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Settling the Score #2020

Settling the Score Outed and dumped on national television by his rising star boyfriend Joey Nichols must face the bigotry of the locals in his small Southern town alone His dreams of a happy ever after lie crushed at

  • Title: Settling the Score
  • Author: Eden Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • Settling the Score By Eden Winters, Outed and dumped on national television by his rising star boyfriend, Joey Nichols must face the bigotry of the locals in his small Southern town alone His dreams of a happy ever after lie crushed at his feet Novelist Troy Steele has an axe to grind against Hollywood heartbreaker types Transforming Joey into a gorgeous, unobtainable hunk would be payback worthy of Troy Outed and dumped on national television by his rising star boyfriend, Joey Nichols must face the bigotry of the locals in his small Southern town alone His dreams of a happy ever after lie crushed at his feet Novelist Troy Steele has an axe to grind against Hollywood heartbreaker types Transforming Joey into a gorgeous, unobtainable hunk would be payback worthy of Troy s poison pen It s a brilliant way to get back at Joey s image obsessed ex boyfriend and the movie producer who s mutilating Troy s novels What begins as simple revenge may tangle them together in something far complicated Living well may be the best revenge, but Troy and Joey could rewrite that to loving well.

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      328 Eden Winters
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    1. Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews After a heartbreaking and intense read I m talking to you, Amy Lane , I was ready for lighter fare Settling the Score contained just the right amount of small town charm and homey comfort with a dollop of righteous revenge and sweet, slow burning romance.In spite of the fact that it took some time for me to warm up to Troy, I was instantly enad with Joey Nichols, a mechanic in rural Georgia mourning the loss of his boyfriend, Riker Sanderson, [...]

    2. This was a nice cozy read, told in dual POV, it didn t grip me, but I didn t feel like throwing it anywhere either.So Joey is outed on TV, by his DOUCHE of an ex, Riker The outing is not all though, Riker is a real piece of work, and I had a hard time accepting that somebody could be SO douchey, and that NOTHING was done for the theft for example Joey is a mechanic for his dad s garage in rural town america To say that his gay nees is not well received, would be an understatement But Joey has a [...]

    3. This book kept me up until 3am two nights in a row It s been almost 20 hours since I finished it and I still can t stop thinking about Joey and Troy I ve been really lucky in my reading lately, because each of the last three books I ve read have been amazing, with totally human, totally 3 dimensional characters that have all left me with something to think about Suffice it to say I loved the book and look forward to reading it again soon.

    4. I loved this story Joey was just perfect and the dialect really made it work for me I kinda wish there was of it Too tired to write a review now, maybe tomorrow Anyway, I do recommend this one, just like I do other Winters books.Okay, today s another day When you read the blurb you ll probably be intrigued, but it might not pull you to read the story Honestly, I get bored after first two sentences, but that s just me What I m trying to say is, read the book Joey can t be described in just a few [...]

    5. DNF at 67%This book just proves that I shouldn t pick up contemporary romance any longer Generally, I try to avoid them, but Settling the Score WAS a finalist of the 24th Annual Lambda Literary Awards in the category Gay Romance and the majority of readers seemed to enjoy it I decided to give it a try.The blurb was very promising, the beginning very nice, and I was delighted to read a new version of Pygmalion Well, my excitement has perceptibly decreased shortly I was bored to death Let me say s [...]

    6. This is one of my all time favorites It has everything I could wish for in a story The sleazy ex, the hurt of betrayal, the wonderful fullfillment of revenge plus the emotional romance I laughed, I cried, I ranted at the sleaze bag, I cheered and most of all I fell in love with Joey and Troy.Eden winters knows just how to spin a story with all the right touches.A must read for all who love a happy ending.This story loses nothing in the second time reading.

    7. When I saw what this story was about, I was immediately drawn to the idea of a good lover scorned revenge story This one starts off really well with insecure, closeted auto mechanic Joey planning to leave his small town move to California to be with boyfriend Riker, an emerging star in Hollywood His plan is after settling in, they would both come out as gay to his family friends He s afraid of acceptance in the town he currently lives in But while watching a TV program with his family, Riker not [...]

