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Sayonara, Gangsters #2020

Sayonara Gangsters If you ve ever despaired of expressing yourself you ll read Sayonara Gangsters and understand Set in a facetious near future that is both mind bendingly bizarre and achingly familiar Sayonara Gangs

  • Title: Sayonara, Gangsters
  • Author: Genichiro Takahashi Michael Emmerich
  • ISBN: 9781932234053
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sayonara, Gangsters By Genichiro Takahashi Michael Emmerich, If you ve ever despaired of expressing yourself, you ll read Sayonara, Gangsters and understand Set in a facetious near future that is both mind bendingly bizarre and achingly familiar Sayonara, Gangsters is an inventive novel about language, expression and the creative process that unfolds through hilarious sketches The peaceful if bizarre life of a poetry teacher is fIf you ve ever despaired of expressing yourself, you ll read Sayonara, Gangsters and understand Set in a facetious near future that is both mind bendingly bizarre and achingly familiar Sayonara, Gangsters is an inventive novel about language, expression and the creative process that unfolds through hilarious sketches The peaceful if bizarre life of a poetry teacher is forever transformed by a group of terrorists called the gangsters in what is, incredibly, a semi autobiographical novel On this literary gonzo trip in which a man of letters finds out, too late, that flirting with extremist politics can have unsavoury consequences for one s mind, we encounter the likes of Virgil, the refrigerator a memorable three dimensional character and Henry IV the feline aficionado of books Endlessly resourceful, relentlessly erudite, but always accessible, Sayonara, Gangsters is a unique masterpiece of literary postmodernism that aims to entertain rather than to intimidate From the outrageous beginning, which reads like an oblique reference to the war on terror but is no such thing it was written than twenty years ago , to the sobering, devastating end, through the lyrical, poignant middle, Takahashi s legendary first novel is candy for your brain Sayonara, Gangsters is a must read for all fans of world literature, available for the first time in English.

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      161 Genichiro Takahashi Michael Emmerich
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    1 thought on “Sayonara, Gangsters

    1. Sometimes writers like to experiment with form or style or storytelling, which is fine by me as long as the story itself isn t sacrificed in the process Takahashi goes one step further it s almost as if he is not only experimenting with the writing style, but also with how a person will read his novel I wish I could give a better description of what I mean Within the pages of this novel you will find heartache, murder, hilarity, the absurd, Virgil the refridgerator, a cat who likes Thomas Mann, [...]

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    3. I ve said a lot of good things about this book, but after reading it for the third time even accounting for the huge change in my tastes over the last few years , I m pleasantly surprised to find it lives up to all of them Sayonara Gtrangers is deeply strange, formally conscious and smart, but also compulsively readable, endlessly funny, and held together by a strong sense of human tragedy There are too many good parts to list, but The Fat Gangster s speach and everything involving Caraway, Henr [...]

    4. This is unlike anything I ve ever read, and it was influential and amazing because of it To put it in perspective, when writing this novel, Takahasi was struggling to regain his understanding of language after a traumatic experience in prison This resonates throughout the novel, which feels chaotic and eccentric, all because it is from the perspective of an intelligent and learned individual who is just learning the meaning of truth, perspective, and the complexities of reality I by no means und [...]

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    6. Sayonara, Gangsters is a Richard Brautigan book if Richard Brautigan was still alive and Japanese.

    7. Who doesn t like novels about people who work in poetry schools, give each other new names after passionate sex, feed cats milk and vodka, and then face down a group of unbelievably murderous gangsters Occasionally precious but usually charming and hilarious Sayonara, Gangsters.

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    11. Oh, this is the kind of book I like It s funny, it s chaotic, it s smart.I guess I don t have a lot to say about it It s a very western feeling novel, but with enough japanese oddness to keep it fresh and interesting.Yes, definitely recommend, if only so you can enjoy a pretty wild ride.

    12. Qu l u r i t i m i c m t m ch m t cu n ti u thuy t L do h i n o, t i ch c nh ng c i g ng n V th c xong cu n s ch, t i ngh , gi m n th th ch h n n a, kh h n n a, x o tr n h n n a, qu n nh h n n a, th ca h n n a.

