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Lost in Rewind #2020

Lost in Rewind Inside every story lies than one truth Come boy I will give you a reading show me your hands Jeffery Rossi wants to be a man of logic but finds himself basing his life s decisions on a prophecy deli

  • Title: Lost in Rewind
  • Author: Tali Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780996052948
  • Page: 437
  • Format: ebook
  • Lost in Rewind By Tali Alexander, Inside every story lies than one truth Come, boy, I will give you a reading show me your hands Jeffery Rossi wants to be a man of logic but finds himself basing his life s decisions on a prophecy delivered at the hands of an old gypsy fortuneteller The death of his beloved wife coupled with the loss of what he thought would be his carefully crafted future, have spuInside every story lies than one truth Come, boy, I will give you a reading show me your hands Jeffery Rossi wants to be a man of logic but finds himself basing his life s decisions on a prophecy delivered at the hands of an old gypsy fortuneteller The death of his beloved wife coupled with the loss of what he thought would be his carefully crafted future, have spun him onto a path of self destruction Three children will come from you a king and two queens Jeff believed he knew how his future would unravel, but he s about to get a lesson in how the Universe works Fate should not be left to the interpretation of mere mortals Interfere and suffer, surrender and let the fates help you find your destiny No matter what you do, no matter how far away you run, what s written in the stars cannot be undone Lost In Rewind is a full length standalone, romantic novel, and is the 3rd and final book in the LOVE IN REWIND Series All books in the series are interconnected, but each may be read as a standalone

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    1 thought on “Lost in Rewind

    1. Arc kindly provided by author in exchange for my honest review 5 fantastic stars I read this in one day Nothing new here Ok, let me just mention how happy I was when I received my ARC the other day I feel like I ve been waiting for this book for ages That cliffy from last book was killing me Oh Tali, Tali, Tali this was a perfect ending to an amazing series And let me tell you, this one is different from other two books in the Audio Fools series I didn t prepare myself for this ending I had a wh [...]

    2. Tali Alexander, has once again spoken directly to my heart If you ve read the first two books you no exactly what I mean Tali, is such a exceptional story teller, this series is so addicting in a beautiful bare your soul kinda way When I opened the pages to this book I honestly thought ok, this is is the last book in the series I m pretty sure I know how it s gonna go Ha No chapter 4 I thought wait, what Jeffrey was not my fave in the series, and if you ve kept up you no exactly what I m talking [...]

    3. OMGOSH This book just flipped my world upside down Lost in Rewind, GOODNESS GRACIOUS What do I do with myself now This book has rendered me speechless I was very hesitant going in knowing this 3rd installment is about Jeffery, and let me tell you he was NOT my favorite person in this series After Love in Rewind, I can scream at the top of my lungs that he is now officially my favorite man in this series As a matter of fact, Jeffery has completely earned a spot on my list of book boyfriends From [...]

    4. Tali, Tali, Tali I have so many emotions as to how this book made me feel Please remember I am not an author, I don t always know exactly how to write what I feel I don t possess that gift Only God has has given it to a select few And, you my friend, have it in spades I feel like I have waited forever to get my hands on this book, a year exactly You and your beautiful spirit gave me Lie In Rewind Love N Vegas 2015 Meeting you was one of the many highlights I didn t think it was possible to feel [...]

    5. I receive and an ARC for my honest reviewis was the perfect ending to a perfect love story.My love story with the Audio fools trilogy began in valentine day of 2015.when I won a copy of Love in Rewind from the first page of the book I was hooked, until today it s one of my favorite books After reading Emily and Louis story I moved to Lies in rewind where we find out the story of Sara and Liam and yet again I was lost in there world.I have been waiting for the book Lost in rewind then year I had [...]

    6. I finished Lost in Rewind last night Can I just say this book has BLOWN ME AWAY I didn t expect to love Jeffrey Rossi because of what we know of him in the previous book, Lies in Rewind, but my god do I love him so fiercely now I adore him, I want him and I love him with everything I have Jeffrey Rossi, this man owns my heart and soul Tali has done a phenomenal job at pulling my heart strings, my heart breaks for him and aches for him from the very first page of the book She plays with my emotio [...]

    7. 4 stars I hated Jeff Like I seriously hated him Then I thought you know what, Jeff is actually an okay guy Then I was like come to me Jeff and please be mine I don t know when I changed my mind about him but I did and it was fast Everything was so different in this book For me it had of a uplifting vibe even though really sad stuff happened and I was like nooooooo please don t do this to me Tali for most of the beginning I don t know why but I just knew somehow everything was going to be okay.I [...]

