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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made #2020

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made A surgeon looks at the human and spiritual body

  • Title: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • Author: Paul W. Brand Philip Yancey
  • ISBN: 9780890660379
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made By Paul W. Brand Philip Yancey, A surgeon looks at the human and spiritual body.

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      326 Paul W. Brand Philip Yancey
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    1 thought on “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

    1. I found the very first quote borrowed for this book was than fitting Men go abroad to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars and they pass by themselves without wondering Saint AugustineThose with any sort of biology or medical background will particularly appreciate this book, though laymen needn t be the least bit intimidated Filled with poignant medical observati [...]

    2. Fascinating book about the human body and its intricacies as a metaphor for the Body of Christ The author was a doctor in India who cared for leprosy patients.

    3. What a wonderful book The many ways Brand describes the body in light of the Body of Christ brings to life just how closely related all things are.

    4. I thought I was at my highest peak of enthusiasm and passion for medicine, but this book proved otherwise, I was still capable of becoming and in love with that art The art which translates how we were created in God s perfect and wholesome image I have to admit I was a bit skeptic about the idea of comparing the human body to the body of Christ, fearing it ll become too sermon ish or off track trying to make a simile or a metaphor out of every detail, but I was surprised that this wasn t how [...]

    5. I read this book aloud to my 13 year old to go along with a study of the human body We had also read a biography of Dr Brand recently, so this was a good next step The book included fascinating stories and factual information about the body systems, and then made the metaphor between our body and Christ s body And what a beautiful metaphor it is Dr Brand had an amazing gift of scientific knowledge, and a deep love of God and people This shone through brightly in the book I can t wait to read Br [...]

    6. I was disappointed It had three times the length of preaching often not so attached to the body parts as it did information on the body Got very boring very fast I have read another book on the same sort of thing that did keep up my interest After all, I do read plenty of books on straight theology, but at least they are advertised as straight theology I was looking for a break from straight theology.

    7. Amazing study of the human body and the Body of ChristThis book grabs hold of you from the very beginning The author gave me understanding about the body in areas I had never even thought about Much of the information gathered by the Doctor came from treating leprosy patients I also gained a new understanding of the dread disease leprosy The Doctor s concern and dedication to his patients was very Christ like.

    8. Great in small doses, as a devotional but started to feel repetitive and too long by the end, even at the pace of a chapter in a sitting Maybe trying to read it faster would have helped with that feeling, I don t know Some good profound thoughts I especially appreciated those on legalism, grace, the spectrum of diversity within the church.

    9. Excellent thoughtsThere is wonderful detail of the marvelous way God has put us together It is amazing how everything works and what little it takes for things to go horribly wrong.

    10. Outstanding work by a surgeon with the heart of Jesus Christ Loved the descriptions of being the hands and feet of Jesus in serving the least of these Enjoyed the comparisons between the human body and the body of Christ Very enjoyable read.

    11. A great book about the design of the human body and how it points to a Creator Written by a medical doctor.

    12. A surgeon looks at the human body and parallels it to God s holy church Beautifully done I learned a lot about the human body as well as our role in God s church I recommend it.

    13. A child s wonder will lead him to question everything, from the simplest to the most complex And what is complex yet so easily available as the human body The human body as any medical student will tell you , is dazzlingly complicated, often logic defying Structure is often adapted seamlessly to function, and where it doesn t, there is usually an interesting story to tell.Seen from the eyes of a missionary doctor, the human body takes on an almost anthromorphised role as he compares its working [...]

    14. I really want to give this 4 5 because of the way in uses the image of the body medical to talk about the body of Christ the church spiritual Perhaps 3.5 would be a better bet While it is fascinating to read this books, perhaps a book like this is better in small doses than in one whole sitting Maybe a chapter a week While it is truly amazing how we are made and how strange it is when we aren t right , sometimes the book begins to feel redundant I think if the author had used the science and sto [...]

    15. After reading Wilson s excellent biography of Dr Paul Brand Ten Fingers for God , I was expecting to read a book here that would amaze me about how our body is made, both fearfully and wonderfully, and it did not disappoint The excellent bonus was how well Brand and Yancey related the wonder of our physical body to the spiritual body of Christ things like the structure of our skeleton, the dangers of an exo skeleton, the ability of the members to help each other only if they work for the whole b [...]

    16. The idea of us being made in the image of God is one of those concepts that stops me short in wonder One of those things I know I ll never completely understand The immensity and gravity of humanity created in the image of God is brought to life in this book, which describes the workings of the human body at the micro level bones, cells, skin how they operate together so intricately, so miraculously Paul Brand and Philip Yancey use these images to glimpse the spiritual concept of the body of Chr [...]

