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Milczenie lodu #2020

Milczenie lodu Islandzki fenomen nieznany autor ma e wydawnictwo brak promocji a mimo to wiatowy sukces Dlaczego Milczenie lodu to nie tylko krymina wed ug najlepszych wzor w skandynawskiego noir J nasson po mist

  • Title: Milczenie lodu
  • Author: Ragnar Jónasson Radosław Januszewski
  • ISBN: 9788324155019
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Milczenie lodu By Ragnar Jónasson Radosław Januszewski, Islandzki fenomen nieznany autor, ma e wydawnictwo, brak promocji, a mimo to wiatowy sukces Dlaczego Milczenie lodu to nie tylko krymina wed ug najlepszych wzor w skandynawskiego noir J nasson po mistrzowsku opowiada o ludziach i zbrodni, uczuciach i samotno ci Jego bohater to nie znu ony, cyniczny detektyw, tylko m ody policjant, niedosz y ksi dz, naznaczony bolesn Islandzki fenomen nieznany autor, ma e wydawnictwo, brak promocji, a mimo to wiatowy sukces Dlaczego Milczenie lodu to nie tylko krymina wed ug najlepszych wzor w skandynawskiego noir J nasson po mistrzowsku opowiada o ludziach i zbrodni, uczuciach i samotno ci Jego bohater to nie znu ony, cyniczny detektyw, tylko m ody policjant, niedosz y ksi dz, naznaczony bolesn przesz o ci.Prawdy nie ukryje ani l d, ani noc polarna Nawet je li b d milcze Siglufj rdur, ma e rybackie miasteczko na p nocy Islandii, jest jak pu apka Wci ni te w g boki fi ord, rzadko widzi s o ce Zim odbieraj cy si y mrok trwa kilka miesi cy Jedyna droga, kt r mo na st d uciec, prowadzi przez stary tunel zasypany niegiem niedost pny a do wiosny Tu nikt nikomu nie ufa Wszyscy wiedz o sobie wszystko i wszyscy milcz.Ari Th r Arason chcia by filozofem, studiowa teologi , ale sko czy szko policyjn Pierwsz prac znalaz w a nie tu Nie jest to dobre miejsce dla kogo , kto nie pogodzi si ze swoim yciem i nie ma zbyt grubej sk ry.Krwawy lad na niegu, zab jstwo m odej kobiety, dziwna mier s awnego pisarza Ari Th r wbrew wszystkim musi przedrze si przez lodow barier , kt r odgrodzili si mieszka cy i wnikn w ich przesz o Wydarzenia sprzed lat zaczynaj splata si z tera niejszo ci.Kr g podejrzanych zacie nia si , ledztwo staje si coraz bardziej osobiste Okruchy prawdy stopniowo uk adaj si w ca o RAGNAR J NASSON jest wielkim islandzkim odkryciem wiatowej literatury kryminalnej Pisarskiego rzemios a uczy si , t umacz c powie ci Agathy Christie Milczenie lodu, rozpoczynaj ce cykl Mroczna wyspa lodu, ukaza o si w ma ym, dopiero zaczynaj cym dzia alno wydawnictwie, bez szerokiej promocji i marketingu Mimo to powie wynios a autora na pierwsze miejsce listy u i zosta a nominowana do najwa niejszej ameryka skiej nagrody gatunku Barry Award Milczenie nocy jest drug powie ci w tej serii Telewizyjne prawa do ca ego cyklu z Arim Th rem kupi brytyjski producent On the Corner, kt ry w 2016 r zdoby Oscara za pe nometra owy film dokumentalny o Amy Winehouse J nasson mieszka w Reykjaviku z on i dwiema c rkami Na co dzie pracuje jest jako prawnik i wyk adowca prawa autorskiego.

