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The Carter Girls 2 #2020

The Carter Girls Only in the city of Atlanta can you have a family full of wild crazy and dangerous men that we know today as the Carter Boys A band of brothers that stepped out onto the scene with their music rea

  • Title: The Carter Girls 2
  • Author: Desirée
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Carter Girls 2 By Desirée, Only in the city of Atlanta, can you have a family full of wild, crazy, and dangerous men that we know today as the Carter Boys A band of brothers that stepped out onto the scene with their music, ready to take the city by storm with drama following close behind them Now in the carter girls, we meet the women that can possibly take these infamous Carter Boys for a ride.Only in the city of Atlanta, can you have a family full of wild, crazy, and dangerous men that we know today as the Carter Boys A band of brothers that stepped out onto the scene with their music, ready to take the city by storm with drama following close behind them Now in the carter girls, we meet the women that can possibly take these infamous Carter Boys for a ride We to tap into what makes that Carter last name so special What makes that Carter so powerful on, and off the streets and into their nearest girl s heart As we move on, we get to find out what makes this family so addicting and it all begins with Amari Howard What s it like when your childhood sweetheart breaks your heart at such a young age, only to come back for it as a grown man Knowing exactly who she is as the woman you see before you today Comfortable in her own skin, Amari Howard wasn t ready to face her heartache from the past when she laid eyes on the mysterious Shiloh Carter.

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      199 Desirée
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    1 thought on “The Carter Girls 2

    1. InterestingGood follow up to the Carter boys series However, I found myself skipping chapters Thought some of the people introduced were unnecessary and certain characters dialogue were too wordy and lengthy I like the introduction of Amari Looking forward to her growing relationship with Shilo Tbh, tired of reading about Elijah and Jordyns relationship I m am curious to see about what becomes of Noelle s character Had high hopes for her but she s a disappointment I do like the focus on Ontrell, [...]

    2. Not patient at all I need Carter girls 3 like right now Dang this series so far is on fire Doing magic tricks, pulling rabbits out of hats and suprising outcome and events If you having read this series, start from For the love of ATL first then Carter boys then this Carter girls series All by Desiree

    3. The Carter Girls 2This was better than the first one The Carter, whether it s the females or males are something serious They have drama than any other family I know Can t wait to read part 3.

    4. It goes downThis book was long and good, full of drama, new relationships, crazy people and everything else And this is only book 2 The ladies are really bringing it, I m glad to hear from Amari Glad her situation is on the up and up Olivia was annoying but oh what a tumble web we weave She got knocked all the way down Poor Andrew, he kept me laughing, but love has a funny way of showing up out of nowhere The story gets real, when the past is brought into the present Now it makes since why he s [...]

    5. AWESOMENESS YBye Felicia NOELLE has truly showed her azz ,glad she s in the past.KARMA truly is a bitch.As the bones And the secrets are hitting them in the faceaying they make it back together.Young Carter is working his way back and I love it Willow has seen my heart she remind me of myselflolMy favorite is Olivia growing up and in love with the perfect person for her Andrew MY SHILOH IS GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS.WITH THE HELP OF AMARI LOVE HER CHOCOLATE BUTT TO DEATH THIS IS MY SOAP OPERA BOO [...]

    6. I was a little up and down with book 2Still too much harsh language but I have come to realize these hood books my term for this genre type do not work without it These girls are seriously ill and in need of prayer and therapy Sleeping with your man s brother multiple times I might as well add Its hard for me to wrap my head around, I mean who DOES THAT Jordyn got the butt though The men are so emotionally damaged it seems they are beyond any type of repair SMH Book three next.

    7. Great readThis series, along with the carter boys is full of family dramaIt s easy to get lost and wrapped up into each individual storyline, as if it were real life Each character sounds like a member of my family or someone I personally know.

