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Lose Me. #2020

Lose Me Jane Austen meets K drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars golden beaches and intense romance Today is not the day I die Ari Demos a half Greek stunt girl starts her eve

  • Title: Lose Me.
  • Author: M.C. Frank
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lose Me. By M.C. Frank, Jane Austen meets K drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars, golden beaches and intense romance Today is not the day I die Ari Demos, a half Greek stunt girl, starts her every day with this thought It s not that her job isn t dangerous, but she s been surfing, training and doing sick water stunts for years Now, just months after graduating frJane Austen meets K drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars, golden beaches and intense romance Today is not the day I die Ari Demos, a half Greek stunt girl, starts her every day with this thought It s not that her job isn t dangerous, but she s been surfing, training and doing sick water stunts for years Now, just months after graduating from high school, she s ready for her first job on a real movie set But on the day before shooting starts, she has an accident.One that almost claims her life And that s when she realizes that she can t hide from the truth any longer something big and dark is coming, and she s not sure she will survive it Then Wes Spencer arrives on the scene with his expensive yacht, glamorous friends and bored attitude He s a British superstar, the famous pirate of a hit TV show that made girls all over the planet swoon at a glimpse of his dirty blonde hair and green eyes, and he s in Greece to film a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice When he meets Ari, he dismisses her as too unimportant But as it turns out, she isn t unimportant In fact, quite the opposite.Will Wes and Ari fall in love Hollywood style, or will they end up fighting for their lives

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    1. 4.5 STARS ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review WOW I didn t really know what to expect when I started reading this book because I ve never read a book by this author before Wes and Ari meet on set doing stunts together, this is after he save her from near death experiences time after timeah, it s sort of complicated My emotions were played with so much in this book between the two main characters, you can really feel the care the two have for each other in just a short amou [...]

    2. It s LIVE 4.5 Stars Lose Me was my first journey into M.C Frank words I didn t know what to expect from it I have watched the movie but I ve never read Pride and Prejudice Oh don t kill me , but I m glad I got the chance to experience this story.The New Adult genre has become very popular these days and while I enjoy reading it, it s true that a lot of them sounds almost the same So reading Lose Me was refreshing.Ari Demos a young stunt actor, about to start her first job on a movie set The movi [...]

    3. I wouldn t change anything Not even the pain Wes Spencer ARCs sign up for book bloggers Read the first three chapters of the book for free at Stunt Girl a sample of Lose Me.

    4. Title Lose MeAuthor M.C FrankPublisher M.C Frank, 2017 April 11 Genre New Adult Contemporary I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA s Tumblr, or my pageMy Review So, I was emailed awhile back by M.C Frank, as I am a dedicated subscriber and Twitter follower, if I wanted to review her new book, Lose Me Now, to be honest, I have only read ONE other contemporary book before, so I m not a good judge here I [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book a lot, and I think I will buy the paperbook version one of these days and reread it sometime down the road I think anyone who is a pride and prejudice lover, and who enjoys contemporary would like this oneTo see my full review on this book, go check out my bloghreadssite.wordpress 20

    6. Note I received review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review I am glad I got a chance to read this book Lose Me just left me lost in the book If you are thinking it is reimagining of Pride and Prejudice which I thought it would be initially, let me tell you it is not You find little characteristics in characters but this is totally different story It is fabulous contemporary set in Corfu, Greece, narrated by Ari The book was about growing up, fighting, surviving, an [...]

    7. Today is not the day I die Ari Demos, a young stunt actress with a promising start Weston Spencer, Hollywood s golden boy literally, have you seen his hair When the two are thrown together for a modern day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice anything can happen, and it does.Lose Me by M.C Frank is a story about overcoming fears, being true to one s self, and maybe finding love along the way.I gave this book a five star review because it met and exceeded all my expectations Brilliant main heroine w [...]

    8. New adult literature gets and popular these days While I enjoy this genre in general, there are some things I don t like about it, and a lot of NA books plots sounds basically the same I was looking for a good, fresh NA story, so when I ve heard M.C Frank s next book will be NA, I had a feeling it will be what I was looking for I was not disappointed Today is not the day I die here s what our main character, Ariadne Demos a young stunt actor, about to start her first job on a movie set, repeat [...]

