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The Best of the Spirit #2020

The Best of the Spirit Written by Will Eisner Art and cover by Eisner DC Comics is proud to present its first ever collection celebrating the greatest stories by comics mastermind Will Eisner starring one of the most indeli

  • Title: The Best of the Spirit
  • Author: Will Eisner Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781401207557
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Best of the Spirit By Will Eisner Neil Gaiman, Written by Will Eisner Art and cover by Eisner DC Comics is proud to present its first ever collection celebrating the greatest stories by comics mastermind Will Eisner starring one of the most indelible characters ever created The Spirit THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT reprints 22 Spirit sections from 1940 1950, featuring famous first appearances, classic confrontations, human iWritten by Will Eisner Art and cover by Eisner DC Comics is proud to present its first ever collection celebrating the greatest stories by comics mastermind Will Eisner starring one of the most indelible characters ever created The Spirit THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT reprints 22 Spirit sections from 1940 1950, featuring famous first appearances, classic confrontations, human interest tales, and all those magnificent splash pages Eisner s blue suit clad, fedora wearing crimefighter starred in hundreds of newspaper adventure stories that thrilled readers with Eisner s groundbreaking style Eisner was a master of utilizing the comics format to its greatest strengths, and his Spirit stories are some of his finest examples This volume also features an introduction by New York Times best selling novelist Neil Gaiman THE SANDMAN.

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      334 Will Eisner Neil Gaiman
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    1. First I didn t enjoy these stories There were flat and not interesting But to the end I began to love them You got depth in them and they became suspenseful during the tales Also I liked the originality in the drawing style The had the flavour of old fourties and fifties films, which I like so much My conclusion is that actually I loved them.

    2. There was no one like Will Eisner during the golden age and even during the subsequent ones of American comics He was the quintessential, fearless innovator who almost single handedly propelled the craft of sequential storytelling he coined the term to formerly undreamt of heights In the late seventies, he gave birth to the concept of the graphic novel , and was a staunch defender of its artistic merits throughout the rest of his career Quite rightly, he is considered an iconic character in comi [...]

    3. Well put together and succinct stories that showcase Eisner s innovative style The changes in point of view and the overall inventiveness regarding the plot lines are impressive, not to mention the beautiful line work and striking colours I m actually completely in awe with the visuals of the 1940s and 1950s comics, and when you add up Eisner s style of story telling, it all comes together to near perfection I also loved that Eisner doesn t just settle into the one urban setting, but takes the r [...]

    4. Will Eisner was an unquestionable innovator of the comic book form He was one of the few, in the early days of modern comics, who wanted to say in the form and expand on it rather than use the work of comics as a way to get into a job considered high brow or classy His work is iconic Every artist and writer today is still referencing his body of work and using it as a personal baseline.There s a reason for this 90% of The Spirit, as collected in this Best of, is timeless There are good guys and [...]

    5. The best part of Will Eisner s The Best of the Spirit, is, of course, Neil Gaiman s introduction It is as amazingly written as any of Neil Gaiman s commentary and taught me about the history of comics and Eisner s contribution While Eisner is no Gaiman who is , the collection makes clear why he is long been considered a master and forefather of the medium Because Eisner began with the newspaper strip, the dimension he was restricted to forced him to get creative within the spatial boundaries He [...]

    6. After enjoying the Contract With God Trilogy, I sought out some of Will Eisner s work His most popular hero is The Spirit, whose stories appeared as a Sunday edition insert in many newspapers from 1940 to 1952 In subsequent decades, stories would appear here and there in comic book format The character has a long history and is an early comic book hero He s not quite a superhero, though Police Detective Denny Colt is presumed dead and buried but he was really in a sort of coma He came out of th [...]

    7. THE SPIRIT 2005 Will EisnerThis compilation correctly named The Best of The Spirit was put together by Eisner, along with an introduction by Neil Gaiman Back in the day, many years ago, I was a comic book fan, and devoured them I was fortunate to be able to inherit the back copies of many of the adventures from a local barber shop my mother wouldn t let me buy them I have to admit, however, that The Spirit was not on my reading list This was my first exposure to his adventures Eisner selected w [...]

    8. The collected stories are unsurprisingly of varying quality, the earlier ones being especially unremarkable, but Eisner s talent really begins to come through around 1946 His command of the panels is still stunning and his framing is as good as any film noir director s The writing may be largely unmemorable but the storytelling and concepts are unique and everything else from the coloring to the typography is than impressive In many respects Eisner still goes unmatched to this day.

