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Crash Newbery medalist Jerry Spinelli tackles the tale of cocky seventh grade super jock Crash Coogan who got his nickname the day he used his first football helmet to knock his cousin Bridget flat on her

  • Title: Crash
  • Author: Jerry Spinelli Seymour Chwast
  • ISBN: 9780679879572
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Crash By Jerry Spinelli Seymour Chwast, Newbery medalist Jerry Spinelli tackles the tale of cocky seventh grade super jock Crash Coogan, who got his nickname the day he used his first football helmet to knock his cousin Bridget flat on her backside And he has been running over people ever since, especially Penn Webb, the dweeby, vegetarian Quaker kid who lives down the block Through the eyes of Crash, readerNewbery medalist Jerry Spinelli tackles the tale of cocky seventh grade super jock Crash Coogan, who got his nickname the day he used his first football helmet to knock his cousin Bridget flat on her backside And he has been running over people ever since, especially Penn Webb, the dweeby, vegetarian Quaker kid who lives down the block Through the eyes of Crash, readers get a rare glimpse into the life of a bully in this unforgettable story about stereotypes and the surprises life can bring.

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      204 Jerry Spinelli Seymour Chwast
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    1 thought on “Crash

    1. Crash John Coogan is the typical jock At least what most of us have in mind as a jock Crash has a wonderful life, until life deals him a hand that he could not have expected When Crash s grandfather unexpectedly has a stroke, Crash unconsciously steps back and re evaluates his life without even realizing he s doing it Suddenly, his cool friends don t seem so cool any Things that were once the most important in his life, become trivial As a result of his grandfather s illness, Crash becomes awar [...]

    2. I myself am a 7th grade jock just like John coogan the main character in the novel Crash by Jerry Spinelli In this book I was really able to relate to the main character John.This book is about John coogan who plays on his schools football and track team and is one of the bullys at his school Springfield middle school he likes to pick on this one kid named Penn Webb because he is a nerd and a cheerleader to John would shoot Penn with a water pistol john said well, it ain t going to work sonny Ha [...]

    3. At first glance this book looks like it s for children, but even as a teenager and adults we can all learn from this book Spinelli decides to write this book for a younger audience, but even though the wording is very easy I liked the context For example, I like the characterization and how Spinelli makes it so easy to understand what each character is thinking and what they want For example, the main character Crash actually feels jealous of his neighbor Penn, even though he beats him up all th [...]

    4. Crash Coogan is cool He s the star of the school football team and he s a bully.Penn Webb is small and weedy Penn Webb hates violence he s a Peace badge wearing vegetarian Crash and Penn are not destined to get along.Crash s story is funny, crazy in all the action, the conversation, and even in his few backfiring attempts to show off he always manages to be on top.From the day Penn moves into the neighbourhood, Crash torments him mercilessly But no humiliation seems to bring Penn down Crash is i [...]

    5. I read this all in one sitting this morning and for the most part I was pretty into this book I liked it better than Spinelli s Stargirl because there was much better character development This book seems like something a lot of middle grades boys could relate to since it deals with issues like bullying, friendship, having a close family member get sick, and dealing with money or a lack of in a family I think it s much down to earth than some of his books which seem to almost too colorful for m [...]

    6. Crash by Jerry Spinelli a book about a boy who s life changes.A boy named John does not like to be called by his real name so they call him Crash.Crash has a sibling called Abby.Abby is a believer she does what she thinks is right There is a boy named Penn Webb who changes Crash life.I love this book this book is funny,sad, and teaches you a lot of lessons.One of my favorite characters was Jane Forbes if you read this book she will be intruduced.I recommend this book to people who like books tha [...]

    7. Crash was about a kid who s nickname was Crash He used to make fun of a boy called Penn Webb I liked the book because it had detail and I felt like I was there I recommend this book to many people who are interested to read it.

    8. i thought the book was great it was a good topic for a middle schooler and i woudn t mind reading this book again in the future.

    9. The book Crash by Jerry Spinelli teaches you many valuable lessons It teaches you that people can change and that winning is not the most important thing John Coogan a football player with the nickname Crash, bullies a boy named Penn Webb Throughout the story Crash faces obstacles From mean friends to strokes to family In this book Crash finds out who he really wants to be A bully or a friend I personally loved this book You learn a lot and laugh a lot A funny part from the book was when Jane Fo [...]

    10. Crash is by Jerry Spinelli Crash is about an 11 year boy that is very selfish and is always bragging of he has John Coogan goes by the nickname of crash Crash is rude because he only cares about himself not others I really liked the book because it shows that its not good to be mean to other people that are not like you One thing that is really awesome about the book is the theme The theme of the book is Don t care what people think about you because everyone is different , which is what Penn W. [...]

