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Taking the Titanic #2020

Taking the Titanic The greatest story in modern history has a new chapter Posing as newlyweds two ruthless thieves board the Titanic to rob its well heeled passengers But an even shocking plan is afoot a sensational sc

  • Title: Taking the Titanic
  • Author: James Patterson Scott Slaven
  • ISBN: 9781786531087
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • Taking the Titanic By James Patterson Scott Slaven, The greatest story in modern history has a new chapter.Posing as newlyweds, two ruthless thieves board the Titanic to rob its well heeled passengers But an even shocking plan is afoot a sensational scheme that could alter the fate of the world s most famous ship.BookShotsLIGHTNING FAST STORIES BY JAMES PATTERSONNovels you can devour in a few hoursImpossible to stoThe greatest story in modern history has a new chapter.Posing as newlyweds, two ruthless thieves board the Titanic to rob its well heeled passengers But an even shocking plan is afoot a sensational scheme that could alter the fate of the world s most famous ship.BookShotsLIGHTNING FAST STORIES BY JAMES PATTERSONNovels you can devour in a few hoursImpossible to stop readingAll original content from James Patterson

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      340 James Patterson Scott Slaven
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    1 thought on “Taking the Titanic

    1. A low three starsIn their first BookShot partnership, James Patterson and Scott Slaven use the voyage of the Titanic as the backdrop to their tale As people of all classes and backgrounds prepare for the Titanic s maiden voyage in April 1912, there were a few aboard who saw it is as opportunity to line their pockets After leaving port en route to New York, Nigel Bowen or a man choosing the pseudonym to cover his sordid past in England lures the unsuspecting to gambling away large sums at the pok [...]

    2. A quick read, as are all Bookshots Overall, I am not a fan of Bookshots, but this one held my interest and is one of a very few that I have finished and enjoyed Told from alternating viewpoints, the story moves along quickly and keeps the reader intrigued as to what is the true story beneath the cover story.

    3. Under strange circumstances, two thieves meet and join forces taking their devious game of looting aboard the Titanic, one of them unaware a sinister plan is in the works.Overall, a decent little lightning fast but somewhat rushed mystery, albeit far fetched, with just a teeny bit of love story, butere is ambience in TAKING THE TITANIC.

    4. This is my second bookshot I have read, I remember the first one being decent but nothing amazing and I wasn t sure if these little books were for me, however, I kept seeing this one and I always liked reading about the Titanic so after some deliberation I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did Bookshots are meant to be a quick read and this definitely was but it had all the action I would want packed into this small book Who knows, maybe something like this did take place on the Titani [...]

    5. Pretty interesting I love reading all things Titanic especially fiction, but the language in this one did not ring true and left me feeling disappointed The story line was unique for me, but towards the end I kept waiting for a huge twist and it never happened The audio for the audio book was awesome I enjoyed both artists who read the book.

    6. I don t get why he had to co write this book with someone else It s not even 200 pages This isn t a heist to remember but a rip off to remember I mean they start off with a card game Did they not see how James Cameron started his film What bothers me the most about this book is the facts about the ship that are thrown in haphazardly I get it, you did some research on the disaster, but if you are going to have two characters talk about something, make it believable I lost count with the amount of [...]

    7. A novella that starts slowly but gradually increases in pace until the last chapters carry you, the reader, along The story is ultimately about second chances and the possibility of new beginnings The major characters Nigel and Celia Bowen, pretending to be married, sail on the ill fated Titanic Both are thieves and plan to rob the wealthy sailing on the Titanic s maiden cruise Celia s former crime partners catch up with her and the plan to kidnap Arthur a young child occurs At the breakneck con [...]

    8. Taking the TitanicThis was one of the better Bookshot stories that I ve read so far from James Patterson It was a typical story but it was enjoyable It makes you think about the different types and kinds of people that were aboard the Titanic This tragedy brought so many different stories most of them are interesting and really make you think.

    9. 2.5 stars rounded up This was better than some of the other Bookshots I ve tried I felt like there was a plot and some action aside from the obvious Titanic related action.

