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The Wrong Unit #2020

The Wrong Unit I DON T KNOW WHAT THE HUMANS ARE SO CRANKY ABOUT Their enclosures are large they ingest over a thousand calories per day and they re allowed to mate Plus they have me An Autonomous Servile Unit ho

  • Title: The Wrong Unit
  • Author: Rob Dircks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wrong Unit By Rob Dircks, I DON T KNOW WHAT THE HUMANS ARE SO CRANKY ABOUT Their enclosures are large, they ingest over a thousand calories per day, and they re allowed to mate Plus, they have me An Autonomous Servile Unit, housed in a mobile bipedal chassis I do my job well keep the humans healthy and happy Hey you Heyoo That s my name, I suppose It s easier for the humans to remember thaI DON T KNOW WHAT THE HUMANS ARE SO CRANKY ABOUT Their enclosures are large, they ingest over a thousand calories per day, and they re allowed to mate Plus, they have me An Autonomous Servile Unit, housed in a mobile bipedal chassis I do my job well keep the humans healthy and happy Hey you Heyoo That s my name, I suppose It s easier for the humans to remember than 413s98 itr8 I guess I ve gotten used to it Rob Dircks, bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla , has a unit with a problem how to deliver his package, out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to guide him Oh, and with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance It s a science fiction tale of technology gone haywire, unlikely heroes, and the nature of humanity Woah That last part sounds deep Don t worry, it s not.

    • [E-Book] ñ The Wrong Unit | by ✓ Rob Dircks
      232 Rob Dircks
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    1. Hi, I m the author I had a blast spending the better part of 2015 2016 writing this tale of AI gone wrong, our shared humanity, and the things we might learn about ourselves 800 years from now, and I m totally proud of it And I hope you enjoy it too

    2. The Wrong Unit is a dystopian science fiction read that takes place about 850 years into the future Heyoo Hey you is an Autonomous Servile Unit, a sort of AI in a somewhat human chassis that was meant to be a help on the farm in the area that is controlled by CORE CORE is a computer system that has taken over and holding what humans are left in the world captive and controlling them When Heyoo goes in for repairs he ends up captured by some rebelling humans and transported out of the area that h [...]

    3. Wow I Absolutely loved this freaking book I cant believe it s all over This story was an amazing journey that sometimes had me on the edge of my seat What s scary is because of all that s currently being done with technology, computers, and Internet, something like what happened in this story could possibly happen to us one day soon Humans have been living in captivity for over 800 years, but one event changes everything for everyone, and it all starts with A secret I won t tell the story becaus [...]

    4. A quick read Fun, funny, delightful Humans have been imprisoned by an artificial intelligence devoted to keeping them safe and happy They wish to be free The plan Send a a sympathetic service unit named Heyoo think Wall e from the Disney movie of the same name and a child named Wah to awaken the resistance Along the way, child grows to man, robot becomes human, adventures abound Much it learned about life, love and the meaning of family Short chapters most only a few pages long and snappy writin [...]

    5. My original The Wrong Unit audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Wrong Unit by Rob Dircks is set in a dystopian far future where humanity is controlled by Core, or a computer overlord 413s98 itr8, or Heyoo as he is commonly referred to by humans, is a loyal Servile Unit or a humanoid robot that is charged with interacting with and helping humans on a day to day basis One day, he goes in to get repaired when his existence as he knows it is changed forever Instea [...]

    6. The Right Wrong Unit Wow What a hilarious, heart warming, and though provoking story Set in the future, where technology and programs rule humanity, the wrong unit was selected to deliver humanities last hope to gain their freedom This fast paced story follows the journey of the wrong unit, and it s human companion, who it s raised since an infant, to an unknown destination Their journey was filled with many laughs, and heart warming moments watching the unit known as Heyoo learn to care for the [...]