    9. My first thought upon finishing this book was panic How could it be over I didn t want it to be over I wasn t ready to let Ari and Wes go This book is about so many things love, loss, friendship, growing up, letting go and the crippling power of a lie I d expected a frolicking love story set on the exotic, sun drenched shores of Corfu What I got was beyond my greatest expectation It s about life The deep ugliness of it and the supreme beauty of it It made me cry and it made me laugh Most importa [...]

    10. If you like NA, romance, and serious character tension, then chances are you are going to love Lose Me Set mainly in Greece and featuring a half Greek stunt girl and a handsome heartthrob actor as the main characters, this is the perfect summer escape read You ll be lost in the beautiful scenery and cultural experience of the story as much as you ll find yourself wrapped up in the character dynamics.This book gave me SO many feelingst all of them good, but not all of them bad either I was actual [...]

    11. I don t really know where to start with this review there s so much I want to say and it s not all positive I was very, very disappointed by this book It had so much potential when I read the blurb, I thought it sounded different and interesting I really wanted to read it But it was all over the place, and not in a good way It had a good plot, but wasn t well developed There were too many plot lines that were unfinished, too many characters that were brought into the story that were kind of just [...]

    12. Except for you pain, he says slowly, I wouldn t change a thing Lose Me is a new, fresh NA story that won me over with amazing characters, gripping story and swoon worthy romance.Ari Demos is a young stunt actor, who s about to start her first serious job after finishing high school She landed a stunt double role in a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, which is about to be set in beautiful Corfu and starring an extremely popular British actor Wes Spencer, who is almost a real life depictio [...]

    13. I wouldn t change anything.Not even the pain My emotions are all over the place Thanks to M.C Frank who provided me an ARC of Lose Me in exchange for an honest review BecauseI most ardently adored it and loved it okay okay coming to the story now meet our protagonist Ariadne Demos aka Ari God I love the names Ms Frank comes up with in her books She is stunt girl how badass is that And she has landed a job as a stunt double in a new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice swoons That is when ouryummy h [...]

    14. This is an amazing twist on a contemporary Pride and Prejudice story I connected with the main character, Ari, right away Her voice is so real and she feels so much Wes portrays the broken, stuck up, popular guy perfectly and the glimpses the reader gets, along with Ari, beyond his walls are so delicious.Then, once I had fallen in love with the characters, my heart was shredded to pieces Lose Me ran the whole crazy roller coaster of feelings and left me breathless and even in love I don t even [...]

    15. Lose Me is emotional, addictive, and beautiful It will have your soul singing and your heart beating For fans of powerful contemporary novels with dynamic characters, prepare to lose yourself in Lose Me I had to wait an entire 24 hours before writing this review Why Because I could not put in to words how much I adored this book I still don t believe I ll be able to do it justice, but let s give it a go Lose Me was profoundly emotional It spoke to my soul lyrically and metaphorically about love, [...]

    16. I wouldn t change anything Not even the pain M.C Frank has done it again, with her unique and intense take on first love and personal hardship Ari and Wes are well met from their very first meeting the latter being the hot British actor who makes his fans swoon, and the former an unconventional, Grecian stunt girl trying to make a career for herself But conflict seems to follow the two of them wherever they go, and they must learn to find strength within themselves in order to appreciate the lov [...]

    17. First of all, thank you to M.C Frank for sending me an ecopy of her novel in exchange of an honest review It was a pleasure to discover your writing and your world This novel has been recommended to me when the author was looking for beta readers It was introduced as a Pride and Prejudice contemporary and if you know me well you already know that I love Jane Austen s works so I couldn t leave this opportunity behind Indeed, I really appreciated this reading I love how the writing is easy to foll [...]

    18. This is the story of Ari, a stunt girl and Wes, the Hollywood actor They meet at the sets of First Sentences, a retelling of Pride and Prejudice Wes, the arrogant superstar who can have any girl he wants Ari, the new stunt girl, who is pissed by Wes s arrogance Ari has lived all her life in Greece, with her father and grandparents.This is her first stunt film, she enjoys doing water stunts As the female lead in the movie Elle doesn t do water , Ari and Wes get time in each other s company.Event [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review When I first heard about this book I was intrigued, I ve always had a fascination with stunt performers I did like certain aspects of this book but overall I didn t love it There were parts that were a bit slow and a little difficult to get through Although, I did like how much the characters clearly cared for each other and their desire to be together And I liked the strong family dynamic that Ari had with her family And Ollie, who [...]

