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Call Me Daddy #2020

Call Me Daddy I want him to be my first I want him to be the one I want him to be my everything I didn t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home I didn t expe

  • Title: Call Me Daddy
  • Author: Jade West
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Call Me Daddy By Jade West, I want him to be my first I want him to be the one I want him to be my everything I didn t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home I didn t expect to be rescued from the worst night of my life by the most amazing man I d ever seen His name is Nick, and he says he wants to take care of me, says he ll look after meI want him to be my first I want him to be the one I want him to be my everything I didn t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home I didn t expect to be rescued from the worst night of my life by the most amazing man I d ever seen His name is Nick, and he says he wants to take care of me, says he ll look after me, says I don t need to be alone any He treats me like a princess, like the fragile little girl he saved from the cold But I like him I like him like that I ve never liked anyone like that before And it s weird, this thing we have It s like I can t decide how we re supposed to be what we are Until he says the words Call me Daddy.

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    1. 4 Smut Scale StarsThis might be my favorite Daddy Little Girl book that I ve read to date The writing style was wonderful and there was some pretty decent characterization too, considering.And the Smut Oh the Smut So dirty So wrong So awesome Lol

    2. 1 2 Call Me Daddy stand alone Over the top kink fairytale romance at its best Let s make you nice and wet for Daddy s cock Call Me Daddy stand alone opens up to college student Laine Seabourne aka Baby girl being rescued from a precarious situation by businessman Nick Lynch aka Daddy Nick Nick immediately feels protective of Laine and she takes comfort in his commanding ways No secrets, Laine, he repeats Daddy wants to see They quickly discover they have a lot in common in the kink department So [...]

    3. 4 Taboo at it s Finest Stars Daddy play ische, Laine, so niche that most people just wouldn t understand Okay so I was ecstatic when I saw that Jade was bringing out a new book, then I read the title I was apprehensive to say the least, not sure where she was going with this one I still had to have it because Jade just writes dirty so well.I got sucked into this story, it s hot, I mean REALLY HOT It does get a little hard to stomach at times but overall it was a steamy kinky read that got me ver [...]

    4. 3.5 DADDY S BUTTERFLY STARS Call me Daddy, I growl You can call me Daddy Was it fate that they should meet on that faithful night in the rain after one of the most traumatic experiences of 18 year old Laine s life That they should meet on her birthday Until this chance encounter with Daddy Nick Laine s been alone and unloved Nick, has been in love platonically once and it was with his little girl Jane She wasn t his biological daughter but he gave her his unconditional love To her and her mother [...]

    5. Genre Erotic RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person DualRating Laine Seabourne was having the worst day of her life Out on her own on a cold night, she got herself in trouble But just when she thought she was doomed, out came a man rescuing her just in the Nick of time.Nick Lynch was an older gentleman with a strong need to protect When he saw Laine, he knew he needed to take care of her But his desire to nurture and protect her went beyond what one would call a conventional relationship.Jade We [...]

    6. Gloriously smutty.Surprisingly kinky.Role play at its best.The great thing is that there is actually a story behind all these about two adults with a big age difference who fall in love after destiny brings them together.They started with Nick demanding Call me Daddy , I growl You can call me Daddy And their relationship will reach a point with Nick admitting You are not a little girl Laine We just like to pretend you are Let s dive into their story Laine and Nick find each other during a rainy [...]

    7. A Daddy Kink book by Jade West Yes, please She s one of my favorite authors for writing dirty erotica so I knew this book was going to be brilliant when I first heard about it And I wasn t wrong, Jade West wrote the hell out of this and I was hanging on every word Call Me Daddy tells the story of Laine, a eighteen year old young girl whose been on her own for far too long, and Nick, a forty two year old man who is tired of living a lonely life The two meet the night of Laine s birthday when she [...]

    8. 3.5 Fate Stars My first book by Jade West has been quite an enjoyable and entertaining read for the weekend Definitely hot even though it got a little weird for me sometimes and you ll like it if you enjoy Daddy play Nick and Laine are sweet and sexy and I have to say I really enjoyed how Laine develops a stronger personality and how the story ended

    9. 4.25 Stars Laine Seaborne is an eighteen year old who always worked hard for the little she had in her life While out celebrating her birthday, Laine is put in a precarious situation where she must fend again for herself until a stranger decides to intervene How could I ever be scared of a man who saved me Nick Lynch is a successful accountant comfortable with his brand of kink Having given up on love some years ago, he s chosen to maintain a private life but still needs to indulge his deviant s [...]

    10. From the title we know what to expect and it s everything you d expect and a little Yes it s smut we know this going in and it s done so well but there s here than I expected.It opens with Laine celebrating her eighteenth birthday with her friend Kelly Anne Kelly Anne as usual has forgotten all about Laine who wasn t actually set for a night out, Kelly is drunk and off with some guy along with Laine s keys, purse and phone leaving Laine to find her own way home.Nick is forty two and lonely, wh [...]

    11. 3 Kinky StarsTake the warning to heart This isn t some playful daddy kink It s full on Even after reading the warning, I was still a bit surprised even though I shouldn t be because I know Jade s warnings are always there for a reason Call Me Daddy follows Laine, a naive 18 year old with no real family She s basically been on her own for a while with a mother that comes and goes She does have a best friend even though best friend might not be an appropriate title On her 18th birthday she goes ou [...]

    12. This was an okay story I wanted to read Call Me Daddy because I m a fan of Jade West and I like to have my boundaries pushed I m not a squeamish person and this was definitely out of my comfort zone The whole daddy theme was a little weird and I didn t feel anything sexual about it I understood why Laine and Nick were drawn to one another and how they found comfort and solace in this game.This was a very quick read and pace of this story was very fast when you compare this to West s previous boo [...]