    9. The Spirit Of ComicsIt s like a Masters Class in what can be done, what is possible, that the page is wide open.And it was all unleashed on the world decades and decades ago.Will Eisner provided the lessons and The Spirit was his awesome tool As the volume The Best Of The Spirit, published by DC Comics, shows so well.The legendary writer artist had a long and illustrious career in and out of the comics industry Before he passed away in 2005 at age eighty eight, Eisner had not only in 1940 create [...]

    10. This is apparently where comic strips grew up yeah, they say that about dozens of strips, I know However, Eisner has both beautifully sinuous use of layout, a wonderfully active drawing style and a brevity of storytelling that packs into 6 pages than most comics books do into 26 pages This anthology tries to act as an introduction to Eisner s Spirit work there are two tales from before WW2 the introduction of The Spirit and the introduction of Silk Satin these are fun, but they don t show what [...]

    11. Will Eisner is one of the great writers of American short fiction He just so happened to publish his stories with illustrations and included a superhero by the name of The Spirit in them It s a shame he s not as well regarded in the world of literature as a whole for his work, simply because they were done in the funny pages.The Spirit is required reading for any comic aficionado and when you glimpse those pages, it becomes clear why The Spirit seems so much than just a Golden Age masked hero c [...]

    12. Hmmmmnted this to get some perspective before film came out I think I enjoyed this book mainly as a kind of history lesson about the development of the comic book graphic novel medium It s a collection of 7 page comics that, back in the 40s, were inserted into the Sunday paper It was interesting to see the stories told in such a quick order not really much in the way of cliffhangers each story was entirely self contained Because the stories were so quick, though, for someone who has been conditi [...]

    13. Classic nostalgia read, good stuff It s always fun to come back to Will Eisner s working middle class Batman character slugging his fedora ed way through the economic doldrums and urban hellscapes of the late 1940s There s this amazing, unique post war feeling to all the comics after the first couple early ones The stories and art are hard bitten yet optimistic, bloody but not gory, grim but innocent It makes you feel like a little boy being flattered into believing you re a tough he man type, w [...]

    14. I had read a story or two of the Spirit when I was younger, and I remember being underwhelmed by it at the time After reading Eisner s Contract With God, however, I decided to give the Spirit another shot, and I m glad that I did.Eisner is a very visual storyteller, and he displays a mastery over the panel in his art He quite liberally brings in elements from children s books, classic art, and other sources he shows a total mastery over the texture of the drawings he s creating, and controls bla [...]

    15. This was surprisingly good It s my first reading of anything Spirit related I was expecting it to be hype than substance, but wouldn t you know it, many of the stories are clever and all feel incredibly modern After reading about the early days of comics 50s and earlier I got the impression that it was mostly all trash, just thrown together for money Granted, everyone usually throws The Spirit and Will Eisner in there as an exception to the rule, but, cynic that I am, I couldn t believe it.The [...]

    16. Although I knew of Will Eisner s influence on comics, I had never read anything by Will Eisner until now, and he did not disappoint As the title says, this collection features some of the best strips of The Spirit, detailing the adventures of Denny Colt, who dons a mask and fights crime Like Batman, he has no superpowers, but unlike Batman, he s not filthy rich, but like Batman, he has a good working relationship with the police commissioner, but unlike Batman, his sidekick is a horrifically rac [...]

    17. So I ve read a few Eisner books, all post Spirit tomes of witty but overwrought moral tales Always appreciated why he was important but never loved him But the Spirit, his less weighty work Amazing It s just like with classic Hollywood, the important pictures about big issues are ponderous and thick while the dirty, cheap and fun pictures carry much weight and meaning in their shadows and sideways glances at the truth.Eisner s storytelling in the Spirit is incredible There is no fat He does in [...]

    18. This is the rare comic that lives up to it s hype Every panel is a gorgeous painting in miniature, every story a perfect slice of New York noir There s expression in background character s faces than in the entire run of some comics The stories are at turns whimsical and brutal, with the ironic reversals and strange coincidences that make fiction fun Even the justly famous title pages could be hung up on gallery walls with the best art I want of Will Eisner s Spirit and I want it now.

