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Everyday Aspergers #2020

Everyday Aspergers Through telling journal entries Samantha Craft presents a life of humorous faux pas profound insights and the everyday adventures of a female with Asperger s Syndrome A former schoolteacher and

  • Title: Everyday Aspergers
  • Author: Samantha Craft
  • ISBN: 9781610058056
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyday Aspergers By Samantha Craft, Through 150 telling journal entries, Samantha Craft presents a life of humorous faux pas, profound insights, and the everyday adventures of a female with Asperger s Syndrome A former schoolteacher and mother of three boys, Craft doesn t experience ordinary everyday happenings like most In her vivid world, nothing is simple and everything appears pertinent Even an averagThrough 150 telling journal entries, Samantha Craft presents a life of humorous faux pas, profound insights, and the everyday adventures of a female with Asperger s Syndrome A former schoolteacher and mother of three boys, Craft doesn t experience ordinary everyday happenings like most In her vivid world, nothing is simple and everything appears pertinent Even an average trip to the grocery store is a feat and cause for reflection From being a dyslexic cheerleader with dysgraphia going the wrong direction, to bathroom stalking, to figuring out if she can wear that panty free dress, Craft explores the profoundness of daily living through hilarious anecdotes and heartwarming childhood memories When she s not laughing at the bizarreness of her days or reflecting back, then she s sharing the serious and relevant challenges of everyday living on the autism spectrum Ten years in the making, Craft s revealing memoir brings Asperger s Syndrome into a spectrum of brilliant light exposing the day to day interactions and complex inner workings of an autistic female from childhood to midlife.

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    1 thought on “Everyday Aspergers

    1. This was a difficult book to read as well as a truly amazing book to read Why It was so emotional, so honest, so raw and I related to so much of it that it opened up every part of me and left me exposed and bare as a fellow woman with Aspergers s Samantha Craft had me feeling I was sitting listening to her story and her wisdom over a large cup of tea, cake and with many tears and hugs in between Not many books can do that or authors.If you are looking for a clinical book about Aspergers or a bre [...]

    2. 4 Textures irritate Smells overwhelm and overtake Sights hurt And even the taste of air is unpleasant An intense, entertaining, funny, poignant look at the Asperger end of the Austism spectrum from the inside out Samantha Craft has been keeping a blog same name as the book title since early 2012, and recently changed to Everyday Aspie She s had a rough time of it Bright, funny, outspoken, and with a greater propensity for foot in mouth than even Prince Phillip I recognise plenty of characteristi [...]

    3. This was a very interesting but tough book to read.It was compiled from a blog therefore it is made up of a mix of childhood memories,poetry ,and very deep inner thoughts ,which for me was the difficult bit.I have worked with many young children who were diagnosed as being within the Autistic Spectrum and noticed only one of them was a girl.This book bought home to me how very different females within the spectrum are in their thinking and I thank Samantha for her openness and honesty in conveyi [...]

    4. After many years in the making, Everyday Aspergers is here at last Sam offers a sensitive, in depth look of women and autism Aspergers from a personal viewpoint If you know anyone on the spectrum, love anyone on the spectrum, work with someone on the spectrum, or just want to get a better understanding, this is DEFINITELY a book worth reading

    5. Written by an autistic female, I recommend Everyday Aspergers as a MUST READ Samantha Craft s compassion, kindness, and insightfulness shine through her writing some parts making me laugh others making me cry For anyone who is on the spectrum, and for those who seek further understanding of girls women on the spectrum, this publication offers valuable insights about Aspergers, what it is means to be Aspie.

    6. Samantha Craft paints an incredible picture for her readers showing the innocence, pain, humor, complexity, and beauty that comes with being an Asperger If you re on the spectrum, have a loved one on the spectrum, work with someone on the spectrum, or know someone on the spectrum and even it you don t you absolutely need to read this book

    7. Autism Pros and ConsSamantha Craft gives a readers a glance into her everyday life with autism She mentions some pros such as intelligence, and memory, but she outweighed the pros with cons The cons Craft also points out cons such as DDepression, anxiety, loneliness, naivete emotions and embarrassment She seems to blame autism on why she seems miserable,She even mentions that she wished there was a cure for it Autism does not cause depression or anxiety Those disorders are separate from autism T [...]

