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Triple Princes #2020

Triple Princes I was part of a foursome the dirty filthy kind with three dominating absolutely gorgeous men Tina My parents sent me off to finishing school for one reason only to find a rich husband to revive my

  • Title: Triple Princes
  • Author: Cassandra Dee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Triple Princes By Cassandra Dee, I was part of a foursome the dirty, filthy kind, with three dominating, absolutely gorgeous men Tina My parents sent me off to finishing school for one reason only to find a rich husband to revive my family s fortunes Because even though we re nobility, we re actually poor, pinching pennies while living in our crumbling castle Things got so bad that I put on my be I was part of a foursome the dirty, filthy kind, with three dominating, absolutely gorgeous men.Tina My parents sent me off to finishing school for one reason only to find a rich husband to revive my family s fortunes Because even though we re nobility, we re actually poor, pinching pennies while living in our crumbling castle Things got so bad that I put on my best smile and a flirty mini skirt, unsure if it d work But then I met the twins Devastatingly gorgeous, Kato and Karl were merchant marines sailing the high seas with an itch to scratch and I was it So I flirted I winked And I did my thing But just when things were getting steamy, I met another man Prince Kristian was everything my parents hoped for rich, handsome, and real live royalty too Except there were four of us now What s a girl to do Note This is a panty melting book with a fantastical, unrealistic storyline Don t say I didn t warn you Okay, if you have to read it then know that this is a full length 60k novel with a guaranteed HEA plus a bonus novella inside Enjoy

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      318 Cassandra Dee
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    1 thought on “Triple Princes

    1. OMG I ve been hesitant to write a review because I hate giving bad reviews but I just couldn t deal with the language I m all for unrealistic story lines as long as their not too far out there but this author s choice of words was just too much for me They were referring to their body parts as dongs that are 15 inches seriously And this girl who s probably around 19 is going to take 2 guys this size out in the back alley of a bar after just meeting them I just couldn t.

    2. Not a romanceI ve read plenty of the MMF romances to tell you that this was not a romance I would just say it was closer to port than romance First off.15 inches, all 3 of themally If that were true, then the first night in the back alley with the twins, she took both of them at the same time without lubee onI couldn t finish it, to unbelievable

    3. What a waste Don t even bother if you have any taste There is exotica and then there is this rubbish This author basically uses the same dirty talk and just switches up the characters SO POORLY written and just gross DON T WASTE YOUR TIME I only gave it one star to give my take on it This author needs to take some creative writing courses.

    4. I just can tI just can t finish this book I tried and hoping it will get better, but it just got worse Not for me.

    5. Let me begin by stating that I am no stranger to menage erotica, which is both a good thing and a bad one I ve read some excellent novels in this sub genre, with fully developed characters, interesting and intriguing plots and breathtakingly hot eroticism This is Ms Dee s first full length novel, and for that reason, as both a reader and reviewer, I was prepared to give the author some leeway The novel does indeed have an interesting and complicated plot, but getting there took a great deal of t [...]

    6. I thought this would be a fun book to read Unfortunately, I had to DNF it 1 2 way through I didn t like any of the characters and the sex scenes especially her Aieee left me wondering how anyone would enjoy what was happening.

    7. I hope this book was a joke Really The words esophagus and dong should never be used in the same sentence Also if people are really calling their dicks donkeys.well ew

    8. A final fling before you knuckle down to save a family that are buried in a lifestyle that can no longer be supported Karl and Kato are surprised by the curvy brunette that takes them on at the same time and blows their minds Tina thinks about both men, but figures she is only a memory if that once she is in St Venetia where she meets Kristian thinking he was either Karl or Kato playing a joke She is soon shown there is no mistake and it soon forgotten Who is the most surprised when all four com [...]

    9. If you re a fan of hot, steamy, taboo menage romance the dirty, filthy kind with three sexy, panty melting alpha men, then you definitely need to read this book Triple Princes is filled with secrets, drama, revenge, surprising twists, lust, and oh so naughty sex I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    10. I received an ARC for an honest review.This is an MMFM m nage romance story, about one girl and three brothers The sex scenes and steaming hot, and with all the twists and turns in this story, will that be the end of their romance This is a well written storyline, and I was intrigued from the very beginning I recommend this authors work to all m nage readers

    11. ARC review For honest honest Oh my hotness mmmf These characters are growing and learning of lifes blessings and defeats as the go through their relationship and how they work as a team Very good story.

