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The First Word #2020

The First Word To stay sane Andie Tilly must keep her mind on her work Her job as a pediatric occupational therapist is the perfect distraction from the unspeakable tragedy she experienced as a child But when she m

  • Title: The First Word
  • Author: Isley Robson
  • ISBN: 9781503943674
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • The First Word By Isley Robson, To stay sane, Andie Tilly must keep her mind on her work Her job as a pediatric occupational therapist is the perfect distraction from the unspeakable tragedy she experienced as a child But when she meets alternative energy magnate Rhys Griffiths and his autistic toddler, Will, she quickly realizes her heart will never be the same Especially when her name becomes Will sTo stay sane, Andie Tilly must keep her mind on her work Her job as a pediatric occupational therapist is the perfect distraction from the unspeakable tragedy she experienced as a child But when she meets alternative energy magnate Rhys Griffiths and his autistic toddler, Will, she quickly realizes her heart will never be the same Especially when her name becomes Will s first word.After accepting a position as a live in therapist for Will, Andie steels herself against the appeal of the disconcertingly attractive and attracted Rhys But their chemistry can no longer be denied, and their heated affair seems destined for happily ever after A destiny Andie s terrified to embrace.When Andie s guilt, Rhys s awkwardness, and the abrupt appearance of an erratic ex threaten to dismantle their delicately blooming relationship, they must decide if love is worth the challenge Can Andie and Rhys find their way back to each other Or will the demons of the past simply prove too strong

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      128 Isley Robson
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    1 thought on “The First Word

    1. I like it so far, but I must say that the first few chapters read like 50 Shades, but with Autism rather than SM Filthy rich, quirky stud young, beautiful brunette living on site what s the worst that could happen OK, so, as someone who knows about autism on so many levels, I get majorly annoyed by ignoramuses who want to tell me about the condition So this handsome, wealthy, successful CEO is so different and alienated because he doesn t like to wear shoes HELLO Show him having uncontrollable m [...]

    2. This turned out to be of a romance novel then I expected The story line was enough In fact the love scenes cheapened it In my opinion, it would have been better without them.

    3. Very intriguing read and it tugged at my heartstrings However, I m not a fan of this author s writing style which kind of distracted me from the story I didn t hate this book but I didn t love it either.

    4. This was a really good book Andie is an occupational therapist for little Will who has autism Rhys is his father While there is romance, it is by no means the only thing in this book There are medical issues, kids, cruelty and love and emotional abuse and forgiveness and peace and pulling up your big girl panties and getting over yourself This story is about figuring out who you want to be when you grow up, and taking the steps to get there I absolutely adore Will Oh alright, Rhys is adorable to [...]

    5. The main character Andie had a traumatic experience as a child and it still haunts her in the present day She still tries to put on a brave face most of the time She is an OT and has one special patient a child with autism named Will, that really connects with her The book follows the love story of Andie and Will s single father Rhys Interesting plot at the beginning but then turned a bit too predictable from the middle onward I would recommend but only if you can borrow from the library.

    6. Liked but didn t love The author has the most distinct voice I ve read in a while, and it gives the story this unique quality that reminded me of an old school contemporary romance, which isn t a bad thing, at least not always I can t speak of how accurate the representation is or of how sensitive its portrayal might be, but nothing stood out as being egregiously bad The biggest issue I had with it is that, as usual, there s an evil ex, which is a trope I hate and a shade of sexism that looks ba [...]

    7. 4.5 Starsripeforreader 201Andie is an Occupational Therapist who devotes her time to helping others She devotes herself to her work to help distract her from the tragedy of her past Due to cut backs at her job she was let go, but is given an opportunity by the very handsome Rhys Griffiths and his autistic son.When Rhys s son Will spoke his first word and it was Andie s name he knew he would do anything to have Andie work with his son Andie accepts the position as a live in therapist for Will at [...]

