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Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World #2020

Roots Radicals and Rockers How Skiffle Changed the World Emerging from the jazz clubs of the early s skiffle a uniquely British take on American folk and blues caused a sensation among a generation of kids who had grown up during the dreary post war year

  • Title: Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World
  • Author: Billy Bragg
  • ISBN: 9780571327744
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World By Billy Bragg, Emerging from the jazz clubs of the early 50s, skiffle a uniquely British take on American folk and blues caused a sensation among a generation of kids who had grown up during the dreary post war years These were Britain s first teenagers, looking for a music of their own in a culture dominated by crooners and mediated by a stuffy BBC Sales of guitars rocketed fromEmerging from the jazz clubs of the early 50s, skiffle a uniquely British take on American folk and blues caused a sensation among a generation of kids who had grown up during the dreary post war years These were Britain s first teenagers, looking for a music of their own in a culture dominated by crooners and mediated by a stuffy BBC Sales of guitars rocketed from 5,000 to 250,000 a year, and as with the punk rock that would flourish two decades later all you needed to know were three chords to form your own group, with your mates accompanying on tea chest bass and washboard.Against a backdrop of Cold War politics, rock and roll riots and a newly assertive working class youth, Billy Bragg charts for the first time in depth the history, impact and legacy of Britain s original pop movement It s a story of jazz pilgrims and blues blowers, Teddy Boys and beatnik girls, coffee bar bohemians and refugees from the McCarthyite witch hunts, who between them sparked a revolution that shaped pop culture as we have come to know it.

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    1. Skiffle was the punk rock of its day Here s three chords now form a band I loved this detailed and impressive history of Skiffle in which Billy Bragg aims to rehabilitate Skiffle s importance and reputation Skiffle was the Punk Rock of the late 1950s, just as punk erased the barriers between audience and performer, so did Skiffle To start a skiffle band all it took was a combination of a few chords, a cheap guitar, a tea chest bass, some songs, and a washboard, and you could make music Lonnie Do [...]

    2. In this book, Billy Bragg tells the fascinating story of the importance of skiffle on British music where it originated from and how it inspired a generation of mostly boys, growing up in the austerity years of post war Britain, to pick up an instrument and form bands He begins by telling us of a dinner he was invited to by John Peel, to meet Lonnie Donegan It later transpired that Peel was so nervous about being in the company of his hero that he had invited Bragg in order to help the conversat [...]

    3. Music artist Billy Bragg s history of Skiffle is a remarkable book For those who don t know, Skiffle is music made in the United Kingdom by people not all trained musicians who used homemade instruments, including guitars, to perform blues and folk music, mostly that came from the United States Lead Belly was the leading performer and songwriter that these young British musicians admired the most, and generally, it is their version of his songs which became popular and in turn, inspired rock n r [...]

    4. While this book was very interesting, it took me quite some time to get through it As a lover of all things related to music, I was very excited to read Roots, Radicals, and Rockers How Skiffle Changed the World I did enjoy the book, particularly the background and all of the cultural references Billy Bragg goes into A LOT of detail If you love music, you will enjoy this book Thanks to Faber Faber and NetGalley for the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    5. Ever wonder where rock and roll came from Billy Bragg s account isn t just gripping, it s extremely well researched and fun There s histories of songs and performers here and lists of recordings and performances all tied up into one smart social history Is there anything Billy Bragg can t do

    6. Not read yet My bro just gave it to me for my belated birthday a few weeks ago.At Billy Bragg concert in Toronto tonight Great tour name Build Bridges Not Walls

    7. Extremely articulate history of how the trad jazz movement in Britain spawned the Skiffle scene and how the do it yourself ethos of that movement gave birth to the massive changes in youth culture, music, and everything else which became the 60 s Very good look at a little examined pocket of important history in music BH.

    8. As the summary states, this book is incredibly well researched and detailed, taking you back to the America roots of what became a very British type of music and led the way for the British Invasion of America in the 60s Some of this America music I was very familiar with, artists like Lead Belly, well at least their music I knew little if anything of their lives or the world in which they were creating music How it made it s way to the UK was through a small group of people who were pursing an [...]

    9. An enjoyable look at the skiffle music and it s influence on the culture and music of the late 50s and early 60s Bragg s obvious love for his subject shines through and he writes well though it s a little disjointed at times.

    10. Billy Bragg s account of the origins of skiffle, its growth and effects in the UK and of how it lead to the British Beat Boom of the sixties, is both exhaustive and fascinating Bragg writes clearly and concisely, successfully putting across how a bunch of trad jazz enthusiasts used the intervals between sets at jazz clubs to play songs by Leadbelly and other blues singers, in turn creating the skiffle movement Like the punk movement of the seventies, skiffle got teenaged kids interested in playi [...]

    11. Billy Bragg shows himself to be an intelligent, diligent researcher and an entertaining writer with just a hint of wit from time to time I must also note that at no time is he ever self serving You would hardly know that the man had his own band and was a successful punk rocker I was completely fascinated by his historian voice, given the cockney, mouthy songwriter we know from his music.He makes the case that the skiffle movement in post WWII Britain was the attempt of youth to latch onto an au [...]