    8. Joey, a small town mechanic, is counting down the days until he can follow his almost famous actor boyfriend to Hollywood He s got his plane ticket booked and can t wait to get out of his hometown, where nobody knows he s gay.Except, the boyfriend not only dumps him, but also outs him during an interview on national TV, a program watched by nearly everyone in the town Including Joey s family While he s with them Luckily, they are supportive and kind, and sort of build a wall around him to protec [...]

    9. I love when I can t put a book down once I have started and, with Settling the Score , it happened I have been awake till 4 AM last night because I needed to finish it.This is a beautiful love story between a man who has written 28 books and a guy who never has finished one The contrast between them seems huge but, as you go along with the story, you realize both are very similar and they complete each other perfectly and, above everything, both are good men who just want to be happy and to be l [...]

    10. This is a story reminiscent of Pygmalion, an all time favorite of mine.Joey is a young gay man living in a tiny town It s no big surprise that he is targeted by a smooth and slick user the first time he ventures into a gay bar in a nearby city It is, however, surprising that after his life is destroyed by that user, he is also targeted by a rich and famous author to use as fodder for his current book and a bit of revenge on an arch nemesis.While Joey is an upfront character with all of his true [...]

    11. This was ok The story was pretty predictable, what with the poor country boy getting screwed over by the ambitious and fame hungry cad of a boyfriend Then throw in the revenge plot, and it just got to be over the top But I do have to say that Joey, our poor country boy who cleaned up and got his act together, was charming and sweet And I do enjoy a sweet country boy every now and then.

    12. Ahhhh there s something about a book where the slutty, despicable ex gets his comeuppance at the end I just can never get enough of that theme and I don t even have any exes that I personally feel that way about Joey Nichols is thrilled to be starting his life His boyfriend is making a movie in Hollywood and Joey is all set to fly out to be with him and live their lives as an out and happy couple When he sees a televised interview days before his flight that he used his savings for , his craptas [...]

    13. Pygmalion type story We have Joey, a small town mechanic, who is going to move to Hollywood to be with his up and coming movie star boyfriend Unfortunately, Joey has the rug pulled out from under him when the actor dumps him on national television He s also outed to his family and everyone else watching the program This puts Joey in the spotlight and under pretty intense and uncomfortable scrutiny as reporters flock to get his side of the story and his hometown reacts to the big reveal.In walks [...]

    14. 3.5 heartsAnother fun one from Eden Winters.The premise was interesting to me I don t know that I ve read a love story quite like this one I ve read the fake boyfriends trope, but nothing quite like Settling the Score While I didn t love everything about it, it was nice to read a M M romance with a little something different.

    15. Very good m m romance about a small town mechanic whose formerly small town, now Hollywood actor boyfriend dumps and outs him on national television A Pygmalionesque story unfolds after that, as the mechanic goes to work for a bestselling author with his own axe to grind.My only real problem with the book was a personal one I always get frustrated by books that use dialect instead of immersing me, the dialect kept jolting me out of the book.

    16. This is why I dig through my favorite authors backlists from time to time So happy I found this one Eden is such a force I just love everything she does and how subtle some of her characters are Great read Recommended, especially if you like a slow burner.

    17. Maybe it s the mood I ve been in recently, not sure But 4.5 sweet stars rounded up Hopefully, I ll have a review up soon.

    18. Joey Nichols is hoping for a new life, away from his small Georgia town at the side of his love, former smalltown boy and now up and coming Hollywood star Riker How bitterly disillusioned is he when his boyfriend casually annonces the end of their relationship over prime time TV What s worse, Joey has to learn about Riker s two timing from the tabloid press Riker s snide remarks about Joey are all over the internet for everyone to see In the middle of being shunned by half his hometown and havin [...]

    19. I was not sure about this book at first It was kind of I ll read it and see what I think, to be honest I was not expecting much at all But this book really did impress me I loved it From the beginning of the book which had me wanting to punch Ryker in the face, to the ending where I was happily cheering I loved Joey I just had to say that He was such a sweet loving and somewhat foolish character His naivety was endearing to me and I just wanted to give him a big hug through about 70% of this boo [...]

