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Destiny Disgraced #2020

Destiny Disgraced The Talon Pack continues with a new twist to the Packs and a revelation no one was prepared for Mitchell Brentwood is aware that others think he s the harsh taskmaster Beta trying to keep his Pack ali

  • Title: Destiny Disgraced
  • Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781943123599
  • Page: 335
  • Format: ebook
  • Destiny Disgraced By Carrie Ann Ryan, The Talon Pack continues with a new twist to the Packs and a revelation no one was prepared for.Mitchell Brentwood is aware that others think he s the harsh taskmaster Beta trying to keep his Pack alive, but they only see what he wants them to know He d once thought he had his path laid out before him, but when his future was violently ripped away, he vowed he d never letThe Talon Pack continues with a new twist to the Packs and a revelation no one was prepared for.Mitchell Brentwood is aware that others think he s the harsh taskmaster Beta trying to keep his Pack alive, but they only see what he wants them to know He d once thought he had his path laid out before him, but when his future was violently ripped away, he vowed he d never let anyone close again especially not a young wolf from a traitorous Pack.Dawn Levin may be younger than the war that destroyed her people, but she knows she must still pay for their sins She s ready to find her way in this new world where wolves and humans blend as one, but first, she needs to fight her attraction to the dark wolf that stands in her way.While the two struggle with their feelings and burning attraction for each other, they can t ignore the world that shakes beneath their feet There is a new enemy on the horizon, one with revenge and the unknown on their minds An adversary that might be closer than they realize.

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      335 Carrie Ann Ryan
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    1 thought on “Destiny Disgraced

    1. Wow Equal parts sexy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and eerie creepy crawly darkness Carrie ann ryan has definitely hit it out of the ballpark with the story of Mitchell and Dawn Mitchell you will really feel so much for He has gone through alot and his devotion to the love he once had is heartbreaking He takes it to a stubborn level But he is also kind and caring, loyal and fierce He comes off as a baddy and he is to an extent But he is also a teddy bear He protects his pack with all that he is a [...]

    2. I struggled to find a book to end the year on a good note so I m glad I found this one I ve read one other book of this author s a while back but I didn t like it But this one, I really liked Will have to read some from this series in the new year

    3. I have been anxiously waiting to read Destiny Disgraced and it didn t disappoint I loved getting to know about Mitchell s back story and it was heart breaking And I loved how Dawn and he finally gave in to what their hearts had already decided for them I did see the twist coming and I can t wait to see what happens next I am definitely looking forward to Walker and Aimee s story next and what is coming for the shifters I was hoping the next book would be Max s but maybe his will be after Walker [...]

    4. Mitchell, the Talon Pack s Beta, knows how people see him, and it s exactly what he wants them to He loves his family, but he prefers to keep part of himself back, the part that doesn t want to get hurt again He s lived through loss once, albeit decades ago, and doesn t want to experience it ever again Even with Dawn, the woman he can t stop thinking about, craving, kissingDawn, a maternal dominant, though born after the war responsible for destroying her people, has resigned herself to paying f [...]

    5. BetaMitchell is the Beta of the Talon pack and Dawn a she wolf from Central pack Life is about to get rocky now and a new pack formed as Dawn and Mitchell find there place and maybe a mating.

    6. WOW This series just keeps getting better New surprises on almost every page give hope for future great reads as well This story features a couple that will pull at your heart strings in the very best way Love, action and intrigue at its very best.

    7. Destiny Disgraced Talon Pack, 6 by Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan s DESTINY DISGRACED is an exalted addition to the Talon Pack series Beta of the Talon Pack, Mitchell Brentwood and Central Pack maternal dominant, Dawn Levin, have different reason for trying to fight their attraction to one another However, unexpected circumstances keep throwing them together This contemporary PNR is suitable for adult audiences.Carrie Ann Ryan continues to do an admiral job with her character development I real [...]

    8. 5 amazing starsCarrie Ann Ryan is one of those authors that i absolutely love to follow her releases because no matter what she prints, you know you re in for a treat, and that s exactly what i got when i picked up Destiny Disgraced Mind you, i haven t read all of the instalments in the Talon Pack series, but what i like about this author is that you can start at any point of the series and still get so immersed in the story that you forget that you missed some parts.4.5 sexy dreams One of the t [...]

