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A Dangerous Nativity #2020

A Dangerous Nativity The Earl of Chadbourn loves nothing better than to care for his fields his flocks and the people who earn their living from the land Trapped by his brother in law s death into responsibility for his

  • Title: A Dangerous Nativity
  • Author: Caroline Warfield
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Dangerous Nativity By Caroline Warfield, The Earl of Chadbourn loves nothing better than to care for his fields, his flocks, and the people who earn their living from the land Trapped by his brother in law s death into responsibility for his traumatized nephew, grieving sister, and an estate gone to ruin, loneliness overwhelms him The first rate husbandry of a neighboring farm and the woman who runs it draw himThe Earl of Chadbourn loves nothing better than to care for his fields, his flocks, and the people who earn their living from the land Trapped by his brother in law s death into responsibility for his traumatized nephew, grieving sister, and an estate gone to ruin, loneliness overwhelms him The first rate husbandry of a neighboring farm and the woman who runs it draw him like a moth to flame With Christmas coming, can he repair the damaged estate and far damaged family Dare he hope for love in the bargain Catherine Wheatly is content to manage Songbird Cottage and care for her father and brothers She has long since accepted that marriage and a home of her own are not in her future She is content until an interfering earl descends on Songbird determined to unearth their secrets and upend her world.

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    1 thought on “A Dangerous Nativity

    1. 3.5 stars.Esta historia es super cortita, super dulce y super entretenida A m me ha servido para evaluar si la autora va a funcionar para m o no, y la respuesta es s , seguro que s.Los protagonistas son encantadores, para ser una historia tan corta hay un buen elenco de secundarios todos con sus historias personales y bien dibujados y el romance es muy bonito y tierno.No he conseguido conectar con los ni os no s muy bien por qu , pero me ha llamado la atenci n porque generalmente me gusta cuando [...]

    2. I truly loved this novella It was well written and the story tackled the subject of domestic violence in a very realistic way, even for the regency era William and Catherine were such sweethearts, and I really enjoyed them together This historical romance was way cleaner than the ones I usually read hehe , but I enjoyed it just as much, that s how good it was

    3. 3.5Okay, it is a bit predictable, but the characters are well drawn and developed There are some wonderful touches of humor.

    4. For the December tbrchallenge for holiday themes , I read Caroline Warfield s A Dangerous Nativity , a sweet Christmas novella set in the Regency.William Landrum, 10th Earl of Chadbourn, came to help his sister Sylvia set the estate to rights after the death of her husband The abusive duke s death left behind his skittish widow and young heir The land had been badly maintained and Chadbourn despaired of refurbishing it until he came upon the well tended land of a neighbor Intrigued, William enco [...]

    5. Sweet Regency Novella With Strong, Complex Characters.Will wants to care for his lands and his people but after his brother in law s death, he finds himself with a run down estate ,a traumatized sister and nephew , and secrets about interesting neighbors Catherine does not need the Earl of Chadbourn coming and upsetting her father but it doesn t seem like he is going to leave things alone Even though this is a novella is sure did pack a lot of surprises and twist I just loved all the strong char [...]

    6. Family SecretsA fabulous story set in a past era with truly wholesome insight A mystery to unravel and a love to discover This story incorporates love, abuse, psychological wounds and the truth to be discovered I truly enjoyed the clean cut ways of the Earl and how he rescues a family that has been shunned and neglected This will leave you smiling and in a happy place

    7. After reading a guest post on Maria Grace s website by Caroline Warfield, I thought I would check out this author s books As luck would have it, it was free on and still is at the time of my review This novella starts off The Dangerous Series As the book description states, the Earl of Chadbourn, William, is struggling to deal with his late brother in law s estate, which has been poorly managed Added to this problem, is the condition of his grieving sister, Sylvia, and her son, Charles, the youn [...]

    8. Light and easy reading, Christmas novella Well, a secondary character was a victim of spousal abuse off the page, before the story begins, so there is fall out from that but the H h relationship was a nice journey without huge conflict Two nice people working out the twists and hurdles in the people around them both, because they know perfectly well that they suit each other I d give it somewhere between a 3.5 and 4 it was a happy Christmas read when I needed one.I would definitely continue read [...]

    9. A nice, intriguing story, however, I find the chemistry build up between William and Catherine weak Further, I don t see William s marriage proposal strong enough to make Catherine agree Moreover, as a duchess, Sylvia William s sister was such an annoying, overreacting baby Lastly, when William and Catherine got married, it s going to be a complicated family tree because when you look at an another angle, Catherine was William s niece.

    10. A Dangerous Nativity was a little different than most regency novels First, the pretty lady DIDN T need rescuing Second, there weren t any big dress up dances, parties, etc And finally, a mystery Actually that last part isn t so rare but I do love a mystery so it adds This novella even had fun little boy who were nice I ll admit I was totally confused as to who was the father of who whom but that might have been my fault Fun, easy and quick read.4 Stars Clean.

    11. A Dangerous Nativity The Dangerous Series The love story of Catherine and Chadbourn A Christmas love story Catherine is the illegitimate daughter of a duke and she is now she is in love with an earl Chadbourn is the guardian of the new duke and he must undo all the damage the old duke has done Great Christmas story of love.

