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Flesh and Blood #2020

Flesh and Blood Sometimes it takes a bad guy to catch a killerDixie Mafia Series Book Belle Nunn is a desperate woman Someone s following her watching her To make even matters worse she was fired six months ago a

  • Title: Flesh and Blood
  • Author: Cynthia Rayne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Flesh and Blood By Cynthia Rayne, Sometimes it takes a bad guy to catch a killerDixie Mafia Series, Book 1Belle Nunn is a desperate woman Someone s following her, watching her To make even matters worse, she was fired six months ago and hasn t been able to get a job since Belle s down to her last ten bucks and has no idea how she ll make the rent when she s abducted by Dixon Wolf s henchman Belle s Sometimes it takes a bad guy to catch a killerDixie Mafia Series, Book 1Belle Nunn is a desperate woman Someone s following her, watching her To make even matters worse, she was fired six months ago and hasn t been able to get a job since Belle s down to her last ten bucks and has no idea how she ll make the rent when she s abducted by Dixon Wolf s henchman Belle s estranged father, Emmett, borrowed money from the Dixie Mafia for his latest get rich quick scheme and big surprise Emmett skipped town, leaving her holding the proverbial bag.Dix is a loan shark and launders dirty Dixie Mafia money Since his wife died, he s devoted all his time and energy to the organization and being bad pays damn good Belle hasn t seen Emmett in years, and she d like to keep it that way.The mob boss is taken with her and offers Belle a job, her empty wallet won t allow her to refuse mob mistress When Belle s life is in danger, Dix steps into the unlikely role of hero Can Dix save her And can they have a relationship that isn t based on sex and commerce

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      244 Cynthia Rayne
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    1. Meet our H I lived in Technicolor, and now my life is black and white My passion s gone, but you got a chance to find yours Dix has a debt to settle with Belle s father but when he brings her in to question about his whereabouts, he sees a woman he wants for than information He propositions Belle, knowing she s desperate, having just lost her job Dix is a mobster who doesn t believe in love He has contracted female companions that he basically uses for sex and he wants Belle next Dix has alread [...]

    2. Belle Nunn is down on her luck trying to find a job after being unjustly fired from hers She doesn t know what to think when she is summoned to meet Dixon Wolf, she knows the rumors about him being part of the mafia and has no idea why their paths are crossing Dix wants information on Belle s father who jilted him for money He is pleasantly surprised when he meets Belle and decides he wants to have her temporarily as his mistress Belle doesn t want to repeat her mothers mistakes and rejects the [...]

    3. Spoilers ahead.I m a little bit at war with my feelings for this book Somehow I want to love it, but on the other hand there were a few things, that just didn t sit well with me So I decided to give it 3 stars Meaning, I liked the book, will possibly read the other in the series, but it could ve been .My main issue was the mistress thing I don t like my heroines to be mistresses Even if they end in HEA with their men They had to sign a contract She received a lot of money for her time with him I [...]

    4. Didn t like at firstbut then I couldn t put it down I started the read and I really had issues with Dix and how he manipulated things to get his way I felt sorry for Belle I found it interesting how everyone told her to just go with it and move on Then I got into the story and couldn t put it down I read till 2 40 in the morning.Their relationship was interesting, Dix is a total control freak with a caring side His story is sad and I have to say he is a good man Bella too has issues, but somehow [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this book It was actually better then what I expected We have a alpha male in the pursuit of a female that had issues with men due to a very hateful and abusive, remorseless father OMG what can I say about him He s a straight up bastard I m going to let that point stand alone right there Anyway I was very impress with the storyline and the writing This author did keep my interest that I didn t want to put the book down This book did introduced other strong characters that was left [...]

    6. I can t believe it the Dixie Mafia FINALLY has their own series I ve been waiting for this for some time The reader was first introduced to these outstanding Texas citizens in the Four Horsemen MC series Ha, who am I kidding, these men are cold blooded killers But killers needed love too And all it takes is the right person In this book Belle is the one who sneaks into one of the mob bosses heart Of course the road to get there wasn t an easy one This duo needs to overcome several obstacles incl [...]