    9. Everything Changes Carrie Ann has kept both the Redwood and Talon pack series fresh and new by adding new twists and changes to the plot and characters periodically Destiny Disgraced is another one of those points in that series Mitchell Brentwood has a secret, one he hasn t shared with anyone, one that s affecting the rest of his life One that is directly challenged when he meets Dawn Levin and his wolf responds in a way that he feels betrays him and his past love Not only does he fight the mat [...]

    10. Another chapter in Carrie Ann Ryan s paranormal world begins with Destiny Disgraced After the events of the fifth book, the paranormal world is shaken and the non human creatures are trying to find their place in the world A new enemy has emerged and our beloved characters find out secrets that change the way they saw their world Destiny disgraced might be the sixth book, but it s a new chapter for everyone after the events of the fifth book The mating bonds have change for one And now the whole [...]

    11. Review originally posted at Ruby s Books Disclaimer I received an eARC of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review This does not influence my rating or the content of my review in any way.It seems that I ve been on a roll lately discovering paranormal series that I need to read ASAP and that s making me super happy I ve only read Carrie Ann Ryan s contemporary books, and I am happy that I decided to try out of her work.As I said before, I love to see how each author describ [...]

    12. I really do love this world that Carrie has created both in the Talon Pack series and the Redwood Pack series and how they crossover I couldn t wait to read Mitchell s story and I just knew that Dawn was perfect for him Of course theirs isn t an easy path which has been true of each match made I absolutely adored Dawn She was so strong with so much to deal with as her past didn t make the present any easier I love that Carrie not only gives us warriors in the men she creates, but does the same f [...]

    13. Carrie Ann Ryan has a SURPRISE Trailer Reveal of Destiny Disgraced and I have it posted on my blog, you can see it here nadineisobsessedwithbooks.bloEnjoy

    14. Destiny Disgraced is the sixth book in the Talon Pack series It could easily be read as a standalone, but like any series, it is always enjoyable if you know the back stories of the other characters in the books This is Mitchell, Beta of the Talon Pack and Dawn, sister of the soon to be Alpha of the Central Packs story There is a lot happening in this book and the author throws a completely unexpected twist into the storyline that will impact the future significantly for all shifters I can t wa [...]

    15. Destiny Disgraced Talon Pack Book 6by Carrie Ann Ryan Destiny Disgraced is book 6 in the Talon Pack series I enjoy that this is a fantastic addition into the series It s a interesting book that features a new pack, failures, a double cross, insecurities of a pack, triumphs, and challenges to the pack Carrie Ann Ryan is a talented and gifted author, who continues to give us Awesome books to read no matter what genre Her main characters along with the supporting characters are what makes this book [...]

    16. The constant stress that the packs have lived under since The Unveiling is finally gone They have entered a time of peace However, when you are like the Talon pack, a pack that has lived in stress and unease from within or outside for years, this doesn t necessarily feel better.This is tricky for all of them, especially Mitchell, the Beta of the Talon pack His job is to keep the pack safe, help with the day to day operations of the alpha, but something feels off When he runs an errand for the pa [...]

    17. I am finding myself falling back in love with the Talon Pack A few books back I started to think that things felt stagnant and maybe that Carrie Ann Ryan was trying to refresh the series by taking it in a direction that just took away from the original feel of the series but now that feeling is back and I couldn t be any happier I loved the bit of creepy feel that Carrie Ann added to this story The antagonist of this story is all sorts of f d up Just when you think that the packs are going to be [...]

    18. Hot sexy shifters with lots of action Sign me up I loved Destiny Disgraced This story has a lot of action and a bit of romance to keep all readers happy This book can be read by itself, but it is obvious that there has been stories before this I do not feel I missed out by not reading those other stories, but know that they discuss events from those other stories.It is always refreshing to get a new and unique take on shifter novels I liked that this author took what we know about shifters and p [...]

    19. Destiny Disgraced by Carrie Ann Ryan Book 6 in the Talon Pack series.Such a good book This book is Mitchell and Dawn s story And what a story it is Even though this book is the 6th in the series, it really reads like it s a first book because a whole new story arc is started A new bad guy is introduced, new shifter Packs are revealed, and the shifter world is expanded introducing new characters and new shifters Ms Ryan does an excellent job of creating an ominous feeling of foreboding, teasing t [...]