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      211 Ragnar Jónasson Radosław Januszewski
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    1. Oh boy, I officially have a major book boyfriend crush on Ari Thor along with a large gaggle of other women no doubt What started out as a slow burning noir suddenly turned into a twisty, fast paced mystery around the half way point This is technically listed as book 2 in the Dark Iceland series, but for those of us who are reading in english rather than icelandic, this is our beginning The first third of the book does a nice job setting up our story we get a good amount of the current state of [...]

    2. She lay in the middle of the garden, like a snow angel.From a distance she appeared peaceful.Her arms splayed from her sides She wore a faded pair of jeans and was naked from the waist up, her long hair around her like a coronet in the snow snow that shouldn t be that shade of red.A pool of blood had formed around her.Her skin seemed to be paling alarmingly fast, taking on the colour of marble, as if in response to the striking crimson that surrounded her.Her lips were blue Her shallow breath ca [...]

    3. It is so incredibly cold here, near zero or below for several days The perfect time to settle in with this story Although here we are without snow When newly commissioned police officer, Ari Thor grabs the job in Siglufjorour, the only offer on the table, his live in girlfriend refuses to leave Reykjavik He sets out alone hoping to maintain a long distance relationship until she changes her mind.He arrives in the small town, a town enclosed by mountains, people who all know each other, finds him [...]

    4. An incredible mix of Scandi noir and classic detective fiction.The young policeman, Ari Thor, is a wonderful creation intelligent, earnest, impulsive, unsure, self reflective, troubled So human in his thinking and behaviour Jonasson s decision to make Ari Thor a newbie, both as a detective and member of the town, gives the character a fresh perspective, quite unlike most of the main protagonists in contemporary crime fiction He is in charge of nothing and is frequently overruled in his opinions [...]

    5. Snowblind is one of the most beautifully written crime novels I have ever come across the depth of character, the truly gorgeous descriptive prose that puts you right on the spot despite the claustrophobic quality of the world that Ari finds himself in I fell utterly in love with Iceland simply through the words on the page.Story is everything though really, no matter the book you are reading and Ragnar Jonasson has written one hell of a story dark, unrelenting in places, magically constructed t [...]

    6. Genre MysteryPace Relaxed to slowThe first 70% of this story was so relaxed and slow that I kept falling asleep less than an hour into reading this story each time I also lost count after ten of how many POVs there were I didn t mind the relaxed pace of the story but some areas felt too draggy and that s probably why this story acted like a sleep aid as opposed to a thrilling crime novel The upside There wasn t a million flashback scenes and the story was told from the beginning none of that f [...]

    7. Here is a scandi nordic crime series worth reading Snowblind by Ragnar J nasson is the first novel in his Dark Iceland series The setting is fantastic The novel takes place in Northern Iceland in an old fishing village that only has one mountain pass to get into During the winter avalanches happen on a regular basis and nobody can get in or out of the town, causing panic for some of it s inhabitants, mostly those newly arrived What s really interesting is that everyone lives in complete darkness [...]

    8. This book is the author s first to be translated into English It was interesting, although mostly plodding along slowly Much was made of the darkness, the snowy weather, and claustrophobia created by the surrounding mountains, but I didn t really feel it I looked up Siglufj rdur, Iceland on Apple Maps and it is a very isolated, small village near the Arctic Circle That helped the atmosphere of the book The crimes can be found in any old crime novel, but how they are handled in this book are kind [...]

    9. I was seeing Snowblind everywhere All over social media it was being talked about and I was kindly given an actual copy by the publisher which totally made my day so a huge thanks for that.The book reads like an old fashioned whodunnit with great characterisations, twisty plotting that doesn t give much away and great place settings It tells the story of Ari Thor, a newly qualified police officer, who accepts a position of work in a remote part of Iceland, Siglufjordur A small fishing town with [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the protagonist s introduction as a new police officer in a tiny town in the arctic circle I caught the feeling of claustrophobia in the heavy snowfall and isolationd ended up finishing the book outside in the sunshine this afternoon I liked the characters and the setting and I d love to read the follow up set in this town during Spring Hopefully it will be released in the U.S soon.

