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Batman: Una muerte en la familia #2020

Batman Una muerte en la familia Una muerte en la familiaPublicado originalmente en los n meros a de Batman de diciembre de a marzo de El Joker posee un arma nuclear y planea vend rsela a los terroristas Mientras B

  • Title: Batman: Una muerte en la familia
  • Author: Jim Starlin
  • ISBN: 9788416796007
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Batman: Una muerte en la familia By Jim Starlin, Una muerte en la familiaPublicado originalmente en los n meros 426 a 429 de Batman, de diciembre de 1988 a marzo de 1989 El Joker posee un arma nuclear y planea vend rsela a los terroristas Mientras Batman intenta evitar un cataclismo en Oriente Medio, su compa ero novato, Robin Jason Todd , se encuentra en una misi n para encontrar a su madre biol gica El D o Din micoUna muerte en la familiaPublicado originalmente en los n meros 426 a 429 de Batman, de diciembre de 1988 a marzo de 1989 El Joker posee un arma nuclear y planea vend rsela a los terroristas Mientras Batman intenta evitar un cataclismo en Oriente Medio, su compa ero novato, Robin Jason Todd , se encuentra en una misi n para encontrar a su madre biol gica El D o Din mico se re ne en una b squeda que los llevar al desastre Esta historia celebra el 50 aniversario de Batman y es uno de los episodios m s notorios del Caballero Oscuro Con los lectores capaces de influenciar en el resultado, Batman y Robin se enfrentar n por ltima vez al Joker.Batman n m 366Publicado originalmente en diciembre de 1983 La primera aparici n de Jason Todd como Robin El nuevo compa ero de Batman acudir en su rescate en plena batalla contra el Joker en Guatemala.

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      125 Jim Starlin
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    1 thought on “Batman: Una muerte en la familia

    1. I didn t read the A Death in the Family storyline when it was first published, but I was certainly aware of it from the media coverage surrounding it D.C decided to allow the fans to determine whether the current Robin, Jason Todd, would live or die following a devastating attack at the hands of the Joker Readers voted to let Jason shuffle off this mortal coil though apparently it wasn t for long I ve heard he comes back down the line There was an outcry in the media about the direction comic bo [...]

    2. Continuing on in my quest to read the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told according to my personal choices, I thought I had read this in the past, but I realized I either didn t finish it, or I forgot the story Either way, I actually have the individual comic issues from my collection and read the story, from the comic books 426 429 vs the TPB and in issue 2 of the story I noticed on the back cover the phone experiment to either call in to save Robin or have him killed I thought about it, what my [...]

    3. But I mostly liked it for Wolfman s introduction of Tim Drake I ve liked Tim as Robin for many years, but I d never read his first appearance.Seriously, the fans were RIGHT Jason Todd needed to stop existing I m not advocating killing people with crowbars, I m just saying Todd was a jerk, then he was dead, and EVERY TIME they bring him back, he seems like a BIGGER jerk.Also, how can you not be impressed by the Joker as the Ambassador of Iraq That s the Joker all over, man.

    4. Didn t love the first arc, the famous A Death in the Family Cheesy and on the nose dialog Limited and highly saturated color palette I mean I know this was written in a different time I guess with limited color options and probably for an audience younger than I am I guess I prefer modern adult oriented comics.On the other hand, I really enjoyed the second arc, A Lonely Place of Dying Better mystery, better dialog, better art and colors But can I just say the the two foot tall erect collar on th [...]

    5. Okay, this book should be broken into 2 halves because I don t understand why they put it together like this You get two Robin stories for the price of one Aw, guys, you shouldn t have You really shouldn t have First half 5 stars Second half 3 starsOverall 4 starsThe first half is Jason Todd looking for his birth mother and it takes him overseas to Iran and Beirut At first he thinks it s an intelligence agent, Sharmin Rosen and boy do I wish it was her She was the nicest of the 3 options but thi [...]

    6. This is one of the best story arcs to have on a hardcover and it is most certainly a DC Classic You get some experience one of the many and deep dark reason why Batman would hate the Joker Jason Todd was a Robin who had his wings clipped to soon For those of you who didn t know DC let the fans decide if Todd would survive by adding two different numbers to call One number he lives the other he dies The page is included in this hard cover Its a beautiful look at classic Batman and Joker A must ha [...]

    7. Even though Jason Todd was generally not liked when he was a Robin , this story gives you no choice, but to make you feel sympathy for him Jason s final scene in the book will absolutely tug at your heart strings There s also a pretty awesome scene between Batman and Superman in the book which was a pleasant surprise The only thing that bugged me about the story was how the Joker got away It just seemed ridiculous, at least to me The artwork isn t my favorite, but it s still enjoyable.

    8. I remember the hype when this came out and I remember voting for Robin to die when I was younger Still stand by that decision, even though now as an adult, I can see that this is a badly written bit of Batman lore All because Miller put that little wrinkle in the story in DKR Bleh.

    9. 32nd book read in 2014.Number 81 out of 376 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review youtube watch v AfZQh

    10. Written almost 30 years ago and still relevant today The picture of Batman carrying Jason Todd s body is an iconic image Great read.

    11. En 1988 se cumpl a el cincuenta aniversario de la aparici n del Hombre Murci lago Para conmemorar tal aniversario le fue encomendado al escritor Jim Starlin el convertir a Jason Todd, segundo hombre en llevar el traje de Robin, en una especie de gato de Schr dinger Si los fans llamaban cierto tel fono Jason viv a si llamaban a otro, Jason mor a Los lectores de ese entonces no conocieron el resultado del experimento hasta despu s de que el episodio final de A Death in the Family llegara a las tie [...]