    11. The novel Crash by Jerry Spinelli is a story of a boy that is going back to school Crash is a boy that is the best one in the football team Crash and his best friend Mike always make fun of a boy in the school Crash puts his uncle on the hospital because he wanted to win I liked this book because it is a very good, funny, and interesting book because when Abby said she s making the environment a better place for her kids on a discussion with her mom I recommend this book to football players that [...]

    12. The tittle of the book is crash by Jerry Spinelli This is a great book because it has very good lessons At the end crash had trouble weather to be webbs friend or not It wasn t a really hard choice for him because he knew that he would be his friend.I liked this alot because it shows that your enemy can be your best friend and to not be rude to other people unless you know there personality I think that unkind people should read this because it might change their personality and feelings about o [...]

    13. I would recommend this book to my cousin because I liked it and I think that she would like reading it too I gave this book a 4 5 because I enjoyed reading it and it had lots of details also because it grabbed my attention At first, Crash was being really rude and at the end of the book he was acting kind In the book there are really interesting things that happen that grab your attention and make you want to read and .

    14. I really enjoyed this book because I have never read a book from the perspective of the bully before I think Spinelli did a great job of showing the other side of bullying, and I love when Crash has a change of heart at the end of the story I really think that young girls and boys especially would benefit by reading this book This is a must have for any school library.

    15. This book is about a kid nicknamed Crash who has to choose to be good to his best friend or to a poor kid that moves in I liked this book because there is a lot of drama between characters I would recommend this to people who like drama and a good story

    16. I thought this book was great because it was funny but sad since something happened to Crash s grandpa.

    17. worst book I ever read for school I read it in seventh grade and mercilessly mocked it on all our homework assignments.

    18. this book was pretty good and i liked the ending it really summed everything up like how pen and crash became friends because it seems really unlikely in the begging

    19. The primary reason Jerry Spinelli is such an important author for our students to read is because of the way he characterizes kids and the way they can change and overcome struggle in his stories Crash is a book about a boy who seemingly has it all John Crash Coogan is a smug 8th grader who has everything He is popular, mildly smart, and a star athlete What he lacks is attention from his very busy mother and father Early on, Penn Webb is introduced as a foil for Crash Penn is everything Crash is [...]

    20. The book that I chose to do this report on was Crash by Jerry Spinelli Overall I thought the book was pretty good It was interesting enough to keep me wanting to read it At its best parts in the book it was amazing, but it also had its slow parts that were a little boring This book was about 160 pages which is perfect length for me It was not to easy and not to hard, just right.There was also a ton of humor, Jerry Spinelli was always funny and put a lot of sarcasm For example the main characters [...]

    21. it was a pretty good book I feel that crash felt sympathetic for Penn Webb at the end and became best friends with him also.

    22. John Coogan is Crash s real name, he got the nickname from his uncle because one Christmas, John got a brand new football helmet, and when his uncle s family came through the door, John charges and knocks his cousin out the doorway and into a foot of snow The story starts when Crash met a kid called Penn Webb that become Crash s neighbor Crash hate Penn, In Crash s mind, Penn is just a Quaker and vegetarian Later when Crash is in 7th grade he met a cool kid called Mike and both of them tried to [...]

    23. Have you ever had a nickname that stuck because of something you did Well in Crash by Jerry Spinelli, John was stuck with the nickname crash because he got a football helmet for christmas he put on his helmet and ran into his cousin Bridget and knocked her over Bridget refused to go into the house and was yelling and crying to go back home.Crash s uncle just took his family back home Later on John kept on crashing into things.I read this book because it seemed like a good book to read I also rea [...]

    24. CrashCrash is a touching and very beautiful story in my opinion I really love this book I used to love reading a lot and was reading countless novels, but since I have slowed down and completely stopped almost However, this book makes me want to start again, and gives me hope I love the whole feel and lesson learned in the book.I really can relate to Crash Coogan in a lot of ways I think that is another reason that I like it so much is because it hints to me at a personal level I, like Crash, wa [...]

    25. John Coogan s uncle nicknames him Crash One Christmas, John got a brand new football helmet As his uncle s family came through the door, John charges and knocks his cousin Bridget back out the doorway and into a foot of snow This experience epitomizes Crash s personality rough and tumble, a typical egotistical jock When Penn Webb moves into the neighborhood just before 1st grade, he becomes the butt of a lot of Crash s practical jokes and teasing Crash attacks Penn s second hand clothes, white h [...]

    26. Crash is one of my favorite books to help students look at bullying from the perspective of the bully and how a bully can be redeemed not by punishment but by maturing and forming healthy relationships The main character also goes through a journey that helps him realize what kinds of people you really want as a friend.I find this book is great for 4th grade and up because it starts conversations about stereotypes and how a persons prejudices can blind them A good example from the book is how th [...]

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