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On the Prowl #2020

On the Prowl A swift paced fun romp through supernatural Austin Charlaine Harris you ll have the reading time of your life with talented author Karen MacInerney When you finish this tale your face will wear a pe

  • Title: On the Prowl
  • Author: Karen MacInerney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the Prowl By Karen MacInerney, A swift paced, fun romp through supernatural Austin Charlaine Harris you ll have the reading time of your life with talented author Karen MacInerney When you finish this tale, your face will wear a permanent grin and your fangs will be showing ReaderToReader Sophie Garou is a master at taming her inner beast, which comes in handy since she s werewolf o A swift paced, fun romp through supernatural Austin Charlaine Harris you ll have the reading time of your life with talented author Karen MacInerney When you finish this tale, your face will wear a permanent grin and your fangs will be showing ReaderToReader Sophie Garou is a master at taming her inner beast, which comes in handy since she s werewolf once a month when the moon wanes full But with a big promotion at work and a super sexy boyfriend Heath who she recently spotted leaving a jewelry store with a beguiling ring sized box , she s one happy girl But when Heath starts spending long nights at the office with his new associate who happens to be a dead ringer for Career Day Barbie Sophie smells trouble Still, when her professional relationship with her big new client Texas s brilliantly blue eyed most eligible bachelor begins to sizzle, she wonders if her animal instincts are leading her in the right direction Just when it seems that things can t get any complicated, they do The Houston werewolf pack has sniffed Sophie out in their territory, and their message is chillingly clear your either with us or against us And unless she can prove them wrong the next full moon could be her last.
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    1 thought on “On the Prowl

    1. I like Sophie Garou She s the heroine of Karen MacInerney s latest On the Prowl This is book two in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf and I laughed through a large majority of the book Sophie is a werewolfumm, hmmm What does it say about her life that she keeps wolfsbane tea and disposable razors in her purse She really, really, really just wants to be normal As far as she s concerned, the tendency to go furry is just a pain in the butt She s a successful yea finally made partner accountant, just w [...]

    2. Man, how does Sophie manage to make me feel disappointed in her yet so sorry for her all at the same time She is one frustrated and messed up female Confused, too.I m not disappointed that things seem to be fizzling out with Heap I didn t feel he was right for her in book 1 anyway and had a yen even then for her to snatch Tom up instead of Lyndsey I d love to see where that relationship might go in the future though I agree, no way can it happen without a price being paid Mark was a good develop [...]

    3. 2 Tales of an Urban WerewolfAmazingly enjoyable, just about a perfect PNR Sophie Garou, werewolf, just made partner at a CPA firm She s lived her life as a werewolf hidden from the packs, and she wants to keep it that way The packs in Texas have learned about Sophie and they re hot on her trail And they are NOT being nice about her wish to be left alone.The writing is superb, the absorbing, sexy, funny, characters vividly drawn and unforgettable witty, smart I kept thinking, there is NO way this [...]

    4. Sophie is having a confusing time Her promotion at work leaves her working with a very sexy new man just as she suspects that her boyfriend is having an affair with his attractive new secretary To make matters worse, the Houston Pack are now aware of her existence and don t like rogue werewolves running around If she doesn t join, she is the enemy And a group of young female wolves want her as their leader Sophie is brilliant Her girlie angst about life is something even us non werewolves can re [...]

    5. Sophie s in trouble yet again She keeps going on and on and she keeps getting in and trouble With a little help and a lot of luck she manages to untangle herself from the troubling mess but not so much her romantic mess She knows who she wants but she can t have him She has someone else though no lack of males in Sophie s life, apparently and I think this romantic mess is one where I can t actually guess who she s going to end up with If the series is bound to have a happy ending I probably do [...]

    6. To be honest i discovered this book by accident I was looking for one about fantasy or paranormal and didn t have a lot of money It was the cheaper on the track a sale I don t regret it at all, it was really funny to read you got a new version of werewolf and the plot and the writing were amazing.It s only at the end that i discovered that it was the second book of a trilogy doesn t matter you can read it as a stand alone it s the best of the trilogy

    7. I read this book all in one day It was an enjoyable read in which we get to know about Sophie and her friends and we also meet new characters I m looking forward to the next onewhich won t be out for a while Oh well.