    11. Snowblind has been widely acclaimed this year As soon as I started reading, I could see why so many readers had fallen in love with it Snowblind is the first in a series of books by Icelandic author Ragnar Jonnason It has been translated into English by Quentin Bates.Snowblind takes us into a small isolated community in the north of Iceland, a place where everyone knows everyone and it takes forever for newcomers to integrate Into this peaceful and dull environment, we follow Ari Thor a young po [...]

    12. Honestly I had hoped this book would live up to all the hype it certainly did and then some Written so fluidly you can turn the pages quickly get immersed into Iceland within a few pages A twist on a good old fashioned hometown mystery that was highly entertaining I m kind of glad I m late to the game on this series bc now I can binge read them all at once Thanks to Minotaur books for this copy in exchange for review

    13. I will preface this by saying that I adore Nordic Scandinavian mysteries I like that they are slow, methodical, exacting and every single detail is important I love that when I m finished reading them I have learned something that I didn t know before either about the location, the people, an ethnicity, something They aren t just another I killed a woman with a gun, I m a sick bastard, book.That said, this is the American debut of the international bestselling author Ragnar Jonasson s mystery I [...]

    14. Check out my video book review youtu TYw7pgVZjvIFind this other reviews at reallyintothis Happy Reading I first saw this book from Abby s Crime by the Book Instagram account tried to get my hands on it about a year ago I couldn t find it, so I moved on This book is categorized as Nordic Noir I believe Abby is a resident expert on the subject I kept thinking about Snowblind thankfully it was released in the US this year.The first thing I was Really Into with this book is Ragnar s ability to make [...]

    15. Superficial, thin, lame ending that you could see a mile off Scandi noir can be very dark and depressing but this doesn t even come close Other reviewers state you can really sense the claustrophobic atmosphere in this book but that s probably because the writer keeps going on and on about the main character constantly feeling you guessed it claustrophobic Too many other characters in a very short novel make the storyline confusing and hard to follow despite its simplistic plot And the epilogue [...]

    16. First of Jonasson s books to be published in English Ari Thor can t find his calling until he joins the police academy, and finds a position in a remote village on Iceland s northern coast, estranging him from his girlfriend A celebrity dies and Ari suspects foul play The beauty of this book is the author s portrayal of this small town s desolation, and the depth of the characters Looking forward to the next one.

    17. Ari Th r Arason is a young police officer so keen to start his career that he accepts the first post he s offered in Siglufj r ur, a past its prime fishing village in a northern fjord Leaving his girlfriend Krist n in Reykjavik, Ari Th r travels hundreds of miles north and finds himself in an intimate, old fashioned community, accessible only by an ominous looking tunnel and cut off from the outside world when it snows heavily which it often does His boss cheerfully announces nothing ever happen [...]

    18. Snowblind is the first of his Dark Iceland quintet, with a pitch perfect translation by Jonasson s fellow Scandibrit crime author, Quentin Bates, for the UK market Snowblind has given rise to one of the biggest buzzes in the crime fiction world, and refreshingly usurps the cast iron grip of the present obsession with domestic noir Introducing Ari Thor, a young police officer from Reykjavik, who takes up a posting in the small northern community of Siglufjordur, leaving behind not only the city, [...]

    19. Nothing ever happens here That should have been Ari Thor s first clue that something out of the ordinary was about to transpire Eventually I say eventually because Ragnar Jonasson s Snowblind is not a fast paced, action packed thriller I would hardly call it a thriller at all It has been labeled Nordic Noir, and although I m no expert, that is probably a better description.This slowly developing story is set in Siglufjordur, a sleepy fishing village on the northern coast of Iceland I like to be [...]

