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The Shape of Water #2020

The Shape of Water Spollen interweaves elemental evocative images of what is formless and boundless water air grief death with what is solid and limited earth objects human love and forgiveness This enchanting nov

  • Title: The Shape of Water
  • Author: Anne Spollen
  • ISBN: 9780738711010
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Shape of Water By Anne Spollen, Spollen interweaves elemental, evocative images of what is formless and boundless water, air, grief, death with what is solid and limited earth, objects, human love and forgiveness This enchanting novel starts quietly, draws the reader in and weaves a seductive spell that holds until the last page Kirkus starred review I had come to know silence well during those Spollen interweaves elemental, evocative images of what is formless and boundless water, air, grief, death with what is solid and limited earth, objects, human love and forgiveness This enchanting novel starts quietly, draws the reader in and weaves a seductive spell that holds until the last page Kirkus starred review I had come to know silence well during those months after my mother died When you sit in silence long enough, you learn that silence has a motion It glides over you without shape or form, but with weight, exactly like water Magda s mother always said the world was full of strange and beautiful secrets only the two of them could see But now she s gone and Magda s world is flooded with anxiety and loneliness and maybe, madness As an imaginary family of bickering fish begins to torment her, Magda s only outlet is starting beautiful but destructive fires in the marshes near her house The Shape of Water is a darkly lyrical and surprising tapestry of the mundane and the surreal, in which Magda begins to untangle her family s secrets and search for a stable place in the world.

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      Anne Spollen

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    1. I picked this up pretty much at random because I thought Ken Wong s cover was lovely It turned out to be about a teenage girl having trouble dealing with the death of her mother, which is not my usual interest, but it was extremely well written It was not merely about coping with loss, which is rather over used theme in YA lit, but also a consideration of the difficulties of being a deep thinking, introverted person when those around you are not Magda s father and aunt love her, but she lives he [...]

    2. I really love this cover.I just wish the book lived up to it I m only a couple of chapters in, but I m seriously considering abandoning this book because there s so much about it that I just cannot stand I m going to rant about it in list format.1 Okay, I guess I should have seen this coming, what with the title and all, but this book is WAY TOO heavy on the allusions to water I get it, water is a big deal That doesn t mean every sound or image has to be compared to water in some overblown metap [...]

    3. Some of the most amazing imagery I ve ever run across in anything it had me hooked from the first paragraph Ms Spollen takes concepts I was only vaguely aware of before different qualities of silence, the subtleties of water and atmosphere and has painted them so vividly that, after reading the book, I found myself looking at things in entirely new ways It felt like growing up speaking a language with words for only light and dark , and then having someone introduce the colors to me The actual p [...]

    4. I haven t encountered writing as talented as this in a long time Anne Spollen writes in the language of the soul The way she describes things It s hard for me to imagine someone writing this who did not go through what this poor girl went through How can Spollen not be a teenage girl who s mother recently died She writes about grief and bordering insanity so well that I felt like I myself was going through it Spollen has an immense gift Some might say she s too wordy, too descriptive But honestl [...]

    5. This review is also featured on Tasty Books Actual rating 2.515 year old Magda s mother has recently died Now Magda must cope with the loss, while also trying to solve family secrets and find her own place in the world all the while dealing with several surreal elements that have leaked into her mind I ll be honest I picked up this book because the cover is freaking gorgeous There s no denying that Seriously, the back of the book could have said POOP POOP POOP and I still would have read the boo [...]

    6. The Shape of Water is rich with elemental metaphors that connect the underlying themes of loss, grief and recovery.Magda is cast adrift after her mother s death, floating dreamily in a neglected beachy community in the outreaches of Staten Island, NY she thinks of as the Drift The Drift is the wild place she and her mother existed, with little to connect her to The Standard, the controlled safe area of her community, a place she feels she can never gain acceptance to The book is filled with meta [...]

    7. The book The Shape of Water is about a girl named Magdelena who after her free spirited mother s untimely death, is plagued by the most severe forms of grief, self lost, and mental disorientation in the forms of depression, social anxiety, setting fires to create joy, an unhealthy obsession with the ocean, and, after reading the book and coming up with my own diagnosis, an acute form of dementia in the form of seeing things that aren t really there and communication with the family of fish that [...]

    8. Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooMagda s life is slowly bursting into flames, as it changes for the worst The ones most important to her are departing from her life.First it s her mother who passes away Then it s her best friend, Julia, who moves away, and then her father is slowly becoming disconnected as he tries to move on For Magda it is just too soon, but her father has quickly found someone else to fill her mother s shoes.The only thing Magda finds solace in i [...]

    9. I found this book to be my favorite YA book so far in 2008, and probably one of my fav YA books ever The prose was lyrical,and as I read it, I felt completely swept into Magda s world It s not a typical YA in that it focuses on her one world, without romance, and it speaks of her internal life than her external life, at least in the beginning I do understand why some people might not like this book right away It does seem weird, but it s weird in like a creative way When I first started it, I l [...]

    10. I have no fucking clue what this book is about but the title in combination with the cover have convinced me it s amazing.

    11. I loved the author s characterizations All of the people in the story are very real and relate able, esp the main character I can t remember her name A surprisingly good YA book.

    12. Beautiful writing, if a bit slower in pacing than many teens will be used to But I love how she strings words together.

    13. I personally prefered her second novel to this But it was still an interesting book and I would love to read her other works as well when they are published.