    12. Cute readThis was a cute and sweet Christmas story I read it in one afternoon It was a nice freebie to introduce me to a new author I enjoyed this and will look out for her other books.

    13. This was better then I thought it would be It was a short story that had a lot of depth, with a complete story line I enjoyed the writing style This was clean with some sweet kisses, no religion.

    14. A Dangerous Nativity byCaroline Warfield5 starsWilliam Landrum, the Earl of Chadbourn, has been away from home for two months His sister Sylvia Wheatly is newly widowed and not emotionally equipped to deal with estate business Nor is her son Charles, the new Duke of Murnane Chadbourn is Charles guardian and is taking on the responsibility of correcting the former duke s estate mismanagement He s finding it very discouraging Not only are the farms in a ramshackle state, but his sister and nephew [...]

    15. DisappointingI really wish I had read the same book as the other reviewers I got this book 2 months ago, based on these reviews as the reviewers are ones I admire and I usually enjoy the books they recommend Maybe I was in the wrong mood, I don t know, but I found this book a real struggle It is only 79 pages long but it took me TWO days to read it as I could only stomach a few pages at a time It is well edited and no problems with typos or grammar, but I found the story superficial after all, o [...]

    16. William Landrum, Earl of Chadbourne, wants many things to be back at his own estate, his sister back to her bubbly self, his nephew to not be so afraid of everything and enjoy being a boy, and most of all to make sure his deceased brother in law is roasting in hell Charged as his nephew s guardian it s his responsibility to oversee a poor excuse of an estate and turning that estate around weighs heavily on him Until one fateful ride and a runaway goat gives him hope for the future.Catherine Whea [...]

    17. I received this book as part of an ARC in exchange for my honest review A very enjoyable and entertaining short story This was my first time reading anything by Caroline Warfield, but it certainly will not be my last The Earl of Chadborn is helping his mourning sister settle her late husband s estate He vows to uncover the secrets of Songbird Cottage and in the process falls for a lady Catherine is instantly attracted to Will, but being the daughter of a country scholar she feels it would be imp [...]

    18. The story was really unique and I enjoy unraveling the story behind it The Earl of Chadbourn got a really difficult responsibility He had a great patience to deal with a dramatic sister and a scared nephew He was a great man Catherine was an intelligent woman with a lot of responsibility Not only she took care of the husbandry but also her brothers Literally she mothered two of them Chadbourn and Catherine made a wonderful match.I really like their temperament and knowing each one of the charact [...]

    19. Romantic and Humorous with Secrets to be UncoveredWonderful Rarely do I find a book with all the qualities mentioned in the header This is a well crafted, clean story which draws many emotions from its characters It is a page turnerwhat family secrets need to be discovered so old wounds can heal The humorous elements ripple through the story and kept me chuckling The romance is sweet and builds slowly but surely.I know others will love this book as I do Now to find other books in this seriesl st [...]

    20. It was nice to have a book that was interesting and kept you intrigued without all of the sexual interactions and language A nice clean book that anyone of any age could read Thank you It was nice to have a book that was interesting, kept you intrigued without all of the sexual interactions and language A,nice clean book that all ages could read and enjoy I would recommend it to anyone to read.

    21. I thought this story was exceptional It was beautifully written The pacing was terrific The main characters were people that I would want to spend time with and, indeed, I did while reading There were problems, but not strong relationship angst that could have been solved with a good natter It was cozy, sweet, and suitable for young romantics as well A clean romance Festive Thank you, Caroline Warfield for the most excellent little read I ll read of your stories for sure.

    22. A well written tale, which I ve read a total of three times so far The storyline is rather unique, one I have not read elsewhere.The Earl of Chadbourn, guardian to his young nephew, the new duke, runs into several mysteries as he tries to sort out problems at the estate, especially the mystery surrounding the lovely young woman at the neighboring farm Who is she exactly, what is her relationship to the two young boys in her care and why are they not welcome at the ducal estate.

    23. This d is the first book I have read by this author and found it to be a sweet,enjoyable tale.William has gone to his sisters home after the death of her brutal husband,the duke.Through an accidental meeting he finds a group of siblings who help bring out the best in his sister and nephew.A story about the importance of as loving family.This book is the first in a series so I am interested in reading the rest to follow the character s stories.

    24. I loved this novella It s the story of The Earl of Chadbourn, who is trying to help with the estate of his sister in mourning, a scared little nephew who was is much too young to be a duke, and a secret between the dead duke and his neighbors at Songbird Cottage William pursues the neighbor to learn the secret Little did he know that it was a beautiful woman, Catherine, trying to run the farm, take care of her father and raise her brothers.It s a delightful and heartwarming story

    25. DelightfulThis was a lovely tale that warms the heart, the story was well written the characters are well developed.Perfect book if your looking for a quick but satisfying read, I love Ms.Warfields storytelling ability, this book was absolutely delightful.

    26. Good Christmas readThis story also appears in Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem It s a normal sentimental Christmas story, and I found the reformation of some characters just a little bit of a stretch But it s Christmas, and I expect that sort of thing.

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