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Norman the Doorman #2020

Norman the Doorman Norman the doorman of a mouse hole in an art museum uses his own art talent and finds a way to see the art treasures in the galleries upstairs

  • Title: Norman the Doorman
  • Author: Don Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780140502886
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Norman the Doorman By Don Freeman, Norman, the doorman of a mouse hole in an art museum, uses his own art talent and finds a way to see the art treasures in the galleries upstairs.

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      293 Don Freeman
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    1 thought on “Norman the Doorman

    1. Why mice Why has so much children s literature been about mice Why Mickey and Jerry and Fievel and their animated brethren How in the world did such vermin ridden filth become cute It s not like they are endangered and we need to generate our usual, oops too late false sense of urgency It s not like Coca Cola is going to be pony ing up their tax write off money to Save the Mouse It s not like they mice make good pets they can t fetch your slippers or roll over they don t have a charmingly arroga [...]

    2. The kids really enjoyed this book It s an older story we read the 1959 printing , and at 64 pages it s also a longer picture book I was a little concerned that the kids might find the story to be too long and too dated, but that wasn t the case at all They both really enjoyed it I was thrilled with the illustrations They were beautiful colored pencil drawings, and the way that the colors were blended to create texture, depth, and interest was really pleasing to look at It s easy to see why my fr [...]

    3. Great children s book one of my favorites I love this author and how he draws and acquaints children with otherwise intimidating facilities like the Met, the Museum of Fine Arts

    4. Summary Norman is a mouse who is a doorman at the mouse sized side entrance to the Majestic Museum of Art He lives in the visor of an old suit of armor By day he sports a blue doorman uniform and hosts visitors to the museum s basement cache of art By night he spends time on his hobby making art He decides to enter one of his mousetrap sculptures in the contest upstairs at the museum but will he make it or will he meet up with his nemesis the sharp eyed upstairs guard Norman the Doorman is a ric [...]

    5. This is a wonderfully charming children s classic Not only is Norman the sweetest little mouse that you d truly feel privileged to know, but he also possesses quite the creative wit It sure put a smirk on my face to see what he entered into the art competition.Ages 2 Cleanliness in the background of one of the pictures there is a Buddha statue image cut off so half visible and next to it a statue of a nude man the object in his hand is covering, so no details visible Like my reviews I also have [...]

    6. 64 pages I recently came across this book at Goodwill and decided to purchase it I had no idea how old of a story it was, written back in 1959 However, even today, I think this is an excellent story that kids would enjoy The illustrations in this story were also outstanding I felt as though I actually was the little mouse in the story just by looking at the pictures Even though this is an excellent story, I do not believe it would be good to use as a classroom read aloud because it is such as lo [...]

    7. Norman in a little mouse doorman to a door on the side of museum that allows little creatures to come in and see all the works of art in the storage room He is always trying to outwit the sharp eyed guard who lays traps for the little mouse all the time Inspired by the great art all around him Normal also lives in the museum , he creates his own sculpture and enters it into a competition the museum is sponsoring Of course he wins and everyone is all in a hubbub over who this new artist could be. [...]

    8. From the back of the 1969 paperback edition Norman is a doorman He is also a mouse Most important of all, he is a sculptor, particularly gifted in his manipulation of mousetraps into mobiles This story, set in a museum, boasts illustrations of rare charm and quality And the world of art lovers, exhibit openings, and mousedom, portrayed in Don Freeman s delicious pastels, will enchant children and delight the most sophisticated of parents Virginia Kirkus

    9. This book is a gem The written story itself is engaging, and the fascinating illustrations add much to it It s children s book that adults will relish as well Aletheia s review The page paper was excellent for scratching one s nails against, and the corners looked delicious although I never quite got a taste.

    10. This is quite the story Norman is the doorman of an art museum He also gives tours of the art that s in the museum s basement, keeps an eye out for the night watchmen and his mouse traps, lives in an old ard knight s helmet and enters a sculpture contest Freeman provides us with beautiful colored pencil art, a great plot and character development.

    11. Another very cute and good hearted arty animal offering from Don Freeman, this time featuring Norman the Doorman, the cousin of the Petrini family from Pet of the Met The thing I love about Freeman s picture books is that they re intelligent, witty and warm.

    12. My son and I both loved this book about a mouse who s a doorman He gives basement tours at an art museum and he lives in a suit of armor He s also an artist He enters a sculpture in the human run contest upstairs and finally gets his secret wish.

    13. We have begun to enjoy the longer picture books My girls enjoy story and considering they are still children, they love illustrations too Norman the Doorman is a lovely story about a mouse who appreciates his home.

    14. How did I not find this in my childhood Fantastic, pun heavy both in language and illustration story of a mouse doorman artist in the Majestic Museum of Art Art style riffs on the modern artists popular then as well as UPA cartoons of the error Don Freeman, I love you, and thank you.

    15. Pretty fun story from the author of Corduroy Could be used to help children learn about art, about museums, about trying something new, or about finding out that someone you thought was scary can become a good friend.

    16. Cute little book about a mouse who tries out his skills as a sculptor and gets his piece shown at the museum.

    17. From the author of Courduroy, about a bear in a department store, comes Norman the Doorman, about a mouse in a museum And it s even better than the pink covered classic.

    18. Another tale of being true to yourself and being rewarded for it Yes, of course it oversimplifies, and that is why it is a children s book

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