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Forever Geek #2020

Forever Geek My name is Harriet Manners and I ll be a geek forever Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is Modelling isn t a sure fire route to popularity Neither is making endless lists The people you lo

  • Title: Forever Geek
  • Author: Holly Smale
  • ISBN: 9780007574698
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Forever Geek By Holly Smale, My name is Harriet Manners and I ll be a geek forever Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is.Modelling isn t a sure fire route to popularity Neither is making endless lists The people you love don t expect you to transform into someone else Statistically, you are likely to not meet your Australian ex boyfriend in Australia than bump into him there.So on tMy name is Harriet Manners and I ll be a geek forever Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is.Modelling isn t a sure fire route to popularity Neither is making endless lists The people you love don t expect you to transform into someone else Statistically, you are likely to not meet your Australian ex boyfriend in Australia than bump into him there.So on the trip of a lifetime Down Under Harriet s to do lists are gone and it s Nat s time to shine Yet with nearly not quite boyfriend Jasper back home, Harriet s completely unprepared to see supermodel ex Nick Is the fashion world about to turn ugly for GEEK GIRL It s time for Harriet to face the future Time to work out where her heart lies To learn how to let go

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    1 thought on “Forever Geek

    1. I read this on a train and was crying in public for the last 40 pages of this book.This was the perfect end to the series, I could not have asked for anything I ve said it before, and I ll say it again, Harriet has come such a long way since the first book, and my re reading of the series has only illuminated that I loved how every bit of mischief that would have just led to disasters in previous books were delayed from happening and that s all to do with the wonderful Nat, who I couldn t be [...]

    2. I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way impacted on my view.The Geek Girl series is one of my all time favourite UKYA book series, and even though I was sad that the finale was soon to be published, I was overjoyed at the chance to read an early copy, and dove straight right in.In the final instalment, we see Harriet trying to balance her new boyfriend, Jasper, with her home life, as well as her fledging modelling career, which is neigh on going down the [...]

    3. What a perfect way to end such an amazing series I ve adored every single minute of the Geek Girl series, and I m going to miss Harriet and the rest of Team JRNTH so, so much I can t believe this was the last book, but it was definitely the best one

    4. Originally reviewed on This Chick ReadsOMG I m in my late 30s and I absolutely, thoroughly, completely, immensely enjoyed FOREVER GEEK Hell, I m not even that much of a fan of Young Adult and it s been a while since the last time I read one However, Harriet is irresistible and has a special place in my heart.I haven t read all of the books in the Geek Girl series and I blame my toppling TBR pile for that So in case you re wondering if this one can be read as a stand alone, it sure can If I did i [...]

    5. I LOVE HARRIET MANNERS SO MUCH I can t believe that this is the end of the series, and I can finally add Geek Girl to my completed series list This series is one of my all time favourites, and I ve been with it from the very beginning I ve loved watching Harriet grow into a better person, one who understands herself so much than she did in the beginning.Forever Geek was the perfect end to the series It gave just the right amount of closure, said hello and goodbye to practically ALL the characte [...]

    6. A very fitting end to Harriet s story She ll always be an awkward self centered hilarious geeky girl But she matured and Forever Geek felt like it came full circled.

    7. 2 stars This was a pretty disappointing end to the series, to be honest Despite Harriet having accumulated 5 whole books worth of life lessons, she still makes the same mistakes in this last instalment, over and over and over again, with and through her arrogance, her inability to communicate, her bossiness, her compulsivelying , and her whole Harriet knows best mentality, despite the fact that she really doesn t, and quite frankly, I was getting tired of it.I understand that it takes time to gr [...]

    8. Why did this series have to end I loved the final instalment, demolishing it in one sitting, dreading the ending Harriet didn t disappoint I ll miss her random facts and the vibrant characters dotted throughout the books but most of all I ll miss Harriett This book finds Harriet on an adventure to Australia with Nat and Bunty I m not ashamed to say that this book made me cry both tears of laughter and sadness The ending is fitting though I can only imagine Harriet s future exploits I m sure they [...]

    9. Wow Woowowowowowowoow.This series is an absolute gift.More thoughts to come, maybe For now I need to be a little sad about finishing this series.

    10. This series has been with me for over three yearsAnd the reason why it took me so long to finish it was because I didn t want the story to be over because this is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOKS SERIES I remember last year just before Head Over Heels came out and I had just won 50 in book vouchers so I went to this local shop and pre ordered it It came out a week or two later and I remember being really excited to get collect it but also really sad because I was moving house that day I also r [...]

    11. I ve sat in front of the screen for an hours, trying to put down in words what I thought of Forever Geek, and I m really struggling How do I put all of my thoughts and feelings about this book into a few words and share how much I loved it.It s no secret I m a HUGE fan of these books, I ve snagged copies as soon as they hit the shelves, both paperback and hardback, even the novellas for special events But I was reluctant to make a start on Forever Geek, and it sat in my app for a few days before [...]