    13. 3.5 who s your daddy STARS Review Midnight RomanceI love kinky Daddy lg is one of my fave play and Jade West wrote this A must read for me I had high expectation about it but sadly, didn t work for me Many elements missed from the couple But it has happy ending and rainbow cake in the end.Laine Seabourne 18 ish is the most un lucky girl that night She was left by her best friend in the middle of the night alone stranded by herself with no phone and wallet Almost raped because her own stupidity, [...]

    14. Review written February 6, 20174 Stars Thoughtful, delightful cute and very tenderly sweet told daddy kink romanceCall Me Daddy is a sizzling erotic romance even with this strange, in my mind kind of odd and hard to understand but also in some ways not , lifestyle This is close to and to start with close to a dangerously near a no no topic But it actually hooked me from first page Surprised and a bit stunned Call Me Daddy could maybe be described as when a young innocent Pink Babe Princess needs [...]

    15. 4 Out of My Comfort Zone Stars Humis is probably one of the most uncomfortable, intriguing, disturbing, fascinating, loving and overall enjoyable books I ve readd I m not talking about the explicit steam That aspect I didn t always enjoy I m also a bit surprised at how much I loved this taboo ish story It had great characterization and depth for such a hardcore erotic book For me, Call Me Daddy was a beautiful and sweet love story underneath all its erotic uncomfortableness.

    16. 3.5 Daddy kink starsLike most of you the first time I read daddy kink I cringed Hard And to borrow a word from this book, it felt just plain icky.Then something happened Something unexpected Upon trying a few Daddy books, I I actually really liked them.Yes, we ve established I m a perv No shame Why I feel the need to use an Yzma gif every time my perverseness is mentioned is a psychological issue for another day I also found out that I have a fair few limits when it comes to this genre I can t [...]

    17. Filthy and seriously kinky Fortunately, I don t mind that at all and I was looking forward to this one.If I m honest, it wasn t all I was hoping for Smut wise it was a five, but it seemed a bit rushed and reminded me of an Alexa Riley read heavy on the smut, light on the literary merit After reading Teach me Dirty and Bang Gang by this author that somehow managed to combine some beautiful writing with intense, primal smut, I was hoping for It was good, but not great for me.Complete story and av [...]

    18. 4 smutastic stars Jade s signature smut Dirty, Hot, Sexy And oh wrongorRight.Laine Nick daddy Nick Daddy Little girl

    19. 4 stars Well well this was so much better than I thought, wasn t sure how it would go since I don t think I ever read a daddy little girl role play before This was also my first book by this author Call me daddy was definitely taboo and kinky When I started reading it I thought it was going to be about lots of sex, role play, you know just down and dirty and it was but at the same time it was so much Laine, is eighteen and stranded by her friend in the middle of nowhere, she meets Nick, by chan [...]

    20. Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Book Basics Genre Cont erotica Romance Series Stand AloneLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YesRating 3 stars Review I have to say, I honestly cannot decide if I really enjoyed this, or was icked out by it.I think I may have reached my comfort lvl with this book Ok, so I did enjoy it [...]

    21. Not ratedI believe this was a case of It s not you, it s me.I couldn t really blame anyone except myself, and honestly I couldn t really do that either.I went into Call Me Daddy with wide open eyes I love Jade West s writing And I ll keep reading her work because I simply adore her style, storylines, and unique voice I loved Sugar Daddies and Bang Gang, both were refreshingly different in tone and plot, and I will recommend her writing to anyone that listens I m always on the lookout for new and [...]

    22. 4.5 Smut Loving StarsSometimes you are just in that mood you know You want to get your reading kink on and Call me Daddy was it for me This is my second Jade West book I read Sugar Daddies, which was NA, but I wanted something a little smut for my second Jade West book.Daddy Play is a thing and it s kind of hot, suffice it to say it doesn t bother me If it bothers you, then you shouldn t read this book because the whole book is that I think I liked this book so much because it has the damsel i [...]

    23. Hot, kinky and a whole lot of weird and uncomfortable moments and if you enjoy the Daddy Play well this might be right up your alley.

    24. Wowwhere to start with this one I will say that this is definitely not my kink, like, in any way possible I found myself so uncomfortable at some points that I almost put it aside I don t really see the appeal but to each their own, who am I to judge While I didn t love the kink, I still enjoyed the story That might not make any sense but I felt that that s how the cookie crumbled Even though I found myself annoyed that Nick would discipline Laine, I realize that that is an aspect of theirfestyl [...]

    25. Title Call Me DaddyAuthor Jade WestCategory Erotic Romance, TabooSeries or Standalone StandalonePOV DualPlot 5Characters 5Scorching Level HOT HEA Not tellingJade West is one of my favorite authors when it comes to stories that push the limits Call Me Daddy is one of the edgiest books she has ever written and I enjoyed every minute of it When 42 year old Nick Lynch comes to the rescue of 18 year old Laine, both their lives take an unexpected turn Laine has been deprived of love and affection whil [...]

    26. 3.5 stars for this smut filled, it s everything it says it is, daddy book Laine has just turned 18, but having essentially raised herself, she s that perfect mix of grown up innocence that s like kryptonite for guys like Nick She never really had a childhood, so everything is met with child like wonder and gratitude that simultaneously melts and breaks Nick s heart Laine is attracted to Nick but also feels safe in his presence a feeling she s never had before so she has this confusing mix of fee [...]

    27. When you take an eighteen year old with major daddy issues, someone has never known real love and mix her with a much older man who has dealt with his share tragedy and abuse, what do you get I won t make this review super detailed The blurb is than enough to help you understand what this book is about So, if you are wanting to explore some kinky daddy roleplaying stuff, then this books will help out for sure There is definitely a fine line and this book crosses it a million ways, so prepare yo [...]

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