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Superman: Tierra Uno, Parte 2 #2020

Superman Tierra Uno Parte Contiene Tierra uno parte Publicado originalmente en Superman Earth One vol diciembre de Mientras el joven Clark Kent contin a con su aprendizaje para convertirse en el mejor superh roe del

  • Title: Superman: Tierra Uno, Parte 2
  • Author: J. Michael Straczynski Shane Davis
  • ISBN: 9788416746996
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Superman: Tierra Uno, Parte 2 By J. Michael Straczynski Shane Davis, Contiene Tierra uno, parte 2Publicado originalmente en Superman Earth One vol 2, diciembre de 2012 Mientras el joven Clark Kent contin a con su aprendizaje para convertirse en el mejor superh roe del mundo, se da cuenta de que lidiar con la humanidad es un desaf o m s grande de lo que imaginaba En esta ocasi n las cosas no ser n tan f ciles para el Hombre de Acero, puContiene Tierra uno, parte 2Publicado originalmente en Superman Earth One vol 2, diciembre de 2012 Mientras el joven Clark Kent contin a con su aprendizaje para convertirse en el mejor superh roe del mundo, se da cuenta de que lidiar con la humanidad es un desaf o m s grande de lo que imaginaba En esta ocasi n las cosas no ser n tan f ciles para el Hombre de Acero, pues se tendr que enfrentar a un dictador sin escr pulos y al nacimiento de un nuevo amor Pero lo peor a n est por llegar, con la aparici n de un monstruo humano con un apetito insaciable, Par sito, que tratar de saciar su hambre con el ltimo hijo de Krypton.Action Comics n m 1Publicado originalmente en junio de 1938 La primera aparici n y el origen de Superman en Superman el campe n de los oprimidos.

    • [ò Superman: Tierra Uno, Parte 2 || ✓ PDF Read by ë J. Michael Straczynski Shane Davis]
      455 J. Michael Straczynski Shane Davis
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    1 thought on “Superman: Tierra Uno, Parte 2

    1. I m really enjoying this series This was better in some ways than the first volume In this volume we see ideas on superman s life and I really like what s being done with him We get to see the creation of parasite not my favourite bad guy and again I like what they ve done with him I d say the reason I like this story is that they ve made his story realistic and they ve given it feeling My favourite part in this story was very moving He talks about his first pet, how it died and where he buri [...]

    2. Bad guy gets caught in a weird machine which zaps him and rather than killing him, warps him into a monster called Parasite Superman worries about getting involved in developing nations politics and having sex with a human woman Then Superman and Parasite fight guess who wins That s pretty much the whole book.There is a super ton of stuff I didn t like about this book Probably the worst by far is the dialogue J Michael Stracynzski has a tin ear for how people, especially young people, speak On t [...]

    3. Eye rolls abound He s perfectly average, right down the middle Enter Metropolis, the world of hipsters Mumbling Jimmy Olsen Bob Dylan singing stoop kid Angsty paranoid Lois Lane Clark s neighbor Lisa walked right out of Hot Topic, onto Clark s couch, singing Rocky Horror Picture Show, and finds writers cough, Straczynski very very sexy I really wanted to give this series another shot after slogging through Volume 1 but I just couldn t do it The dialog is absolutely terrible and off putting.

    4. I didn t hate it as much as volume 1, but I m still not in love with Straczynski s version of Superman He seems like a creepy douche who is weirdly anti social I m used to thinking of Clark as a bit removed, but not in a serial killer kind of way, ya know Blech This was definitely not for me.

    5. When I read the first volume, I liked it but I wasn t so hooked However once I read this second volume I hardly can wait to read the third volume Superman comics are good but they haven t a support gallery of characters so big as in Batman books and here they hit big including new characters On the first book, you have Major Sandra Lee and here you see good development of her But they hit the jackpot creating Lisa Lasalle She is great since she is totally living in the personal life of Clark Loi [...]

