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The Reluctant Highlander #2020

The Reluctant Highlander An uncertain bride looks for love with a man as wild and mysterious as his Highland home in this new Scottish romance from a USA Today bestselling author Ordinarily Lady Fiona Ormiston wouldn t think

  • Title: The Reluctant Highlander
  • Author: Amanda Scott
  • ISBN: 9781504016193
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Reluctant Highlander By Amanda Scott, An uncertain bride looks for love with a man as wild and mysterious as his Highland home in this new Scottish romance from a USA Today bestselling author.Ordinarily, Lady Fiona Ormiston wouldn t think of forming an alliance with an ungroomed, barbaric Highlander, despite the protection he offers But now, by request of the king, Sir Adham MacFinlagh, a brazen stranger andAn uncertain bride looks for love with a man as wild and mysterious as his Highland home in this new Scottish romance from a USA Today bestselling author.Ordinarily, Lady Fiona Ormiston wouldn t think of forming an alliance with an ungroomed, barbaric Highlander, despite the protection he offers But now, by request of the king, Sir Adham MacFinlagh, a brazen stranger and outsider unlike anyone she has met before, is to be her husband Torn from solitude and the comfort of her family to make a home with the rugged knight, Fiona surrenders to Adham s powerfully passionate and shockingly tender touch, only to discover her new husband s family ties may lie with an enemy of the king.A sense of duty may have brought Adham to the marriage bed, but it s his powerful feelings for his beautiful, willful wife that will be his undoing Ultimately, the bold knight will have to decide Does his allegiance lie with his blood ties to the man who hopes to bring down the king or with the bride who has stolen his heart

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    1 thought on “The Reluctant Highlander

    1. The Reluctant Highlander by Amanda Scott is a Scottish romance novel about an unlikely relationship between two main characters Lady Fiona Ormiston and Sir Adham MacFinlagh.I ll start by saying that I adored the main story and elements It kept my attention and I didn t feel bored throughout I loved the writing style and the character descriptions I was pleased with the way the story unfolded and became adventurous at times I did feel like it was lacking a tad on the romance factor and found myse [...]

    2. A little too heavy handed on the historical side of it and not quite enough romance for me The romance was sweet and the leads are pretty young, so that could be part of the reason for that Some adventure and intrigue thrown in to make this a decent read Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.

    3. I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I went into this book expecting nothing out of it I honestly thought I would roll my eyes and skim through it, but I requested it because it s a Highland romance, and Outlander has me craving of those Plus customers at the store who are hardcore romance fans rave about Amanda Scott I was pleasantly surprised by this novel It made me laugh out loud at parts, our female lead was strong and fierce, and kind [...]

    4. A moonlight meeting, a marriage and a battle ___3.5 stars1420 s Scotland Lady Fiona Ormiston is a winsome stubborn lass and Sir dham MacFinlagh a thoughtful highlands warrior.The opening scenes are amusing Fiona has a penchant for swimming where she shouldn t at a time that s definitely suspect As a knight, dham sees it as his duty to rescue a damsel whom it seems doesn t think she needs rescuing.King James is bent on encouraging tactical marriages where former enemies might be brought together, [...]

    5. The Reluctant Highlander by Amanda Scott The Reluctant Highlander by Amanda Scott My rating 4 of 5 stars The Reluctant Highlander by Amanda Scott is the story of Lady Fiona Ormiston and Sir Adham MacFinlagh Fiona has been ordered by the King to Marry Adham Fiona has been comfortable with the life she has but goes along with the Marriage Although Adham is totally different than any one she is used to being around Adham is finding that he is starting to have feelings for his new wife This was a st [...]

    6. Series The Highland Series 1Publication Date June 13, 2017This delightful novel is filled with history and romance The book covers some turbulent times in ancient Scotland 1429 1431 It is a time when the king is trying to bring peace and continuity to his governance but many of the Highland lords don t like his policies and they are supporting another to rule parts of the country It is a time filled with subterfuge and the king isn t sure who he can trust and depend upon It is a dangerous time t [...]

    7. Delightful, entertaining, action packed and intriguing historical romance The descriptions of the area, people and way of life where just detailed enough to fuel the imagination and keep the readers attention to the very end Lady Fiona Ormiston is so full of sass and spunk you can t help but adore her and root for her happiness Sir Adham MacFinlagh, an ungroomed, barbaric Highlander with a ready mind and strength of charter is so alluring he just draws you in Loved all the twists and turns in th [...]

