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Gravity #2020

Gravity An experiment on micro organisms conducted in space goes wrong The cells begin to infect the crew with deadly results Emma Watson struggles to contain the deadly microbe while her husband and NASA try

  • Title: Gravity
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen
  • ISBN: 9780006513087
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gravity By Tess Gerritsen, An experiment on micro organisms conducted in space goes wrong The cells begin to infect the crew with deadly results Emma Watson struggles to contain the deadly microbe while her husband and NASA try to retrieve her from space, before it s too late.

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      Tess Gerritsen

    1 thought on “Gravity

    1. This is my first Tess Gerritsen book I know right I m a crime and thriller fan, AND a nurse I should have read all the Rizzole and Isles by now Well I never intended to, but having read this one I am inclined to give all of her books a go To quickly summarise it, some bizarre virus is killing off the crew of the international space station Where did it come from How are they going to stop it Doctor on board Emma must try to keep everyone alive whilst her husband back on earth goes on a mission t [...]

    2. Wow This was SO good I can t think why I have never read it before And why oh why did I not go and see the movie I suppose it was because I thought it was some kind of science fiction thing whereas it is actually a serious thriller I found it hard to put down at any point in the story and when I was not actually reading it I was still thinking about it The main characters are interesting and appealing and the reader is fully invested in wanting to save Emma s life The progress of the virus is we [...]

    3. As Doctor Emma Watson exited the simulator training module after yet another simulated mission, she knew she was ready The whole team would be ready to head into space when scheduled in three months time But the unexpected emergency involving one of the current astronauts at the space station meant he needed to be brought home and Emma was chosen as his replacement Emma was a research physician, excellent at her job her estranged and soon to be divorced husband Doctor Jack McCallum was also invo [...]

    4. Tess Gerritsen moves the setting for her medical thriller to space and boy is it scary Emma Watson is a doctor and astronaut who is thrilled to finally be able to go into space and work in the space station However, when a strange illness begins to affect the crew, she finds herself struggling to work out what is wrong with them Back on Earth her husband Jack can only watch while her colleagues at NASA try to work out how to save the crew.An excellent page turner of a sci fi thriller

    5. Kitab n ba lar fazla uzat lm gibi geldi O y zden kitab n i ine girebilmem baya uzun s rd Son 150 sayfadaysa g zelce gerildim Tess ablam z beklentimi bo a karmad.

    6. I enjoyed this so much I didn t want to put it down and only did when I fell asleep Fortunately I made it to the last section, so I could sleep well knowing they were going to get things worked out I love all of her books, and this is no exception It s better than a Michael Crichton book in my opinion If you re easily grossed out , though, you might think twice before starting it, but it s worth whatever it takes to read

    7. had the same storyline as every single alien move out therebunch of people go to space n come back with an alien parasitebut it was well writtenwell enough for 4 stars

    8. O tu Dievul liau Pirma Tess Gerritsen knyga, kuri skaitydama tiesiog kankinausi Nuo prad ios iki galo viskas taip negerai, kad s iningai laukiau kol pamatysiu paskutin puslap Ir ne i gerosios pus s Tiek daug technini termin , detali , kosmini operacij , kad nuolat pasimesdavau ir pamir davau kur ir k ten jie visi kosmose daro Taip, Tess yra m g ja permai yti savo detektyvus su medicininiais terminais Ta iau iki iol t termin buvo ma ai, jie suprantami ir skaitant akis nekrenta Na, bet ia Ir medic [...]

    9. Tess Gerritsens book Gravity is one of those books that could make millions at the movies if someone would just make it This book has everything Science ,Space,medicine and horrible death.When Dr Emma Watson starts her duty on the international space station she find a horror thats beyond imagination Some how a single celled organism has found it way on board and has regenerated out of control.People on the station are dieing in horrible ways and Emma could be next if she cant find a solution NA [...]

    10. Refreshingly, nobody was stupid that is my biggest pet peeve about thrillers, especially thrillers with women characters for some reason, and it was so nice to have a group of intelligent people of both sexes working together against overwhelming odds The premise was scary, and it was a suspenseful read

    11. Ok where to start I really did enjoy this book and even though it took its time getting up to speed and I will admit there were times when I was wondering where certain scenes in the story were going to have any relevance but I must admit once it was up to speed it was a real page turner I will say that I feel that after reading this I should read of her work but at the same time I feel that considering the authors popularity and the number of books written that I may need to do a lot research [...]

    12. Probably my actual favorite of all the Tess Gerritsen books, in the vein of techno thrillers written by Michael Crichton Suspenseful and fast paced, it has very cool scenes set in space that are cinematic and action packed The relationship angle was a little clumsy and unnecessary here, but overall it s an enjoyable read.

    13. First off, no, this has nothing to do with the movie of the same name Both have female astronauts as a main character, but that s about it Second, one of the main characters is named Emma Watson, but has nothing to do with the famous actress With that cleared upA series of accidents and secrets take a research mission at the International Space Station, and turn it into a nightmare A strange new disease suddenly breaks out, endangering the entire crew But it soon becomes apparent that there s g [...]

