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The Fragile Line: Part One #2020

The Fragile Line Part One Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B BA H Part One of a Three Part Story She can t shake love Chloe is crushed She just lost her friend with benefits She s been through e

  • Title: The Fragile Line: Part One
  • Author: Alicia Kobishop
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Fragile Line: Part One By Alicia Kobishop, Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01BA1H474 Part One of a Three Part Story She can t shake love.Chloe is crushed She just lost her friend with benefits She s been through enough This walk of shame is the last thing she needs.Luckily, mechanic Matt is in the right place at the right time He s the perfect rebound And he s ready to give herLibrarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01BA1H474 Part One of a Three Part Story She can t shake love.Chloe is crushed She just lost her friend with benefits She s been through enough This walk of shame is the last thing she needs.Luckily, mechanic Matt is in the right place at the right time He s the perfect rebound And he s ready to give her a tune up Read book one of this page turning series today The Fragile Line series is a spin off to The Fine Line Reading The Fine Line first is not necessary, but this series does contain spoilers to The Fine Line.This romance is appropriate for ages 18 due to strong language and sexual content.

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      283 Alicia Kobishop
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    1. Book The Fragile Line Part OneSeries The Fine Line 2Author Alicia KobishopPublication Date March 15, 2016Genre New Adult RomanceCliffhanger YesType Part of SeriesRating 4.5 StarsComplimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts StoryWell, I have to be honest and let you know that the beginning of this book really turned my stomach I was so ready to put it down with the hate I felt toward Chloe But then I remembered what my mother always said about [...]

    2. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Oohh, I cannot convey how much the mixed array of emotions this story evoked in me It made me mad, it shocked me, it made me a blubbering mess, and then it made me want to root for main protagonist Chloe in ways than one Normally, when I first meet the lead of the novel, I m already attached to them But not Chloe She infuriated and baffled me Luckily though, her involvement with male counterpart, Matt, balanced her out [...]

    3. So, if you have not read The Fine Line, you may want to Not 100% necessary but this book runs along the same timeline and it may clear some confusion.Chloe, I hated right off the bat She was such the bad guy in The Fine Line, in love with a man who is in love with another, and it made me want to claw her eyes out BUT, this book explains her background and her current state of mind It doesn t excuse her actions, but it puts a nice wrapping on why Matt, oh swoonworthy Matt You try so hard to be no [...]

    4. DEC 29, 2016 SERIES IS NOW COMPLETE I can t wait for you all to meet Chloe and Matt I hope you fall in love with them the way I have Alicia

    5. Request for Honest Review by AuthorThe thing is once you re over there, away from the life you used to know, it s almost like time stands still Logically, you know your loved ones lives are going to change, but since you re not there to witness it, or hear about it, it almost doesn t seem real I had to admit when I initially read the blurb I thought this is going to be a simple story between two people but I was mistaken this is a well written story with some exceptional moments This book starts [...]

    6. A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 4 Stars This is the second book I have read by Alicia Kobishop, and I continue to enjoy her writing The Fragile Line Part 1 is the first novella in a three part novella series that is a spin off of Alicia s debut novel The Fine Line It is not necessary to read The Fine Line first, but I think it might help with some of the backstory of Chloe This book runs in parallel to The Fine Line, so there is some overlap in the story [...]

    7. Oh wow.other book that packed with emotions from Alicia Kobishop.Angst, sad, heartbreaking and sweet love Yup all is in this book.At first i have a doubt, because i have mix feeling about Chloe i kinda hate her in the first book , but nowgi m totally rooting for ChloeShe s acting tough although she s fragile inside, i feel her pain.This girl got me so sad and hearbrokenI want to slap those people who hurt herAnd Matth mattLove when big tough guy become sweet and adorable for the one he loves.He [...]

    8. I m so glad that I was able to get this book series from the author through Quirky Blind Date with A Book After reading The Fine Line, I wanted to know about Chloe and her character She s gone through so much, no wonder she had the hard exterior that she does.Matt has become one of my favorites, he just sounds like a big teddy bear With a lot to offer, if you catch my drift.I also can t help but have a strong dislike to Brynn and Ryan, I just DON T like them

    9. 4 StarsReview by Jen SkewesI was really looking forward to reading this book, having read The Fine Lin and meeting Chloe in that book I will say that I wasn t sure how I would feel about her because she was the nicest person in the first book She had a friends with benefits relationship with Logan but when he met and fell in love with Liv, Chloe did not take it well So I was curious to see what her story was and so far Alicia Kobishop did not disappoint In the beginning of this book I was not a [...]

    10. This is a love story with a twist, what a role reversal I really liked how unapologetic Chloe is about her love life I had a hard time liking Logan but that s because Matt s charm and character came out like a lion Favorite Quote When I reached her, I did what I should ve done a long damn time ago With one hand on the back of her neck and the other on the small of her back, I pulled her body to mine and kissed her the way she deserved to be kissed Deeply Tenderly PassionatelySecond favorite quot [...]

    11. See my full review under the box set I do highly recommend this book series, but you should read The Fine Line first That is a standalone or what this series is a spinoff from If you read this series first, before the book, you will have spoilers I m hoping that there are written.

    12. As it s been than two years since I read The Fine Line, my recollection of the details from the novel is a bit hazy The fact that I strive to write spoiler free reviews meant that my review of the book did little to jog my memory However, what was clear from my review was that I enjoyed Kobishop s writing style, so I happily signed up to review The Fragile Line Part One As the blurb states that this can be read as a standalone, I sallied forth into the novella, hoping that this would be the cas [...]