    19. Brilliant Absolutely brilliant I ve read comic books since I was a kid Some were alright, some were exciting, some stick with you because you read them at just the right time But Will Eisner.Will Eisner was just plain amazing His writing runs the full gambit from slapstick goofiness to the kind of macabre that I thought only Rod Serling could bring to the ta le, and all the 40 s era pulp fiction action in between This fits right in with anyone s love of Dick Tracy, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and ot [...]

    20. The Spirit is a super detective rather than a superhero He seems omniscient, popping up suddenly to get the bad guys, while keeping the reader in the dark about the details The stories in this book are really fun to read and I will definitely be revisiting them in the future.

    21. Este ano o mestre dos quadrinhos americanos, Will Eisner, completaria 100 anos se estivesse vivo Eu acho incr vel que mesmo com toda a pompa e circunst ncia, com todo valor e import ncia que Eisner tem, nenhuma editora publicou as hist rias cl ssicas do Spirit desde que a LPM republicou as em 5 cinco edi es na d cada de 80 E para serem impressas coloridas, faz ainda mais tempo, quando a RGE publicava elas no Gibi Semanal, aquele em formato standard, gigantesco Esse encadernado foi a primeira com [...]

    22. decided to do a sort of group review of four of the last graphic works i have read The Best of The Spirit book show 3, Two Brothers book show 2, Patience review list, and Liberty Meadows vol 2 book show 2i am trying to figure out what exactly i want in a graphic work, and to some degree these are emblematic, if only one is a favourite The Spirit review list, the only one i got on sort of impulse buying needed a break after reading some philosophy , one a gift Patience from my friend the comics i [...]

    23. The blurb on the front cover calls this The Citizen Kane of comics It s an accurate assessment in several ways These stories were revolutionary when they were first published as newspaper inserts in the forties, but their gradual influence throughout comics makes them appear merely above average to today s reader They re best consumed in context In an era with remarkably crude comics, these selections read extremely smoothly, the equal of comics created thirty or forty years later In some cases, [...]

    24. This was excellent When folks say, they don t make them like this any, they mean work like Eisner s The man was way ahead of his time, and it is evident in this sampling of his series The Spirit In brief, this is the story of a common man who becomes a crime fighter He has no special superpowers or fancy tights What he does have is integrity, tenacity, and good detective skills Working with that, Eisner gives us a bit of everything We get noir we get detective and police stories we get surreal t [...]

    25. Retro Hugo Award Finalist The Origin of the Spirit June 1940 A lawman fakes his own death, then dons a mask to become the mysterious crime fighter known as The Lone Rang I mean The Spirit So yes, this is not a unique concept, but because Eisner executes it well, it has become one of the classics of comic art.The origin story that is nominated for the Retro Hugo Award is better than most of the comics that were produced in 1940, but it only has glimmers of the greatness The Spirit would become in [...]

    26. Great stuff from a master in the medium Visually inventive and ahead of its time I disagree with other reviewers comments it s completely misogynistic The Spirit gets beat up a lot and several of the most clever and independent characters are women One of the few negative lights you see them portrayed in that most of them are bad guys The stories are fun and the character s genesis is fairly unique, although I think I know where the name Cobra, for the evil forces from G.I Joe, may have come fro [...]

    27. An excellent collection, but with one major quibble These are the best Spirit stories which do NOT include the character Ebony, his African American sidekick from the 1940s While I can see how his portrayal might offend some readers, the fact was that in some of the stories he was shown as being intelligent and helpful, while in others he was an offensive stereotype Omitting him entirely gives a false understanding of Eisner s creation.That said, the stories includes some brilliant ones, far fro [...]

    28. I ve enjoyed and admired Eisner as a figure in comics for most of my life, and recently read his Contract With God trilogy and was amazed by it But up until now, I d only ever read one or two Spirit stories I now know I need to read much, much of The Spirit.Eisner s Spirit is an outstanding comic, especially for its time, but it s also timeless in its brilliance Eisner moves deftly between thrilling but routine adventure stories and incredible character studies He experiments with narrative str [...]

    29. I d heard of The Spirit, and specifically, its important place in comic book history, but I always suspected it would be kind of a letdown It was, but not in the way I d suspected The letdown had to do with how few comics have been able to show the same inventiveness demonstrated by Eisner, or even develop it further.The Best of the Spirit is a tour de force demonstration of what a skilled artist can do with the combination of words and pictures Eisner doesn t need to lean on graphic sex or vio [...]

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