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Deathbringer #2020

Deathbringer Hannah Starke was the first to die And the first to come back In the small town of Dandridge they all come back The buried claw their way out of their graves The recently killed get up and kill As the

  • Title: Deathbringer
  • Author: Bryan Smith
  • ISBN: 9780843956771
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Deathbringer By Bryan Smith, Hannah Starke was the first to die And the first to come back In the small town of Dandridge they all come back The buried claw their way out of their graves The recently killed get up and kill As the dead attack the living, the number of the dead continues to grow And the odds against the living get worse and worse In the middle of it all stands a dark, shadowy figHannah Starke was the first to die And the first to come back In the small town of Dandridge they all come back The buried claw their way out of their graves The recently killed get up and kill As the dead attack the living, the number of the dead continues to grow And the odds against the living get worse and worse In the middle of it all stands a dark, shadowy figure, a stranger in town with an unspeakable goal If he is successful, death will rule Dandridge and the terror will continue to spread until all hope is lost Who can defeat an army of the living dead Who can stand face to face against the DEATHBRINGER

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      Bryan Smith

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    1. A rogue Deathbringer as members of the global society of reapers are known initiates an apocalyptic plot in order to gain ultimate power As a night of terror and blood unfolds in Dandridge, TN, an unstoppable army of sentient living dead rises to destroy the living for the rogue reaper, who seeks to wipe out all of humanity.The Dead just won t stay dead.They want to add to their ranks by killing and consuming the living.So what we have is a book containing a relationship gone sadly wrong Gore, G [...]

    2. Imagine a sunny carefree day with things going peachy when suddenly you are dropped in the middle of violence and murder, sprinkle in some zombie like flesh craving victims that don t want to stay down, a creepy hooded guy traveling with a mysterious book, a gang of young people and some bad deceptive characters and you have a crazy romp through the night that doesn t want to leave you in peace this was a whacky horror book, bit too silly in some parts where magic was concerned but intriguing in [...]

    3. The swift pacing and interesting telling gave this zombie invasion a fresh take I like the Deathbringer and how it affected the inhabitants of Dandridge Even bloodthirsty and crazed with homicidal violence, the characters were likable If you understood their single minded mission that is.

    4. First, the positive stuff The book was easy to get into Writing is simple and easily adapted to as the reader is dragged through the messy, gory ride The super quick pace makes it fly by Action is always happening, even if you don t necessarily care about all of it.The story is a zombie tale with an unusual plot overshadowing it with different twists added to the genre Instead of people just randomly rising from the dead for some bizarre reason, a deathbringer kind of a like a reaper has decided [...]

    5. This is my second reading of Deathbringer, the first Bryan Smith novel I ever read This is the new revised version I don t remember the original version well enough to cite specific differences, but the new version felt like a faster, smoother read I remember feeling like the original version bogged down in the second half Truthfully, this could be just a different perspective from me years later as I have since become a major fan of Mr Smith This isn t as over the top as some of the later, wel [...]

    6. A rogue reaper attempts to bring about the destruction of humankind in this revision of Bryan Smith s second published work 06 Enjoyable read complete with zombies with a purpose Definitely recommended.

    7. Dandrige Tennessee was your average almost small town Muggy in the southern humidity and lethargic, nothing much ever happens in Dandridge That is until a young girl selling magazines snaps Dandrige out of its lethargy and into reality Unbeknownst to this young girl, she has become a pawn in the struggle between light and dark The first move in an intricate game that could mean the extinction of the human race Bryan Smith has a self taught rawness that gives this story charm, but at the same tim [...]

    8. Admittingly, the title could use a little help But if you like zombie tales, this book will satisfy your craving These zombies are not your typical slow, brain eating variety they are a new kind of breed they talk they think and they even feel emotion George Romero might have a few qualms about this as will zombie purists , but the story keeps you turning the pages The action is intense, and some scenes will make you squirm Do not approach this book with hopes of learning some new element of zom [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book It was a good old fashioned horror romp, dealing with one of my favorite monsters zombies Very quick read, the plot progressed at a very fast pace I would recommend this book to any Laymon or Keene fans.

    10. In the small town of Dandridge an ancient hatred is rekindled A blinding desire for revenge, for freedom, for the ultimate power is born from the blackest heart filled with darkness and centuries old despair caused by a bleak existence devoid of humanity and compassion An existence whose sole remaining purpose is to destroy everything that was once beautiful in the world To create a necropolis a vile circle ultimately leading into the spiraling chasm of living death where all life is consumed in [...]

    11. Deathbringer is an ok zombie book I got through it fairly quickly and so I can say that the author knows how to keep things moving along at a fairly good pace As mentioned in other reviews, he is a bit heavy handed on the metaphors but I could tolerate that for the most part because even though the book was thick with them, they didn t necessarily distract me too terribly much for the flow of the story Bryan Smith attempts to create a variation on the Grim Reaper here that I really didn t buy in [...]

