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Complete Plain Words #2020

Complete Plain Words Current usage of vocabulary and style is explained clearly and sections included cover jargon cliches spelling and punctuation ground rules of grammar superfluous words using words correctly and c

  • Title: Complete Plain Words
  • Author: Ernest A. Gowers
  • ISBN: 9780140511994
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Complete Plain Words By Ernest A. Gowers, Current usage of vocabulary and style is explained clearly and sections included, cover jargon, cliches, spelling and punctuation ground rules of grammar superfluous words, using words correctly and concisely, overuse or misuse sexist language, the influence of science and technology, American English and exemplary clarity.

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      218 Ernest A. Gowers
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    1 thought on “Complete Plain Words

    1. Dear Everybody Who Plans To Be A Non Fiction Writer,You should read this book It s a bit dated and very British, so you ll have to use your own judgement in deciding which of his rules to follow to the letter, but the principles are still sound after all these years It s about clarity in communications Whether you re writing marketing copy, blogs, user manuals, or restaurant reviews, your aim is still the same to convey information succinctly and unambiguously I was made to read this book in sch [...]

    2. Originally written as a guide to civil servants writing reports and encouraging them to do it in plain English, Plain Words has been completely updated and remains an absolute must for anyone trying to find their way through the minefield of the English language Although Gowers primary mission is to discourage the use of impenetrable jargon, he s also immensely helpful on punctuation, grammar and usage A classic and a godsend for writers of every kind.

    3. The Complete Plain Words is one of some half dozen books on my shelves which I dip into in the vain hope of improving my prose style Gowers was a civil servant and it is to fellow civil servants that his book is primarily addressed His enemy is officialise and, to a lesser extent, commercialese He notes that the language is subject to perpetual change, and his own English, and many of the objects of his wrath are already old fashioned.His message is that writing should be performed to convey ide [...]

    4. The purpose of the book is to make the task of writing easier for those who wish to writ better than they now do.In chapter 8 The Choice of Words the author says the meaning of the second is past conjecture Why did he use the word conjecture It sounds legal to me The book seems to be oriented for those who do legal correspondence and they want to sound precise and perfect More on the formal side.

    5. A bit dry and hard going, but that s to be expected in a book like this, where you have to think about every sentence the author writes This book provides an excellent guide to common errors English writers often make, especially government officials It made me think about my own writing and how I could simplify and improve it Unlike some books on written English it follows common sense and doesn t get caught up by pedantic rules, relying mostly on common usage to determine what is correct.

    6. The theme of The Complete Plain Words is English is already capable of precisely communicating your message without the need of added jargon or atrocious grammar Yes, I giggled when I read I have no doubt that if anyone should read this book in fifty years time he would find current objections to the use of certain words in certain senses as curious as we now find Swift s denunciation of mob chapter 4 The advice given is still good, if stilted And, frankly, the examples of poor grammar, poor wri [...]

    7. First, nothing beats Strunk and White s Elements of Style.This book is also dated some of the unforgivable sins mentioned against the English language have now become regular, everyday English As a guide to everyday English use, this book is a bit excessive as a historic work, however, it is enlightening and witty The book has also taught me that mob is a contraction of the Latin mobile vulgus it has taught me that dependant is a word and it has taught me that autarchy pertains to absolute sover [...]

    8. Gowers Plain Words is a fascinating book, full of good although sometimes dated advice, and a great pleasure to dip into both for its sensible, and never pedantic, advice, and for the glimpses it gives of another time and another language.The book is, it seems to me, an important document of its era the period or reconstruction and democratisation of the UK after World War II, when civil servants at all levels were building a new vision of society a vision which is now under threat , and a new l [...]

    9. It s probably fair to say that we now spend time writing than ever before, in e mails, text messages, Powerpoint presentations, Facebook updates, tweets and so on Good grammar should therefore be seen as a calling card for young people trying to make their way in the professional world Sir Ernest Gowers book, The Complete Plain Words, remains a superb guide to clear communication nearly 60 years after it was first published The aim of writing, he said, should be to affect your readers in the wa [...]

    10. On my reading list as an undergraduate, it has proved to be a valuable guide over the years in fact, it should be read by the new generation Albeit a bit dated, one of the beauties of language is its fluidity, to change and adapt and English is a great exemplar of this, however Gower s premise that the art is to communicate with ease still holds true and that English is sufficiently rich and versatile enough to do it with clarity Must read for anybody who has to produce written communication for [...]

    11. Egetabu eke nabo kerabe ekegotu, korende inkebwate obosemia obuya Omoriki agotosemia igoro y enchera emenwa egoonchoka kera engaki Omoriki oyio naende agotoegereri igoro y echinchera toranyare koigwana ase ogotarika togotumia amang ana amange.Orocherere oromo korwa egetabu Kera ring ana ndigwenerete ase rire, rigana rinde rionsi indiyo riragwenere abwo, kera ring ana indibwate oborito bwaye, riinde indiyo rirarusigwe aroro

    12. Found this in the second hand section of the local Barnes Noble is it common for Barnes Noble stores to sell second hand books I haven t seen that before My research has not been exhaustive Also found a limited, letterpress edition of a play about Fort Ross performed by the Bohemian Club at the Bohemian Grove Funny.

    13. The writer who wants to present his ideas clearly and with force by eschewing jargon and sticking to plain words should first read Gowers Jacques Barzun and Henry F Graff, The Modern Researcher

    14. It had a lot of good bits, but many large sections of it are hair splitting that isn t always terribly interesting If nothing else, I can totally get behind his message write so people can understand you without thinking too hard.

    15. With Fowler this are my essential sources of both pedantry on proper usage and of sense in clarity of expression.

    16. A well written guidebook with the deceptively simple advice for one s writing i Be simpleii Be shortiii Be human

    17. Maybe some fine day I might get round to finally finishing this, when bloody Finnegans Wake has been laid to rest like a tormenting poltergeist.

    18. An essential guide to writing in clear English Written for the British Public Service, so am not sure if applicable to American english.

    19. Great for dipping in and out of A few surprises for me too One of those books to keep on a shelf for occasional reference.

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