    20. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipAri Thor accepts his first job with a police force in a remote Iceland town leaving behind the big city and his girlfriend, Kristin Almost immediately he second guesses his decision to relocate as Siglufj r ur is a small town and he is made to feel like an outsider As a rookie officer and the new face in town, he has many obstacles to overcome and when one resident dies and another is found badly injured he begins to realize that though the residents [...]

    21. Student Ari Thor is living in Reykjavik Iceland with his fiance He has studied philosophy and theology but neither has helped him come to terms with his feelings of being alone in an indifferent universe following the death of his parents when he was a young boy Now he is in the police academy and seems to have found his place Much to the dismay of his fiance, he has been offered a job in a remote town, practically in the arctic circle He goes, finding himself very much an outsider in this place [...]

    22. Ari Th r Arason is a rookie cop, offered his first posting in the remote fishing village of Siglufj r ur in Northern Iceland The town is so remote that it can only be reached by passing through a mountain tunnel The residents have been there that long, most born and bred in town, that everyone knows everyone, and as the newcomer, Ari Th r has a job on his hands just to be accepted in the community Daubed The Reverend due to his theological studies at college, Ari Th r is told early on by his bos [...]

    23. Welcome to Ragnar J nasson s world of Dark Iceland and the village of Siglufj rdur Now prepare for things to get just a little uncomfortable When rookie cop Ari Th r Arason accepts his first posting to the remote northern fishing village of Siglufj rdur, he has little or no idea of what he is undertaking Cast adrift from girlfriend Krist n in Reykjavik and eager to begin his career in the force, Ari Th r is considered as something of a novelty by the locals In a village where the clear expectati [...]

    24. Snowblind is our introduction to the authentic and changeable atmosphere of the Dark Iceland series with chief characters you can t help but warm to, despite the extreme weather conditions and their colossal indiscretions.So here we are Siglufj r ur, Iceland, in 2008 A single tunnel leading in and out may isolate the town but fails to protect it from the unseen jeopardies that lie ahead.Ari Th r Arason is a new police officer from Reykjavik who accepts a position at the small police station in S [...]

    25. Snowblind Dazzled by the snowSnowblind by the Icelandic author Ragnar J nasson is a dazzling debut and an absolute joy that we can now read this translation in English None of the suffocating atmosphere of Siglufj rdur in the north of Iceland in the dark cold winter is lost the frozen cold north oozes through the pages The writing is clear and as crisp as virgin snow written in a wonderful style where you are grabbed by the throat this thriller does not let go until the end.Ari Th r Arasan is st [...]

    26. Endless days of gray sky set and snow set the stage for me to sit down to read Snow Blind, we haven t seen the sun in days Nestled in my comfortable chair in front of the fireplace, I settle into a small town close to the arctic circle were rookie Ari Thor has taken a his first position as a police officer Shortly after his arrival, a local celebrity is found dead, Ari Thor is drawn to a woman who is not his girlfriend and a partially naked woman is found laying in the snow While not an action p [...]

    27. There is a delightfully sweet, old fashioned feel to this story, with a limited cast of characters and suspects and a remote village cut off by a snowstorm But it s also got that arctic Nordic chill sweeping through it, hugely atmospheric Ari Thor as the main detective is not all knowing, all wise and all courageous, but just a young rookie, full of ideas some good, some not so good , unsure of himself and his future, trying to do a decent job Very realistic and likeable.

    28. Ragner Jonasson Some brilliant writing A very mild crime novel I loved the feeling of the town, and I would love to visit Cleverly put through I think you have potential to be honest The storyline was too weak in my opinion Constructive criticism, Ragner I m certainly looking forward to your next Your writing is exceptional Characters got confused at some point, and it was hard to keep up with it I would recommend this book to anyone The dialog is brilliant.

    29. A fantastic mystery which really evokes the small town mindset and the implications of secrets amongst those who live close to you You can feel the cold and the claustrophobic boredom of being trapped by snow into a small village.I really loved the character of young police officer Ari Thor and am looking forward to reading from Siglufj r ur.

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