    8. This is not your everyday read It is a very honest, open touching one I thought for me it might give the world of Aspergers from a personal rather than medical view It is a journal and ramblings rather than a detailed explanation although it does you give some from Sam s viewpoint Sam has put into words her world and the thoughts in her head as well as how she see and deals with the various situations she finds herself in and one of her sons LV Little voice is the voice in her head and Sir Brain [...]

    9. After Following Her Blog for the Last Few Years and Really Loving it Getting it It made me realise that i really related to it This book is a Wealth of Information for Girls or Women ,who were Misdiagnosed in the late 80s or 90 s Also Gives a Personal Side on what Life is like as a Women a Girl with Autism Aspergers I really relate to alot of the Symptoms It fits the Missing Puzzle to my Life.Its a Well worth Reading Its the sort of book you can go back too I would recommend it totally.

    10. Fantastic book that I, as an Autistic female, could wholeheartedly relate to I hope Autistic females follow Sam s lead and get their stories out there For non Autistics it is a great insight into female Autism, if you have a daughter, sister, other relative, friend with Autism it s definitely worth reading.

    11. How does one open a book when it is not a book E books are convenient irritations Percentage complete remains unchanging after reading several pages, neither can progress be measured well by a bookmark set in place by a reluctant hand But if that is what it takes, then so be it I ll pretend to open it and read as though it were a book, it is difficult to deal with, this weightless distraction called Everyday Aspergers And it was written by an imaginary person, channeled through a real person who [...]

    12. So insightful I love all of her writings, and this was a beautiful way to express such complex emotions that female aspies experience.

    13. Living with Everyday Asperger s A little girl, a free spirit, loved to spend hours absorbed in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature She saw herself as a caterpillar, set free upon endless green, nibbling at the gifts before her That is, until the rain came Caterpillar became Butterfly, lovely and able to reach great heights However, as she did so, her world became both smaller and larger Everything was unfamiliar and ever changing With all that was good, also came evils Caterpillar had never [...]

    14. I think I highlighted half of this book It s so well written, and reading it was like reading my own life for most of the time I would say that I particularly enjoyed the traits Craft lists for women with Aspergers I found it so nearly identical to who I am as a person, that I immediately shared it with friends and family After my diagnosis at 31, I was getting a lot of people telling me I must be mistaken or that it couldn t be I ve recommended this book to many of them Further, after sharing a [...]

    15. Meh This had a couple of interesting entries, but for the most part it s just reading the Livejournal of someone you don t know which, since it s a collection of blog posts, is pretty much exactly what it is She seems nice enough but most of the entries are both deeply personal and lacking all context For the most part, she doesn t talk about Asperger s at all, or when she does she over generalizes to say that all females with Asperger s are exactly like her, even down to having soulful eyes Plu [...]

    16. This was a pleasure to read You can t help but feel all of the emotions along with the Author as she tells her story I love the style it was written it is a myriad of times and places, sifting through snippets of memory, raw tales of her life, beautiful prose and profound philosophy all are found within the pages I like this style as this is how my mind works, not in a linear fashion, but through connected points which weave through into new areas with the turn of a key phrase or thought I will [...]

    17. I ve tried to read this twice, and dnf d it twice I suspect that it might be okay as a series of blog posts, but as a book, it just doesn t stand up The writing is immature and irritating and there is nothing profound here There is an occasional insight but far too much generalisation about AS to make this a useful read for anyone wanting a better understanding.

    18. I have never written a review before because people have different tastes and views, but this book made my teenager daughter very insecure she is now convinced that she is weird.While there are some obvious truths in it, I don t think we should represent aspies like the author did Certain things have to be kept private As I said, my daughter is an aspie, and so am I.

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