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House Rules #2020

House Rules I stuck my dick in a different woman every night They lined up pawing at me All of them wanting to be part of the bad boy prestige that was Miller Hawes Then they flipped the river And she was mine S

  • Title: House Rules
  • Author: RebeccaBrooke
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  • Page: 474
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  • House Rules By RebeccaBrooke, I stuck my dick in a different woman every night.They lined up, pawing at me All of them wanting to be part of the bad boy prestige that was Miller Hawes.Then they flipped the river And she was mine Sexy, compelling and the first woman who didn t fall at my feet Why can t I get her out of my head I need to focus on taking over the family business Except all my attentioI stuck my dick in a different woman every night.They lined up, pawing at me All of them wanting to be part of the bad boy prestige that was Miller Hawes.Then they flipped the river And she was mine Sexy, compelling and the first woman who didn t fall at my feet Why can t I get her out of my head I need to focus on taking over the family business Except all my attention is on one thing and one thing only.Tess.

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    1 thought on “House Rules

    1. Since I read this than 40% I m going to rate it view spoiler after her boyfriend bets her off to the hero she breaks up with the boyfriend right there and she sleeps with the hero the same night, they have a ONS the hero fights his feelings for her because he doesn t want a relationship So at first he tries to sleep with one woman that looks like the heroine but he calls the OW by the heroine s name and the woman leaves the second night he goes for a blonde woman totally different than the hero [...]

    2. I participated in the publication of this book as a beta reader Miller has been working for years to prove to his father that he can handle the family business Opening his two clubs was part of that While playing in a poker game at one of his clubs, one of the players comes up short on a hand he thinks he can t lose with, so he bets a night with his girlfriend to make up the difference He didn t expect to lose, but now Miller has a night with Theresa Theresa isn t happy, but after watching Mille [...]

    3. When I first saw the cover for this book, I was in two minds as I wasn t really in the mood to read a Mafia type book As I got reading the book, it became apparent that it wasn t going to be like that as we re introduced to our usual suspect of a playboy One who has money and likes to sleep with women has a parade of them just wanting to get a night with Miller Hawes He has the view of never wanting to settle down as who has time for relationships and apparently he is not the type of guy who can [...]

    4. I love Rebecca Brooke s books and I can honestly say that this series is some of her best work House Rules is the follow up stand alone to Traded and focuses on Miller, brother to Ashton from Traded Miller is not a good guy Knee deep in helping run a criminal empire he has no regrets when it comes to getting involved in the family business or the fact that uses and disposes of women That is until he wins the beautiful and intriguing Tess in a poker game She is feisty and strong and everything he [...]

    5. I loved Traded, so I was really happy when I find out there will be of Hawes family I can reaffirm, that I fall for this family even Yes, they deal in gray area, but they still have morals You may snort at that and think this is a joke, because they have their fingers in all illegal stuff and have morals But it s the true They have lines, rules they will never cross Hawes have heart, then the person who portraits himself as good, law abiding citizen, but will turn his back without blinking, w [...]

    6. I didn t even realize that Miller was getting his own story So imagine my excitement when I found out that Rebecca Brooke did give him his story with HOUSE RULES Eek I wouldn t even say that I have a favorite between the two brothers but Miller is definitely much intense than Ashton, that s for sure Whew The Hawes brothers seem to follow the fashion to win their one woman either by her being traded for a debt or, as in Miller s case, by winning her in a poker game What the hell Yeah, Rebecca Br [...]

    7. Fantastic I did not think it would be better the Ashton and Elena s story, but IT IS What a wonderful job Rebecca I loved it from start to finish I cannot wait to start Taken Miller is a man s man and Tess just wanted to be in charge of her own life, to work and take care of herself Tess went to a bar with her boyfriend, she thought they were going to a casino or something like that She was shock when it was a normal bar Ray took her to the back room where he then took a seat at the poker table [...]