    12. This is my first Bryan Smith book and it might very well be my last The quality of the writing was average, but the story was where he lost me It was definitely lacking Smith is just not in the same league as the other Leisure authors such as Gary Braunbeck, T.M Wright, Tom Piccirilli, Richard Laymon, Tim Lebbon, and Simon Clark The mythology he created felt forced and unoriginal This might have made a good 90 page screenplay, but not a 342 page novel The Hawthorne character was annoying and too [...]

    13. This is Bryan Smith s highly original and imaginative take on a zombie apocalypse I repeat, highly original and imaginative For that fact alone, I give it 4 stars I was leaning towards three and a half, but when I wrote my first sentence of this review, I realized, damn, this book really was a different take on zombies Which is saying something these days, as the zombie, once the proud mascot of the hardcore horror elite, has become as played out as the sexy vampire As far as Bryan Smith, goes, [...]

    14. I ve got to say, Smith doesn t waste any time in this book The action starts right away, and it keeps plowing forward There is no getting to know the characters exposition He just plunges them all into madness I love that I also love that he s ruthless with these characters Very unpleasant things happen to people you don t expect it to happen to Melinda is also a great villain There are a lot of crazy things rolling around in her head, and she lets them all play out The only problem is, I m sick [...]

    15. I saw this book in the store and thought, Awesome A zombie novel I m not saying this book was bad but the zombies were able to talk, breathe, and think I just don t understand how they are zombies if they are able to do the things living beings do The story was good, overall The author put too much detail into the main living villain, Melinda He should have given background to the others in the story so that we would care if they lived or died The Reaper aka The Deathbringer, The Guardians, The [...]

    16. This is Bryan Smith s 2nd novel the first House of Blood I also reviewed and enjoyed and I think that he is a new and fresh horror writer This book is about Hannah Starke a young woman who s marrying the love of her life Mike and has everything going for her That is until she is killed and becomes the first zombie brought to life by the Deathbringer The book is fast and it gets right to the point in the first chapter, no long introduction to the walking undead I think that Smith shows a lot of p [...]

    17. Another author that was recommended to me I liked this better than the Ed Lee book It was a pretty fast read and kept me interested But horror Not in my opinion Suspense, maybe At times it even had comedic leanings than anything else The end seemed a little weak I was expecting something earth shattering than what was written The characters were ok They weren t too deep and weren t too flat But I don t know that I cared much about any of them And the ones I might have cared about, the author d [...]

    18. This book left me feeling cheated and disappointed The plot was not new, but it seemed to have a good start I liked the characters those that had been introduced by this point and there was a little dry humor The book dragged on and left me wanting to skip chapters to get the pace up a little But it was the ending that kicked the proverbial bucket to say It had no flavor and felt tacked on, not to mention it was very much predictable, I haven t read anything else by this author, but I will try a [...]

    19. Pulpy fun if you would describe Pulpy Fun as a lot of violence mixed with cheesy metaphors.In retrospect, I complained to all my friends about how I hated this book Secretly, however, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I complained It s best to think about Bryan Smith s fiction as a close, loving, aproximation of drive in horror It s over the top And that s a good reason to like it.

    20. As a piece of literature this book deserves one or zero stars I only gave this 2 stars because I actually finished it and because it was so laughably bad that it was almost entertaining in a way although I could never actually recommend it to anyone I found it at the dollar store and think I paid 50 cents too much for it.

    21. A fun original take on the zombie story Filled with gorey action from start to finish Really creative with the source of the zombie infestation as well as a neat mythology for the grim reaper If your looking for a quick action packed zombie romp, look no further.

    22. I was on the look out for a heaping pile of zombie violence I certainly got it, with this book It s a fast read, because it is just a lot of fun to read Nothing super deep or introspective, just plain old fun horror I will definitely get of this authors stuff.

    23. The Deathbringer brings murder and mayhem to town Action and horror from beginning to end with a few interesting twists One of the characters is likely an earlier version of a female killer, Roxie, that Mr Bryant develops in a future two book series.

    24. Already a fan of Bryan s work I loved this original take on the zombie apocalypse and it is one of his best novels as far as I am concerned If you enjoy his inimitable style of visceral writing then you cannot fail to be enthralled by this brutally sensual treat.

    25. Another great story by Mr Smith A different take on the whole zombie genre that I found quite interesting It is hard to put down as I wanted to find out what happened next Keep up the good work Bryan and I can t wait until your next novel.

    26. I just started this book an it seems kind of odd Its decent and pretty scary But there is a TON of uneccasary swearing and some very gross detailed sex scenes which have no place in this book I would recommend you try reading this book but could understand how people may hate it.

    27. A different take on the whole Zombie story but I did not think that It was up to his other novels I did like most of the characters and there was some double crossing at the end but I could not get into the story as much as I had been able to with some of his other novels.

    28. Than Bryan Smith appears to be Brian Keene s fatter, nastier, bloodier, twisted, evil step cousin.

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