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Breaking the Rules #2020

Breaking the Rules When Roxy Rule s best friend accepts a dream job overseas she expects their relationship to continue as it s always been carefree and easy until they share a heart stopping kiss right before Ollie le

  • Title: Breaking the Rules
  • Author: Cat Lavoie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • Breaking the Rules By Cat Lavoie, When Roxy Rule s best friend accepts a dream job overseas, she expects their relationship to continue as it s always been carefree and easy until they share a heart stopping kiss right before Ollie leaves for London While Roxy is sure nothing can come between two lifelong besties, it s hard to ignore the nagging thought that their kiss might have been than a moment oWhen Roxy Rule s best friend accepts a dream job overseas, she expects their relationship to continue as it s always been carefree and easy until they share a heart stopping kiss right before Ollie leaves for London While Roxy is sure nothing can come between two lifelong besties, it s hard to ignore the nagging thought that their kiss might have been than a moment of temporary insanity.As she tries to come to terms with her feelings for Ollie, Roxy is ambushed by her two sisters both in full crisis mode With the Rule siblings living under the same roof again, Roxy s quiet little apartment in the city is anything but peaceful and she can t help getting caught up in her sisters drama Add a thankless job with the boss from hell and a fianc set on planning the wedding of his dreams and Roxy s world quickly starts to spiral After discovering that her seemingly solid relationship with Ollie had than a few cracks long before he left town, Roxy decides it s time to take control of her career, her love life, and her sisters but can she really handle it all And can the Rule family keep it together or will they break under the pressure Please note that this novel was originally published in August 2012 by MARCHING INK, LLC.

    • [EPUB] Ó Breaking the Rules | By ☆ Cat Lavoie
      Cat Lavoie

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    1. Even before Samantha of Marching Ink offered me a review copy of Breaking the Rules, I knew I wanted to read it The adorable cover, the enticing blurb, and simply knowing that Samantha, who runs the fabulous book blog Chick Lit Plus, was publishing it was enough to land it on my TBR list So, you can imagine how quickly I jumped at the chance to review it And I was not disappointed in the least Author Cat Lavoie has a wonderful Chick Lit voice and a true gift for humor I was immediately sucked in [...]

    2. Prepare yourselves I am about to make a bold statement Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie might be one of the best books I ve read this year I did not want to put this novel down I was sucked into Roxy s world and I loved reading about her life Her life had hit an interesting rough patch and it was a lot of fun to read about what was happening and trying to figure out how she was going to handle everything.I m also a bit of a sucker for the girl and boy are friends and suddenly one realizes they h [...]

    3. 4.5 stars When Ollie, Roxy Rule s best friend forever and roommate for the past several years moves from NYC to London for his dream job, Roxy is beyond sad but ever certain that their friendship can withstand the distance until he plants a knee wobbling kiss on her right before heading to the airport leaving her stunned and speechless Deciding a kiss is just a kiss, Roxy tries to move on She is engaged to Ethan and Ollie is moving to London with his perfect yet bitchy girlfriend Rachel Everythi [...]

    4. Oh, Roxy Rule, I think I love you Breaking the Rules made me laugh out loud, cry and gasp in shock From the food and love stories to the family dynamics and incredible twist, I couldn t put this book down It is a fantastic read

    5. I fell in love with Cat Lavoie s breezy and engaging writing style on the first page of Breaking the Rules As I read , I was impressed by how beautifully crafted this book was the blending of humor and angst was done perfectly and how well developed the characters and their relationships were Roxy Rule best heroine name ever , her friends, her family, and her men were multi dimensional and very compelling with all of their foibles I rooted for sweet, confused Roxy to get her life together, to qu [...]

    6. A wonderful debut novel from an incredible new author that speaks chick lit perfectly This story will have you laughing out loud one minute, then it s pulling at your heartstrings the next It was a pure joy to read Cat has a uniquely incredible writing style that I think many will enjoy as much as I did.The characters are remarkable Roxy is immediately lovable, and the cast of characters with her are equally amazing They are developed to a T and all loose ends are tied at the end This story had [...]

    7. Very well written Family story line was hilariousquite a few surprises throughout the book definelty recommend

    8. This is one of those books that remind me why I love a certain genre in this case, chick lit It has everything I could wish for, and then some humor, drama, romance, family crisis, surprising twists and turns Like I said, everything.Roxy Rule is one of those impossible not to love characters She s funny, she s friendly, she has an amazing family and a hot best friend I really loved Roxy I was rooting for her the entire novel and I was wishing she d end up with the love of her life, Ollie Just wh [...]