    8. 5 Stars Rebecca Brooke is back and hotter than ever Traded was amazing The writing was brilliant and the storyline was original and intense a little dark, angsty and suspenseful yeah I was hooked from the start but House Rules took her writing to a whole new level I was intrigued from the very start and couldn t put this book down until the pages quit turning.Miller is here and about to get the deal of a lifetime He is a bad man mayhem, corruption, lies, secrets, and danger surround his life But [...]

    9. Miller wins a night with Tess during a poker game when her boyfriend doesn t have the money to cover his losses Miller isn t looking for a relationship It s the last thing he wants, but after the night spent with Tess he can t seem to get her out of his head Miller lives a much different life from what Tess is used to Tess is a good girl who s going to school to become a nurse The two seemed like an unlikely pair in the beginning, but the chemistry between them was undeniable Miller does have a [...]

    10. Is it bad that I like this book better than the first one There is just something about Miller that draws you in and hold you captive He is so much swoon worthy I loved Ashton, don t get me wrong he was a good alpha male but he is too soft Miller is balls to the wall, don t mess with me, I get whatever I want attitude He takes charge and it s sooooo hot He sucks at relationships though It is kind of cute to watch how many times he can mess up by demanding things from Tess She is like the perfec [...]

    11. Audiobook ReviewAs much as I enjoyed book 2, it did start off a little similar to book 1 With that being said, what a difference in the female lead Book 1 Elena was a weak and a controlled wife, in this book Tess is a spitfire and won t take shit from anyone time I think her independents caused her problems, than if she just said thank you, LOL Anyway I liked her lot, and she certainly was a match for Miller that s for sure.Duel narrative was very enjoyable, fantastic range from both narrators. [...]

    12. This is the 2nd book in this amazing series, and is Miller and Tess s story Miller is a typical playboy and man whore Tess finds it hard to let anybody in and to trust Miller has certainly met his match with Tess, as he falls hard and fast for her Now to convince her No spoilers this is a definite must read, you will not be disappointed This is a well written story, which flows seamlessly, and I was totally captivated throughout, and look forward to reading the next book in this awesome series.

    13. Not enough The foundation of this relationship is sexual chemistry but, the hot and steamy lasted a minute The first encounter wasn t worthy of the hype yet, hero and heroine couldn t stop thinking and dreaming of one another No other woman would do For me to believe it there would have to be much to it.

    14. Predictable in every way.Woman is unintentionally traded to a mafia s known Bad Boy as a poker bet.He falls in love with her etc etc etc

    15. Find this review and at Ramblings From This ChickI was so excited when I found out that Rebecca Brooke was writing a book about Miller Hawes Miller is Ashton s brother for those that have read her book Traded While you do not need to have read Traded to understand this book as it is a standalone story, I highly recommend it as it is connected to this book and one that I absolutely loved This world and family is one that I have come to love, and Rebecca Brooke delivered another fantastic story i [...]

    16. Set in the world of illegal gambling, House Rules by Rebecca Brooke was a sexy and emotional story about two people thrown together by unusual circumstances, leading to an unexpected romance Miller and Tess were two people from different worlds, who came together when Tess s douchebag boyfriend bet her in a card game What followed was a passionate and tumultuous journey that neither of them anticipated.I loved Miller in Traded, and was excited to see what his story would bring He seemed to have [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book for an honest review I knew Miller was going to be great after Reading Ashton s book He was always giving his brother a hard time I knew it was only a matter of time before the tables would be turned Miller was about to have his life shaken up when he finally meet his match and boy was Tess definitely that Miller was a playboy that could have whatever woman he wanted and had a different one every night His dad was going to turn the family business over to him somed [...]

    18. Miller Hawes exudes power and strength wherever he goes infact his whole family is about power even if most of what they do is illegal, his businesses are his babies between running them and preparing to takeover his father s position at the car dealership he s a busy man but that doesn t stop his manwhore ways he has a different woman every night he doesn t do relationships and never lets a woman stay over but things change when one card game has different end results than any other he s played [...]

