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Crime Song #2020

Crime Song Frank Marr a masterly piece of characterization Tana French is back Marr a retired D C police detective working as a private eye for a defense attorney has a serious problem He is secretly a drug ad

  • Title: Crime Song
  • Author: David Swinson
  • ISBN: 9780316466370
  • Page: 488
  • Format: ebook
  • Crime Song By David Swinson, Frank Marr a masterly piece of characterization Tana French is back Marr, a retired D.C police detective working as a private eye for a defense attorney, has a serious problem He is secretly a drug addict, and his long time supply of cocaine is about to run out.While staking out an upscale nightclub in an attempt to target the stash houses of dealers from whom toFrank Marr a masterly piece of characterization Tana French is back.Marr, a retired D.C police detective working as a private eye for a defense attorney, has a serious problem He is secretly a drug addict, and his long time supply of cocaine is about to run out.While staking out an upscale nightclub in an attempt to target the stash houses of dealers from whom to steal for his fix, he settles on a target a young college student After a long night in pursuit of his quarry, Marr returns home to find he has been burglarized Though his drugs are safe, several items are missing his.38 revolver and his cherished music collection with dozens of albums belonging to his deceased mother Marr immediately begins investigating the crime himself.But when the dealer Marr had been following is stabbed to death in his own fortified home, Frank is certain that the burglary and murder are related With good cops, bad cops, and exceptionally dangerous drug lords on his tail, Frank is determined to find out the truth, even if it kills him This time, it just might.

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      David Swinson

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    1. I m between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I ll round up.Retired DC police detective Frank Marr returns in Crime Song, the second book in David Swinson s great series Frank is, for lack of a better term, a total mess His addiction to cocaine and alcohol got so bad that he was forced to resign from the police force, so now he works as a private investigator, making just enough to live and mostly support his drug habit.He agrees to do a favor for his somewhat estranged aunt, who helped raise him after his mo [...]

    2. Second in series w Frank Marr, former narcotics detective and now P.I still living with his addiction to cocaine and alcohol.A case gets too personal and Frank makes some bad decisions along the way to making sure the bad guys get nailed.Frank is a unique character Anxious to see next in series whether Frank continues to self destruct or can come back from the brink.Swinson relies on his own police experience to good effect Depicts life on the mean streets of D.C well.

    3. I enjoyed this book than I thought I would.It was not too slow and not too fast And the mystery of it all was good The author s experience as a cop really lended itself well to the story And I really enjoyed his writing I would recommend this book to others

    4. I read this book first, and haven t read The Second Girl yet, so I can t comment on the continuation of the Frank Marr series However, as a standalone, Crime Song absolutely delivers The atmosphere is perfect and the dialogue spot on I love snappy, gritty, street dialogue, reminiscent of El Leonard or classic hardboiled detective stories I would definitely recommend Crime Song for any fans of mysteries or thrillers and particularly for readers who enjoy a dark detective tale.

    5. this is 2 in the Frank Marr series that came out this year and while pretty good, not quite as strong as the first one Frank is still working as a private investigator in the DC area and yes he is still a functioning drug addict this is the element that makes Frank unique and interesting for me to read about the case this time involves burglaries, drug dealers and a murder that hits close to home a good page turner, just not as interesting as the case in the first book, but still 4 stars and I l [...]

    6. Cocaine If you got that lose, you want to kick them blues, cocaineWhen your day is done, and you want to ride on cocaineShe don t lie, she don t lie, she don t lie,Cocaine Drugs, drug dealers, dirty bad cops, dirty good ex cops, and drugs.This was a fast moving read, like it was high on something.Frank Marr, an ex cop forced into early retirement for you guessed it drug abuse, now a private investigator searching for the killer of his cousin in his home.I liked Frank An enigma Even with all his [...]

    7. This is the first book I have read by David Swinson, and the second in his Frank Marr series The author himself was a police detective for 16 years with the Washington D.C Metropolitan Police Department Frank Marr, the protagonist in this story, is now a private investigator, after retiring from the Washington D.C Police, due to his serious cocaine habit, which he is having a terrible time trying to rid himself of His current job is working for his aunt to keep an eye on his nephew, Jeffrey, who [...]

    8. I received an ARC of this book, and I was so glad I did I would give it four and a half stars I continued to fall in love with the flawed character of Frank Marr in this book, and I really enjoyed the development of his character in this book It was interesting to see a bit of the softer side of him exposed at times due to the fact that the crime he was investigating hit very close to home Some of the events that took place towards the end of the book left me wondering what s next for Frank Agai [...]

    9. I was totally blown away by the first book in this series, this one was good, but not quite as compelling, in my opinion Still, the misadventures of the multi addicted, ethically challenged and sometimes brutal protagonist make this a worthwhile and harrowing ride through the mean streets of D.C.

    10. The second instalment of a top notch series Retired detective, current PI, Frank Marr is probably the most refreshingly flawed protagonist to come down the pike in a good long while The writing is fast, the dialogue spot on Looking forward to 3 already.

    11. Less of a breathless thrill ride than THE SECOND GIRL, but Frankie Marr s character is wonderfully developed and deepened and left in a pretty dark place Can t wait for Book 3

    12. Frank Marr was a star narcotics detective with the DC police until his addictions to alcohol and cocaine forced him into early retirement Now barely eking out a living as a PI, Marr gets a call from his aunt and agrees to check up on his cousin Jeffrey who has been cutting classes at George Washington University Marr tracks Jeffrey to a nightclub and quickly sees him engaged in some low level drug dealing But then Marr s own home is burglarized and the dead body in the kitchen is Jeffrey s Marr [...]

