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Aleister & Adolf #2020

Aleister Adolf Media theorist and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff weaves a mind bending tale of iconography and mysticism against the backdrop of a battle torn Europe In a story spanning generations and featuring so

  • Title: Aleister & Adolf
  • Author: Douglas Rushkoff Michael Avon Oeming
  • ISBN: 9781506701042
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Aleister & Adolf By Douglas Rushkoff Michael Avon Oeming, Media theorist and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff weaves a mind bending tale of iconography and mysticism against the backdrop of a battle torn Europe In a story spanning generations, and featuring some of the most notable and notorious idealists of the 20th century, legendary occultist Aleister Crowley develops a powerful and dangerous new weapon to defend the world agaiMedia theorist and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff weaves a mind bending tale of iconography and mysticism against the backdrop of a battle torn Europe In a story spanning generations, and featuring some of the most notable and notorious idealists of the 20th century, legendary occultist Aleister Crowley develops a powerful and dangerous new weapon to defend the world against Adolf Hitler s own war machine spawning an unconventional new form of warfare that is fought not with steel, but with symbols and ideas Unfortunately, these intangible arsenals are much insidious and perhaps much dangerous than their creators could have ever conceived Rushkoff is a cultural treasure and an eccentric author of big, strange ideas, never less than fascinating and always entertaining Warren Ellis, author of Gun Machine, Red, Trees, and Transmetropolitan Douglas has been one of my personal heroes, and I ve been a most attentive reader of anything he cares to put between covers, knowing that his combination of a cold eye and a warm heart is guaranteed to astonish and embolden my own thinking about what s possible in the world about what s possible to enact in the space between one human being and another He occupies the ground of our most immediate perplexities, and his reports of what he finds are breaking news Jonathan Lethem, author of The Best American Comics and The Fortress of Solitude

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      325 Douglas Rushkoff Michael Avon Oeming
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    1 thought on “Aleister & Adolf

    1. Aleister and Adolf is an interesting take on what could have been happening behind the scenes of World War 2 Europe It details a secret, occult war where Aleister Crowley creates a new weapon to combat Hitler s march towards victory The story itself is very interesting, and has lots of little nuances that make you pause and think while reading As someone who has a macabre fascination with World War 2 it s what drew me to Mignola s Hellboy I really wanted to love this, and I can almost give it th [...]

    2. this was so promising and so, so disappointing all the predictable trappings of a WWII comic, with a dash of esoterica lite.

    3. I finished this a while ago, but didn t know what to say about it.The premise is very interesting, but the execution leads something to be desired.To my understanding and to my memory, Douglas Rushkoff is a media theorist with, at least later in his career, a particular focus on cyber culture Reading some of the titles of his work, I get a slightly conspiratorial vibe and wonder how factual his work might be But make no mistake I am intrigued, especially by the ideas he presents in Aleister Adol [...]

    4. The topic raises an interesting idea but its execution of explaining these topics in any legitimate way was dismal It was a massive reduction of ideas a page regarding the topic would have been a beneficial primer to the topic This book only serves to introduce the idea of the occult s affiliation with WWII, occult symbols, and their relationship in corporate logos, and specific book titles Aside from those, I d say there is nothing in this book worth reading The black and white serves its purp [...]

    5. I talk about this book a lot I think that the ideas in it are really cool and I tell people about the events in it as if its 100% true.

    6. This graphic novel has it all Sex Magic Sex Magick War Death Occult symbolism and rituals Conspiracies History Historical fiction Horror Hilarity Oh also a great story art.

    7. This was really cool The interpretation of the historical facts and the framing story were fascinating, and the art was astonishing I got the library to buy this, but now I want my own copy.

    8. Douglas Rushkoff is well known for writing explorations on cutting edge media, and critiques on the digital economy in particular of late, but he also has an impressively growing body of work in the medium of fictional comics Aleister Adolf is the new graphic novel like graphic novella sized that takes up powerful ideas about symbols and utilizes such to delve deeply into the occult in the World War II setting The Beast himself Aleister Crowley in his later years vs the Nazis, a great premise [...]