    6. 4 out of 5 This one was much better, entertaining and focused than the previous one Loved the interactions between Clark and Lisa new flame , and Clark and his sentient spaceship Ba da da dummm LOL Really liked the cliffhanger ending with Lex Squared too Looking forward to the final one.

    7. Superman Earth One has been an unexpected success for DC the past couple years.The concept behind the Earth One series of graphic novels is fairly straightforward Top creators are turned loose to create timeless versions of DC s best known heroes, unencumbered by decades of continuity Because the Earth One stories take place outside of the main DC universe, creators can make changes and take chances that wouldn t fly in the flagship line It s similar to the original concept behind Marvel s Ultim [...]

    8. After 70 years of twisted continuity and an array of revamps, retcons, and retoolings DC Comics line of Earth One graphic novels are giving readers new and old clean experiences with some of their enduring characters Both Batman and Superman had volumes released last year and both sold quite well.There were realistic takes on the franchises The word realistic should not be confused with the grittier take on the characters in their respective movie series With Superman Earth One, Volume 2 DC has [...]

    9. So many things to hate about this book, I almost can t even.I ll just mention a couple details that bugged me aside from the horrible storyline.1 At the end of Vol 1 of Earth One, Superman explains that his suit and cape Martha made, with the help of some Metropolis graphic designer ad man for the signature S, is the only thing he can wear, because naturally any other clothes would tear apart when he s flying at speed Then we see him flying to the moon and around the planet and back in this volu [...]

    10. I was expecting much from a hardcover graphic novel from a writer such as JMS But I never once got that iconic feeling of Superman will save the day from reading this book Volume one was an ok setup, but this volume disappointed me If you want a great alternate Superman saga, read Grant Morrison s All Star Superman.

    11. DC s Earth One books were designed to be the companies attempt at making stories in graphic novels for their respected characters, as opposed to making individual comics These stories exist outside of the main continuity as to let writers have leeway in writing about aspects that haven t been written about before, without interfering with overlapping details And it all started with 2010 s Superman Earth One Writer J Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis made a cinematic reimaging of Clark [...]

    12. Si bien tiene algunas cosas que la salvan de ser un completo desastre, al igual que el primer volumen me pareci muy despareja La trama en general no es mala en la superficie, es solo que es el t pico villano que tiene un accidente y consigue superpoderes que hemos le do unas 150 veces y eso se usa como excusa para un analisis sobre que pasar a si un ser tan poderoso como Superman se decidiera a hacer el mal en vez de a hacer el bien El problema es que este an lisis es muy superficial y lleno de [...]

    13. I was hoping for bigger and better things after the first part of this graphic novel series but alas, we are treated to of the same The story is okay but once again we get a poorly written villain who is completely 2 dimensional He s so badly written that we can t even understand his backstory and need an article by Lois Lane to explain to us Which it doesn t, unfortunately We have Lois trying to dig into Clark s past because she s jealous of him That s literally her entire story arc Clark has [...]

    14. Nopealukuinen Teris sarjakuva T ss kin sarjakuvassa pureudutaan siihen, kuinka Ter smiehest tuli se ikoninen hahmo joka meille kaikille on tuttu Mit Ter smies tuntee, kuinka h n kipuilee mahtavien voimiensa kanssa meid n keskuudessamme silti niin erill n muista Pidin t st todella paljon olisin lukenut mielell ni enemm n Clarkin kipuilusta ja erillisyydentunteesta, kuin syventynyt erilaisiin r mistelyihin sarjakuvan sivuilla.

    15. The second volume of J Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis re imagining of the Man of Steel in Superman Earth One is overal a step up from Volume One, which readers do no necessarily have to have read to understand the events of this Volume.The primary plot points in Vol 2 are the larger philosophical questions raised by the presence of Superman and the personal and professional difficulties Clark Kent faces.Straczynski finds interesting angles to explore in terms of the reality of Superman s ap [...]