    7. I was given an ARC for an honest review.Finally we get some insight into the Dixie Mafia We have seen them pop up in the Four Horseman series.Dix and Belle s story drew me right in I fell in love with those mafia boys I mean who doesn t love a bad boy Without giving too much away.is story twisted and turned and kept me totally intrigued.Looking forward to meeting the rest of the Dixie Mafia

    8. I love a good mafia love story but not sure on this one First, I don t the mafia part got truly explained I thought it would explain some really tough mafia people but no it did not I wouldn t of know mafia was involved except it said so occasionally Yes, they did break in Belle s apartment and follow her but as for really tough guys, none existed.I never felt any danger for Belle That s what usually makes a mafia bad Dix sounded like just a soft kind of guy No toughness at all.I do wish dange [...]

    9. I really wanted to love this book Belle s story drew me in and I finished it in less than a day It s a great story with fun secondary characters who I want to know about but it was missing something The climax was just Blah, nothing shocking actually, it just confirmed everything that I d already figured out for myself.Dix s story is sad and you can understand why he s hesitant to love anyone but it also left me feeling detached from him I didn t understand where the chemistry between the main [...]

    10. The Mob at its finestOmg, Cynthia Rayne is a new author for me and I just happened to purchased her book Needless to say I have been in a book funk and needed something new and fresh You know when you get in those moods Well this just happened to be on my booklets and in thought why not, the cover is amazing So unsaturated to read it and fell in love with every character It s perfect Belle is a beautiful woman who didn t know what to do when she hit rock bottom Dix just so happened to want a mis [...]

    11. A good story looks to be a great series Mafia romances are one of my favorite genre Flesh and Blood was a good story about Dix and older Made Man and Belle the loner girl he hires to be his escort I like the way they came together Dix is older than Belle who has never had it easy in her life I love the protector in Dix and I also love how no matter how much they tried to fight their chemistry, they couldn t help falling for one another I was so engrossed in a lot of the characters that are intro [...]

    12. Who could have guessed I couldn t put it down and even when I was frustrated and angry with certain characters I pushed forward Who would have guessed red and wolf would be a partnership to last beyond and ties built with the mafia and that even an alpha could get blindsided by an enemy at the gates.ybe he s not so bad after all or is he Read for yourself to find out the whole story.

    13. Loved itIf you like romance but want something a little different, you should read this book I love the way it dealt with mental illness and the action from the mobster side of it.The only downfall is ,in my opinion, Cynthia got to wordy or explained things.Overall I would recommend this book.

    14. Expected better.The story line is good and it starts off well but for me some parts of the characters personality seems lacking I expected from the characters to say it s a mafia man he doesn t seem hard enough Ok I read all of it but expected better I do want to read the next because I really like some of the other characters.

    15. redhat ladyThis was a fantastic story I enjoyed all the characters They were all so interesting I loved the two main characters Dix and Belle and the adventure they went through Keep up the great writing.

    16. A little slow pacedI enjoyed this book but it was a little slow at times I feel like there was just too much middle story.

    17. I was excited to read this spin off from the four horsemen series There were several disturbing points to the story for me but in the end I had to enjoy the read I would even have given it at least half a star in rating except there were a few too many editing errors.

    18. OK maybe I ve read the wrong book It is obvious that the writer is very talent however there is something lacking therefore what made the MC books so interesting was lacking in this book The idea of a contract between Dix and Belle was hilarious with the realistic approached that Dix was questioning Belle about her father but ends up on his radar as a mistress The business relationship felt detached and void, therefore the Dixie Mafia series is not for me.

