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Civilianized: A Young Veteran's Memoir #2020

Civilianized A Young Veteran s Memoir After twelve months of military service in Iraq Michael Anthony stepped off a plane seemingly happy to be home or at least back on US soil He was twenty one years old a bit of a nerd and carrying

  • Title: Civilianized: A Young Veteran's Memoir
  • Author: MichaelAnthony
  • ISBN: 9781936976881
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Civilianized: A Young Veteran's Memoir By MichaelAnthony, After twelve months of military service in Iraq, Michael Anthony stepped off a plane, seemingly happy to be home or at least back on US soil He was twenty one years old, a bit of a nerd, and carrying a pack of cigarettes that he thought would be his last Two weeks later, Michael was stoned on Vicodin, drinking way too much, and picking a fight with a very large Hell s AnAfter twelve months of military service in Iraq, Michael Anthony stepped off a plane, seemingly happy to be home or at least back on US soil He was twenty one years old, a bit of a nerd, and carrying a pack of cigarettes that he thought would be his last Two weeks later, Michael was stoned on Vicodin, drinking way too much, and picking a fight with a very large Hell s Angel At his wit s end, he came to an agreement with himself If things didn t improve in three months, he was going to kill himself But in the meantime, he had some dating classes to attend Civilianized is a surprising and dark hud memoir that chronicles Michael s search for meaning in a suddenly destabilized world.

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    1 thought on “Civilianized: A Young Veteran's Memoir

    1. Michael sent me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review, and I m so grateful that he did His memoir is extremely eye opening to the struggles that veterans face when they return home from their service.Many of my family members serve or have served in various branches of the military My grandfather served in World War II and when he came home, he couldn t handle what he d seen and experienced during his service He ended up committing suicide when my dad was very young So, while I had [...]

    2. What I was realizing was that war isn t what breaks soldiers It isn t being a trained killer, and killing, nor is it the constant brushes with death and the loss of fellow soldiers What actually breaks the soldier isn t the fighting and the dying It s the peace I got this book by accident Apparently something went wrong with my order and when I got this book I was slightly confused but just started reading it and got about halfway through before I realized that there really had been a mix up and [...]

    3. I d always heard the hardest part about returning from war is adjusting to the changes that happen while you re away Massachusetts author Michael Anthony has previously published his journal recorded during his year in Iraq serving as a medic in the midst of the worse than bizarre war being played out around him That book is a journal written with fine graphics dividing the entries by hours in the days in the weeks in the months of his tour of duty all bound by the barbed wire that so aptly desc [...]

    4. A harrowing but also sometimes comic memoir of a soldier s struggle to acclimate himself to civilian life again And a powerful story about living with PTSD.

    5. Michael Anthony s account of coming home and trying to become civilianized after the military is concise and cuts straight through you He asks for no pity, simply stating what he saw, thought and knew and what he has learned since This is not a fun read, but definitely one for anyone struggling to understand what their loved one is going through with PTSD, civilian life after war and addiction issues.

    6. Michael Anthony has returned home after spending a year in Iraq He believes that he will lead a happy life now that he s home, but that s not how it turns out A couple of weeks after returning, he finds himself drinking and wanting to pick fights He comes to the conclusion that if things don t get better in three months, he ll end his life This memoir is an inspiring story of one young veteran s struggle with life after war and how many other veterans struggle today.Opinion The thing I loved mos [...]

    7. This is a little rough but a forceful account of an ex army medical officer dealing with PTSD and the intricate task of acclimatizing to daily life in the States, particularly LA and MA It is an eye opener for anyone who knows someone who has been in Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, etc What appears as disjointed, absent minded, and somewhat self absorbed behavior is turmoil eating at the inside of a young mind who saw it all that, and some heavy medication, alcohol, and nicotine Because the story takes pla [...]

    8. I ll admit, I had a bit of a hard time with this one at first I have a great love for memoirs, but they re hard to review Memoirs aren t stories you can control, you can just hope your life is interesting enough to make a story Michael Anthony s novel is about his return from war in Iraq The story does jump around a bit, but I think for a good reason because otherwise the memoir might have been a little dry My only complaint is that I felt like I was missing something though I can t put my finge [...]

    9. Michael Anthony s memoir of coming home from a combat zone is a great choice for anyone who is interested in the difficulties that our troops can face when they come home from a combat zone Anthony served as a combat medic in Iraq when he was just out of high school, but the story he tells here is of coming home without knowing how to be home Deprecatingly funny, he chronicles a period in his life when he was contemplating suicide and struggling with multiple maladaptive coping mechanisms to dea [...]

    10. They were weird, and not in the funny ironic sort of wayIn the, why did you just lick that sort of way This book is hilarious to me As a displaced Southerner living in Boston, who formerly roomed with the prince of one of the infamous lairs described in Civilianized, I can vividly picture the magic tricks, negative compliments, and otherwise logistical considerations practiced by the true life characters I found this book to, for lack of a better term, try less hard than the authors last book, a [...]

    11. Michael Anthony pulls no punches in his memoir of returning from 12 months of military service in Iraq and his attempts to resume a normal life at home Having served as an operating room technician, he had seen the war up close and personal in all its bloody glory.He seeks solace in alcohol, prescription meds and dive bars, but finds only despair, and befriends a group of fellow veterans, all of whom have their own struggles and coping mechanisms He ultimately gives himself 3 months for things [...]

    12. Got this as an ARC from Netgalley A pretty troubling memoir about trying to return to civilization after having served in Iraq Anthony s account is heartbreaking in that you know it is not his story alone, but the story of thousands of men and women who have returned from our endless wars in the Middle East The writing itself was a bit weird at times and the pacing towards the end was so disjointed that I just went, wait, did we change scenes What is going on now Overall worth the read.

    13. Michael Anthony has just returned home after spending a year as a medic in Iraq He was home but things were not going to be easy for him Within two weeks of being home he finds himself on Vicodin, drinking, picking fights, and so much This is a heartbreaking journey into PTSD It s easy to say that a soldier is suffering from PTSD or blame their behaviors on it But this is an up close and personal look into one man s journey into, through, and out of hell.As a reader, it is easy to say that you [...]

    14. Our town picked this book for a town read a thon Michael Anthony grew up in Massachusetts and I think he returned to the state after his deployment.The book captures the fury, anger and frustration that many vets experience when they return from deployment It highlights the weak network that vets return to find and the limited resources available to help them return to civilian life.The book is short and dark It packs a punch.

    15. All in all this is a 3.5 for me I very much enjoyed this book for what it was.Biographies Memoirs Mental Health Post traumatic Stress DisorderHistory Military Iraq WarThis memoir gives us a window into the few months following Michaels return from Iraq when he was 21 years old This book was not published until he was around 30 The book was a bit chaotic, but I believe that is on purpose and the choppiness is used to illustrate his mental state at the time It felt at times as if I were reading a [...]

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