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Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture #2020

Grape Olive Pig Deep Travels Through Spain s Food Culture Winner of the IACP Award Literary or Historical Food WritingGourmand World Cookbook Award Winner Culinary Travel Best Book of November Cookbooks Food and WineFinancial Times Best Books of

  • Title: Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture
  • Author: Matt Goulding
  • ISBN: 9780062394132
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture By Matt Goulding, Winner of the 2017 IACP Award Literary or Historical Food WritingGourmand World Cookbook Award Winner Culinary Travel Best Book of November 2016 Cookbooks, Food and WineFinancial Times Best Books of 2017 Food and Travel Goulding is pioneering a new type of writing about food His last book, Rice, Noodle, Fish, took an immersive approach to Japan that combined tWinner of the 2017 IACP Award Literary or Historical Food WritingGourmand World Cookbook Award Winner Culinary Travel Best Book of November 2016 Cookbooks, Food and WineFinancial Times Best Books of 2017 Food and Travel Goulding is pioneering a new type of writing about food His last book, Rice, Noodle, Fish, took an immersive approach to Japan that combined travel, social observation and food lore His new book on Spain offers little cooking advice but an inquisitive foodie intellectual s experience Financial Times Crafted in the same refreshing AP , inspirational Publishers Weekly and impeccably observed Eater style that drove Rice, Noodle, Fish, Roads Kingdoms again presents a book that will change the way readers eat and travel abroad The second in their series of unexpected and delightful gastro tourism books, Grape, Olive, Pig is a deeply personal exploration of a country where eating and living are inextricably linked As Anthony Bourdain said Any reasonable, sentient person who looks to Spain, comes to Spain, eats in Spain, drinks in Spain, they re gonna fall in love Otherwise, there s something deeply wrong with you Matt Goulding introduces you to the sprawling culinary and geographical landscape of his adoptive home, and offers an intimate portrait of this multifaceted country, its remarkable people, and its complex history Fall in love with Barcelona s tiny tapas bars and modernist culinary temples Explore the movable feast of small plates and late nights in Madrid Join the three thousand year old hunt for Bluefin tuna off the coast of Cadiz, then continue your seafood journey north to meet three sisters who risk their lives foraging the gooseneck barnacle, one of Spain s most treasured ingredients Delight in some of the world s most innovative and avant garde edible creations in San Sebastian, and then wash them down with cider from neighboring Asturias Sample the world s finest acorn fed ham in Salamanca, share in the traditions of cave dwelling shepherds in the mountains beyond Granada, and debate what constitutes truly authentic paella in Valencia.Grape, Olive, Pig reveals hidden gems and enduring delicacies from across this extraordinary country, contextualizing each meal with the stories behind the food in a cultural narrative complemented by stunning color photography Whether you ve visited Spain or have only dreamed of bellying up to its tapas bars, Grape, Olive, Pig will wake your imagination, rouse your hunger, and capture your heart.

    • [E-Book] ☆ Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture | BY ✓ Matt Goulding
      340 Matt Goulding
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    1 thought on “Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture

    1. Not just for foodies this interesting book, written by an adopted son of Spain, considers the country from a historical, cultural, and geographic perspective.

    2. Matt Goulding has followed up his award winning book about Japan and its food traditions, Rice, Noodles, Fish, with this volume about the people, culture, and food of Spain It meets the high standards of his first effort, and I enjoyed this reading experience immensely.Goulding has an advantage this time around he is married to a Catalan girl, and this helps him get to the heart of the people and cooking of her home country The book is beautifully photographed there are many color photos of the [...]

    3. A book like Grape, Olive, Pig should carry a warning level and that warning level should say something like Do not read on an empty stomach I would also be inclined to add Make sure you already have a future trip to Spain planned Unfortunately for me, I do not have a trip to Spain booked yet but this book makes me think that Spain needs to be a little higher up on my list This book is a exploration of all of the delicious food that Spain has to offer The author lives in Spain and is married to a [...]

    4. There are people who can tell you about a restaurant or dinner they went to and you think, that sounds good Then there are passionate food lovers who can describe what they saw, smelled, ate and tasted in such exquisite detail that you are convinced that you must have whatever it is that they are describing, or you simply cannot go on living Matt Goulding is the second kind of person There is no way to walk away from Grape, Olive, Pig without craving the food and drink of Spain and longing to be [...]

    5. Grape, Olive, Pig Deep Travels Through Spain s Food Culture begins with Matt Goulding as a high school senior traveling with his class on a trip to Spain in 1998 Goulding fell in love with Spain and on a return trip in 2010, he fell in love with a Catalan woman named Laura, a woman he was destined to marry.Goulding takes the reader on a journey through Spain through the eyes of someone who has found his calling and his home In addition to taking us on a culinary tour of Spain, Goulding gives the [...]

    6. Part travelogue, part history, and all food, Grape, Olive, Pig offers an in depth look at the culture and cuisine of Spain Beginning in Barcelona, where Goulding not only fell in love with everything edible but also the woman he d eventually marry, the book takes readers through a crash course in Catalan history and the literal lesser known hot spots for the best drinks and tapas From there, he takes readers on a winding trip throughout the country Salamanaca and the story behind jam n ib rico V [...]