    9. I expected so much from this comic because of the praise it got from well respected authors, because of the subject matter and because of the promising art But somehow, all of this never coalesced and never catches the imagination.Which is a pitty because there is so much potential in the story You have the ambiguity that is Aleister Crowley a modern times shaman or a very clever fraud happily the two aren t mutually exclusive.You have the historically correct fascination of top ranking nazi s w [...]

    10. I had high hopes for this Conceptually, it was new and fresh The material it draws from is interesting and had so much potential, but the execution was lackluster My biggest complaint is the physical layout of the panels They were difficult to follow and lacked coherent flow The illustration is nicely done, and the black and white serves the plot well However, it has little cohesiveness beyond that detail.

    11. Shallow and dumb Paints crowley as a hero, doesnt mention he was a disgusting pedophile Paints Hitler as the anti hero, pretty boring narrative we here in the west have been fed about this controversial leader Just Allied Propaganda.

    12. Magick is the power of symbols and this novel is all about it, brilliant and dark, the story is well conceived and the final so unexpected.The art is also awesome, I love the black and white, no colors, which gave it a darker tone

    13. The idea that corporate logos are Satanic sigils is interesting, but this book didn t really do it for me.

    14. There is enough interesting detail and good artwork to keep you reading this mediocre idea of a short graphic novel The idea of Aleister Crowley being behind the scenes empowering sigils that might later become all powerful company logos is a fantastic old school idea that kind of falls flat I love Oeming s artwork in Powers, but I agree with the idea that the pages seemed cluttered Roberts as an old man confessing to and influencing the newcomer was used well for good impact The whole thing is [...]

    15. When I found out there was a comic book about Hitler and Crowley, you bet your britches I got that shit asap because so rarely does a book fulfill both of my twisted heart s desires of Nazis and Satanism The story isn t exactly true, but it is a great yarn I loved the contmporary frame of logos as sigils and the art is tremendous I was having weird memory tinges when I looked up Douglas Rushkoff and lo and behold, I designed promotional material for when he spoke at the college where I was worki [...]

    16. Weird and fun and speculative and in some places, even true, there s much of Aleister than I can usually stomach in this little comic, and nothing at all of Adolf, except the weighty feel of his influence and the Nazi machine Another peek behind the closed third eyelid of the world, this fits on a shelf between The Protocols and anything by Robert Anton Wilson Rushkoff s POV is splendidly broken, a fractured lens for casting a prismatic reality, and Oeming s artwork is Noirtastic, as per usual [...]

    17. Fascinating interpretation of the occult machinations of British secret service during WWII, drawing together larger than life personalities such as Aleister Crowley and Ian Fleming This account takes actual events and weaves them together into a partly factual, partly fictional story, which is illustrated beautifully in a stark and dramatic noir style This will open your eyes to the historical and contemporary use of sigils, both intentional and unconscious Foreword by Grant Morrison and highly [...]

    18. Weird little graphic novel about the similarities between magick and propaganda, and the parts they might have played in the Second World War the title refers to Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler, and supporting characters include Gen Patton and Ian Fleming It s like a Tim Powers novel, only lighter and faster.

    19. Such a strangely entertaining reador is it entertainingly strange I had not heard of Aleister Crowley before this, but have been reading up on him after this introduction What a weird man I love the illustrations wonderfully noir Thanks to Garrett for the recommendation.

    20. I give this comic points for finding a new approach to a World War II story I figured at this point that would nearly be impossible The story overall is quite creative as well It is like this mythical look into how to use propaganda and iconography in how to win a war It has some fantastic art with a great use of black and white that leads to some truly troubling imagery I am uncertain if there is any desires to take this idea any further but I hope so because this concept still has a lot of lif [...]

    21. Love Oeming s art Always a little worried how much the author believes to be real or the truth in stories like this That being said, there is power in symbols and they are all around us.

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