    20. Wow, just wow with this book Ok, I know I am a huge Carrie Ann Ryan fan and I love all her books whether paranormal or contemporary but this one just blew me away At the end of the last book the war had ended but not without loss and heartbreak And I do mean heartbreak But I know I was left wondering about the mates and happiness for the rest of the Brentwood family Mitch has always been one of my question marks Like why is he so distant from the rest Was his father even horrific to him than so [...]

    21. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader s Copy of this bookIt s been a year since the end of the war and the Unveiling things should be good for the Talon Pack, but something new is coming and it has all the packs on edge.Mitchell is the Talon s beta, he s one yummy but grumpy wolf He s been keeping a secret from his family for years, nothing that could hurt them mind you, but it s a secret from his family and it s a doozy.Dawn is a wolf from the Central pack, well they aren t a real pack yet S [...]

    22. I LOVE THIS SERIES The Talon Pack is one of my favorite shifter series and just keeps getting better and better with every book Mitchell Dawn are probably my second most favorite couple of this series first being Finn Brynn Mitchell is broody and closed off and with a reason I didn t see coming I understand that he lost someone, but that someone, at least to me, didn t really love him for him I understand that what happened to her, put a scar on Mitchell s soul and that is why he is closed off, [...]

    23. While I may not be a newbie to Mrs Ryan s books and writing I am of a newbie to her Paranormal series I ve been a fan ever since the first Montgomery Ink book Though I have read two of Mrs Ryan s paranormal books but those were in the Redwood pack So this is the first one I have read in the Talon Pack Even though this was my first book in the Talon pack I do believe that these books can be read as stand alone s But you may want to read the others so you can understand what s going on and who s, [...]

    24. DESTINY DISGRACED is book six in the Talon Pack series and though it can standalone, it s better to start with book one to get the full effect of all the bonds and connections between characters This is an older man, younger woman second chance paranormal romance wolf shifters Let s talk first about the intricate and elaborate world that Carrie Ann Ryan built WOW, all the little details add so much to the storyline I love that anyone can just pick a book up and start reading but why wouldn t you [...]

    25. As with all of the books in this series, I was drawn in to Destiny Disgraced from page one, my heart hooked on the plight of these two characters and their struggles both alone and within a relationship Carrie Ann Ryan has a way of pulling the heart strings with the obstacles standing in front of her characters, though we see their strengths sometimes their weaknesses are harder to distinguish Mitchell and Dawn both have secrets they ve kept from those they love Secrets they ve kept out of fear [...]

    26. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Mitchell Brentwood is the Beta for the Talon Pack He has keeping a secret from his family and his pack Mitchell is feeling restless since things have calmed down but has an uneasy feeling that something bad is heading their way Dawn is a wolf in the Central Pack who works two jobs while hiding her true identity from her human co workers and friends Dawn has always felt out of sorts and has the feeling that something bad is heading t [...]

    27. This is the 6th book of the Talon Pack series At the end of the last book it concluded the first arc This is the start of the second arc This story centers around Mitchell, the Beta of the Talon Pack and his fated mate Dawn Dawn was one of the Central Pack who in the Redwood series was the main villain Her parents were some of the few who escaped before things really went south in that pack I enjoyed getting a glimpse of how far the pack that wasn t a pack came I also hope the Carrie Ann takes u [...]

    28. Book 6 of the fantastic Talon pack series by the awesome Carrie Ann Ryan Mitchell is Beta with the Talons and seems a tough task master but in reality he is just trying to keep his head above water and forget after still feeling the affects of the war brought on by the central packs Alpha after he made a deal with a demon which then saw most of his own pack slaughtered He has a secret that no one knows and he still thinks something is coming.Dawn is from central pack although she could even clas [...]

    29. Mitchell Brentwood shows how tough it is to be beta He shows how hard it is to let go of the love of your life He also shows that whether you re human or shifter, a man can still insert foot in mouth Dawn Levin has a lot riding on her shoulders She tries to blend both her human and wolf side She has a side that must be kept hidden for the safety of her friends But she underestimates those friends She s an independent woman but there seems to be something missing in her life.Our author does a gre [...]

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