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The Jennifer Project #2020

The Jennifer Project In Deever MacClendon creates Jennifer the first proto conscious cybernetic processor It is hyper intelligent aware and evolving Deever wants to use his creation for the good of all to help f

  • Title: The Jennifer Project
  • Author: Larry Enright
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Jennifer Project By Larry Enright, In 2096, Deever MacClendon creates Jennifer, the first proto conscious cybernetic processor It is hyper intelligent, aware, and evolving Deever wants to use his creation for the good of all, to help fix a broken world, but knowing what a powerful weapon it could be in the wrong hands, he hides it When his secret is uncovered, he is forced to plunge into a high tech moraIn 2096, Deever MacClendon creates Jennifer, the first proto conscious cybernetic processor It is hyper intelligent, aware, and evolving Deever wants to use his creation for the good of all, to help fix a broken world, but knowing what a powerful weapon it could be in the wrong hands, he hides it When his secret is uncovered, he is forced to plunge into a high tech morass of deception and treachery to avoid catastrophe and save a world where humans are no longer the most intelligent species.

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      Larry Enright

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    1. The Jennifer Project by Larry Enright is an awesome sci fi book that has great characters, plot, and my favorite, a fun AI I enjoyed this story A little different but that is just down my alley

    2. LOVED IT I was unable to put down The Jennifer Project First, Deever is a nerd and a geek I not only come from nerds and geeks, but am mother and grandma to nerds and geeks Secondly, the rest of the characters are so well drawn that you can t help but either love, or hate, them as the case may be and the author intended However, this book isn t just for those of us who want to get our geek on It is very thoughtful and raises questions that we should all ask ourselves, and to which we should real [...]

    3. Okay, this a joke right I mean this book it is a prank, the author putting one over on us Here is an actual sentence City Center, a sprawling metropolis within the mega city called North America Read that and explain how it makes any sense or narrows down the location to less than a thousand square miles Yeah it s so creative and interesting And that s just one minor example At one point the characters go to a glorious seaside resort called, wait for it the Seaside Resort Boy somebody put a lot [...]

    4. The Jennifer Project has an interesting and exciting plot, filled with a cast of well drawn characters The story focuses on two scientists beginning in the year 2096, and is told from the perspective of an Artificial Intelligence AI created by one of those scientists.The novel touches on some of the moral, ethical, and security concerns of incorporating AI into daily life in a manner comparable to society s reliance on smart phones A sharp contrast is drawn between the altruistic scientist who c [...]

    5. Meh Interesting premise but a little juvenile in the execution The main character was totally unbelievable to me.

    6. Deever is a geek a very intelligent one He loves his weed And talks like a stoner as well He is a scientist and has found out how to turn lead into gold He uses words like and man and dude in a lot of his sentences Deever and Jennifer or Dr Crane have known each other since 3rd grade and are actually in love with each other He invents an AI and puts it into a watch and I will not tell of the story but I did really like it I found his stoner language a bit annoying at times for someone that inte [...]

    7. A breezy read full of super machine stuff that inspires paranoia It reminded me of a book that I read many years ago named PC It is an object lesson full of quirks and human reactionsSuitable for teens and the casual SF reader that doesn t need much science and tolerates borderline fantasy Goofy but loveable characters Worth your time.

    8. A great read.This book is an easy read with an interesting plot Part mystery part science fiction It has an interesting take on the super AI theme I loom forward to exploring other work by Mr Enright.

    9. Definitely an intriguing read The story took a little bit to get into especially Deever s hippie speak lol , but once I was in, I was IN The idea is partially terrifying but equally interesting to fathom Read it, you won t regret it

    10. Intriguing readDelightful read, if you enjoy futuristic AI books Keeps you thinking and guessing at every turn, and I was thrilled the author didn t use the cliche of an all powerful AI who determined the human race is obsolete Give it a read, you won t be sorry.

