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The Wicked + The Divine 1831 #2020

The Wicked The Divine MODERN ROMANCE Critically acclaimed THE WICKED THE DIVINE goes back to the nineteenth century to see what became of the Romantic poets one infamous night on Lake Geneva

  • Title: The Wicked + The Divine 1831
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Stephanie Hans Clayton Cowles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: None
  • The Wicked + The Divine 1831 By Kieron Gillen Stephanie Hans Clayton Cowles, MODERN ROMANCE Critically acclaimed THE WICKED THE DIVINE goes back to the nineteenth century, to see what became of the Romantic poets one infamous night on Lake Geneva

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      Kieron Gillen Stephanie Hans Clayton Cowles

    1 thought on “The Wicked + The Divine 1831

    1. This was an interesting take at a prequel to the series I wasn t sure how I felt about the art at first, but as the issue went on it grew on me This also had a pretty cool story line, although it was a tad confusing at times.

    2. Yay, new artist Also new characters and a somewhat new story I don t hate this but I don t love it either Just have to see how it goes.

    3. An interesting addition to the series, though it does nothing to shed any light on what is happening in the modern day incarnation It was very beautiful to read, the oil painting look of some panels adding marvelously to the atmosphere of rain and dismal weather I was also interesting from a literary stance, with hints toward gothic writers but no mention of their names though the hints were easy enough to follow While it was nice, I don t think it adds anything to the series, so taking a pass o [...]

    4. The art takes some getting used to but I think it really fits the flow and style of the writing for this one I love the idea of these prequel one shots to give us a glimpse of the earlier reincarnations of the gods and their relationships with each other and an Annake

    5. 3,5 stars Despite the pretty art and the interesting setting I surely love this Woden , and the new set of pantheon new OLD, specifically , it s justrt of there The story is interesting and it definitely makes an interesting and engaging quick read, butere s no clear connection between this oneshot and the main storyline Is the creature Persephone, created from the ashes of dead Hades and sustained by Woden s lifeforce That would be poetic However, this certainly feels like merely an exercise p [...]

    6. I wanted at least one answer to the various questions I have This did not deliver And I m very disappointed Hans is one of my favorite comic artists so on the other hand the art in this issue was a nice treat


    8. Lucifer, Inanna, The Morrigan and Woden star in the 1831 issue of The Wicked The Divine They are nearing the end of their two years as Gods with just weeks to go and they spend a dark night telling everyone their horror stories with some real facts about each other with cruel twists One really interesting thing is that Inanna and Woden are actually sisters by blood, but it took awhile longer for Inanna to be chosen with some special circumstance and they toyed with her before that because I gues [...]

    9. Lovely art, lovely story, lovely choices as inspirations for the gods I ll note that this doesn t really provide relevant information for the modern Pantheon, but it provides information nonetheless.

    10. seriously romanticism is my ultimate favorite literary movement i started screaming from the first reference to the very laST

    11. I loved this little taste of the past It s left me with some questions that I hope are a glimpse into what s coming beginning Issue 23.

    12. I was always sad that The Wicked The Divine was going to be severely constrained by the two year limit, but what a fantastic way to get around it Gillen twists some facts and timelines to reimagine the genesis of Frankenstein The art is lovely The only problem is that it was too short Also, my first digital comic, which I read on Comixology Worked well on a laptop in tablet mode.

    13. Eh I was expecting somethingdifferent, I guess I never got drawn into this story Maybe because I didn t get to spend as much time with this incarnation of the gods Maybe there s something about the time period or the setting this takes place in that I don t get Or maybe it s because we don t get to see these gods interact with mortals, only each other, and I find that interaction to be one of the best parts of the main story Overall I feel like this is a throw away story view spoiler Unless Wode [...]

    14. Legal pra cacete.32 p ginas que valem por 100.Melhor coisa de one shots e coisas do g nero que os bons pegam uma premissa j estabelecida em algum outro lugar j mostram ao que vieram de cara.Conciso, denso, divertido, triste e deprimente ao mesmo tempo.10 10 deveriam lan ar Wicked Divine atrav s das Eras

    15. Interesting, but does basically nothing to add to the story itself You don t lose anything if you don t read this, but on the other hand, if you re waiting for chapters to come out and craving for , might enjoy this.

    16. Will Kieron Gillen stop making references to literature someday Gosh, I hope not Here we have it, Romanticism and the Gothic in comics Yes, there is a big Frankenstein reference as well as hints of other works and writers Anyways I love when gods genderbend, but I wasn t expecting them conceive and marry between them Woden s character design was incredible Hades was a nice addition to the pantheon I might be a little biased, but this issue s at was something else Yes, I love Stephanie Hans art w [...]

    17. so, super angsty in the beginning, but then everything happens and wow pretty solid addition to WicDiv collection.

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