    9. When I first read the synopsis of this book, I thought it sounded really cute What I wasn t expecting was to stay up until 2am reading it Once I started, I didn t want to put it down I felt like I connected with Roxy pretty quickly Not because we have similar personalities, but because of her friendship with Ollie I had a guy best friend like that We shared everything and there was always something that was silently underneath the friendship In my case, our timing never worked out For Roxy and O [...]

    10. Shopaholic meets Bridget Jones I loved this book and found it very refreshing Characters were well rounded and I loved the dynamic between the three sisters and found it completely believable The bossy older sister, the ditzy younger sister and then Roxy, the middle one and protagonist Any girl having a male best friend and a fianc is asking for trouble and Roxy certainly seems to bear this theory out Each of the sisters has secrets Roxy s indiscretion with a celeb and prospects of career progre [...]

    11. I started and finished Breaking the Rules today What can I say I couldn t put the book down, it should give you a clue of what I think of Cat Lavoie s first book After reading a pretty depressing but lovely book The Light Between Oceans , this was just the perfect easy, laugh out loud read Don t get me wrong, the writing was good, the story line was unexpected yes it happens in that genre view spoiler except the ending maybe but I like my happy endings hide spoiler 5 stars

    12. Now, I consider myself a bit of a sleuth Especially when it comes to endings for movies and books I have to say, the twist in this book actually threw me for a loop Like, big time That alone is worth five stars However, there was so much to this book than that Cat Lavoie has written such a fun story, one that was hard for me to put down It was well written and she did a fantastic job of developing all of the characters I actually really missed them when I was done reading The relationship betwe [...]

    13. I get through a lot of chick lit and I must say this is one of the best I ve ever had the pleasure of reading The heroine, Roxy, is loveable, realistic, and the type of girl I d like as my friend I loved getting to know her and her sisters and friends and suspect I m going to miss them This story is written in the first person which I always prefer anyway so you really get a grasp of what Roxy is thinking and feeling There are twists and turns at one point I actually said oh wow outloud It s fun [...]

    14. There are 2 main types of books I enjoy literary dramas and light, fun reads But I don t enjoy literary works that have no story, and I don t like fun reads that aren t well written Well, Breaking the Rules is a fun read that is very well written As a writer, it can sometimes be hard for me to take off my writer hat and just wear my reader hat, but I never felt my reader hat slipping off while I enjoyed this book The writing is fun and fresh, the characters are believable, and the plot twist was [...]

    15. A thoroughly enjoyable read, Breaking the Rules is complex but also so much fun Speaking as someone with sisters, I thought the relationships between the sisters were VERY believable, and the tangled web of love relationships was handled really well Another thing I wanted to point out was how nicely Cat Lavoie handled Roxy s friends Often times when stories have a group of friends the protagonist leans on, they tend to blend together a little I find but the members of Roxy s posse all had very d [...]

    16. Chick lit with depth More than a fluffy read, Roxy Rule is a likeable character and one you ll laugh, cry, and root for throughout the story Her sisters are a mess but families are never perfect and that s why we love them Ollie, Roxy s BFF, since the crib isn t perfect either fun chick lit genre where perfect, tidy endings aren t always the norm Loved this book Canadian Author, Cat Lavoie, has a wonderful writing style I look forward to her future books.

    17. A fun, light read The dialogue is witty and funny The family dynamic both friends and relatives alike lies at the heart of this chick lit read The bond between sisters, the bond between friends, and the bond between lovers Author Cat Lavoie takes the reader on a roller coaster fun ride through love, laughter, and the meaning of family.

    18. Review by Fine debut Cat Lavoie gives us a perspective of New York from the eyes of a heroine who s quite the art of cooking book collector.So Roxy Rules loves using the f word, eating it and making it Added to her resume is, family with sisters who have their fair share of slamming rock bottom, friend of a kooky crowd, assistant to a wacko boss, best friend and roommate of Oliver Frost and fianc e of a banker concerned about talking budget cuts and tacky wedding ceremonies One kiss with Oliver [...]

    19. When twenty seven year old New Yorker Roxy Rule s best friend and roommate Ollie Frost tells her that he received a promotion at the architectural firm he works for, and is moving to London to oversee a construction of a building, her world turns upside down Roxy and Ollie have known each other since birth and through the years they ve become inseparable Now faced with him leaving her behind, Roxy feels like her life is falling apart she hates her job as an assistant to the ever needy public rel [...]