    10. The two of them agree to pose as a married couple in order to scam fellow passengers of the Titanic Mr Mrs Nigel Bowen meet the night before when she assisted him in getting out of a card game alive in order to scam the money They manage to get into first class lodgings aboard the Titanic to steal jewelry and money in a huge scam.I might have liked it better if a murder had been involved but it is a first class scam aboard the doomed sinking ship I m character driven and didn t like any in this [...]

    11. I was really excited to start this book Being a huge fan of historical fiction, I thought this would be a great story There is one main event that occurs in the book that I personally could never live through and it s not the boat s sinking Made me a little upset and a little disappointed with the ending Definitely a mystery, with a little bit of a love story.

    12. True to his word, Patterson s bookshots can easily be read in an hour or two Unfortunately, the novella length causes the plot to suffer Or maybe it was just this one Two conartists thieves pose as newlyweds and secure a first class cabin on the Titanic From there, they befriend other first class passengers in order to steal their valuables, there are numerous double crossings, a kidnapping plot, murder, the iceberg subsequent sinking There was a bit too much thrown into an extremely short story [...]

    13. Nigel and Celia are perfectly paired Both thieves carry secrets of their own, which quickly heats up the tension All the while, the reader scurries in the shadows, awaiting the unavoidable fate of the unsinkable Titanic The 1912 setting for this jewelry heist creates space for unexpected twists and turns, both literal and metaphorical Fast paced as always for Mr Patterson and great character development as well As a passenger aboard the Titanic, what better view could the reader ask for than the [...]

    14. This book was actually disappointing I hated that Normally I love all things Titanic related, but this book was not what I thought This was my first introduction to James Patterson and again I m disappointed The book was hard to finish Most of the book was a slow read, with the mass majority of the action not taking place until 3 4 of the way into the book.

    15. As life gets crazier and time gets tighter I am learning to appreciate these short, tightly written novellas They re not masterpieces nor earth shatteringly good, but they are entertaining and let me scratch that itch of reading and finishing a book in a very short time Entertaining and fun, this was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

    16. HERE, THERE BE SPOILERS 3.5 starsThis was a good, entertaining short novel I was invested in the story well enough as I read, but I wasn t particularly drawn back to it like I usually am with Patterson novels In fact, I felt very little of Patterson in this story at all, other than the short chapter lengths I have never before read Scott Slaven, but I can only assume that the majority of the voice in this book was his.The length of this book was perfect for the content Any shorter and it would h [...]

    17. I ll be honest I was looking for some quick reads to boost my reading challenge total and came across this in the local library I should say up front, I like James Patterson when he writes alone, but I am not keen on the books he writes in collaboration with other authors I did not see it was co written till I began to read it.If this book was written to encourage non readers to read, then it is a success It s short, it is punchily written and it s set on the Titanic, so the reader already knows [...]

    18. Taking the Titanic By James Patterson, is too short to be great It lacks character development, it lacks historical research beyond what i m assuming is multiple viewings of Cameron s movie and it lacks epic ness Celia and Nigel Bowen are con artists and two bit thieves Their grand scam is to not only hustle their way into first class on the newest and most luxurious ocean liner, but to then proceed to hustle the passengers out of their hard earned inherited wealth But fate has other plans The o [...]

    19. Not as long a story as I am used to with James Patterson but a really engrossing tale nonetheless I hadn t tried any of the new Bookshots books because generally I enjoy longer stories better but this was actually really good and was set aboard the Titanic so it has some history in it also It s hard to decide as you go along just who is good and who is bad and what everyone is actually up to Twists and turns abound and if you get engrossed like I did you will read it through in one sitting I wil [...]

    20. I bought this book at the airport for a fast, engrossing read And as many Patterson fans know, I definitely was given the engrossing read It was fast because it s part of his BookShots line which I enjoy, being a slow reader I read half the book on the way to Florida and finished it on the flight back reading a few chapters poolside It made for a great getaway read which is nice since I rarely have time to be glued to a book at home.The story takes place on the Titanic with a well written story [...]

    21. When Nigel and Celia first meet, sparks fly between the kindred spirits They have so much in common they both are incredibly attractive, intelligent, and love taking other people s money Posing at newlyweds, the pair book passage on the Titanic to con their fellow passengers out of some of their excess wealth with a combination of card skills, pick pocketing, and looking stunning in silk However, each chapter, told in alternating viewpoints, starts with a time stamp relentlessly marking their im [...]

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