    12. This book wasn t completely horrible The story line itself was interesting The guys were fairly likable, the girl was meh Here are my complaints now15 inches isn t realistic at all and no lube, or condoms, for a one night stand, dp in an alley behind a trashy bar OMG ouch and gross It never occurs to her that the third guy who is basically identical right down to the size of his junk might, just might, somehow be related to guy 1 2 Even as a passing haha ,wouldn t it be funny if they were distan [...]

    13. I read a review recently where the reviewer says that she reviews books compared to other books written by the same author This makes sense to me Even doing this, this book is a dud.First, yes, she refers to these 15 inchers as donkey dongs Ok, that s bad, but not the worst so let s just move one.Second, as another reviewer mentioned, this author recycles a lot of her work Lots of the same dirty talk and same type of sex with older men and young girls who are TSTL.Third, this is supposed to be e [...]

    14. Good plotThis story had a great story line The plot was good, as well as the character development My only problem was that I didn t feel the dialogue fit for all of the characters Also, the vocabulary wasn t as mature as it should have been due to the mature content I found it rather distracting I did however enjoy the climax.

    15. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Even though everyone wanted the 4 to do as they wished, they took it upon themselves to do what made them happy and to find love.

    16. Triple PleasureTriple the fun and triple the drama How does a young eighteen year old girl handle the theatrics Read and see

    17. I loved this book and thought it was fast paced and moving well that was very erotic scenes I would reread it definitely I would have liked at the ending to find out .

    18. Wow Never expected that ending Yet another winner from this author Again, if you are not into the erotic, this is not for you

    19. I really enjoyed this story I loved the disclaimer in the blurb and it s a great way to go into the story Note This is a panty melting book with a fantastical, unrealistic storyline Don t say I didn t warn you It s true It doesn t have a realistic storyline but if you go in knowing that then you will enjoy it It is a well written story and it is very explicit and the sex is a prominent part of the story but there is to it than that as well I loved the characters and you get to start knowing the [...]

    20. Tina is from an old titled family who are hard up financially Her family expects her to marry well to save the family On her last night before going to finishing school and starting her husband hunt, she and her friends go out to a seedy bar There she meets twin sailors Kato and Karl and they have a passionate one night stand.Kato and Karl are American but they are also the illegitimate sons of the the King of Venetia Usually they are happy with one night stands but they are obsessed with Tina A [...]

    21. I don t usually rate books I don t finish but come on with this book I was forced too.This book wasn t hot or steamy or maybe that s just me, if you like laughable smut like reading about fifteen inchers, meat sticks, donkey dongs, snug woman flesh, man milk, creamy gazongas and plethora of other ridiculous descriptions then BINGO this book will be right up your alley

    22. The Prince, The Twins The Lady Oh My Christina Tina Sterling is from a noble family When they are already down on their luck, her father uses their money on get rich type schemes So Tina is forced to go to finishing school in hopes of finding a rich husband to save the family This does not sit well with Tina, but she doesn t have any choice or say in the decision She is a good girl She enjoys school, reading and charity work Tina decides to go out the night before she leaves to have some fun Tin [...]

    23. To muchI want to believe the story of Tina and her three princes but Cassandra tends to carry it to far during some of the sex.

    24. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Well if you are looking for steam and smut this is definitely for you I just really wasn t into this book I have no problem with a girl with twin brothers and some steamy sex Then add in the third brother and things really get dirty The crazy mother thing just drives everything off the deep end for me and I lost it.

    25. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review Mercy I thought the twins were amazing then you add in the older brother, oh WOW I didn t want the story to end Thank you for allowing me to read your work I really enjoyed reading this book

    26. I liked how there was a lot depth to this story compared to some of Cassandra s other menage stories In this we have one young Lady Christina, sent to a finishing school by her parents in hopes that she will marry rich to save the family from ruin While she does what she parents want, Christina, or Tina as she prefers to be called, is definitely her own woman and a dirty girl at that On her last night before being shipped off she runs into two very hot guys in a bar merchant marines by the name [...]

    27. So from the title of this book you would think this is simply a smut book with no real story but it was such a surprise I was expecting one thing and got something completely different.On the night before Tina and her friends are about to split off and head to different finishing schools they go out for a last night on the town They each make a pact to have a little fun with somebody of the opposite sex before leaving That is the night that Tina meets Karl and Kato, the twin merchant marines who [...]

    28. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Christina Tina Sterling, Karl and Kato Smith and Kristian Venetia Crown Prince of St Venetia When this book opens we find Tina out with her friends They are all out to have one last wild night before they are all sent to finishing school and go out to find rich husbands Even though this is not the goal that Tina had for herself this is what is chosen for her by her parents So when she sees Karl and Kato at the bar she liter [...]

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