    12. Popular music is a house of many mansions Consider not only the main rooms jazz, blues, country, folk, hip hop, electronic, easy listening, Latin, R B and soul, rock n roll, and pop but also all the myriad sub divisions, ranging from rockabilly to reggaestep, from lounge to liquid funk, and salsa to shoegaze All forms of music have their ardent champions and skiffle has found its most eloquent advocate in Billy Bragg whose Roots, Radicals and Rockers is subtitled How Skiffle Changed the World.At [...]

    13. Full disclosure I read this book because I m a fan of Billy Braggs music, his mission and his sense of humor I had zero knowledge of skiffle and not much interest to be honest But I figured if it was written by Bragg than it was at least worth a look What I really enjoyed about this book was that it gave a great history lesson on skiffle of course, but also the American South in the 1800s, pre and post war Britain, British social classes, London neighborhoods, race, punk rock, the birth of TV, A [...]

    14. I first heard Lonnie Donnegan s Rock Island Line on the Dr Demento show so I thought it was a novelty song I remember taping the song straight from the airwaves, along with Allan Sherman s Camp Granada, Barnes and Barnes s Fisheads, and Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show Of all of these, I listened to Rock Island Line the most It wasn t really funny it was just a good song I had no idea what Skiffle was.A long while later, I heard from a friend about Skiffle It was the music behind the [...]

    15. Skiffle One of the most captivating aspects of history is the way something so apparently trivial can have such an enormous impact and change everything Billy Bragg s new book Roots, Radicals, and Rockers How Skiffle Changed the World, looks at one of the twentieth century s greatest fad to fable stories Like most in the tail end of the baby boom, I am too young to remember much about the 1960 s but old enough to have been forever captured by its music and culture Until I began listening to and [...]

    16. This is a terrific book Billy Bragg is immensely knowledgeable about the history of Skiffle and has done some meticulous research and what s he can really write.Roots, Radicals and Rockers is a detailed history of Skiffle, that uniquely British phenomenon which was the precursor to so much of the great British music which followed For example, Bragg gives the full context of George Harrison s famous line No Lead Belly, no Beatles What Harrison actually said was, If there was no Lead belly, ther [...]

    17. The thing that surprised me about this history of the pre rock, post war emergence of an indigenous British music sound was just how thorough and detailed it was In retrospect, I shouldn t have been surprised Billy Bragg was always going to take this venture and its elements youth rebellion, collectivism, indigenous and local roots, folk blues fusion, breaking down of stale old English class values etc very seriously indeed.Occasionally, it s all a bit earnest and, as I ve found with some other [...]

    18. I m not really a big Billy Bragg fan never was keen on his music, and his politics always struck me as somewhat stuck in the Rock Against Racism 70 s, so this one sat on my shelf for ages before I got around to starting it.How foolish that was, because this is a great book There s nothing about this book that s not first rate It s beautifully written, rigorously researched and tells a story that this obsessive music book reader of some 50 years or so wasn t familiar with Bragg s ability to make [...]

    19. I was a young pre teenager when skiffle started up, but I had no idea there was so much going on besides Lonnie Donegan, although I d heard of Nancy Whisky and Chas McD through the 6.5 Special programme on BBC TV Hadn t a clue that Chris Barber was part of it, or that Lonnie D played in the Chris Barber band This extremely well researched book took me back on a real nostalgia trip It was fascinating to read how skiffle influenced so many rockers coming along later in the 60s and 70s Recommend to [...]

    20. It goes into a lot of detail, and probably in depth than i needed, but I found it an interesting perspective of how skiffle came to be, how it contributed to massive changes in British society and attitudes in the 50s and the back stories of many of the big names in British and American music in that time

    21. Bragg traces skiffle music back to the traditional jazz of New Orleans So much to learn from this hefty book If you love music, especially the music of the 60s, this is where it began Many of the bands we loved started as skiffle bands, including the Quarrymen, later known as the Beatles Even Van Morrison was a skiffle musician.

    22. A great read about a musical movement that is nearly forgotten or just plain unheard of The book gives a solid foundation before heading into the evolution of Skiffle There are enough commonly known ideas and touchstones of pop culture to keep your attention and to keep the narrative moving along.

    23. A fascinating history of Skiffle music and it s link with Jazz and Roots music, giving Lonnie Donegan all the praise he deserves.Although it is well researched and lovingly written it s one weakness to me was it came over at times like a text book.Unfortunately Lonnie was already dead so he was unavailable for some stories of his experiences, Such a shame.

    24. A lengthy but readable musical and cultural history of a genre that rock history has almost forgotten I reviewed Roots, Radicals and Rockers for The Current.

    25. Without skiffle there wouldn t have been the Beatles This well written book traces the roots and influences of skiffle from trad jazz to rock A must read for anyone serious about folk or rock n roll.

    26. A very interesting history of not just skiffle, but the different types of jazz, the blues and how rock and roll was born Having grown up with rock and roll, I didn t realize that having guitars front and center was an oddity prior to skiffle.

    27. Excellent Growing up an early teen during the Brit invasion, one heard about skiffle, there were mentions of Alexis Korner, and of course, Lonnie Donegan, but without any context Here s the context, and well told.

    28. Bragg does a great job tracing the development of skiffle, providing a necessary history of the movement that paved the way for rock and roll in England Bragg is a very good storyteller and also provides a needed critical perspective.

    29. Billy Bragg s book was a fascinating look at a long forgotten genre of music that inspired many British rockers like the Beatles and the Stones A great of history of early Americana and Roots music transformed by British teenagers into skiffle.

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