    7. Many travel and food tomes avoid politics assiduously Avoid too much controversy so as to sell books Anthony Bourdain blazed a trail, many years ago now, in giving people credit for their ability to think and their curiosity about the societies in which travel, cooking and eating take place Bourdain wrote books and made TV shows in which he travelled to various parts of the world, including those that have been affected by war and violence, and investigated what people ate He smoked, talked po [...]

    8. Once again, Roads Kingdoms put together a gorgeous food travelogue in book form Matt Goulding takes the reader on a geographically sweeping yet intimate tour of Espa a through her regional foods and practices I ve never been to Spain or really gotten into the nuances of its food, so I ll have to take his well written word on how well the book fits the country Of the two HarperCollins Anthony Bourdain books his imprint, not his own works I read this month, I felt a stronger pull to this one over [...]

    9. Food writing, history, travel guide, memoir This book pretty much covers all of the above in a very interesting and exciting way how could you not want to take off to Spain and indulge in the best paella in Valencia, stroll over the colorful market in Barcelona or sip cider in Asturias, to name just a few of the many extraordinary culinary choices Spain has to offer Not only did I really enjoy the content but also the physical book itself with its text in two columns on a very white page, a few [...]

    10. InspiringThis book makes me want to move to Spain The authors fluid and evocative prose beautifully captures the magic of the many food traditions of such a fascinating part of the world I ve never been to Spain, so I m no authority on the book s authenticity, but it certainly felt right I want to give it 4.9 stars, with.1 star deducted for the frequency with which the author uses the Spanish word for a particular dish or drink without any translation definition, or explanation, leaving an unini [...]

    11. Warning do not read while hungry.This is so much than a book about food It s a love letter to the culture, history, and people of Spain, all wrapped up in the things that make Spanish food some of the best in the world It s a tour of the unique cultures of the Iberian peninsula, from Catalonia to Galicia It s both charmingly personal and good journalism, with profiles of curious characters and gorgeous photography Okay, the emphasis on the high end, over the top modern cuisine was a little much [...]

    12. Read this book as part of my research before a trip to Spain in a few weeks I now have total food anxiety knowing I will not be there nearly long enough to eat everything I think a key part of true traveling to a new place is knowing a bit of it s history and the ideas and passions that make it unique This book gave me just that a look inside not only what to experience while in Spain, but why I will be wandering though Madrid, Basque Country, and Barcelona I hope it seeps into my soul as it did [...]

    13. A really good book giving a personal run down of the dynamic differences of Spanish cuisine I previously hadn t thought much about trying Spanish food, but this book gave me insight and curiosity than ever before Worth the read Amazing photography and stories of the people featured in this Immerse yourself in their lives and the amazing heartfelt dishes these people help create.

    14. This book got me very excited for an upcoming trip, and helped familiarize me with some of the local customs like eating dinner at 9 30 Great inside scoop on what to do, see, and eat, and how to get the most out of the different areas of Spain.

    15. This book made me so HUNGRY I wanted to read his book on Japanese cuisine but have been avoiding it afraid of becoming extremely homesick So, when I discovered he had written a book on Spain, I was thrilled And I think Spain is where his heart is This is a love story.

    16. By the time the author got to the last chapter it was hard for me to be focused If I would have stayed engaged, as I was in previous chapters, I would have given 5 stars.

    17. The perfect book to Re inspire me for my summer in Spain v 3.0 although I don t need that much re inspiration Another great food travel book I can t wait for the next one by these folks.

    18. did not recognize the Spain I like in this book s a case of trying too hard and missing the target altogether

    19. In the world of food porn, this is the equivalent to the erotica novel Not a cookbook, but a biography of the country s cuisine and some of the people that produce it, separated by region.

    20. I received this book from the First Reads program.Grape, Olive, Pig is part biography, part food reporting, and part travelogue Matt Goulding is married to a Spaniard and lives in Spain This gives him an insider s look at the food and culture of Spain He seems to know or easily meet many of the chefs at the forefront of Spain s modernist cuisine The book ranges from the highest Michelin starred establishment to the most obscure dive.The book is arranged by areas such as Galicia While talking abo [...]

    21. I will try to remember to put a quote here after this book is published.I traveled to Spain than thirty years ago My brother was living there, so it seemed like a good place to visit At the time, we could live cheaply there than at home, so we spent a month there I remember the whole trip as wonderful, exciting and full of some of the best food I ever had.There was some food I would not seek out again The lemon soda that made me sick both times I drank it Why did I have it the second time The [...]

    22. This book piqued my interest as soon as I read the synopsis If there is nothing I love than cooking it s reading about food Half the fun of cookbooks to me is reading the stories around the recipes THIS BOOK DOES NOT HAVE RECIPES know that going in It s basically a love story from the author to Spain and her food.It begins with the author s story of how he came to discover Spain Barcelona to start and why he decided to stay The writing style is very engaging and I fell right into the story from [...]

    23. For me, one of the best things to do when traveling is to try the local cuisine While details of famous landmarks will escape my memory, I always remember a good meal This book is like a love letter to the food and culture of Spain.Matt Goulding, a food writer and current resident of Spain, sets off to show that while the many regions of Spain have similarities when it comes to food, they are also unique in their own way One of my favorite parts of the book was getting to know the people Matt ca [...]

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