    13. I have to start out by saying that reading The Fine Line first, will give you of a full picture of Chloe Of course, I m sure you will feel like I did, that Chloe is beyond redemption After that book, and the first part of this book, all I wanted to do was choke her out, as she is very immature, and selfish In fact, I almost put the whole thing down, that s how irate I was, but I hung in there with Matt And I m very glad I did, as Alicia Kobishop s super talented writing style had me changing my [...]

    14. 4.5 everybody needs love stars What a great follow up to The Fine Line Ok this can be read as the first of a three book novella series but I HIGHLY recommend reading The Fine Line prior to reading this book With that said much makes sense This book was great Well if you read the first book you would agree on my distaste for Chloe Actually going into this book I did not read any blurbs so I did not know who the book was about and when the first page said Chloe I was so damn confused BUT she is gr [...]

    15. I was glad that we got to see the true side of Chloe, yes I was a hater but once I understood her better I started liking her , she just needed a friend she could count on, that understood her where she was coming from and she found that in Matt He s got a past and understands Chloe, enjoys their friendship and he sees the beauty in her but will they take a chance on each other and cross that line

    16. This is one remarkable, emotional roller coaster of a story,and it s wonderful It was hard to read about Chloe s heartaches and her choices, but she keeps on surprising me This is one story that just sucks you in, and before you know it, you re now a character in the story.

    17. I have to admit I was a little nervous to read this book after I found out that it was Chloe from THE FINE LINE I was definitely not a fan of hers for all the hell she put Logan and Liv through If you haven t read THE FINE LINE I would recommend doing that before reading this book It isn t really absolutely necessary, but I think you will enjoy this story a lot and relate a lot better to the characters, especially being that their stories run the same timeline.Chloe has been hurt in her past wh [...]

    18. This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review A heartache love story about how to change to be the person you meant to be and let the old you go and remember how to love be alive also free.

    19. Chloe and Max are going to give you a ride in a roller coaster of emotions Cry, laugh and love are all included Absolutely in love with this story

    20. Great read I disliked Chloe in the first book, but started to feel for her in this one Can t wait to see what happens next to Chloe and Matt can t wait for

    21. Deeply moving writing The story of how Chloe hides her true self within the image of being a party girl She constantly lives with feelings of emptiness and is unable to let the past go As a reader I couldn t help feel saddened that she was travelling life s journey alone That was until Matt came along Will he be the one to reveal the true Chloe Can t wait to read the next book

    22. I was so excited for this one This novella was absolutely perfect And since I read The Fine Line first, it made it even better than perfect It isn t necessary to read The Fine Line first, but it will definitely add to your reading experience, make you enjoy it that much .We meet Chloe Matt in The Fine Line I was VERY interested in Matt then and Chloe hmmm well, let s just say I needed a lot of convincing that she was not all bad.Chloe is one of those characters You know, the ones you love to hat [...]

    23. Although this book is a stand alone in its own rights, I felt glad that I had read The Fine Line beforehand as I had knowledge of the background of the peopleG right from the beginning I wanted to slap Chloe silly, she just really got on my nerves and as much as I loved The Fine Line, I was starting to wonder if I would like this book with the way Chloe was putting me off her, but deep down I knew there had to be a reason why she was why she was that way.What I admire about this writer is the wa [...]

    24. Firstly I would like to to give a HUGE thanks to Kobishop for kindly providing me with a copy of The Fragile Line to read and review.Soooo some of you may know of Chloe from reading The Fine Line if not, it s too much of a problem but I would totally read that to get a better understanding, but it s not a necessity.We find that The Fragile Line explains her background and her current state of mind It doesn t excuse her actions at all, but it totally explains a few things.Kobishop seemed to turn [...]

    25. review quirkyblinddate This novel starts off where The Fine Line ends.It explains Chloe and Logans arrangement, before Logan fell in love with LivChloe is broken, was comfortable with her relationship with LoganBut when it ended, she needed a friendMatt is the friend she needed, He is loyal, fierce, and genuines do start to heat upWill he be what Chloe needs Is she want Matt needs Book 2 please.

    26. I received a copy of this via QuirkyBlindDate I would recommend you read The fine line before this one Its not a must but we met Matt and Chloe is that book I will say that I didn t like Chloe at all in the fine line She was the bitch, the bad guy so to speak In this part 1 we find out what made Chloe the way she is She has had a rough life Matt I loved him in The Fine Line and I love him in this He is a sweetheart, He is caring wants to help people He hates seeing women cry I want a Matt for m [...]

    27. The Fragile Line by Alicia Kobishop will instantly draw you in and leave you with so many feelings I was left shocked, anxious, and overall excited I can t even find the right words to describe how unbelievable this book was Alicia always blows me away Her writing is just superb I cannot wait to continue Chloe and Matt s story Chloe is such a complex character She s had so much grief, heartbreak, and loss that you can t help but feel connected to her I found myself hoping she would find some sen [...]

    28. 3.5 starsThis is the first book in a series and it s a shortish read but quite satisfying The first few chapters are challenging in that Chloe, the heroine is hard to like Chloe smacks of desperation in her desire for Logan and it s quite uncomfortable to watch It is hard to respect someone who doesn t respect themselves On the flipside, unrequited love is tough.Chloe s infatuation leads her into the path of Matt Matt is likable and real but I found him to be lacking a bit of depth Chloe on the [...]

    29. This story is a continuation of the fine line, but can be read as a stand alone.I really liked part one and cannot wait to read part two.I didn t want to like Chloe after the fine line, but she won me over She is strong willed and stubborn but also hurting She shows people one side of her what isn t really real but also has a nicer side to her.I like Matt, he is compassionate, and really cares about people he calls friends I cannot wait to read part 2.

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