    11. This was great tale of the birth of an artificial intelligence that brings up some interesting food for thought One annoyance for me was the main character s speech patterns, like some stoner from the 60s It especially bugged me because it didn t serve any purpose that I could fathom Actually, it was annoying enough that it s a complement to the story that I came away with such a positive impression.

    12. This is the first book by the author that I ve read, and it won t be the last As a hugs Sci Fi fan, I loved the layers throughout the story We re thrown into a futuristic world where a single company controls most of the world through their various enterprises In many ways, it s already a dystopian world, but there s to come.As we re introduced to Deever, a 1960s hippie throwback, we have the joy of watching one of the most intelligent people alive as well as probably the loosest cannon While h [...]

    13. Larry Enright is fabulous The Jennifer Project fell into my hands by way of some algorithm So random Damn, I m glad it did Enright introduces his readers right away to Jennifer She starts the story from her perspective, and Jennifer, in the tradition of Tanith Lee s Silver Metal Lover, is an artificial intelligence construct A robot Kind of Jennifer is the haphazard creation of Deever MacClendon, a professor in the absent minded genius tradition of Ned Brainard Fred MacMurray , the creator of Fl [...]

    14. World peace would be great, wouldn t it But what would be the cost Deever thinks it could be achieved by removing the bad fruit eliminating evil options from the list of things we could do His girlfriend, Jennifer, believes tampering with what makes us human something evil This is the premise of The Jennifer Project The author has set about an intricate plot that attempts to achieve Deever s dream But it all apparently goes wrong when a evil man takes control This was an interesting look into wh [...]

    15. There were so many, many things about this book that totally irritated me First of all, it is set in the year 2096, so currently 80 years into our future The author created a world where the power structure and living conditions were marginally different than now but there will probably be technological advances in the next six months than were displayed in the novel Probably the single most irritating part of the narrative, was that the main character, Deever, used hippie speak throughout the [...]

    16. I really enjoyed 2 3rds of this book The last third was a little predictable and, probably because of that, felt very rushed and not cared for like the first part Part of the reason it was so predictable was because the author did such a good job introducing us to Jennifer and the other characters , that we knew who she was and what she would do The author attempted to do a don t look behind the curtain believe what in front of you, but the entire first 2 3rd of the book was BEHIND the curtain, [...]

    17. As I nominated this book and it was a Kindle Scout Winner, I was provided an Advanced Reader s Copy to read and provide an honest review This is a futuristic SciFi Techno thriller with Dystopian undertones.Deever is a mixture of hippie and scientist who would desires to leave the world a much better place He makes a discovery that places his best friend love of his life in danger Will he put her ahead of the fate of the human race To me this story has elements of previous books I ve read by Anth [...]

    18. A very good Read humor, future evelotion, romance, evil, mystery what can a reader ask for3.5 stars is accurate but you all know the limit s It is the type of story that has fun with the present NY projecting where we are headed under the path we appear to be on I enjoyed the charters even the evil one The verbiage used by Deever was from my past and provided me with a trip through my memory bank I enjoyed it and now back to abook that is a good storyline but o humor.

    19. The story line was fun and entertaining It keeps your attention Character development was very minimal though I wanted to know about the main characters and their background Interesting social commentary on wearable technology and the potential risks of melding tech to our bodies.

    20. A refreshingly old school take on the birth of what we shouldn t just call AI, with a hippy brilliant scientist to boot I ve seen it done cleaner and with perhaps tighter prose, but still enjoyable enough to qualify as a fun story.

    21. This was not your typical AI book, which is nice to discover being that many AI storylines are so clich and similar to things we d read before I loved every moment of this particular ride A great new tale that is easy to believe.

    22. Go JenniferA very adventurous effort Lots of cool computer and sci fi talk It raises an issue that we may have to deal with before 2096 AI is with us now

    23. Very well doneAn idea that s been used very often but done in a unique way As far as kindle books go this is one of the best I have read in a long time.

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