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East Wind, Rain #2020

East Wind Rain From the New York Times bestselling author of The Gutsy Girl comes this provocative compelling novel of irrevocable consequences for people thrust unwittingly into a devastating war of nations and Am

  • Title: East Wind, Rain
  • Author: Caroline Paul
  • ISBN: 9780060780753
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
  • East Wind, Rain By Caroline Paul, From the New York Times bestselling author of The Gutsy Girl comes this provocative, compelling novel of irrevocable consequences for people thrust unwittingly into a devastating war of nations and American identity based on a little known true event.December 1941 The inhabitants of Niihau lead a simple life Mostly Hawaiian natives, they work the ranch of Niihau s eccentFrom the New York Times bestselling author of The Gutsy Girl comes this provocative, compelling novel of irrevocable consequences for people thrust unwittingly into a devastating war of nations and American identity based on a little known true event.December 1941 The inhabitants of Niihau lead a simple life Mostly Hawaiian natives, they work the ranch of Niihau s eccentric haole owner, who keeps his island totally isolated from the outside world, devoid of cars, phones, and electricity But then a plane crash lands there, and although the villagers rescue the pilot, they have no idea that he has just attacked Pearl Harbor War has now come to Eden, slowly undoing its tranquillity, widening the cracks in the already troubled marriage of Irene and Yoshio Harada, the island s only Japanese American couple It will test everyone s loyalties and all they believe in as Paradise, once within reach, slowly falls victim to its own isolated innocence.

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      219 Caroline Paul
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    1. East Wind, Rain was the code the Japanese used for the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 After being hit during the attack, a Japanese Zero crash landed on the small Hawaiian island of Niihau The native Hawaiian people were kept very isolated by the owner of the small arid plantation, preventing unrest and disease transmission, but also shielding them from news about the second world war The white owner of Niihau was away on business so the islanders had to deal with the Japanese pilot There was on [...]

    2. I do not remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, I wasn t born until the following year, but the situations arising from it were very present in my childhood and later There were no Japanese children in my elementary classes and when I moved to a small coastal village in the mid fifties there were two Japanese families in the high school, both of which had been interned during the war We have lived with the need for apology, the settling of accounts with the government and finally an awareness of t [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book very much I went to my local library looking for something good and different East Wind, Rain lived fit the bill nicely What caused me to pull the book off the shelf was the title Then, the story itself, based on a real life incident the tale of a Japanese Zero pilot who crash lands on a small Hawaiian island after participating in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor that killed 3,000 American servicemen on December 7th, 1941 The island NishiKaichi puts his plane down on, a smal [...]

    4. This is a very different view of Pearl Harbor A Japanese pilot is forced to land on the isolated island of Niihau This is a place run like a personal kingdom by an old white man, but is inhabited by a mix of native Hawaiian and nisei As Mister Robinson, the local top guy, is off island and there is almost no communication with the outside world, the islanders must decide what to do with the fallen pilot Loyalty, ethnic identity and personal character are all confronted in this moving, beautifull [...]

    5. This is a quick read, but a very interesting fictionalized account of a little know fact in WW II History After Japan s attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the Japanese bomber pilots crash landed his plane on Ni ihau, a small private island off the coast of Kauai i, where the Native Hawaiian residents still live in the old ways With beautiful language, the author brings the characters to life, while exploring the moral ambiguity of conflicting loyalties during this difficult time.

    6. A Japanse pilot, who had just bombed Pearl Island, lands on a remote Hawaiian island where the inhabitants are completely unaware that WWII is happening.

    7. The story concept is a good one The author creates some very interesting characters, although I had a hard time feeling for them until the end, but then one would feeling for any series of characters who there innocence destroy by war I kind of wish I had gotten to know the pilot and one or two islanders a little better.