    8. I picked this up at a garage sale and fell in love with the humor, action and strong characters So now I will back peddle to the first one and start this series right.

    9. I read this series years ago and was so excited to see that it is back This author is amazing at placing you in the minds and troubles of the characters This is a little spicier than her other series The Gray Whale Inn mysteries another great read , but nothing explicit or too raunchy The bumps along the way I mean, what kind of read would it be without some twists and turns , almost seem commonplace as the character is so well developed Sophie is successful in her career, her love life, her war [...]

    10. Light and enjoyable Great for a stressful week Characters are getting developed over the course of the series and problems I had with first book are not there with second Recommend for a nice paranormal romp.

    11. Didn t finish, although I did read the ending The contrast between an accounting career and an otherwise illogical mind was off putting As was the constant shaving.

    12. After finishing Howling at the Moon, the first installment of this series, I was eagerly anticipating reading On the Prowl Karen MacInerney did not disappoint I was immediately immersed in this second Tale of an Urban Werewolf This novel took me all of 24 hours to read My boyfriend s absence may have had something to do with that but, great writing and an awesome story were definitely strong contributing factors as well.Sophie Garou is back and is as entertaining as ever One of the main attracti [...]

    13. I kind of liked this one, and it was certainly better than the opening book of the series It is still not an outstanding book, but one that I would calmly recommend to anyone asking for a mediocre werewolf story.The world expands a bit in this installment, as Sophie encounters new kinds of supernatural beings I won t go into details, as it would spoil much of the mystery the story is built upon All things considered, it s mildly interesting, but nothing too original or exciting.Werewolf packs al [...]

    14. I wish I had started reading this series earlier I think the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series title threw me a bit, but I am very glad I decided to give this series a try The first book was fun, witty, and very entertaining Book two was similar, but I had a few issues First, I love the main character Sophie and enjoyed her sarcasm and humor throughout the entire first book Now, it is starting to get to me a bit Instead of likable, she is starting to seem a bit shallow Then there is the dreaded [...]

    15. I really enjoyed Howling at the Moon, the first book in this trilogy and I wasn t disappointed with On the Prowl It had all the comedy, romance mystery of the first book and Sophie s love life has become even complicated I d recommend reading the series in order but I think you could get away with reading this as a stand alone book.This book starts a couple of months after the last book finished Things between Sophie and her hot human boyfriend Heath have become even complicated than they alre [...]

    16. The only thing Sophie Garou has always wanted is to live her normal, human life So far, so good She just recently got a big promotion at her job, she s fairly certain her boyfriend of than one year is about to pop the big question and overall, things couldn t be any better That is, until she receives an email from the alphas of Houston ordering her to go to a meeting with them Or else The Houston pack is not happy at all that she s managed to live under their noses all these years and they re n [...]

    17. With the first book being just ok for me I wasn t to hot to read this one Sophie bugs me a little, she bumbles her way around with everything in her life from Heath, to Lindsey, to all the crazy werewolf stuff And if I have to hear any about having to shave her legs I am going to scream But for some reason even with all of this stuff going on I still keep reading and I am not sure why Sophie seems to be in the middle of a territory dispute between 2 rival packs, each one trying to use her to the [...]

    18. Sophie Garou is a master at taming her inner beast, which comes in handy since she s a werewolf With a big promotion at work and a supersexy boyfriend, Heath whom she recently spotted leaving a jewelry store with a beguiling ring box , she s one happy girl.But when Heath starts spending long nights at the office with his new associate a dead ringer for Career Day Barbie Sophie smells trouble And when her professional relationship with her big new client who also happens to be Texas s brilliantly [...]

    19. Is it the familiar settings in San Antonio, Round Top, Austin and Houston Is it my ongoing fascination with werewolves I d be even enthusiastic if the story didn t disintegrate into gratuitous, smutty sex scenes because they often disrupt the flow of the story, instead of being part of the flow every few pages Sophie Garou is a satisfying character a bit designer obsessed I ll be MacInerney has a collection of quality high fashion shoes that would rival Carrie Bradshaw , although that adds to h [...]