    7. I listened to the Audible version of The Wrong Unit The author does a great job narrating his own book I particularly loved the sound effect used for when the robot accesses its own internal programming.The Wrong Unit takes place far in the future, many, many years after an apocalyptic event Some of the surviving humans are kept alive by robots in a sort of prison camp An AI program called Core controls everything It is the job of service unit 413s98 itr8, commonly referred to as Heyoo Hey You , [...]

    8. A wonderful book about a farming servile unit, Heyoo and his surrogate human son, Wah and their journey to save humanity Rob Dircks has a wonderful talent for making one lose themselves in the narrative and fall in love with the characters I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys witty sci fi and stories about A.I robots.

    9. Crazy good book Lost sleep over this book but it was worth it Someone needs to make this story into a movie, but please don t ruin it Terrific, hilarious, touching book Well done Mr Dircks

    10. My rating 4.5 starsAudiobook narrator Rob Dircks rating 4.5 starsThis is another short and fun science fiction book by Rob Dircks author of Where the Hell is Tesla A Novel This book had a semi similar feel to the book The Road though, The Wrong Unit is much positive and less dreary It s similar because of the two initial main characters and their relationship building I really liked the interaction between Heyoo and Wa and how they grew together.I don t normally remember quotes from books but I [...]

    11. It took me a while to finish a combination of family emergencies and a fair part of the story taking a leisurely stroll to the good bits and the good bits coming up like an unexpected large wave from the ocean It slams into you and while you re looking for the bus that just hit you the wave slides, unseen, back to sea That s not to say there aren t knuckle biting moments early in the story, there certainly are And if you ve ever handled a small child there are some moments that will make you lau [...]

    12. Really good sci fi bookI thoroughly enjoyed this, although I normally do not like books about self aware computers and such But this one was really good

    13. I really enjoyed this story While it was not as funny as Where the Hell is Tesla it was excellent for sci fi.Heyoo is a servile android that is programmed to serve humanity When he she it is transported to a seemingly random point on earth his adventure begins He finds a baby without any parents and, being a service android, takes the baby, names it Wah and takes it upon himself to raise the baby himself.When Heyoo and Wah stumble upon a building that is thousands of kilometers from where they s [...]

    14. Despite the fact that this is a post apocalyptic story in which the few remaining humans are kept in captivity, this is a feel good Science Fiction novel.The lightness in tone comes mainly from the innocence and empathy of the main character, Heyou, a Servile Unit an A.I in a humanish body whose purpose is the care and feeding of humans in their compound.Heyou, the Wrong Unit of the title, is picked up by mistake and thrust into an epic quest to save humanity.This involves a very long walk with [...]

    15. I just loved this book Thank you so much Rob for letting me review this audio book I haven t enjoyed an audio book this much in a long time I fell in love with Heyoo, he is awesome and i want him to be my very best friend This book is part Sci Fi, part dystopian, part humor, part thriller, and just a heartwarming read Just a quick summary, this book is set in the future where computers, CORE, have taken over society and have humans bound to a sanctuary Obviously the humans aren t going to go dow [...]

    16. I went into the book not knowing what to expect, or really anything about it I won a publisher s giveaway and ended up choosing this book based on nothing than the marketing blurb I was going to add it to the end of my 100 To Read list but after receiving a personal note from the author I decided to bump it to the top of my list And I m very glad that I did.In The Wrong Unit Mr Dircks, explores serious questions, such as what it means to be human and what it means to be a parent, employing humo [...]

    17. The Wrong Unit written and narrated by Rob Dircks is an extraordinary piece of science fiction that should be on most everyone s to read lists It is unusual to find a well written piece of fiction that is additionally narrated by its creator and both roles are done excellently Often good writing is ruined by an author s poor narration or the other way around However, this book accomplishes where many others have failed My congratulations to the author for his ability to pull this off Even rarer [...]