    8. On my recent visit to see family on Kauai I returned to a favorite spot on the island, Talk Story Bookstore, the furthest west independent bookstore in the U.S located in the historic section of the town of Hanapepe I headed straight to the shelves displaying books about Hawaii or written by Hawaiian authors East Wind, Rain by Caroline Paul was on display directly at eye level I read the back cover and headed straight to the cash register This historical fiction about the bombing of Pearl Harbor [...]

    9. Imagine living a life without modern technology all the luxuries we enjoy daily are nonexistent No tv, radio, telephones, newspapers, air conditioning, cars, computers, etc The people of the island Naihuu live this kind of life Their island is isolated from the rest of the world with the only means of communication as sea boat of through their landlord, who doesn t even reside on the island His goal is to keep Naihuu safe from the outside world Due to this disconnect, the Naihuuians are clueless [...]

    10. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese Zero, its gas tank hit, crash lands on the small island of Nihau The Hawaiians who live there know nothing of the outside world, unaware even that a war is going on Although they are only a few miles from Kauai, the paternalistic haole owner of the island, Aylmer Robinson, carrying on his father s tradition, has forbidden newspapers, telephones, radios and visits from the outside world He even discourages literacy and the English language in a [...]

    11. At a charming bookstore in the town of Hanapepe on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, I asked the owner if he carried books about the islands or written by local authors He offered me this book and said it s like nothing he d ever read I am so glad to have found this spare story set on the mysterious island of Niiihau in the days following The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Paul has taken a true event not known to many and brought the residents of the island community to life She also introduces us [...]

    12. I suppose I d rate this 2 1 2 stars It was better than okay, but I can t say I liked it very much The only reason I ve recalled having read the book is that my mother informed me that she is currently reading it.I think this is a re imagined event I hesitate to put much credence on the events happening as described Others my disagree and I wasn t alive in the 1940s, so what do I know Ni ihau is an island that prohibits outsiders, so it s interesting to read about what their lifestyle was like an [...]

    13. A Japanese pilot crashes his plane on a rural Hawaiian island during the attack on Pearl Harbor The island he crashes on is run by a wealthy man who keeps the inhabitants of the island isolated from technology, news, and most things modern.The islanders first welcome the pilot as a guest, as they know nothing about Pearl Harbor Things turn ugly when the owner of the island doesn t return and the islanders are forced to decide what to do with the Japanese soldier And, a Japanese couple is forced [...]

    14. The author has dramatized a little known event from December 7th, 1941 A Japanese fighter plane crashes on the island of Niihau the forbidden isle shortly after the bombings Paul imagines how the 150 or so inhabitants of the island interacted with the pilot without knowing what transpired on the island of Oahu Niihau is the smallest of the inhabited Hawaiian islands with no electricity or contact with the outside world, except through the owner of the Island Aylmer Robinson who visits once a mon [...]

    15. Loved this book, takes place on Niihau, one of the Hawaiian Islands we don t hear much abouts historical fiction, Dec 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor day A small group of people are living on Niihau, caretakers of the island owned by the Robinson Family.ey are not allowed visitors from other islands, they have their food shelter provided for them, and live in peaceful existence One Japanese American couple are there to take care of the bee hives The islands residents were Hawaiian along with the 3 Japanes [...]

    16. Would really rate as 3.5 stars As someone who has quite a bit of knowledge regarding WWII I was very surprised to learn of this event a Japanese fighter crash landing on a small Hawaiian island in which the pilot survived The author gives a fictional account of the incident but includes the actual names of the people involved She had intended to write a non fiction book on the subject but there was very little info available resulting in a fictional account instead She did a very nice job I enjo [...]

    17. Although the story takes place on a remote Hawaiian island at the beginning of WWII, the subject matter is very topical in todays social climate The story basically addresses the issue of national allegiance The interplay between the downed Zero pilot and Yoshiro Harada, an American of Japanese decent, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor is riviting The reader is drawn into a veritable time warp and experiences the thoughts of the pilot, the Harada family and the Hawaiians as they experience a ser [...]