    17. This is such an amazing book I read it originally in the 1990 s and it is a must read for any Christian Written in conjunction with Dr Paul Brand, and from his viewpoint I don t know why his name is not listed as author , the book is an explanation of all the ways our human body is a perfect example of the Body of Christ as it should be on this earth Dr Brand is so knowledgeable about the makeup and function of each part of the body and presents such insightful comparisons of our bodies to the C [...]

    18. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is an amazing book Paul Brand, a missionary doctor who worked with people with leprosy offers the reader astonishing insights into how the body works He and his coauthor Philip Yancey explain very intricate processes in terms laymen can understand The book includes chapters on the human body s cells, bones, skin and motion In connection with this Brand offers gripping and heart warming stories about his experiences as a mission doctor On top of this Brand and Yance [...]

    19. Dr Brand opens for us in this book the wonders of God as manifest through the human body The church is described several times in the New Testament as the body of Christ, and Brand states that curiously, every medical discovery seems to make the analogy fit even better not one has weakened the original meanings the apostle Paul set forth My favorite sections were focused on how cells interact with each other, comparing that to how individuals in God s family relate to each other and to God.This [...]

    20. A renowned surgeon teamed up with an award winning writer to co author this book The outcome is a beautifully written book with its title coming from texts of Psalm 139 and the content exploring the analogy of 1 Cor 12 of the human body as a metaphor to express the relationship that exists among the people of God This is one of the first books I read early on after my intitial conversion experience in the late 1980 s Although it does have a medical slant to it, I highly recommend it to go deeper [...]

    21. A definite classic This book is cowritten with Dr Paul Brand I think Philip Yancey just helped get it into readable book form Anyway, the doctor takes cells, bones, skin, and motion of our bodies explaining how they work then compares the Body of Christ to these functions.This book was published in 1980, so there are a couple of references that are outdated, but the main part of the book is translatable to any time He often shares anecdotes and examples from his own life or from people he knows [...]

    22. This book was, by far, one of the best books I have EVER read Fearfully and Wonderfully Made unites the two topics that I love the most God and human anatomy and physiology Yancey writes in such beautiful language and detail that even if you have never found the human body intriguing, you can t help but be drawn into his story Yancey compares human body structures to those of the body of Christ, and the metaphor work s beautifully I would go on, except I fear that by talking about the book, I wi [...]

    23. Fearfully Wonderfully Made is a Christian devotional type book Dr Brand talks about how the various parts of the body cells, skeleton, skin, etc work and then draws from this insights about us as the body of Christ I really appreciated his insights and how he made biology very interesting Although everyone can enjoy this book, I was also thinking that home schooled teens might enjoy reading this before studying biology as it ll make the textbooks a lot understandable I d highly recommend this b [...]

    24. Interesting take on the Human body compared with Body of Christ These two men will take you on a very interesting practical and spiritual journey full of wonder You will realize that you do not have to travel far to be amazed no farther than your own self A lot of anatomy and physiology in this book which I found really interesting Will be looking for books by this duo I love the way they take you on spiritual journeys without a lot of religiosity Good, easy to understand writers, as well I rec [...]

    25. I loved all the information he gives about the body and how it works Such minute details that are imperative to make the body work correctly I just do not see how we could have happened by chance I am overwhelmed at the wonder and beauty of it It screams intelligent design to me Awesome, God In this book, he not only tells about how the body works cells, muscles, bones, etc but he relates it to how the Body of Christ should work.This was a good book, but I still think I like his Pain, the Gift N [...]

    26. Most clinicians would think it outdated in regards to the medical treatments but Dr Brand looks inward of himself and of his patients I found it fascinating the medical breakthroughs he discovered fighting Hansen s disease I can easily see why he and Philip Yancey became friends Poignant, thoughtful, insightful in its simplicity in describing medical terminology A joy to read if you have any interest in science and spirituality and how the two tie together This one is going to stay on the shelf [...]

    27. Very interesting book It was enlightening to me as an engineer, not knowing much about the medical side of the human body, to see the beauty, intricacy, unity and overall wonder of the body from that perspective This book revealed to me how amazing our creator is What an awesome God I also enjoyed reading about the work Dr Paul Brand did with lepers It added a personal witness that fit the subject.I did have some theological issues with the book, but it didn t impact its delivery Just something [...]

    28. This is an excellent devotional tool each chapter easily stands on its own as an examination of the marvelous intricacies of the human body Dr Brand was a pioneer in the treatment of leprosy and a skilled hand surgeon and an analogous reflection on the corporate body of Christ Reading his descriptions of how our bodies work muscles, cells, tendons quickly leads to wonder and amazement at God s creation And the attendant explanation of how that relates to the church body is a bonus.

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