    8. What Awww shit this about to get even interesting So Olivia not the only girl any Noelle put herself in a messed up situation but Trent told her what Shiloh was capable of

    9. The Carter 2So far, there is too much ness in this story as Anthony, Shiloh, Jahiem, Talin, Elijah, Trent, Olivia, and Ontrell discover some devastating news about their dad Seems their mom s dad kept a lot of secrets about how they were raised.

    10. What Olivia is not the only girl after all OMG this us getting good, Yes it is I love Shiloh he is my favorite Cartee Noelle hoe ass got whar sge deserved Anthony is dead wrong fir what he did to Shiloh Joy needs ro take a back sit I love this serie.

    11. What A ReadThis book gives you information in the women that are in the Carter s life It also gives us secrets about them As with the Carter Boys they don t play and neither do the women in their lives Now secrets are coming out A great read Now to book three.

    12. Repeat of previous booksI gave this book 1 star because it s a repeat of Hoodlums and Hooligans and Carter Boys Exact same only difference is the name If you read Carter Boys or Hoodlums and Hooligans then don t waster your money buying Carter Girl.

    13. Great read I m ready for the nextThis book totally delivered and has me wanting The Carter girls are bringing just like the Carter Boys 3 is next

    14. Loving it Im so enjoying reading about the Carter s It just keeps getting better and better Ok back to the Carter s Bye

    15. Shiloah So in love with this series Carter girls2 was EVERYTHING so much be going on like who thinks of all this stuff lol Cant wait for pt3 DRAMA CONTINUES

    16. Not quite what I expected This book has me torn between 3 and 4 stars The beginning and middle sections were quite slow Very good ending

    17. Loveee this seriesssI loved the family feud , that last blowup was so vivid and emotional Girl I m ready for part 3

    18. Dang Wow I can t believe everything is finally out I was so pissed that Noelle sat up and ran her mouth to Tyree and in front of Tiffany at that Can t believe Tyree would be discussing his dude s business with his cousins like that either I m happy that Olivia and Andrew are getting comfy together Joy is a little irritating.

    19. This book here Omg Is the only word I have right now Dysfunctional is a good name for the girls I thought the boys were bad Must read book

    20. Carter Girls 2I just love this soap opera, it has all of the drama that I need.I am not fond of finding myself in drama, but I sure love to read about it This author has done it for me Now I am on to novel 3 in the series

    21. Probably the best Carter book I liked being introduced to the characters in The Carter Boys, but this book took you through emotions It was sad hearing Shiloh s story growing up At first I liked Joy and couldn t stand Olivia, now it s vice Versa Joys ass gets on my nerve and I m waiting for Amari to put her in her place Who she chooses to date has nothing to do with anyone else Man I was hoping Amari would have gotten to Noelle lol Sucks what happened to her but she s a grown woman playing child [...]

    22. I thought the Carter Boys were something but the Carter Girls is off the hook I can t believe all the drama that follows the Carter family Between Olivia getting beat up by her own cousins and friends, her brothers cutting her off, her living with nerdy Andrew Amari and Jeremy drama however glad she got back with Shiloh Noelle spazzing out about her broken relationship but she sleeping with Trent Geez so much drama and I love it all Can t wait to find out wants going to happen in part 3

    23. Shiloh C Carter What thug like man do you know can sing and do a lil dance he is everything and His relationship with Amari is so school timer lover yet grown but silly and romantic The chemistry is thru the roof Olivia is crazyyyyy but her and Andrew together are hilarious Wanna know mor about miss Hazel I hate Noelle Tyree and Joy The End.

    24. Enjoyed this one much than the first book The Carters are definitely in a league of their own Noelle is just doing the most as well as Tyree and I can t wait to see what really goes down with them in the next book Hopefully, Tia and Jahiem will have a bigger part in it as well because I want to see where his head is when it comes to Amari.

    25. I hate you desiree Girl you just took me threw it You know good and dang well you need to have a warning label on this book to have liquor and tissues ready when reading this dang book to into my feelings right now Can t wait for the next instalment I know to have my henny ready

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