    12. The perfect ending to a perfect series I honestly can t recommend these books highly enough If you haven t read them yet, I URGE you to You won t regret it, I promise

    13. that s it Its over sobs I ve been silently crying for the past 150 pages I just cannot believe it s over This was the perfect ending to one of my favourite series Harriet is still one of the most relatable characters I have ever read about, even if her antics were beyond a little ridiculous at times She just makes me smile, and oh my, how she has grown since the first book Her development across this series is beyond incredible Smale did make me cry again I should have known she would This time [...]

    14. 3 stars There were goods and bads I will definitely miss this series though, Harriet might be frustrating to the max, but the modelling whenever that happened was good and fun, Harriet s friends were a delight though I had to get used to Toby , Harriet s parents and sister were hilarious, Bunty was fantastic Instead of the normal review I will make a good bad review as I am quite tired, but I still want to tell everyone what I thought about the book.First up the good Australia I just loved that [...]

    15. Perfect conclusion It made me cry See my overview of the whole series here kirstyes 2017 03 17 gee

    16. This review at once makes me feel ecstatically happy that I have read another book in the fabulous Geek Girl series but at the same time sad that it s at least for now over.Forever Geek see s Harriet once again on her travels, this time to Australia but this time she s not alone or with model friends Oh no this time she s travelling with the friend who played no small part in kick starting the adventure, Nat and her Gran, Bunty who as far as Gran s go completely rocks Harriet is as always in ful [...]

    17. I am going to miss Harriet Manners This is the last of her epic shenanigan books and I can safely say this is one of my favourite series s ever To me Harriet was always human Yes, she made a whole load of mistakes but she s only 16 and that s what we all did at that age Did you ever really like a boy or girl then trip over something unexpected and make a fool of yourself Or spit out your drink accidentally when you re trying to be cool in front of someone Mine was walking into the back of anothe [...]

    18. I am so sad that this amazing series is coming to an end The beauty of these stories is that we get to see Harriet evolve and grow over each book and yet she still stays true to herself Along the way there is so much in the stories about love and support from all her friends and family and I adore the positivity and acceptance that runs through the series Although there were some characters that I wished had a bigger part Wilbur it was exciting to have Nick back as well as team JNTH.The ending o [...]

    19. Tbh I hated this series than I enjoyed it Harriet endlessly frustrated me and I wouldn t recommend this book for anyone over the age of 13 but this series has been a part of my life since I was like 12, whether I liked it or not There s something about the realistic simplicity of a teenage girl that made me love it The fact that she lost friends who I grew to love, betrayal, hurt, love, friends, death and vulnerability, all parts of regular life made me enjoy this book so much .Thank you Harrie [...]

    20. I am so going to miss Harriet and her world I ve been crying at the end of this book, it feels like Harriet was saying goodbye to the readers as well as being a culmination of the series and dammit if Holly isn t an amazing author for accomplishing that She s the nicest person as well I can t wait for her next books, which I hope will be as funny, informative, well structured and full of great characters like all the Geek Girl books.I don t have anything else of substance to say I just wish this [...]

    21. I finished this book in my English lesson when we were allowed to read and I was crying so much It ended so perfectly and so beautifully It was sad at the end but still so special This book was the right ending any ending of a series should have It pulled the whole series together and completed everything It thought of the other books of the series too as memories and ughhhhhh I just loved it I started crying again just now The reason I cried so much at the end of this book is because this serie [...]

    22. A fun trip to down under, fashion fun, both predictable and unpredictableness, lots of fun wilBUR, fun etymology and other languages fun I thought forelsket translated to crush though in english maybe am wrong.Very sad to see the series end, BUT BOY IT DID END GREATLY.Sugar cookies so goodEK

    23. dont ask me why i still read mg books but i do and this was okay but dude, bunty view spoiler died hide spoiler and she just view spoiler carries on kissing nick AT THE FUNERAL hide spoiler it was okay but so dragggeddd out

    24. A lovely end to the series, with a vast aray of old characters re appearing for the final novel and some new characters too Holly Smale has done an amazing job with typing together all the loose ends and bringing them together This is a great end to the series.

    25. Numbers of times I lost track of where I was, while reading Forever Geek Plenty, I have no idea where my commutes wentLength of twenty minute lunch break while reading Forever Geek at least 30 35 mins, and I m not sure I finished all my lunch yet In a world where there are thousands upon thousands of books vying for our attention, I m not sure I know what the odds were that I cam across Forever Geek, or in fact any of the Geek Girl series, but I am so glad that I did I also know that Harriet Man [...]

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