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Over Shadowed #2020

Over Shadowed When the dead strike up a conversation with Nat will she be ready for their call Hugo a murdered student knocks on Nat s mental door looking for help He drags her to a world she never knew existed

  • Title: Over Shadowed
  • Author: K.W. Benton
  • ISBN: 9780991566242
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Over Shadowed By K.W. Benton, When the dead strike up a conversation with Nat, will she be ready for their call Hugo, a murdered student, knocks on Nat s mental door looking for help He drags her to a world she never knew existed the Shadow World Souls are being devoured by something threatening to crossover to Earth where it will enslave and consume humans But will Nat be the key to salvation or PaWhen the dead strike up a conversation with Nat, will she be ready for their call Hugo, a murdered student, knocks on Nat s mental door looking for help He drags her to a world she never knew existed the Shadow World Souls are being devoured by something threatening to crossover to Earth where it will enslave and consume humans But will Nat be the key to salvation or Pandora s Box Swept up in the drama of G.J and crew, along with the chaos of the Shadow World, only adds to her anxiety of starting a new school year While Nat struggles to keep her head in the world of the living, she takes emotional hit after emotional hit To top it off, her dangerous friends are prime suspects for the gruesome murders Even her supportive parents decide to go M.I.A leaving her feeling alone.After her bestie abandons her, and her longtime friend starves himself into a blood frenzy, Nat finds a reprieve from isolation in the one person who didn t turn his back on her, her nemesis But Drake s secrecy, and her inability to read him, only add fuel to her life on fire Can she keep her head above water long enough to save her world or will she go up in flames

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      263 K.W. Benton
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    1. Psychic Teenagers, Werewolves and Vampires, Oh My I mean, there are only so many times I can mentally invade the frustrations of the bus driver to distract myself from the daily chaos Nat is a psychic teenager who is given to poking her mind into everyone s thoughts for fun She is also selfish, given to cheating and not very clever Of course, there is the gorgeous guy, Drake, who fancies her and whose thoughts she can t read, so she is afraid of getting in any way close to him As well as reading [...]

    2. Natalia learns she is different when she starts seeing and talking to the dead But she doesn t know how different It is only when situations send her parents fleeing from her in terror and project her treasured friends as enemies that she finds she has to explore her new side to extremes to discover the truth Only the truth can save her best friend G.J from hungry wolves, vampires, and the dead who are not happy remaining in their world.Benton writes a story that demands you read every word and [...]

    3. This book has a great opening, where we learn that the main character, Nat, talks to dead people and reads minds The beginning is catchy and gets your attention, although the back story that follows could be a little shorter.Nat is a high school student and in a town where everyone seems to have strange powers Some of her classmates are werewolves, and her best friend, GJ, is a witch There s also Drake, the guy Nat can t stand who has an immense crush on her In the midst of the usual teen angst, [...]

    4. Finally, 55 years too late the craziness of high school makes sense to me School was filled with vampires, werewolves, mind readers, faeries, the dead and undead and who knows what else I now wished I had attended my fifty year reunion to see who hadn t aged I would have learned a lot.Instead, I learned all I need to know reading the wonderfully written Over Shadowed by Kerry Benton With exuberant pen Benton tells the story of Nat, a sixteen year old suffering the torments of adolescence to a fa [...]

    5. Over Shadowed is a well written book told from the perspective of a sassy sixteen year old female, Natalia She is brave and brazen in the face of danger, but instead of being in awe of the teenager, her character traits of being cheeky and disrespectful made me smile as I read of her exploits She wields a multitude of powers to include talking to the dead and mind reading, but her superhuman powers are tempered by her flaws of caring perhaps too deeply for the feelings of her close group of frie [...]

    6. Overshadowed is a young adult fantasy book that presents a lot of the everyday angst of teen life while throwing in the supernatural I was intrigued by the story s beginning, with a ghost appearing on Nat s bed However, as the story goes on, the reader is also presented with vampires, witches, werewolves, and other various supernatural beings, such as the Fae The reader is treated to the usual teen drama such as bickering and jealousy occurring among the main group of supernatural characters I r [...]

    7. I liked the storyline, I am not sure I loved it though, I will say that I kept flipping through the pages as the story went along to see what happens next, but the end didn t really satisfy me as I thought it might Nat, is a mind reader, she finds out, she wasn t human, and just as she was informed by her mother, that she was a bridge between the human world and the shadow world, her parents abandon her Her best friend G.J is a witch that is wanted by almost all the creatures around her G.J s li [...]

    8. Over Shadowed is the second book in a supernatural YA series by K.W Benton The first is Over Cast While you can read this book as a standalone, it would be preferable to read Over Cast first in order to better understand the relationships and rivalries among the main characters The storyline follows Nat, a sassy psychic teenager who can read people s minds Nat becomes a bridge to the dangerous Shadow World, which terrifies her parents who flee The plot continues on with murders and mayhem and in [...]

    9. With Over Shadowed the reader enters in the head of sixteen years old Natalia, and the immersion is quit fast and with no warnings The writing is apparently simple, but as usual, the devil is hidden in the details And there are so many of them, in Natalie s head, in the dialogues most of the novel is dialogue based and every bit of them counts At times, it may be overwhelming Once the first encounter with Natalie passes, the reader is immersed in a small village that has the highest density of f [...]

    10. This is a fast paced and fun read packed with witty banter propelled by paranormal adventures, beautiful people and a plot which leaves one waiting with bated breath for the next installment Benton is adept at understanding the minds of multiple generations while weaving their character traits into fantastic, yet believable creatures She is also able to instill a sense of spooky fear while managing to find the humor in each situation.The second book in this series, Benton has shown increased mas [...]

    11. The teen angst is well done, and I could thanks to the writing gain a good grasp of the main character s feelings, thoughts, and insecurities However, I felt there was too much of it, and I thought an awful lot of the book was devoted to endless discussions within a core group of about seven to ten characters who end up living together in the same house, protecting one another from the dangers of the paranormal They talk a lot, discussing the rules of paranormal rites, speculating what happens i [...]

    12. Teenage Angst Fantasy Creatures Who Knew the Mix Could Be So Funny Generally, I start my reviews with a one or two sentence summary of the story But for Over Shadowed, the crux of the book is not so much in the multi threaded plot but rather, the interplay of teenage angst and what it means to be a maturing witch or werewolf or faery on top of that The result is always entertaining and is often hilarious.So, take the normal worries of a teenage girl according to this novel am I pretty, just what [...]

    13. There was some very cool story stuff happening in this book The idea of the Shadow World and how souls go there was fascinating, as was the idea that certain deaths are likely to keep souls trapped in the middle rather than passing over the area As the story began to delve into the idea of Soul Eaters, and hitchhikers out of the Shadow World itself, and bridges between the world, I found myself really enjoying this aspect and the possibilities it held I wanted way of this about ten chapters o [...]

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