    20. Wow This is an excellent fun readThis story took me to a Greek Island called Corfu A tale about two young female and male who literally fall for one another This love story takes us on a journey about life, love, loss and forgiveness A hot hunky actor who didn t want to fall for the stunt girl but ends up saving her life then once And she has to fight and figure how to handle the what ifs I enjoyed this read.

    21. I ve had the privilege of receiving an ARC of this book before it being released You cannot understand how much I ve waited for this book I am a huge fan and supporter of M C Frank, she is an incredibly talented author and it can only make me so sad that her books are not that popular.I am not a huge fan of contemporary novels, but this book is a miracle, it touched a sensitive chord in my heart Loved the entire idea plotted behind the story you have to save yourself No matter how much somebody [...]

    22. 2.5 starsI do not like writing negative reviews, but I want to account for my rating I know a lot of people love this book, and I suppose I would have loved it too, had I been able to suspend my disbelief well enough I cannot really explain my opinion without spoilers, so the rest is behind the cut There will be a lot about what I disliked, but also about some things I loved view spoiler I will start with The Bad There was a lot of eye rolling, and some parts even made me so angry I had to stop [...]

    23. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.4.5 StarsFirst of all.oh the feels I had so many emotions because of this book and it was because of how well the 2 main characters are developed This book drew me in instantly and I read it in a 24 hour span because I could NOT put it down On this unique take on Pride and Prejudice, Ari is a Grecian stunt girl who gets her first big break on a huge movie and she gets to work alongside the British pirate hunk himself [...]

    24. If you ve been following me for a bit, you know that I love Jane Austen re the title of my blog , so when I heard that M.C Frank who is a new favorite author, and who wrote one of my favorite books,Ruined was going to be releasing a book that was an adaption of PP, obviously I had to request it I loved this modern take on PP so much It takes place on the Greek Island, Corfu, and I now have a new place I want to travel to I never wanted this book to end This book was so much than a love story it [...]

    25. From the synopsis, I thought this was going to be an easy swoon worthy romance with obstacles here and there Now that I m finished, I was completely wrong Ari Demos starts her day off with Today is not the day I die Ari, stunt performer, is than meets the eye Her story is deeper than the Corfu sea and having the ability to read it was both heartbreaking and touching What I admired in Lose Me was the family dynamic and the international location, Greece I love reading about strong family ties No [...]

    26. Received in exchange for a honest review I have read a few modern retellings of different authors lately and this one is the best I have seen That isn t to say there aren t flaws All retellings and characters do but this one surpasses the modern retellings I have seen thus far Why It keeps to the spirit of Austin The message and concept that Austin was portraying and wanting to reach us in Pride and Prejudice is seen here It isn t lost in the story or eclipsed by anything That message is loud an [...]

    27. Today is not the day I die This is the thought that Ari Demos starts with each day Being a stunt girl is a dangerous line of work, thankfully she s had her whole life in Greece to prepare for the job of her dreams Surfing, training and intense water stunts are only a small portion of her work, but when a stunt job comes up shortly after graduation, a modern movie adaption of Pride and Prejudice, Ari jumps on the chance to prove her worth Immersing herself in training Ari suffers an accident the [...]

    28. What I love most about M.C Frank s writing is her style In a word, it s beautiful It flows so elegantly, without being unnecessarily verbose She immediately draws you to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, making you feel as if you re actually there, watching the waves and breathing in the salty air There s such a love for the place that it drips from every word.Let s get into the characters We have Ari, a young stunt actress in her first big role And we have Wes, a massive star, playing the ro [...]

    29. Warning This book will possibly break your heart multiple times and you won t be able to put it down once Now that you know what you have to expect my honest review I loved it As you might have already seen the 5 stars I rated it with Honestly, I would love to give it a million stars if I could This is some seriously authentic love story that I have not encountered anywhere before This is a pure and rare kind of magic, so be prepared to be blown away by the beauty of it M.C Frank is a genius whe [...]

    30. Wow Can I just say that even though I expected this book to be good, it still took me by surprise how much I enjoyed reading it Our main character is Ari, a stunt girl, how freaking cool is that I ve got to admit that she s a bit annoying at times but it s completely understandable She has to go through so much I love her relationships with other characters, the friends she makes along the way, the way her values develop and change By the end of the book I just wanted to hug her real tight.Wes, [...]

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