    20. It took me a while to get into the rhythm of this book, perhaps because I hadn t read book 1 Sophie Garou has just been made partner at her office and has a boyfriend that she loves It quickly all starts going wrong when the nearest werewolf pack finds out she has been living in their territory for 20 years undetected Her love life also starts falling apart She thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, she is attracted to her best friends boyfriend also a werewolf and there is Mark her client And [...]

    21. On the prowl, much like the first book, was okay Unfortunately much like the first book it had irritating mistakes that made the writer seem lazy and made me feel like I had kept track of the story better than she had I am fairly sure that someone who was an aunt in the first book was called a mother in this which just made me stop and forget about the story for a while.The series consistently has too many love interests and too many pointless sex scenes Once again Sophie comes across as pre occ [...]

    22. I am a sucker for a series, so the fact that On the Prowl is the second book in a trilogy defiantly gave the story a bit of a boost in my opinion I felt like it ended too quickly and left too many threads hanging, but since I had the next book Leader of the Pack ready and waiting in my Nook I was able to overlook those issues in hopes that the author cleared the majority of them up in the next book Having just finished the final book in the trilogy, I am happy to say that she sure did So with th [...]

    23. This is book 2 in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series I didn t read book one This looked interesting on the surface, especially since I live in the city that this takes place in, but I was really disappointed overall The heroine was one of those women that I would never be friends with shallow all the way through with zero, that s right I said zero, redeeming qualities The other characters did nothing for me and her two love interests left me cold The writing was good and the author did a good [...]

    24. This was a fun read I would recommend it for people who like chic lit, because that s the closest genre for it We re talking about a heroine who likes her non fat lattes and her manicures, and isn t afraid to admit it even as she chases after three unrealistically sexy men whose characters are unfortunately a little less defined than their muscles Not that that really gets in the way of enjoying it, since it s a quick, fun read that has you imagining you re a werewolf with too many men to choose [...]

    25. I wasn t sure I would like this book, but I really did I usually don t read books out of order, but I had Karen MacInerney on my author s alert at the library for the beading book that she finished for Barbara Burnett Smith and the Gray Whale Inn mysteries and this book was reserved for me I don t usually read werewolf vampire type books except Charlaine Harris , but I liked this so much that I am going to go back and read book one, and I look forward to the following books.Sophie is a charming, [...]

    26. Wow, Karen did it to me again Got me sucked in and then left me dying for the next book.Sophie is a very complex character and while I was really, really sad about the situation with Heath, it was inevitable As much as she wants to be a mere mortal, it will just never happen Heath, lord love him I don t know if he could handle the truth A part of me hopes someday he finds out and accepts her for who she is.Still, I m hanging out here and hope the next book is on its way After reading the teaser [...]

    27. I enjoyed this one but not quite as much as the first I understand the Sophie hasn t had much training or even knowledge of other werewolves, and can understand her mistakes of not thinking about what she is wearing when going on a stake out However the parts I did not enjoy were the clothing descriptions and how all the name brands were mentioned It almost made me as a reader feel out of my league The basics of the story were there and the story line was great, but I hope in the next installmen [...]

    28. The second book in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf is much better than the first I honestly still cannot say I am a fan of MacInerney s writing style but this book did not get bogged down in unnecessary minuetia.In this installment, Sophie Garou is struggling to determine whether or not her boyfriend is cheating on her, all the while she is lusting after a mysterious werewolf Tom and her biggest client, Mark At one point I was wondering who she wasn t attracted to The plot was a little better thi [...]

    29. The main story was good but there were some serious issues The main character Sophie was way to clothes obsessed and cared way too much about what people thick about her Sophie has some real relationship issues with her boyfriend manly the fact that she keeps forgetting about his and is lusting after two different men The grrls are great an I hope to see them in the next book Wolfgang was a great character and a good addition, he added another layer to the story Want to know about him and his h [...]

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