    16. Just something i liked.I m not a comic book buff, i know a lot of the characters and a good amount of the stories, but that comes from film, tv, and games mostly I don t know this particular story s arc but I slipped into it with ease, i think that s one mark of a good storyteller, either that or comic books are easy to pick up Whatever the case i liked it, i still prefer novels and using imagination, but my own mental aesthetic would never have come of with some of the beautiful depictions in t [...]

    17. This was okay Just okay I ve read bland Superman books before so it wasn t quite as bad as it could have been but nothing super appealed to me about it While it was interesting reading about Lois trying to discover his secret, it was such a minuscule side plot that I kind of didn t pay much attention to it I liked the bit with Clark s grade school teacher, though The villain was okay I liked that they gave him a backstory with his sister It kind of went somewhere in the end so it paid off a bit [...]

    18. This was very good, it s as better as the previous one, maybe its only problem that you don t really care about this villain Parasite nor what happen to him, he was just another one and not cool enough to be recognized but the most amazing thing was Superman character Here, we get to see a very well written character, with a good dialogues, some jokes and lots of good stuff but with his him Clark Kent his life back in SmallVille, his relations with others, how he dealt with the dictator at the [...]

    19. Very satisfying follow up to Volume One, giving us a new take on the Superman story This volume is all action as some old villains with new twists return to Metropolis The main story concerns a serial killer who accidentally gets zapped by some sort of radiation and turns into Parasite This gives Parasite a new origin story and identity The fight between Supe and Parasite gives some good old fashioned superhero battles as the main story, but behind the scenes, the military is wary of Superman an [...]

    20. A hard hitting, and apparently well selling, alt take on the Superman origin story Clark Kent is still new in town to Metropolis, and struggling to reconcile his incredible abilities with all the evils and problems his powers just can t fix, from drug addiction to abusive relationships to despotic governments.A real high point is the treatment given to the primary villain, a truly loathsome version of the Parasite, who presents the classic superhero conundrum of an adversary who only becomes str [...]

    21. This was lent to me by a friend and I really like this take on the Man of Steel I liked the new look and the loneliness he feels at having all this power The new look minus the silly quiff took away one of the things that always annoyed me about him the other being how people can be so blind that a pair of glasses hides his identity, but that s a rant for another day and his loneliness made him vulnerable and human despite his powers.29 1 16It s been nearly three years since I read this origina [...]

    22. WOW AGAIN This sequel does not disappoint as most sequels do This book continues Clark Kent s journey to being a superhero Superman s love interest is pretty awesome too, and its not Lana Lang, Wonder Woman or Lois Lane, its an entirely new character This book does delve a little deeper to Clark s past before Metropolis, and has some heart felt moments Fight scenes are top notch As for the Villain, its Parasite which was pretty cool because i haven t seen much of him in The New 52 They do Parasi [...]

    23. I m really starting to love this series The story is amazing and really makes you love Superman I always found him to be kind of lame because he s too perfect and no one likes a Mary Sue character but this particular volume really gives some emotional depth to Superman Story and art 10 out of 10 for me.

    24. Superman is my favorite Superhero of them all He s the best in every way I almost gave this book 5 stars just because I love Superman I saw the problems in the story and the dialogue, but I let it slide because I love Superman Overall, I still enjoyed the storye I really just love Superman.

    25. Yeni Superman maceralar devam ediyor Bu b l mde Superman in enerji emen bir canavarla m cadelesini okuduk yle ki Superman in uzayl g c yarat daha da g lendiriyor Ayr ca Lex Luthor ortaya kt ama ok ok farkl bir ekilde Zevkli bir izgi roman.

    26. Superman ably tweaked for modern times Why do I feel the new 52 is following less nimbly in these footsteps I m looking at you, Grant Morrison.DC s writers need to study this for how to balance fresh with classic Well done, JMS

    27. One of the best Superman comics I have read Usually Superman is a bit too good and great, but Earth One lets Clark show some emotion too and he even loses control once or twice.

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