    8. Last year I ve read Love in Rewind, the first book by Tali Alexander I loved the book, so of course I read the next book in the series The second book told the story of Sara and Liam, but it also told about the complicated relation Sara had with her former lover Jeffery Lost in Rewind gives us his story and explains the difficult affair My wife left me the key inside her letter and commanded me to be the man she married and go after and fight for what is rightfully mine I was supposed to bring m [...]

    9. The final Audio Fools book didn t disappoint There was steamy scenes and even a twist or two In this book we follow Jeffery as he tries to track down an old woman who told him a prophecy about his life As Jeffery tries to make sense of where his is headed now that his wife is passed, Jeffery sets out to make the right decisions after so many wrong ones Honestly, I wasn t much of a fan of him in the first books But after reading LOST I have to say that I get it now We finally got his side of the [...]

    10. Original Blog Review myescapebookscoffeetea.wordprMy Instagram instagram blogescape My Twitter twitter BlogMyEscapePre Order this book on Kindle US amzn 1XolaqH Kindle UK amzn 21lj21E The author of this book sent me this ARC in exchange for an honest review, so don t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not What an awesome way to end a story, really Tali I love you So first things first, the story was amazing, I loved the plot, I loved the way the story went I [...]

    11. I fell in love with Tali Alexander s writing when I read the first book in her Audio Fools Series, Love in Rewind It was unique, emotional and stayed with me long after I finished reading it I was a bit of a broken record that month recommending it to everyone and anyone When the second book, Lies in Rewind was released, I worried it would not live up to its predecessor, but I should not have worried because I loved it just as much When I heard about Lost in Rewind I wasn t sure what to feel I w [...]

    12. A double life A prediction Love, passion, deceit and heartache Those are the words that describe the life of Jeffrey Rossi Loving two women, losing them both and holding on to a prophecy told over 14 years ago that lead him on the path of heart break to the brink of insanity.Gloom and doom right But this book isn t about pain and suffering, no, this is about soul mates destined and the paths that had to be laid for their future to happen Destiny.I know I sound really cryptic, but that is the onl [...]

    13. i received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.Love in rewind was a fairytale, Lies in rewind left me sobbing like a baby, but thisis book broke me Jeff, I hated you dude You broke my Sara, you made so many mistakes but now, after reading this I will defend your decisions fiercely His pain, his suffering, his heartbreak, all of that I felt, i was there with him, and that s because Tali took me into this world she created Her words make you forget you are reading a book, that these are fiction [...]

    14. WOW What an ending to a fantastic series Couldn t devour this book quick enough Jeffrey was one character who I felt strongly attached to To hear his side of the story was very emotional Have you ever felt like you were chasing the end of the rainbow, yet never ever reaching it To me this is what Jeffrey s life has been like After that one night back in college that he learned his fate from the fortune teller But was he chasing the right ending Would his fortune be played out like it was told to [...]

    15. This book was an amazing conclusion to this series All I can really say is that this book was heartbreakingly beautiful and that I might believe in fate after having read this There were a few things I was putting together as the story went on and I was hoping that I was right, I was, and it made me super happy with how everything turned out These characters went through so much heartbreak, in which they made me go through a lot of emotions In the end, it was perfect and I can t wait for all of [...]

    16. Ahhhhh 2016 is too far away lol, WHY can t it be released this month though I m so excited to read about Jeffery s story cause I didn t really like him in Lies in Rewind This book will most definitely change that for me.

    17. So, I ll be the one who breaks the rules and reads this book before the other two in the series I know it s not smart, but it ll help give the others who haven t read the other books as well some perspective from someone who s going in blind as a bat and clueless as the day you were born on this one I m going at it as a standalone and not as part of the series No, this doesn t mean that I ll be ignoring the other two books and not read it because I damn sure will do There wouldn t be any doubt a [...]

    18. What a fantastic end to a great trilogy Lost in Rewind gives me such insight into Jeffrey Rossi I didn t think I would like him, especially after what happened in book 2 Lies in Rewind but in Lost in Rewind, I find myself falling like Alice in Wonderland and seeing his POV His heartbreak, his sadness pulls at me and I literally was crying while reading this story Tali delivered a masterpiece she took me from the HateJeffrey club to Awww Jeffrey It was great seeing beloved previous characters mak [...]

    19. ARC was giving for honest reviewIs our fate pre determined Is Destiney real Before I read this book I would have answered NO to both questions Now.I m not so sure This is the third book in the Audio Fools Series Jeffrey Rossi has been intertwined in this story since the beginning and had a huge role in the outcome of many lives If you ve read the other books in this series, he was the one you loved to hate I hate to say this but there truly are two sides to every story We think we know him and h [...]