    13. Sayonara, Gangsters is not made for a reader expecting a straightforward narrative Unlike a river that runs straight through a narrative, this is like a landslide where each of the elements crash against each other, leaving a cloud of dust and extreme destruction Without a doubt, it is a postmodern novel that should be read much like Pynchon, Kafka, and even Vonnegut There are elements of poetry, classic literature such as Ovid and Virgil, and an extended I think joke about Thomas Mann It is obt [...]

    14. To talk about this book is to put meta and post before each thing you d like to say about it.It s experimental in all the ways possible Often such experimental books tend to be difficult to read, understand or feel Takahashi makes it so important in his writing of his book, that you thoroughly enjoy the process of reading it Maybe because he himself was struggling at the point with expressing through language It is a big lesson at how postmodernism can work along with simplicity A bigger and im [...]

    15. Awful People who want to become artists but find they have no talent for it always tend to flee into weirdness for the sake of weirdness, betting on the public reaction It s incomprehensible, it must be profound Good bet, bad book.

    16. Sayonara Gangsters is a pretty great first published novel by one of the godfathers of the Japanese postmodern novel It reads very 1960s, from Richard Brautigan s forlorn whimsy to Woody Allen s comic absurdities I cannot read Japonese, but the translation seems to take a lot of its voice from Richard Brautigan no complaints so did I , and the ever mutating structure reminds me of the best of Mark Leyner but much less frenetic The best way to describe this might be as a funny Borges, much cuter [...]

    17. This is such a random but good book The plot is interesting and my favorite thing was that you receive a warning saying when you re going to die but you can talk after it happens There were some sad parts but they were quickly forgotten Very easy to read because of the extremely short chapters.

    18. Sayonara, Gangsters plays by its own rules The novel, written by Genichiro Takahashi, is a futuristic tale where people are no longer given names and where illustrious gangsters are revered The story does follow a cohesive timeline, but the scenes are absurd to the reader yet normal within the realms of its own universe Sometimes these scenes come off as humorous, other times it comes off as tragic.The plot follows a man named Sayonara, Gangsters this name is given to him by his girlfriend, who [...]

    19. AnnotationsThe inside jacket of my edition of the book describes the setting as a facetious near future I think facetious is the key adjective to use for Sayonara Gangsters I would describe the world in the book as dystopian the gangsters have gained control of the government and are dictating who survives, and the ways of the past have become legend However, unlike the classics 1984 and A Handmaid s Tale, the narrator describes things flippantly and there is quite a bit of humor throughout Ovid [...]

    20. Sayonara, Gangsters feels like a story less interested in telling itself and interested in discovering itself The constant naming and renaming of lovers suggests a preoccupation with identity and its mutability As characters are named again and again, over and over, ad nauseum, they begin to lose shape and return to their formless state that they occupied in the story s beginnings.It feels like a book that invites interpretation but also one that moves against interpretation Is it a thing that [...]

    21. Possibly either the most narratively cohesive book of poems or the most schizoid multi part novel you ve ever read 1.2.5 I teach poetry at a poetry school It makes me feel very odd to say I teach poetry at a poetry school It makes me feel sort of like a bellboy at the old Imperial Hotel in Tokyo trying his best to maintain a posture as stiff as a rod while holding a tray with a chilled beer on it when right next to him Katharine Ross is carefully rinsing out the inner recesses of her vagina with [...]

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    23. I thoroughly enjoyed Takahashi s novel while I hesitate to label it as such because it does not fit the norm , but that might be because the amount of anxiety that I read throughout the novel was relatable The anxiety stemmed from mostly from the poetry teacher who finds himself contemplating what he is actually doing, and if he is doing enough On a larger scale, Takahashi s novel expresses the anxiety linked to uncertain identity, expectations, how well you know people in your life, and your na [...]

    24. Sayonara, Gangsters is a complex mix of themes like communication, love, identity, and the body In this book we see the structure of society changing as the way people identify themselves changing Eventually, this leads to a world where the only names you truly know are your lovers However, names have a personal meaning, because they are chosen by your lover, not your parents Unlike the traditional ways of naming, the name is defined by you, instead of you being defined by your name I would say [...]

    25. I was so thoroughly drawn in by the foreword of this book, by the idea of a tribe of Gangsters killing Presidents no matter what they did to try and thwart their violence Then, the book took a complete 90 degree turn and instead investigated the life of a single man who once had a daughter, who describes his sex life in detail, and who teaches poetry I saw this book as a series of absurd vignettes I saw the poetry pieces as a little pedantic His extremely thinly veiled symbolism about how to wri [...]

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