    19. I honestly didn t realize this was Miller s story from Traded and I wanted to know his story so bad I was completely surprised and couldn t stop reading about Miller and Tess Miller is exactly who I thought he was, a womanizer who has no desire to settle down, ever He likes his lifestyle and with his career he has no choice but to accept the fact that he is his only happily ever after since being burned by a woman in the past Theresa aka Tess is done with her ex after the stunt he just pulled Sh [...]

    20. Ambition, power and the family business are what Miller is all about, that and proving to his father that he can handle it all when the time comes A wife, girlfriend or relationship are not in the cards for him, though his mother and his brother s girlfriend seem to think that the right one has yet to fall in his lap Then it happensTess.Tess is not one to belong or to give her trust easily Independent and proud of living life on her own terms, until her boyfriend gives her up for one night as a [...]

    21. What an amazing book this was to read, I loved book one with Ashton, but I think his brother Miller has stolen my love away.This book is all about a poker game gone wrong or right depending on how you look at the situation , Miller wins a night with Theresa slime ball Ray offered his girlfriend up as ante when he was short on cash and Miller wins the hand and the girl , but what starts out as a friendly dinner to claim his winnings soon has Millers boxers all in a knot and wanting and feeling th [...]

    22. Oh I thought Ashton and Elena s story was a rollercoaster Miller and Tess are just as bad I love the concept of this story Miller is tough as nails but all it took was one look at Tess and he was on his knees Even though he refused to admit it I love Tess s strong will and her independance The banter between both Miller and Tess is amazing as well as their chemistry Sizzling to say the least The whole back story to this one had me floored and I found myself really wanting Overall, this series i [...]

    23. RebeccaBrooke6 Review Recommendation Excerpt BlogTour QueenZany 4.5 STAR REVIEWHouse RulesRebecca Brooke House Rules is a dazzling display of fire and ice When two strong, pigheaded souls meet.They form a battle of the wills With the pull and tug One can image the death glares The f bombs, the snarky banter, feistiness and that intoxicating heart With one spark Nature take its course It sets off a chemical reaction, a bond, which pulses in your veins Only to bring a you back to life and make you [...]

    24. MistakesElena, the female lead, is in a bad marriage, until one day events take a quick odd turn.I didn t like Elena that much, she was really passive around her husband but she acted a complete opposite with Ashton.This story is about mistakes, a new start, and is an overall interesting but could have been slightly different.Honey Scarlett and Leeroy Will did well with the narration.Note This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased re [...]

    25. After reading Ashton and Elena s story in Traded, I couldn t wait to read about his brother in this book Miller was brash and ballsy when we first meet him at a poker game He didn t let any women into his life for than the physical All that changed when he won Tess for a night She completely rocked his world I loved that Tess was strong and sassy and such a good match for him They were off the charts hot together and I loved watching Miller fall head over heart for his girl I so enjoyed their [...]

    26. Miller Hawes knows what he wants and how he wants it He runs his businesses like finely oiled machines and his personal life like a turnstile Until Tess falls into his club House Rules is a fantastic follow up to Traded You think you know the story going in to it, but Rebecca Brooke s found a way to keep the story new and fresh while keeping you invested in the characters Already looking forward to the next book

    27. House Rules is book two in the Traded Series Can be read as standalone I have been waiting for Miller s story ever since we meet him in his brother s story Traded and I can say it was worth the wait This Mafia story will draw you in from beginning to end, it s full of suspense, intrigue We see past characters which is great too House Rules was a amazing, entertaining read.

    28. FinallyWaiting for this book was worth it Had to read it without stopping Funny, when you find a author with a good writing style, knows how to tell a great story and keeps you captivated it all comes down to really enjoying a good bookwho could ask for anything Enjoy Miller and Tess s story as much as I.

    29. I loved Traded so I couldn t wait to read this one Really enjoyed the story of Miller and Tess both very strong characters I loved the back and forth between the two, they are both very strong determined single minded people It was fun to see the developing story between them Can t wait for the next one.

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