    20. Lost in Rewind by Tali Alexander is the third book in her Audio Fools series While it is stated that this CAN be read as a standalone without having read the previous two books Love in Rewind Lies in Rewind I would recommend reading this series in order When I dove into book three ahead of any others I felt a loss of detail that had me going back and reading the previous two books to get the layout of the world and the entirety of the story so far I feel it was better that way.This book is emoti [...]

    21. I m titling this Heaven In Your Eyes by Loverboy.This book can be read as a stand alone But me personally, I d read the previous two books Love In Rewind, then Lies In Rewind If you re a fan of the 80 s lyrics and lingo, these are a MUST have.This review is going to be vague, but hopefully hit the points to interest you I don t want to give spoilers for those who haven t read the previous books Also to those going into this one This book is Jeff s story If you re not familiar with these books, h [...]

    22. ARC copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review What i ve always loved about the Audio Fools series is the music THE FREAKING OLD ROCK SONGS IN EVERY CHAPTER IS WHAT I LIVE FOR It honestly brings so much to the story and the book as a whole, and I jam out nonstop when I was reading this I actually had to take a few breaks just so I could re listen to the songs and have a full on dance and head banging and lip syncing session.This book was just amazing An amazing way to end the [...]

    23. ARC Outstanding and in so many feels Another amazing book by Tali AlixanderIs one of those stories that I know will stay on my mind for days to come It is heartbreaking story about Jeffrey as he picks up the pieces of he s life after he s wife dies Jeffrey hits rock bottom and survives but exists on nothing than one day at a time that is untilTali wrote a beautiful story that gave me chills and made me feel for her characters so much, such Emotional story with grief, love, hope and absolution T [...]

    24. Received an arc in exchange for an honest reviewThis book killed me with so many feels Jeffery what can I say, he was a tough man to like His treatment towards Sara, and how he broke her spirit, it gutted me.But hearing his story and getting to know the real Jeffery Rossi behind the mast was outstanding You see a different side of him, and slowly but surely I fell in love with him Jeff made so many mistakes in the past and the present But I get it, he is lost He is suffering, miserable and utter [...]

    25. No matter what you do, no matter how far away you run, what s written in the stars cannot be undone Just finished Lost in Rewind by Tali Alexander and I am emotional exhausted I feel like I have been waiting for this story forever so when it showed up on my kindle I was in tears Tali Alexander wrote a beautiful yet heart breaking story that everyone will fall in love with This story is so much than a love story that finds its happily ever after, it s a story about second chances, forgiveness Je [...]

    26. AN AMAZING SERIES FINALE This book had me speechless The emotions that I felt at times were overwhelming I was crying a river at the very beginning Then came the anger My anger was solely directed at Jeffrey He was selfish to the point of being ignorant He did not really care who was hurt in his quest to make Sara his He was arrogant enough to think that she would be waiting for him As I read , I realized what was up with Jeffrey I became engrossed by his story, and the path his life had taken H [...]

    27. Even if you didn t read the other two books in this series, this could be read as a standalone This book completed the story and it came full circle I must confess, I was not a fan of Jeffrey What kind of man cheats on his dying wife What kind of man leads another woman on for years However, I started to see love from his point of view I slowly changed mind Slowly I fell in love with him His story is about a man who is torn between living two lives Will Sara get her happy ending Will Jeffrey fin [...]

    28. My god my heart this book has all the feels Tali broke my heart then she glued it back together, seriously this book was on a whole new level It s not just another Romance story, the way the story grips you and keeps you captivated No matter what I was doing throughout the day my mind always wandered back to this book I was craving being able to finish it, and boy now I ve finished it I want to Rewind and read it all again I was scared when I finished the ending of the last book, not knowing whe [...]

    29. DNF 5%Perhaps I m jumping to conclusions.Perhaps this book is amazing and I ll miss out.But forgive me for being completely turned off to the fact that 1 The H is mourning his wife, who passed away 3 days ago, yet he is pining for the other woman he has been in love with while married to his wife.2 The H being angry that his side piece is getting married and she didn t wait for him since his wife has passed.3 This story giving me a migraine within the first two chapters.Loving them both didn t f [...]

    30. Tali Alexander you have ruined me I m speechless here I honestly don t know how to feel about this book These characters have consumed me, they will forever be etched into my soul Jeffrey Rossi you are an Obsession by Animotion.Jeff I should ve never disliked you even though at time I rooted for you and Sara.You were always a lost soul trying to find your in life It s true what they say there s two side to every story and yours is one everyone needs to read.Jeff you are now an unbelievable book [...]

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