    8. I am voluntarily reviewing an eARC of this book provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher I liked this book It is well written and contains a lot of interesting historical facts as well as a sweet little love story with a bit of intrigue and adventure.Fiona is the youngest daughter of Ormiston, an advisor to King James, and a maid of honor to Queen Joan Fiona was raised on the borders and is a bit impulsive Sir Adham is the nephew and one time ward of Fin of the Battles He fought in the batt [...]

    9. Book The Reluctant Highlander by Amanda ScottReviewer Barb Massabrook Tartan Book Reviews Purple Tulip Book Reviews Celtic Barb s Tartan Book Review Blog Heat Rating hotOverall Rating 5 5 Stars Another spectacular novel by the gifted Amanda Scott.The North Inch of Perth, June, 1431Lady Fiona Ormiston is forming an alliance with the last man she would pick A barbaric Highlander despite getting protection Yet by request of the King she must marry Sir Adham MacFinlagh A total stranger and unlike an [...]

    10. This is an enjoyable, well written book but I like Amanda Scott s earlier series better, especially Border Nights I very much like that this author stays true to the history of Scotland This book takes place in 15th century Scotland, a time of strife for that country Sir Adam MacFinlagh is a highland warrior loyal to the King Lady Fiona Ormiston is one of the queen s ladies and not fond of highlanders, though she is attracted to Adam The king decides they will marry While not thrilled to be livi [...]

    11. I voluntarily read an advanced review copy of this bookThis book was very true to the setting in which the book was written and the characters a joy to read about I am a huge Amanda Scott fan but unfortunately for me this book was very slow.

    12. I really enjoyed this story Fiona and Adam were tender and loving but the history was alot to take in I would have liked romance between the two characters I have loved all of Amanda Scott s books in the past and this one was no different

    13. Historical romance is one of my favorite genres I enjoy learning about the time period, the customs and local I felt like this one ended up being about the politics of the time rather than really letting me get to know how life was like in Scotland during this time period I really got bogged down with all the names and how they were all related It felt like everyone was a cousin or uncle and the polical leanings of each was difficult to keep straight The romance was a lesser part of the story I [...]

    14. RATING 2.5 starsAs an avid Amanda Scott fan, I m always excited to see when she has a new Scottish highlander romance hitting the bookshelves If you don t mind a hefty serving of historical details politics very descriptive writing about pretty much everything in general i.e clothes, the landscape, whose related to who, etc , and lengthy conversations in your romantic reads, you may want to considering checking into this one For me, I reluctantly admit this highlander romance didn t quite meet m [...]

    15. For a romance even a story of almost convenient marriage this tale of 15th century Scotland turns on a somewhat unusual conflict The biggest drama stems from background events related to conflict between the Scottish king and insurgent Islesmen, but the author means the drama to hinge on the romance As to the former, a tip Once you get to the most detailed description of possible combat near Inverlochy, pull up Google maps Seeing how the actual terrain lie, helped immensely in understanding the [...]

    16. Ah, this was such a lovely book I love Amanda Scott s books they are a lovely blend of romance amidst the history happening And in this book I was pleased to see that Scott had a different take on the forced arranged marriage scenario Fiona and Adham meet briefly before the arranged marriage is even a consideration and the unusual circumstances of it he finds her outside the city walls swimming in the moonlight and, thinking she is drowning, he jumps into save her allow them to see they have a g [...]

    17. Publisher s description An uncertain bride looks for love with a man as wild and mysterious as his Highland home in this new Scottish romance from a USA Today bestselling author.Ordinarily, Lady Fiona Ormiston wouldn t think of forming an alliance with an ungroomed, barbaric Highlander, despite the protection he offers But now, by request of the king, Sir Adham MacFinlagh, a brazen stranger and outsider unlike anyone she has met before, is to be her husband Torn from solitude and the comfort of [...]

    18. The Reluctant Highlander was a Scottish romance that featured suspense and action Lady Fiona Ormiston is on the court of the Queen She has dreams of her future and it most certainly does not include a bearded highlander, but when one crosses her path during a midnight swim, Fiona has trouble getting him out of her mind Warrior, Sir Adham MacFinlagh, has traveled to town with his Clan for the Parliament meeting He is loyal to the King but he has biological relations that are trying to pull his lo [...]

    19. It is easy to see why Amanda Scott is a bestselling author Her research, character development and vivid imagery of Scotland in the 1400 s was beyond my expectations.From the very beginning, I adored Lady Fiona Ormiston She was adventurous and bold, yet remained dignified and lady like While stealing away late one night to enjoy a swim in the moonlight, Sir Adham arrives to see her in the water Thinking she was drowning, he jumps in to save her Although Fiona sees him as a ruthless barbarian, sh [...]