    8. Fast moving, sad and romantic all wrapped up in one story Rhys son is autistic wife runs out on family and he is left to raise him Along comes Andie, pediatric OT, who comes with baggage of her own But makes wonderful breakthroughs with Will Rhys son When she loses her job, Rhys offers her a job as OT for his son exclusively, residing in his home Thinking this is what she needed to block out her own rocky childhood, she accepts but things get a bit hot when they both find themselves drawn to eac [...]

    9. EnjoyableReading about Will and his autism was amazing It brought another dimension to the romantic slide of the story, making it a unique read for me So much of the a story focused on Will, giving the reader an insight into what it is like to raise a toddler, with this diagnosis, from the point out view of the parent.Throw in the crazy ex, evil mother and a traumatic experience and you have a book that covers so many bases.

    10. My MusingsI m so glad I took the plot to read this book in advance of publication offered as past of the Kindle First program I fell in love with the characters, especially the little boy This have an excellent look into the life of a family of an autistic child Wonderful love story is blended in Happy reading

    11. I got this during a free Prime trial However, my review isn t exactly fair Somehow, I missed that this was a romance, and it s not my favorite genre Even so, the book held my interest and was an easy and quick read 3 5 stars.

    12. Terrible Shades of Gray meets pediatric OT Bits of goodness about an autistic boy and a potentially talented therapist overlayed with cheesy pining after her boss Awful.

    13. The author was clearly fueled by earnest enthusiasm and good intentions however, the meandering writing and tepid romance did not work for me.

    14. I finished this, but it was a bit of a struggle I did like the plot, but I didn t feel a connection We were told about the chemistry from the get go between the main characters Andie and Rhys , but I didn t feel it The words were there, but they didn t transcend the feelings behind them Also, I like romance novels with dual POVs From time to time, we would get Rhys POV but it was hard to tell when if that was coming I also enjoy epilogues which this did not have From what I gathered, this is the [...]

    15. 3.5 Wordsmith Stars.I received this as a free read through the Prime program the synopsis sounded intriguing and I always love stories that tackle issues that broaden my knowledge and exposure, in this case, autism Right away I realized that this author has a way with words I was glad I was reading with my Kindle, as I often had to use the dictionary feature so I would be in the know I must admit, that as I was reading the story, the characters always seemed a bit distant and a step removed from [...]

    16. I was lucky enough to be given an advance copy of Isley s debut Normally, this type of women s fiction romance novel wouldn t be at the top of my to read list But I m so glad I read this one The writing is exquisite, the characters are so well fleshed out and the story really pulled me along I was actually a little surprised to discover how much this novel struck a chord with me It s one of those books that goes so far beyond merely being interesting and, instead, wraps itself around your heart [...]

    17. I got this free through Prime and I really enjoyed it This was not just a romance, although there were elements of that and yes, it s somewhat the rich guy poor girl set up, but she s not the nanny maid housekeeper rather she s a live in occupational therapist of the rich guy s autistic son The rich guy Rhys is a great character slightly geeky and awkward, handsome, devoted to his son I liked that there was a lot than just the romance here a lot of the book dealt with things like serious health [...]

    18. I got this as part of my Prime First to Read program, and I considered not reviewing it Why, you ask Because my thoughts after finishing it could be summed up like this Meh It all started off promising enough I mean, when the autistic kid s first word was the heroine s name, I ll admit, it got a little dusty in my reading room It was dusty, I tell you, because I DON T CRY But that s where the feels ended for me.Andie, the heroine, got on my nerves with her self doubts and self hatred over a horr [...]

    19. This is a romance novel I didn t know that when I started All the detailed sex should have been a giveaway The characters are likeable the psychological drama is there, though barely the writing is not bad, but certainly not good And all ends nope, no spoilers But I was glad it was over It s like a Hallmark movie with lots sex.

    20. The First Word, Isley RobsonReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, I got this as part of the Prime First to Read programme and loved it I wasn t sure if it would be one for me, and put off reading it for a coupe of weeks, but once I started I was hooked Andie has a tragic past, and its affected her as an adult She s an amazing lady IMO, has overcome so much, given the lack of family support she deserved She s very focused on a kind of redemption, and throws herself into her work of [...]