    12. The loss of Jason and the acquisition of Tim I had no idea fans voted to get rid of Jason The book has an alternative ending page that was prepared incase the voting had gone the other way So I, who never read this part of the series before, kept wondering how was Jason dead and then alive Was he dead for a minute and saved Nope he s just deadFor now Jason s story is very sad Finding out his mother was really his step mother and his biological mom is out there somewhere and he isn t completely a [...]

    13. I think if you re a fan of comics, Batman especially, you have to read this just because there s so much history and hype behind it That said, it s really not that good Sure the scenes surrounding Joker murdering Robin are horrific and moving, but the rest of the story, the series of plot points that bring us here, are vague and ill defined at best and ridiculous at worst Following Robin s murder, Joker goes on to become the UN Ambassador for Iran, handpicked by the Ayatollah himself, and is imm [...]

    14. Included two Batman stories A Death in the Family A Lonely Place of Dying.I liked A Death in the Family a lot, and thought it was really interesting that DC Comics gave readers control of what happened to Robin in his confrontation with The Joker view spoiler I feel bad for Jason Todd Robin though that everyone thought killing him off was best at the time To my knowledge though, he wasn t a popular Robin hide spoiler the storyline was solid too, and I always enjoy an appearance from The Joker Wa [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book though I did have my doubts going in as the drawings were not to my taste The plot is a really interesting one and is particularly famous for the fans of Batman This edition also includes the appearance of the third Robin as well as showing the death of the second , some background information from Marv Wolfman and the original advert for the readers to decide the fate of Jason Todd.Although not my favourite of the Batman graphic novels a toss up between Whatever Happened to [...]

    16. It s okay The writing style is a bit too corny for my taste, but it s not bad Had even a bit of a hard time getting into the first part up till the Titans Another thing was the animation I mean Joker s loooooong face, I mean, that mug is like 2 feet long , but other than that ok, I guess.The Joker Iran thing was rushed Was a surprise that this wasn t a series, but of a compilation of other series, so maybe a lack of cohesion was a turn off and overall not as great as I thought it would be Kinda [...]

    17. Devrait il vivre ou mourir Le sort de Jason Todd aka Robin apr s le d part de Dick Grayson tait entre les mains des fans de Batman DC avait en 1988 demand au lecteurs d appeler pour dire s ils voulaient que Robin meurt ou s en sorte D apr s les chiffres de DC s tait tr s presque 50 50 mais Jason devait mourir C est rare de voir un h ro mourir comme a, ce qui en fait une oeuvre originale J ai beaucoup comment a t trait , bon livre.

    18. Propagandistic plot involving the Joker and selling arms to Arab terrorists and another absurd plot point where he becomes the U.N Ambassador to Iran had me spewing up in my mouth a little Also absurdity having Jason Todd killed off via a 1 900 number phone in contest.The way how Tim Drake solves the mystery that Bruce Wayne is Batman and Dick Grayson is Nightwing using only clues from media and rudimentary logic and reasoning skills is brilliant.

    19. The story arc that shaped Bats into the brooding, dark character that we have come to iconify in popular culture Batman s rocky relationship with Jason Todd and his death at the hands of the Joker were essential in showing the guilt and emotion that Batman carries not only as a result of Todd s death but of the people he has killed by letting his nemesis stay alive It a very powerful story The art is a little dated, but what can you do It s still amazing.

    20. My friend gifted it to me among other comics about Jason The thing is, she bought me the edition that also had A Lonely Place of Dying in it And I ended up being exicted about it, than about A Death in the Family because Tim is my favourite Robin Still, it s a good comic that people need to read, because it has the death of the second Robin and the debut of the third one

    21. I have to say that out of the two stories included in this volume, I enjoyed the introduction of Tim as Robin much than the death of Jason Todd Partly because I like Jason as the Red Hood because of the mentality of the character and partly because the Joker as the Iranian Ambassador to the UN just felt like it came out of nowhere.

    22. While the story is a bit dated it is still an important chapter in the history of Batman and his relationship with those that fill the roll as Robin Readers see the fall of Jason Todd and the rise of Tim Drake a character that will grow to one of the greatest members of the Bat family A must read for any true fans of the Bat

    23. These older stories have a degree of realism heroes with limitations, smart villains, subdued drawings that makes them quite different from contemporary Batman stories I recently complained about Joker and Two Face, but in these issues they are interesting.Both kinds of comic have their merits.The death of Robin is brutal Not as much as the front cover makes out, but still.

    24. The following graphic novel is all about the transition of the mantle of Robin from Jason Todd to Timothy Drake This a must read collection of stories in the Batman story lineup as it contains crucial events in the life of Bruce Wayne Batman.The graphics are very good and story is very well written.

    25. A very atmospheric and sad book But the art is amazing and it makes the story very interesting The fact that Jason Todd dies changes Bruce forever Definitely a classic and in my opinion best Batman comic book ever.

    26. Interesting to finally read after having heard all about Jason Todd s death in subsequent Batman books and it holds up, just about albeit it with a few glaring we didn t bother to research what languages they actually speak in the Middle East

    27. une sombre merde raciste, ignorante et sc naristiquement lamentable Le prototype d oeuvre ricaine qui serve pr parer les masses des invasions imp rialistes ou relativiser les massacres de population en Afrique ou au Moyen Orient

    28. Gotta say I m not surprised that the fans voted for Robin to die Jason Todd was no Dick Grayson Even knowing it s coming it s still a blow to see Batman leave knowing that that s going to be the last time at least at this point.

    29. My only wish is for a clearer revelation between Batman and Alfred s humble relationship He feels best with the wind rushing through his cape and the cold pressing against his face This is his element Here, in the night, in the cold, swinging through the blackness, he is home.

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