    20. A most unusual read with rich historical detail and wording appropriate for its era.Adham is the main male character who is presented as a man full of integrity, superb warrior abilities and is embedded with a hidden caring that continues to present itself throughout the book His dealings with Lady Fiona Ormiston and her father caused me to think that there were two extreme sides to his personality The hardened warrior he presents to all people and the caring side that he rarely shows but those [...]

    21. What a refreshing take on an historical romance story Author Amanda Scott has researched well the time, place and its history for this richly told tale She captures well the the uncertainty of new acquaintanceship as it develops into respect, wonder, infatuation, adoration and eventually, love Her characters are very well developed and the historic detail well laid out Too many historic romance stories are rather trite with merely a gesture to the history of the time of the story s setting Not s [...]

    22. I said it before and I ll say it again Amanda Scott is welcome to pull me out of my regency world anytime she damn well pleases With her meticulous research and wonderful prose, she brings Highland s history and politics to life and immerses me into her tales of intrigue and romance with an ease.There s a lot to like about this story, aside of being well written and researched I found the story sweet and heartwarming The couple was engaging and their story compelling Fiona was sweet as much as s [...]

    23. This was a charming tale about Fiona, who thinks she knows exactly what she would want in a man were she desire to marry, and Adham, who knows what he wants at first sight I loved how Fiona came to see beyond the scruffy, somewhat unkempt and definitely less than fashionable exterior of Adham and appreciate him for his inner beauty, strengths and steadfast loyalty There was just the slightest Beauty The Beast feel to this story, but not enough to keep the story from developing and showcasing its [...]

    24. This is a slow moving love story that is full of intrigue and action and drama and amusement Adham is a simple knight, a gentleman and warrior, who King James asks to form an alliance with his most trusted advisor by marrying the man s daughter, Fiona Fiona is a ladies maid to Queen Joanna, she s a simple girl who likes her privacy and a bit of freedom They marry and go back to the highlands so that Adham can collect information about who might be plotting against the king Throughout the story t [...]

    25. Sir Adham MacFinlagh is a Highland warrior who s just been requested to marry Lady Fiona Ormiston by King Jaime Adham is intrigued by the beautiful Fiona he found her swimming in the Loch and tried to save her when he felt she was drowning She at first feels he s a brazen barbarian stranger and outsider unlike anyone she has met before They both agree to marry as requested and slowly learn about the other as their days go At first Adham goes to the marriage bed as a sense of duty, but it s his p [...]

    26. I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review The marriage of Fiona and Adham was arranged on the spur of the moment by James the King War was a part of the Highland life and was constantly on the horizon A battle where many were killed is in the book but the gruesomeness was not detailed Adham survived the battle but was captured by a Comyn seeking revenge and later rescued by Fiona and Rory The book has intrigue, suspense, a battle and the growing love between Fiona and Adham [...]

    27. I read this while camping on the beach, which wasn t the fantastic experience I was hoping it would be, so maybe that swayed my rating But what the heck This is truly a historical novel filled with political history So much so that I wanted to skip over those parts to get to the romance that the book was about While history is indeed important, I think less would have been appropriate in this tale about two people from different classes forging a compelling union Another drawback for me The accu [...]

    28. I enjoy reading Highlander romances, but this one didn t keep my interest Ms Scott is a talented author and writes well She clearly researched history for this story However, the romance took a back seat to the plot There was so many relationships to keep track of, who was related to who, who was loyal to King James and the dialogue spoken in dialect really got annoying after a while I could barely make out what they were saying while the story plodded along.I have read other novels by Ms Scott [...]

    29. I was quickly drawn into the story The characters were vivid and you could see Abham and Fiona growing together and beginning to trust each other The descriptions are complete, like the wedding of Fiona and Abham, it was beautiful and the way the lochs looked at night, so dark and flat Unfortunately, once he got her home safely He had to travel, there was a war brewing There were some twists and turns in the plot which just added to the interest of the tale I was up all night, I could not put th [...]

    30. Lady Fiona Ormiston has been forced by the king to wed Sir Adham MacFinlagh While neither of them wants to get married, they do what they must What they didn t expect was to experience real feelings for each other This was a pretty good book The characters were very well written I really enjoyed the plot It was steeped in history, but a little light on romance, which isn t always a bad thing I recommend I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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