    18. This was an excellent short novel, set in a dystopian future This trope is used often but this had an enjoyable twist on it, with most of the narration coming from the thoughts of an artificially intelligent robot The book grapples with humanity s fate, what becomes of a society which leaves its wants and needs in the hands of AI, and the good parts of humanity It s a story about freedom, about the excitement of being alive and that the concept that humanity itself is not just a human concept.Th [...]

    19. Sci fi isn t really a go to genre for me and I wasn t sure how I d like this book I had never heard of the author and I didn t read the blurb before I stared I like to be surprised There was so much that I enjoyed while reading this book The humor is fantastic and I laughed out loud many times The science fiction aspects were interesting and I was immersed in the world that Heyoo and Waa lived in Even the secondary characters were well done Probably the most pleasant surprise was how much I enjo [...]

    20. TEN STARS I literally could not put this one down and read it in one sitting as if I had some influence to assure a victorious outcome Each character is so memorable, and the unit can come to my house anytime The kid was absolutely perfect, the tale so timely, the lesson glaringly in your face I enjoyed the journey so,so much both mine and the book s and this is sure to be handed around my circle of readerswhat a RIDE Excellent work Mr Dircks, and I m on to Tesla , with high hopes.

    21. I think this is Rob Dircks second book and I thought it was very good I don t think it was quite as good as Where the Hell is Tesla but it s a close second It s different from Tesla , not as much of the snarky irreverent humor but plenty of genuine emotion.I loved the concept of an unwitting robot being put in the position to raise a human infant on his own without help from anyone, human or otherwise It leaves you at times scared to death for the little life and laughing out loud at the funnier [...]

    22. Wow one strange tale of a future that I hope the world never seesSet 850 years in our future where the world s population is controlled by s heartless computer brain and its robotic agents The human population has attempted to gain its freedom from the computer for than the 850 years And this attempt at freedom is lead by a robot and a infant I its care I found the story filled with humor and a bit of love It was a good read for me and I hope that the reader can let go of our current reality an [...]

    23. This review is for the audiobook version of The Wrong Unit, written and read by Rob Dircks.While I enjoyed Dircks previous book Where the Hell Is Tesla, his new book, The Wrong Unit, had so much heart It exceeded my expectations It combines many of the best elements of Asimov s Robot series mashed up with the bits of Douglas Adams Marvin the paranoid android , the journey from Cormac McCarthy s the Road, and many other SciFi greats without feeling derivative Best of all, Dircks managed to make [...]

    24. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT I grabbed this this morning after listening to WHERE THE HELL IS TESLA for the second time, and discovering Rob had a couple of other books Rob has a very distinctive story telling style, leading us through many, and varied, scenarios or, in the case of TESLA, dimensions with boundless enthusiasm.And his narration No one could voice his books the way he does.TESLA Hilarious WRONG UNIT Sublime.Yep I m a fan.

    25. This was a charming, funny, and surprisingly moving story It s told almost entirely from the perspective of a service robot who works for the AI that has taken over the world He is mistakenly grabbed and thrust into a plot by the human underground resistance He just wants to get home But along the way he raises a little boy, reveals ancient secrets, changes the world, and ends with some beautiful discoveries on what it means to be alive I read it in one day and loved it.

    26. Great Story for Astro sI can t believe that I happened to read this book during the World Series This story about humans being imprisoned by a malicious AI and the humans sending out the wrong robot unit with their saviour was fantastic The funny part is that a human was reminiscing about going to Astro s baseball games with her dad 800 years ago.

    27. I enjoyed this book very much You start rooting for The Wrong Unit Heyoo and begin to love Wah and others throughout the book The ending is excellent and wished it wouldn t have ended so fast I highly recommend it to all that want a nice fairytale for a weekend read.

    28. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.Please see my full reviews available at coffeeandtrainspotting.wordpress.Heads up, I LOVED IT No surprise there

    29. AI with a twistWas captivated, entranced, and could not put it down Have to say AI scares me, and what its consequences might be But, this novel gave me hope Kudos I highly recommend it to anyone who worries about this too.

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