important themesntal health, child abuse neglect, infidelity, substance abuse, family relationships and forgiveness It tells the story of two sisters who grew up in a disfunctional family and how they are forced to cope with the scars as young adults Both [...]

    18. English below Hoog tijd dat Kyla Stone eindelijk eens vertaald wordt.Ik kreeg het boek als Member GiveAway bij LibraryThing echt een aanrader overigens, ik heb er een hoop goede boeken door gelezen.Het was geen thriller, zoals ik eerst dacht, ik had de grootste moeite met n van de twee zussen Maar toen ik daar eenmaal overheen was, vond ik het een geweldig boek.Het gaat over al het onuitgesprokene, en hoe hopeloos verkeerd dat kan zijn Het voortdurend ontwijken van elkaar, van moeilijke situatie [...]

    19. This review is based on an ARC I received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All thoughts on this book are my own.I really enjoyed this book I think it handles some very difficult subjects to deal with like abuse, mental health issues and suicide and it does so well I think it very accurately portrays how two people can go through the same experience and emerge from it with completely different perspectives memories of it Lena from a perspective of having unhappier memories from her [...]

    20. Disclaimer I received this book for free from LibraryThing in return for an honest review.Sisters, Lena and Lux, were close growing up Lena is the responsible one while Lux is the free spirit However after their mothers death they drifted apart That is until their father has heart attack and Lena is forced to return home to take care of him in his final days But where is Lux And what does she have to do with her father s heart attack Being home forces Lena to confront her past and come to terms [...]

    21. I received Who We Are Instead by Kyla Stone as a Giveaway Winner.Lena McKenna is the golden child photographer extraordinaire, perfectionist, college scholarship recipient, level headed, responsible, and compassionate older child of an attentive father and a mother who committed suicide Her younger teenage sister, Lux, is the opposite impulsive, emotionally unstable, self medicating, self centered, and ready to drop out of high school When their father suffers a heart attack, Lena drops everythi [...]

    22. I received this book to read from the Author and I must say, I really enjoyed this book It is about 2 sisters that had a traumatic experience has children and how they dealt with the effect of what happened Being very close while growing up they somehow drift apart Even though they both grew up in the same house they dealt with the pain of losing their mother differently Lena buried herself in her education, while Lux tried blocking it out by taking drugs, going to parties and doing anything tha [...]

    23. The story of two estranged sisters, brought back together when their father is diagnosed with a terminal illness, focusses on some pretty tough issues Mental illness, drug taking, suicide and a rocky family history make this a compelling, but often uncomfortable, read The author is adept in her descriptions of Lux, the off the rails younger sister who is on the road to self destruction There is an honesty and anguish in Lux s inability to see the world without it being accompanied by paranoia, a [...]

    24. This story is very eye opening and could be put in the genre of inspirational reads Mental health illness is hard to live with, and for family to cope with The characters in this story are young still, but they lived hard for so much of their lives Secrets can tear you apart or float you along in delusional bliss There s many type of addictions To be be honest I don t think these sisters can help one another at all If Lena don t separate herself from Lux at some point she won t have a productive [...]

    25. Great story An Emotional and Heartfelt Read This book caught me by surprise It is such an intense but great story about mental illness and overcoming life s adversities.Both Lena and Lux are both trying to cope with their past while deal with their present They are two sisters on different paths in they re lives and their story had me hooked from the beginning.This book is both relevant and poignant and I would happily read from this author.I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

    26. Book Review Before You BreakBefore You BreakKyla StoneFamily relationshipsA troubled childhood difficult upbringing life I like the gritty realism of the characters and the descriptions of growing up grief and life were thought provoking.I got a bit lost in some switches between character sections but the quickly got back into the book.I think this book is perfect for over 16 s who are or have, experienced a troubled childhood, or for anyone who wants to understand the complications this can imp [...]

    27. There are two things that really bugged me about this book The first being a scene where a guy stops a rape from happening and he says he stops it because he s not a bad guy and he has a sister This has always annoyed me, people don t need to envision their sisters, mothers or wives to pity victims and stop crimes why couldn t he just stop the rape because she s a human being and no one deserves that Another thing is how many sacrifices the elder sister makes and how it s encouraged by the love [...]

    28. I thought the book was a sad read yet one that really makes you think It was a tale of two estranged sisters and their troubled family dynamics A story of mental illness, suicide, drugs, depression and other problems that many families face It was told from a dual point of view so we were able to read what each sister was thinking The book was well written and the characters described so well that you felt like they were part of your extended family A thought provoking book that everyone should [...]

    29. 3 A mixed review for me.The story was good emotional in depth but in places the story appeared to be longer than required.Lux Lena haven t had an easy childhood have drifted apart until circumstances call Lena back home.Can the girls get there relationship back on track what secrets have been kept.I would of liked a better ending I felt It was rushed not quite finished.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.Misunderstandings in life

    30. I enjoyed the writing in this book Anyone that comes from a troubled past in any way, shape or formor that now may be dealing with serious issues in their lives, will easily be able to relate to the characters in this novel I felt I could loosely find similarities within myself and both Lena and Lux in several points throughout this book, and I think it s a very real look at how we can overcome any hurdle in life I was given a copy of this book and wanted to share my opinion of it here.

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