    18. Very interesting fictional version of actual events in the immediate after math of the attack on Pearl Harbor A Japanese fighter pilot crash lands on an island kept plantation style by a white overlord and the native Hawaiian populace It s a fascinating meditation on war, race, the vestiges of colonialism, the challenges of blending cultures, the intelligence of agrarian simplicity, and the odd ways that social pressures turn some people into traitors and others into heroes A quick read, perhaps [...]

    19. I ve read several books about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, but this is a totally different kind of story It s ficiton but based on a true event On the same day that Pearl Harbor was bombed, a Japanese pilot crash lands into a small Hawaiian island, Nihau, that is totally cut off from communication with the rest of the US and the world It s a well told story about the subtle and very human ways that friendship, faith, tradition, and trust are shaken when the people of [...]

    20. This is a most intriguing story that definitely gives the reader new incite to the bombing of Pearl Harbor The treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II is brought full circle in this vignette of a single Japanese Zero pilot that landed on a remote and isolated Hawaiian Island The authors writing is lyrical but a little too lyrical for my taste Perhaps it was necessary to the development of the players in the story but only one description of the sand and desert like attributes of the [...]

    21. A mostly true historical fiction story about a Japanese fighter pilot that crash landed on Niihau on December 7, 1941 and how the islanders dealt with this visitor The author describes how the three Japanese decent residents struggle with identity crisis amid the harsh racial profiling that occurred during that time There are several sites on the Internet that have additional, supplemental information on this incident that help put the story in perspective and enhance the event historicalness Go [...]

    22. 2.5 starsThis book is about moral dilemmas, ethical issues and identity than it is about true historical events I thought the author did a good job of showing readers why each character made the choices he she made, but I was disappointed with the book s slow pace and the fact that all the action happens in the last 25 pages or so Overall, an interesting and enjoyable read just not what I was expecting.

    23. This is a really interesting story about Hawaii s private, forbidden island What s most amazing about it is that it s based on a true story, and it sparked the imprisonment off Japanese Americans during WWII It made me think about how different this story could have gone if the US had embraced all of its citizens.The author didn t use quotation marks, so this book had a very introspective and melancholy feeling.

    24. This is a very revealing event in the attack on Pearl Harbor where a downed Japanese pilot lands on one of the remote island with limited access to the outside world The 21 year old pilot boosts of Japan s Victory at Pearl Harbor and engineers a plot to take over island along with the few Japanese living there against the native Hawaiians The story is both real and remarkable but is drawn out a little too long by the author who spends too much time describing the landscape.

    25. Compelling story, a clash between military WWII Japan, the racial struggles of Japanese Americans during an intolerant time, and the innocence of an Hawaiian Island There can be no happy ending for such a story, and the fact that it is true makes it sadder.My fault with this book is the painful, excruciating detail the author uses Describe the human struggle, but not every sound and sight of each setting and back drop.

    26. Provides an interesting historical fiction view into the closed private island of Niihau and the strange, true incident of a WWII Japanese fighter pilot who crash landed there during the Pearl Harbor attack The novel examines race and identity particularly well Apparently the incident, especially the collaboration of two Japanese Americans on the island, was used to justify widespread internment.

    27. It took me weeks to get through this book I kept setting it down in favor of other books The only reason I read it through was because sometimes it had interesting information about Pearl Harbor, the Hawaiian islands, or lei making with shells The book is a fiction story, but based on a true event during Pearl Harbor, that occurred on the privately owned island Niihau.

    28. This is her first novel, so I m trying to be gracious, but it really wasn t that intriguing The true events that the story is based upon are interesting Japanese Zero crash lands on Nihau Hawaiian island after bombing Pearl Harbor and the islanders try to sort out the consequences Paul s prose is just extremely lacking, and unimaginative.

    29. This book moved way to slow for me The main action of the book didn t happen until about 200 pages in I love anything that has to do with the Hawaiian culture so I stuck with it I learned a little about an episode in history but I could have achieved the same thing with a article.

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