    21. Kindle offered a deal to read a selection of books released to Kindle prior publication Normally, I give these a pass as I have so many chosen books to read And, to be honest, I enjoy gentle cozy romance but not explicit sex scenes Getting older, I guess What compelled me to read this novel, The First Word, was it s core subject matter dealing with an autistic child in a loving and nurturing way.Andie Tilly is a pediatric occupational therapist Due to challenges within her own life s story, Andi [...]

    22. I read an advanced copy of this book through s Kindle First Program and this is actually my first time reading a book from the monthly selection I will say that I liked it enough, but I thought it could have been better The story is touching but not heartwarming It s complicated but not complex It s good but not great The different elements of this book added up to make it completely average when it could have been amazing To my understanding, this is the author s debut novel, so perhaps I m bei [...]

    23. I really liked this book, the building of the trust and relationship between the two main characters, although the will he she they move beyond thoughts to actions became a little tedious Their dedication and love for Will is immeasurable, and that was heartwarming I do wish there had been of the story surrounding Will and his progress, but what was portrayed was poignant and heart wrenching at the same time Andie DADA tore my heart out, notwithstanding the scene that brought forth that very sp [...]

    24. The First Word by Isley Robson, on the face of it, promised to be a fantastic read that captured your heart right from the word go.Andie an occupational therapist unexpectedly finds herself out of a job and no clue as what she is going to do A surprising, and rather unusual job offer throws her for a loop Left with no other options, and a young boy who desperately needs her help, Andie finds herself accepting the offer, even while she is thinking it is not a good idea But it was impossible, the [...]

    25. This was a very interesting story, and I received it for free as a Kindle First selection We have an occupational therapist, Andie, who has just lost her job, but in assessing almost three year old Will, somehow instigated his first word, which happened to be her name As a result, his father, Rhys, reluctantly accepting his son s autism diagnosis, swoops in to offer Andie a very one on one position to help his son Rhys is a very successful entrepreneur with some quirky behaviors himself, but he [...]

    26. The plot of this story promised a refreshing change from the usual romance novel an autistic toddler speaks his therapist s name as his first word, and his filthy rich single father wants said therapist to move into his humongous home to continue providing intense therapy to further help his son.Okay, so it s a romance, so we know from the get go these two will fall in love, right But the adorable little boy steals the show You will SOOO want this child to succeed, and your heart may go out to h [...]

    27. The First Word s synopsis intrigued me and I was in the mood to try a new author so off I went to read without any real expectations.There were some good points and not so great One thing I did enjoy are the characters Rhys is a little odd he thinks he is probably somewhere on the Asperger s spectrum but he s also very swoony and an amazing father I ve seen some criticism of the author s portrayal of autism and I am certainly no expert I do feel that the son s portrayal is in line with what I v [...]

    28. Romance is my genre of choice, and this was an enjoyable Cinderella type story with characters that have some dimension to them Andie is beautiful and intelligent, but drawn into herself because of tragic circumstances from her childhood She sees herself as not worthy or deserving, and unlovable as well Then comes the charming prince, Rhys, who is Asperger s type smart and is also wealthy because of his successful start up company Rhys is gorgeous, but doesn t notice women throwing themselves at [...]

    29. I chose this book through the Kindle First selection I was actually glad that they finally had a romance novel as they have not in several months I was not disappointed in this book I feel that I did learn a lot about autism, as I have never experienced it first hand.Andie is hired to be the occupational therapist for Will on a private basis after she lost her job The reason Rhys offers this position is because Will had finally said his first word, Andie She takes the job with the intention that [...]

    30. I didn t know what to expect from this Kindle First but I was pleasantly surprise I enjoyed every word Not just The First Word This is a romantic novel with a hidden message about forgiveness and the power of a pure love to heal The First Word digs deep into the hidden pains of autism and mental health that plagues so many people today I fell in love with Rhys and his son Will and the strong bond that is not always appreciated when it comes to single fathers Andie, a tormented soul, was heart wr [...]

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