    20. I legit don t know how I feel I read this book thinking this sounds hilarious but honestly it left me mad Okay Roxy the main character is a coward and a push over, it was to the point where I wanted to skin her alive Seriously everybody pushed her over, her fianc e, her sisters, her boss, shall I go on And she just sat there and took it Just like oh no I m such a good person, there s only so much I could take and honestly half of this shit was unbelievable Also her sister, whatever her name, is [...]

    21. Complicated hardly covers it when describing Roxy Rule s life in Cat Lavoie s debut novel, Breaking the Rules Read an excerpt here Between clashing with her fiance over table linens and guests lists and working as an assistant for one of the most obnoxious bosses ever, Roxy s world is already chaotic when she sneaks a passionate kiss with her lifelong best friend, Ollie, as he departs for London After the act stirs up some previously undetected emotions, she tries to settle them while dealing wi [...]

    22. I didn t hate this, but I didn t love it either In some cases, the book was kinda slow for me too Roxy frustrated me It was clear she was settling with Ethan and her job She had so much potential and I liked her, but there were so many times when I wanted to strangle her for being so dense Throughout the book she supposedly loved Ethan, but there were so many things wrong with their relationship He complained of her debt and her friendshipshe didn t want to be around her friends and even blew of [...]

    23. Warning Contains spoilers This was an enjoyable and surprising read, for sure, though I had some issues with the main character, Roxy I could relate to her on many levels, but often found myself scratching my head at her behavior First, she didn t seem at all compatible with her fianc , Ethan Roxy s non confrontational, people pleaser personality was one that I could identify with, but her relationship with Ethan just didn t make any sense to me He was very controlling and rarely supportive Not [...]

    24. Breaking The Rules by Cat Lavoie follows twenty seven year old Roxy Rule When her best friend and roommate, Ollie, accepts an exciting new job overseas designing green architecture, she expects their relationship to continue as it s always been, but that all changes when they share a heart stopping kiss moments before his departure Overcome with mixed emotions, she fights the urge to over analyze the situation and resumes back to her normal life in New York City, working a dead end job, and cree [...]

    25. I received a copy of Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie from ABG Reads Book Tours as part of the blog tour.Roxy Rule s world turned upside down when her best friend, Ollie move overseas to accept a new, glamorous job Roxy hoped that they would continue to stay as best friends even though they are going to live miles apart But things got complicated between them when Ollie kissed her before his departure and that she was kissing him back Roxy decided that the kiss meant nothing and refused to think [...]

    26. My Review The description above is a very solid one though I ll add just a little bit Roxy s life isn t quite where she wants it to be Her boss overworks and under appreciates her, her relationship was going better before they had to agree on wedding details, and her best friend and roommate, Ollie, is moving across the world As if her life couldn t get complicated, her sisters move in with her but neither want to explain why Now Roxy must navigate her own problems while helping her sisters wit [...]

    27. Did I enjoy this book I did enjoy this book It was a quick read and I didn t want to put my Kindle down I read every free chance I had and finished the book in a day It was a typical chick lit read that was fun Some parts of Breaking the Rules kind of reminded me of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella and Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger The characters were likable I loved Roxy She seemed like your average girlt the super skinny, flawless beauty that so many heroines are depicted as S [...]

    28. Cat Lavoie has arrived on the chick lit scene Her debut novel, Breaking The Rules, kept me up late at night and on a work night , no less as I couldn t put it down When I was first approached by Samantha to review, I took one look at the cover and said yes I have a habit of reading anything with cute covers It doesn t always work out well, but in this case it was a home run Charming cover, interesting characters combined with witty storytelling I loved the friendship between Roxy and Ollie and h [...]

    29. I loved Roxie just like the others who read and reviewed before I did I think the family dynamic was the hi lite of the book I think this could be a series too The way Roxie was stepped on and abused is awful and I was so sad for her I wanted to yell Greta go F yourself now Between the sisters Izzie and Steffi always arguing and then the fact that she was with Ethan who had a Mother who I KNOW looked like a horse with a a teased up hair do, was bad enough, but please the Evil Vic Ethan was her f [...]

    30. I found I really liked the main character, chuckling when she forget accidently to invite Ollie s girlfriend to his leaving party Accident I think not I hated Roxy s boyfriend, sorry fianc from the moment he appeared in the book Boring Ethan, I thought All the time in my head yelling don t marry him, marry Ollie Of course, he already has a girlfriend.I liked how well the book had me wanting to read on to find out what would happen next Steffi s sister arrives, six months pregnant The twist here [...]

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