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The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795 #2020

The Black Moon A Novel of Cornwall When Ross Poldark s former beloved gives birth to a son with his enemy George Warleggan Ross must face the pain of losing her all over again But soon they discover her cousin has fallen in love with R

  • Title: The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795
  • Author: Winston Graham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795 By Winston Graham, When Ross Poldark s former beloved gives birth to a son with his enemy George Warleggan Ross must face the pain of losing her all over again.But soon they discover her cousin has fallen in love with Ross s brother in law, and the two families become entangled in surprising new ways As the rivalry between Ross and George reaches new heights, the families must face an uncerWhen Ross Poldark s former beloved gives birth to a son with his enemy George Warleggan Ross must face the pain of losing her all over again.But soon they discover her cousin has fallen in love with Ross s brother in law, and the two families become entangled in surprising new ways As the rivalry between Ross and George reaches new heights, the families must face an uncertain future.Filled with intrigue and secrets, and set against the romantic Cornwall backdrop, Winston Graham s The Black Moon will pull you in to the lives of these two very memorable families.

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    1 thought on “The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795

    1. Blemishes on the beauty of a person one loves are like grace notes adding something to a piece of music Have I mentioned before that I am completely wild about the Poldark series Well, I am I am much like that slightly annoying, lovesick friend that won t stop raving about her latest crush In my case, the love affair is with a bunch of books written by the gifted author, Winston Graham I know, embarrassing, right A woman of my age carrying on in such an unseemly manner Fortunately, dear friend, [...]

    2. New characters are introduced in The Black Moon and with them comes a Romeo and Juliet scenario where Demelza s handsome brother Drake falls in love with Morwenna, a cousin of Elizabeth s who is now Jeffrey Charles s governessGeorge Warleggan and his bride Elizabeth are now living in the Poldark family home and his arrogance knows no bounds as he manages to make enemies of all his neighbors, rich or poor, with his high handed ways Ross s mine continues to bring forth riches and Ross has decided [...]

    3. Winston Graham took a 20 year writing break between the fourth book of this series, Warleggan, and this fifth one, The Black Moon At the beginning, I thought he might have lost his way during that hiatus, but boy was I wrong He picked his story up and his characters led him into the heart of the battle I wonder if there ever was a believable and despicable villain than George Warleggan I had initially intended to stop reading this series at book four so that I would not infringe on the new seas [...]

    4. Alright, after months of reading, and it being a little slow I had some trouble getting into it But, overall, I enjoyed it none the less Here s the gist this book had everything I ve come to expect and still love of the Poldark saga love triangles, backstabbing, family feuds, broken hearts, and plenty of drama In this installment, though, there was something new prison escapes and spoiler murder.

    5. Watching Ross and Demelza s love grow and develop is what makes these books worth reading I thought Demelza said something insightful on page 246 You see, Ross, in every right marriage, in every good marriage a woman has to be three things, don t she She s got to be wife and look after a man s comforts in the way a man should be looked after Then she s got to bear his children and get all swelled up like a summer pumpkin and then often times feed them after and smell of babies and have them craw [...]

    6. The tears are falling from my eyes, the fury is boiling over within me, and the joy there is joy Oh what a story this author doest weave.

    7. Este libro es algo m s calmado que el anterior pero pasa de todo, hay mucha emoci n, aventura, amor, desamor Este hombre es un maestro a la hora de escribir, me encanta c mo transmite lo que piensan y sienten los personajes Presiento que los dem s libros van a estar marcados por la manifiesta enemistad entre los dos rivales de toda la saga.Y me he reconciliado un poquito con Ross.Cada vez estoy m s contenta de haberme puesto a leer esta saga

    8. No Ross and Elizabeth scenes About time Lol So this book had it s slow moments and there was a lot at the end with the French that I didn t always follow, but it was a great book all in all I LOVED the drake and morwenna storyline and I can t wait to see where it leads Also, seeing Ross and demelza in domestic bliss is always a plus and I think despite certain events, they ve somehow grown closer Can t wait to continue

    9. Winston Graham sabe enganchar Ahora aparecen nuevos personajes que enriquecen la trama, tanto para amar como para odiar.

    10. From the first moment he set eyes on her so many years ago, he had always wanted her, but perhaps wanted her most as a collector, as a connoisseur wants the most beautiful thing he has ever seen Since their marriage possession had familiarized but not spoiled the image George Warleggan character nemesis of Ross PoldarkContinuing on with the Poldark saga, I stayed up late last night to finish this one Even having a good idea how the novel ended didn t detract from my interest in the story Some th [...]

    11. Set in Cornwall and a little bit in France 1794 95.Excellent writing and a plot that continues to pull me in The historical detail is top notch There is still daily life in the tin and copper mining areas of Cornwall but in this volume we also see the invasion of France in 1795 at Quiberon There is new love that holds so much promise, as well as old hostilities and resentments This short excerpt won t spoil but will give an idea of the emotion Graham writes with He had killed his viper He had gi [...]

    12. Ross Poldark prospers at last He is content at Nampara with his wife, whom he has tried steadfastly to prove his devotion, his son and a good mine He attempts to ignore George Warleggan sitting in the Poldark family home at Trenwith George, delighted with his new son, tries to arrange his famiy life to his satisfaction Trying to extricate Geoffrey Charles from his mother, hires Elizabeth s cousin Morwenna Chynoweth to be the boy s governess Dwight Enys has gone to see and taken prisoner by the F [...]