    14. Medical training in the United States is sometimes put to surprising uses Tess Gerritsen, like Michael Crichton, earned a medical degree but ended up writing popular fiction with a technical and or medical angle One wonders whether the satisfaction momentary diversion, whatever you want to call it that both authors have undoubtedly provided to their readers Gerritsen, while not achieving the household name status of Crichton, has sold millions of books and reached the NYTBR best seller list is a [...]

    15. Not much like the film, but entertaining in its own right Any book which makes you think differently about what you might be doing or how you might see what s happening around you is worthwhile in my view.Tess Gerritsen develops the implications of what might happen if scientists start tampering with unknown lifeforms by way of sophisticated genetic engineering.This happens when some deep sea scientists find some small critters and after fooling with them put them into space just to see what hap [...]

    16. This was my first Tess Gerritsen and what a way to be introduced to an author Fab premise and I looked for as much reading time as I could find for this one.

    17. K t leri olmayan bir kitap, bir ba kas taraf ndan bu kadar ba ar l anlat lamazd Tess, bir kez daha kalbimi ald n

    18. Okay I know I said that I wasn t going to be writing reviews because I just didn t have time But whoa I HAD to write something about this mind bender of a book I have to say that EVERYTHING about this book was a feast for the brain When Stephen King said that she was better than Crichton he wasn t kidding First off, Gerritsen is readable than Crichton I find he had a very clinical way of writing that made you disconnect with characters in the book With this book you are instantly thrust into PO [...]

    19. Wow A friend of mine, both an avid reader and fellow NASA contractor, put this one in my hands Gravity was published in 1999 so I was late to this party, but it was an amazing read and I feel safe now in adding that it s timeless I appreciated Gerritsen s care with technical facts at NASA, as well as her accurate depiction of Johnson Space Center and the Houston area in general Just a real fun read all around, close to home for me, and nicely done Gerritsen did a remarkable job blurring the line [...]

    20. Hah She s suing the movie now.UPDATE Liked the kindle sample Will probably get it soonNISH Pretty good Lots of researched space scenes The author was a former doctor, and there s also plenty of grisly operations, autopsies, and other grisliness Stephen King blurbed it I wouldn t read this right before bed There s also an undeniable science fiction element later in the book Not too long You could say there s a romance element as well Maybe Vaginal Fantasy could read it in their book club Nah Gues [...]

    21. Y r nge, Tess Gerritsen in yazd bir bilimkurgu kitab Merak etti im bir kitapt , sat a kt n duyunca inan lmaz mutlu olmu tum Yazar bu sefer farkl bir tarzla kar m za k yor Dr.Emma, yer ekimsiz ortamda farkl canl t rleri zerinde ara t rma yapmak zere Uluslararas Uzay stasyonu na g nderilir Fakat deney son derece tehlikeli bir biyolojik sava a d n r Hayatta kalmak i in Emma ve ekibini zorlu bir m cadele beklemektedir Kitab bitirdi imde yazar n bu roman yazarken s k bir ara t rma yapm oldu unu g rd [...]

    22. Tess Gerritsen bu sefer bamba ka konuyu, uzay , astronotlar i liyor Ne oldu u belirlenemeyen bir organizma uzay istasyonuna s zarsa, NASA ve veya Beyaz Saray ne yapard Ya sevdi iniz insan uzayda tek ba na kalsayd siz ne yapard n z Ben konuyu ilgin kurguyu ba ar l buldum Bas m n n durdurulmas n anlayamad m, yazar n bir ok kitab na g re daha ba ar l.

    23. Scroll down for the English version.Tecnicamente perfettoSono stata molto combattuta nel dare un voto a questo libro Se da una parte sicuramente migliore di molti altri ai quali avevo assegnato 4 stelle, non potevo non rilevare qualche piccola pecca Ho deciso comunque di dargliene 5, perch indubbiamente uno dei libri che pi mi ha coinvolto nella lettura negli ultimi mesi Ho dovuto sforzarmi di non finirlo in un paio di giorni e non stato facile Si tratta di un techno thriller con risvolti medici [...]

    24. Gravity is an action and science packed thriller with all the things you could want in a book an awesome female main character who is both an astronaut and a doctor, intense scenes in space and in the NASA headquarters, and a creepy experiment gone wrong that is killing the crew members on the ISS one by one in a dark and disturbing way This book was right up my alley I thought everything about Gravity was perfectly written and I am on the look out for my next Tess Gerristen novel.What I LikedTh [...]

    25. Bir bilim kurgu sever olarak hem sevdim hem de nefret ettim Bu ne g zel bir hikayedir yi idim s kmayan, yerine g re rperten, monotonluktan uzak A k as ben s radan bir hikaye beklerken olduk a ilgi ekici kt Hikayenin yapboz gibi, her k esinin birbirine ba lanmas ve a klanmam olay kalmamas benim en ho uma giden k s mlar oldu Bana b yle eylerle gelin Ke ke karakterler i inde ayn s n s yleyebilseydim Hikaye ne kadar g zelse, karakterler o kadar i e yaramazd zellikle ba karakter Emma y hat rlad k a l [...]

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