    19. Good Stuff This was out of the Gaye fantastic and it doesn t let up not even in the end.This was Lil Red Riding Hood and boy was it straight up good.I love the fact that not only is this is a look into the lives of the men who run this organization but we are getting a look at what they are afraid of and what makes them weak.I love the magic that Dix and Belle make when they are together,this was relationship heaven.As in typical Me.Rayne fashion you are going to get a smorgasbord of emotions an [...]

    20. To start off, I received this book in exchange for an honest review I loaded this book in to my Kindle this morning at 9am and just finished it a few moments before writing this review at 1 30pm I fell in love with Miss Rayne s Four Horsemen MC series and I have to say this first book in the Dixie Mafia Series did not let me down and I couldn t put the book down once I began to read it In the MC series we were first introduced to the Wolf and while I wasn t overly invested or interested in his c [...]

    21. The Dixie Mafia was first introduced in Ms Rayne s Four Horseman MC Series, and they were definitely not the good guys in the series I honestly didn t know if I would be able to like this book, since the FHMC is one of my most favorite series, but I should have known better Ms Rayne is an excellent author with the ability to pull you into her stories, and have you craving I am definitely hooked on this series, and can t wait for the next book This is a fantastic, romantic suspense that is a mus [...]

    22. I absolutely enjoyed Flesh and Blood It was raw and sexy Dix Wolf is an Underboss in the Dixie Mafia He has an interest in Belle and a proposition she can not refuse Dix wants Belle to be his mistress without the emotional relationship Belle has lost her job, has ten dollars to her name and has searched high and low for another job That is until Dix Wolf offers her a position worth than she is willing to give Can Dix fall in love with Belle Can Belle give a part of herself without losing her he [...]

    23. Extraordinary bookLoved this book,couldn t put it down This book has it all strong,hot men Strong women who may not be conventional but seem to make it work,and who doesn t love a man that puts you above all else The story kept me interested from start to finish This book is a definite must read It has gangsters,bikers and hackers and of course villains and psychos Twisted families,desire,fear,hatred,true love, sexual tension and of course classical operas what a wild ride This book has it all,d [...]

    24. Surprisingly amazing I was a little shocked about how good this book was The cover wasn t the greatest But as the saying goes can t judge a book by its cover and this book is a great example of that Dix and Belle where so good together They both had things hurt them but I think they made each other better Dix thought he was a bad man but he was willing to save belle and protect those he cares for Don t give spoilers so just take my word and read the book Wish we got an eye into the relationship [...]

    25. A love story with a good combination of fantasy and realismI loved Dix and Belle s characters The story was interesting and although predictable you still wanted to follow the story to the end I loved the age difference and Dix s previous background, it made his character sympathetic and likeable Belle s character was damaged although she appeared to be the one with a normal life I like this writer I will read of her work in the future

    26. SolutionsThis had many dramas going on at the same time father issues and harassment Dix is part of the mafia a d has lost a lot but not because of the mafia Belle has daddy issues and unfortunately has lived a very hard life I think the 2 chAracters had in common than they would like to believe This story Qantas good as I had hoped I was hoping for romance and interpersonal relationship than the glimpses we saw.

    27. Dixon and BelleOmg, this book was so good You have the tall, dark and handsome Dixie Mafia Dixon And Belle, whose had a hard life and it just seems to get worse Throw these two together and you have a story that will keep you up late and a smile at the end wanting Great start to a new series.

    28. Another One Blowing Out Of The ParkAt first, I wasn t too sure I would care for this book But, the I read the it sucked me in Rooting for Dix and Byron were foreign to me and lots of fun Fantastic writing, awesome story, and can t wait Till the next one HEA Steamy Sex, list, and love If that is what you re looking for Grab this book and GI for it

    29. Flesh and bloodI have to say this book was so flipping good,the characters and story line made you feel like you were part of the book,I highly recommend this book, there hasn t been a book of Cynthia Rayne s that I haven t falling in love with ,the women is an amazing author Looking forward to her next Dixie Mafia book

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