    13. Second book in a series and I didn t read the first, Brought it home from the library because it was on the newly released mystery shelf and I like flawed characters Boy was I in for an eye opener gritty, tense, stood alone with a few references to an earlier case I suspect was from the first book I liked Frank as the flawed person he was As a woman, I was glad I wasn t dating him but I believed he liked the right people and tried to even scores I worried that in real life he would be dead of an [...]

    14. I liked this book much than I expected to I didn t realize it is the second in a series, but I enjoyed it enough to go back and read the first.

    15. Frankie Marrwhat a mess Enjoyed the characters, gritty story , hard not to like Frank.I ll pick up the first book, The Second Girl.

    16. Crime SongMysterious Book Report No 295by John Dwaine McKennaLast winter, in MBR No 275 The Second Girl, we introduced our audience to an ex Washington D.C cop turned crime fiction writer named David Swinson, who s created one of the best anti heros to come down the pike in, I dunno, like forever He s a retired D.C cop turned private investigator named Frank Frankie Marr The fictional character is a man with a habit, a former Narc, now a narcaholic, always jonesing for a snort or a swig, or a 1 [...]

    17. It s not very often that I read an author s books back to back but that s just what I ve done here, in that I had barely finished David Swinson s The Second Girl when I knew I just had to read Crime Song immediately after This is the second of the Frank Marr series of novels to feature the cocaine addicted, ex Police Detective now turned P.I working out of Washington D.C In this case Frank s house has been burgled and among other things his beloved vinyl cd collection, which included his decease [...]

    18. David Swindon s Crime Song is the 2nd in his Frank Marr series, and likely the last I ll read Swindon can write and tell a story, but when your good guy has an insatiable appetite for drugs and a tendency to get himself involved in all sorts of bad situations because of it, it s tough to find a rooting interest He mines the same sort of material as does the great George Pelecanos both geographically and story wise , but where Pelecanos characters often have tough backgrounds and pull some shady [...]

    19. My thanks to Mulholland Books for sending me a hardcover copy for review a first for me I was very pleased to read David Swinson s second book in this entertaining series that features retired DC Narcotics detective, now working as a PI, Frank Marr As I mentioned in my first review, Marr is a very complex anti hero a guy we really want to like, but whose overwhelming addictions to cocaine, Klonopin, Jameson, etc make that a tall order As with the initial book, the pacing of Crime Song is fabulou [...]

    20. This is the second book in the Frank Marr series written by former Metropolitan Police MPD Detective David Swinson Frank Marr is a former MPD Detective who after 17 years on the job, mostly working for the departments Narcotics Special Investigation Division NSID is accidently caught with a positive drug test MPD not wanting to risk overturning loads of cases because of a drug addicit detective gives him a choice, retire quitely on a partial pension or go to prision Marr chooses retirement and b [...]

    21. Another terrific crime murder mystery about Frank Marr, our drug addict PI, who may just get his act together Frank is trailing his cousin, Jeffrey Baldwin, who is enrolled in college in D.C Jeffrey is meddling with drugs and some dangerous dealers, Eugene Ray Wrayburn who work a nightclub where Officer Willy Jasper and his side kick, Wyatt Morris, cover several night a week.Marr returns home and finds Jeffery dead in the kitchen and his album CD TV stereo equipment and gun stolen As Marr attemp [...]

    22. I very much enjoyed this book The PI ex police was so flawed and so likable it was hard not to become part of the story how he managed to be a dope fiend and a protector of the downtrodden and just plain innocent, using his previous police experience I think his demise in the MPDC was his drug use but it was the fact that he completely faced it and embraced it and wasn t asking for folks to join him He was very lucky to be alive since the combinations of drugs he took should have killed him This [...]

    23. I didn t plan on reading the sequel to The Second Girl but when I saw Crime Song in the library, I picked it up What the hey, I thought.Frank Marr is at it again And not just boozing, smoking, and drugging A surveillance case turns personal when a relative ends up dead in his home He takes it upon himself to discover the thief and murderer and lands himself amid druggies, drug smuggling, a robbery ring and a crooked cop Marr sacrifices his personal integrity what little is left to right some wro [...]

    24. I like flawed protagonists in crime novels, but for their flaws to be real the character also needs some existential angst When I read The Second Girl by David Swinson I thought Frank Marr was going to be added to my list of favorite damaged heroes But, in Crime Song Swinson s second Marr novel, Marr did not meet my expectations.A former detective with the Washington, D.C police, who was pushed into early retirement, Marr now works as a P.I His college age cousin Jeffrey is murdered in Marr s ho [...]

    25. Many thanks to and Mulholland Books for my first time Giveaways win Woohoo All I now have to do is give an unbiased review Crime Song by David Swinson was excellent and I can highly recommend it A must read for all fans of American crime fiction especially if you like George Pelecanos and El Leonard You ll find no clever serial killers or grand heists within these pages this is firmly rooted in the everyday reality of street crime and their consequences These novels ,for me,succeed or fail on th [...]

    26. If you can handle a really smart and self aware PI who snorts prodigious amounts of cocaine, keeps a sports bottle of Jameson on hand as a whistle wetter, and smooths it all out with a hit or two of klonopin, then Frank Marr is the guy for you.This is book two of a series, but it s where I started In book one, Frank is ushered into early retirement for crime solving misbehavior on the DC police force Frank was well liked on the force, and has kept his relationships, so when his apartment is robb [...]

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