    14. You d think a book with this good of a cover has got to be great, but you d be horribly wrong in this case Which is very disappointing, of course, because I had such high hopes for this book But, no, just no It had no point NO POINT No point besides maybe creeping me out, that is And creep me out it did I think Anne Spollen wrote from a weird place in her mind, a place I could never understand no matter what because it s just too out there for me Maybe no one can understand it, and that would be [...]

    15. This was an interesting book I remember that I read this at a time were I was going through a book every day or two, but this one took me several weeks This book is a piece of art that took time for me to figure out It was not a fun read, but it was interesting.

    16. This book took so long to get into Spollen s overly descriptive prose, bizarre fish, and super long chapters made me reluctant to continue after reaching chapter two But I stuck with it, and, much to my surprise, I started to get involved in the story.Magda is a truly odd character She comments on every detail, she obsesses over the standard , she turns into a giraffe during many conversations, she has conversations with a small family of fish in her head view spoiler which, I came to believe, w [...]

    17. This book was an interesting find for me I was wandering the library, and I don t know what compelled me to pull this random black spine from the shelf, but when I did the cover just captivated me Seriously, take a good look at that cover It s freaking gorgeous although, I have to admit what made me take this lovely home was the fact that the protagonist s name is Magda Okay, so firstly, there s no mistaking that this book deals with water themes Every other sentence has some simile or metaphor [...]

    18. While this book started out really strong, it petered out pretty quickly There are far too many epiphanies that come to the characters far too easily Not only that, there are some serious issues that these characters are dealing with that are resolved far too easily The problems that Magdalena, Hannah, and Andrew are dealing with are problems that last a life time They re problems that can t be won over by meaningless phrases about trying and moving on Not only are these revelations cliched, the [...]

    19. I think I bought The Shape of Water book a little while after reading Saving Francesca Since I loved that one so much, and this book had the same basic idea teen girl needs to get on without her controlling mom around, lost her old friends, ect I gave it a go Oh, and, I thought the cover was awesome.To be honest, this book was depressing Maybe the fact that I read it while rain was pouring down and the sky was gloomy and I was alone in my room with no friends made it even depressing, but still [...]

    20. I liked this book Well, what I really liked was the writing, those long passages describing how Maggie saw and experienced the world Then I started feeling confused The book veered from introspective and fanciful to straight up soap opera fodder Aside from a couple of tragic parental deaths, which can be overlooked given the nature of the story, there was the aunt s secret son who apparently had no issues about his mother abandoning him as a baby, even though her flimsy reasons for doing so sou [...]

    21. I really wanted to LOVE this book Loved the artwork, borrowed it, and loved the writing That s the thing about this book Spollen has really vivid and lyrical writing that s beautiful to read and hear in your head She makes allusions to water duh and nature in a very enchanting way There s alot of beautiful writing, but there s no story All the characters, except maybe that s a very small maybe, bee tee doubleyew Magda, are very flat and unlikable The story of Madga s grief and how relationships [...]

    22. I have never read a book that so beautifully explores and exemplifies what it is to inhabit a place of disconnect and unattachment and otherness I ve often been in that place where I feel like I don t understand some basic part of interaction that everyone just innately kbows that Magda lives in for almost the entire book, and I deeply appreciated the exploration of that place The Shape of Water also approaches grief and recovery and mental illness very respectfully without romanticizing or beli [...]

    23. It s not so much the style of the book as the words that I love There are just ways things are said and put together that I would never think of, that are so strange and beautiful and they just made me pause, because they aren t expected I ve actually kept track of parts I felt were especially noteworthy, and I ll add some here on , but there are also small things that are just neat, just two or three words put together It s just nifty.I might have to read this again one day I started it around [...]

    24. It was the cover that initially got me hooked, followed by the tone of the book whimsical and meandering and feather light But the I read the harder it became to get through It was becoming too incomprehensible in places, to the point where I was getting confused as to what exactly was going on The narrative majorly focuses on the protagonist and her thoughts, which isn t necessarily a bad thing, but it left me stranded in internal dialogue with no connection to the outside world within the nov [...]

    25. This novel helped me let go of some painful and shameful things I had a difficult time with in my own life that I had, including being able to confront my ex husband who abandoned me with a letter that was difficult to write, since he avoided all of the important matters essential to ending a marriage and I was able to finally speak up to my father about anger that I had never been listened to without him cutting me off mid sentence and that was the one main thing I was angry about This novel ch [...]

    26. This book was randomly displayed in my school s library, and I picked it up after being impressed at the cover art I then read the short summary on the back or the inside or whatever, and was instantly interested So I checked it out and began reading it immediately.I have to say, this book was completely amazing With me, I m usually into reading sappy romance books, but this book caught me by surprise I completely loved how the whole book was about the main character growing as a person, learnin [...]

    27. This book was beautiful, whimsical, and untouchable in places The thing that stuck out to me most was the narration it was solid, fluid, and downright imaginative This book also strikes me as a grieving book, which may explain why I felt a little disconnected with it Maybe if I had read this book during a different time, I would have connected stronger with Magda On the whole though, I burned through the last 2 3s of the book in an afternoon, despite my break in reading Also, I love the cover ar [...]

    28. very unusual book magdalena s mother has died an accident suicide and magdalena s starting to suffer from some of the same magical madness that took her mother there s a family of fish living in her head at least she got sick of starting fires and all she really wants to do is learn how to live in the standard the language in this book is exquisitely beautiful, laden with water and sea related imagery it s a slow mover, but worth the read there s plenty of discussion fodder here too try it in a [...]

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