    13. Another great installment with some new characters and some interesting developments with some of the old characters Looking forward to the next in the series.

    14. In this, the 5th of the Poldark series, new characters are introduced and older characters rise to new heights to further complicate the feud between the Poldarks and the Warleggans Ross has not lost his intermittent craving for adventure and maybe even for danger The relationship between Ross and Demelza seems to have grown stronger Elizabeth s son may be a wild card as he seems to be willful and prone to a bit of a rebellious nature Aunt Agatha is nearing 100, if not actually there, and has kn [...]

    15. I shouldn t have finished this book tonight because how am I going to sleep Many emotions are swirling around but mostly sadness and, the main one, FURY I had no idea I would end up abhorring three different characters in this one book George Warleggan, damn you to hell But not before you get damned, most putrid Whitworth.You are the scummiest scum the pond ever saw Oh, and Elizabeth Congrats, lady, you finally made my shit list.Heartbreaking end to this book in so many ways I must read on fast [...]

    16. The third time I have read this and loved it even The Poldark books are by far the best.Loved the 1970 s series I would recommend these as they have so much than the recent t.vries.

    17. The author s note in the beginning of this book tells us he originally ended this series after 4 books Then after many yearshe wanted to know what happened to these characters in Cornwall after that last Christmas This book is the book he wrote after all those years He went on to make the series 12 books I am so happy that he did At firstI was a little worried New characters were introduced and then that bloody warI wanted to get back to just my favorite characters Plusat ENDING.oh I was so mad [...]

    18. In the fifth book of the Poldark saga, new characters and some dangling threads are resolved, somewhat It starts off quite exciting, as Elizabeth is pregnant and adjusting to her new life as the wife of George Warleggan Two new characters are introduced, Morwenna Chynoweth and Drake Carne, and the relationship between them Those craving some action adventure will find it when Ross heads off to France to rescue Dwight Enys from a prisoner of war camp at Quimper All in all, this makes a fine entry [...]

    19. This next lot of books was written 20 years after the first four I loved the first four, so was worried would the women have morphed into 70s type women Would the writing have lost its emotional appeal and the romantic, dream inducing, lyrical descriptions of landscapes both natural and blasted by black industries Would Ross still stride through the books like the handsome, swashbuckling outsider hero he has been Would Demelza still climb trees and befriend strays and lose her shoes, as well as [...]

    20. Well, Ross has redeemed himself a little after screwing up royally in Warleggan.Actually, I wonder if there is a character in Western literature as nasty as George Warleggan What he does to Aunt Agatha in this book is absolutely disgusting, although she does strike back hard He seems to have no heart whatsoever, and I can t wait to find out what he does with the Valentine issue.Drake Carne is an interesting new character, although I definitely missed the presence of Dwight Enys for most of this [...]

    21. Oh, Winston Graham, I must ask what is your secret Only a superb writer could write such a sweeping, riveting series Never before have I detested a fictional character so much George Warleggan is a dirty, rotten, conniving, bullying, dastardly, parvenu scoundrel How do you do it How do you recreate the history of the time so authentically How do you casually insert at least 30 words lost and forgotten by the modern English language Oh, Winston Graham, I do declare keep those Poldark books a comi [...]

    22. I should wait until I recover from the ending before I will write a real review Graham s characters are fully fleshed out and I have to keep reminding myself that these are not real people Graham s descriptions of Cornwall seem almost reverential he breathes life into the backdrop of this saga with great detail The conflict between Ross Poldark and George Warleggan grows ever dangerous and the suspense kept me GLUED to the pages of this book Full review to follow.

    23. The Black Moon wasn t as good as the previous four parts But I still love this series and I can t wait till I ll read the next parts.

    24. The Poldark Series continues The time is February 1794 In the opening pages, the author evokes an image of a sleepy Cornwall in the depths of a harsh and frigid winter George Warleggan continues to expand his power and influence over the community His wife Elizabeth once Ross Poldark s great love has given birth to a son, Valentine Her son from her previous marriage to Ross cousin Francis, Geoffrey Charles, has been given a governess, Morwenna Chynoweth a cousin of Elizabeth s to tutor him Two o [...]

    25. 3,5 Despu s de un cuarto libro de infarto, seguimos la historia de los Poldark esta vez con un libro mucho m s tranquilo, al menos sin tantos sobresaltos pero con el mismo hijoputerismo del libro anterior Este quinto libro de la saga es un poco vuelta al principio, un libro introductor como los primeros de la serie donde se inician nuevas tramas y se conocen nuevos personajes, uno m s interesantes que otros En este libro, la historia se centra m s en esta nuevas tramas que en las que se heredan [...]

    26. This is the fifth volume of Poldgark saga where the fighting between Ross Poldgark and George Warleggan is still very intense Some new characters are introduced such as Sam and Drake Carne Demelza s brothers and Morwenna Elizabeth s niece , who falls in love with a man she cannot marry In the meantime, Ross tries to recover some Cornwall people who have become prisoners in France Excellent plot, as usual Still looking forward to read the whole series of 12 books.

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