    20. 4 stars Arc provided via IndiGo Publishing and Design This was a surprise, one that I rather enjoyed As the blurb suggests, joey, a mechanic from a small southern town, gets outed and then dumped by his actor boyfriend on national TV As expected, this doesn t go to well in his small town, and he gets a horrible time, thank god for his extremely supportive family Enter Troy, a famous writer and his assistant Erica Troy recognises his own story, especially considering Joeys now ex is dating the pe [...]

    21. I do love a story where the characters are not perfect, but in the end come out on top and this story delivered that I felt so bad for Joey in the beginning, but even though he was insecure in the beginning he was such a strong person and he just needed to find that within himself Troy was perfect for him because he understood him since he had gone through the same thing, but had let his experience effect him so much These two belonged together This story is makes you laugh in parts and angry i [...]

    22. Settling the Score is the third novel I ve read by Eden Winters I like her books and find her writing smooth and easy to read This book was no exception.The story follows Joey who s a small town mechanic and blissfully in love with his boyfriend who s just hit the Hollywood big time However, all his dreams come crashing down when his boyfriend publicly breaks up with Joey on a TV interview, outing Joey to his family, friends and the members of his small town at the same time The ensuing fall out [...]

    23. My thoughts about this book I like it a lot but can t give than 3 stars.The plot attract me right away when I read the blurb And it didn t disappointed me Joey is a mechanic in a very old fashion city that means, a city where no one can come out of the closet thinking nothing will happen His love for his family and his fear for the consequences of his sexual orientation made me love him right away I love tormented heroes, so of course Joey didn t disappointed me.Yeah, as you can imagine, Joey i [...]

    24. 4.5 starsThis a tale of revenge, yet it also shows that sometimes, the price of revenge may be than you re willing to pay.Joey, a small town mechanic, is in love with Riker, a young actor just breaking into Hollywood For 2 years, they had lived together in Joey s apartment under the guise of roommates for Joey s family and town , with Joey staying behind to work in his family s business while Riker was in Hollywood shooting a movie About a week before he s due to re join with Riker in Hollywood [...]

    25. After reading the blurb for Settling the Score, it seemed like it would be the ultimate revenge story crossed with an Ugly Duckling tale You had the perfect set up for an intense plot as Joey emerges from his shell all the while seeking retribution on his vain ex boyfriend, Riker And while I enjoyed Joey s transformation into a beautiful swan, the payback portion of the book did not reach its full potential as promised by the blurb and the plot.The main issue with the book was that the two main [...]

    26. This book actually made me feel like I was reading a movie which was a unique and delightful experience The characters and the settings were beautifully vivid and the things that happened to the various characters were totally believable in movieland.Joey and Troy were both great characters and I was totally rooting for them both It was interesting that the story of what happened between Riker and Joe was basically all covered in the blurb, and yet I found myself totally interested in reading th [...]

    27. I loved this I m usually of the opinion that is better when it comes to smexy love scenes hey, what can I say M M has brought out my inner perv but this was so full of story that I didn t even miss itI just got pulled in to watching Joey work through his infatuation and insecurities, but keep the essential sweetness and strength that I finally realized he had had all along I agree with other reviewers that both Troy and Joey are engaging and intriguing you just want to know and about them, bu [...]

    28. This is a nice story with all the cards on the table Except the breakup in the beginning, that is How his character was developed through those scenes made me really care about the rest of the story.I like that Joey knew right from the beginning what the payback plan was There were several scenes that seemed to have a stereotypical set up but would end up going against the obvious into something much clever There was a very small aspect of the plot that Troy kept to himself, but it wasn t a rea [...]

    29. This was the first book I read from this author and it was a gem The excerpt hooked me in and the story kept me there right to the satisfying end I was intrigued by the characters because they were so different from the gorgeous with a ripped six pack that can be found in other books and pleaseI don t think I have a problem with those either, nosiree love them in fact Still it was nice to see somewhat unconventionally attractive main characters From Joey s pudgy and country and reclusive author [...]

    30. Sweet story about two guys who have been publically humiliated by the ones they thought who really loved them My heart broke for Joey when he was outed on national TV, but what a family he has I truly loved his sisters and parents and that they were there for him Then there is Troy Steele the reclusive author who was jilted years ago and has found that hiding and writing his way of coping with his hurt The two come together with the help of a fiesty Erica to find love in the end I loved the pace [...]

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