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The Tobacconist #2020

The Tobacconist Seventeen year old Franz Huchel leaves his village and journeys to Vienna to apprentice at a tobacco shop There he meets Sigmund Freud one of the regular customers Over time an unlikely friendship d

  • Title: The Tobacconist
  • Author: Robert Seethaler Charlotte Collins
  • ISBN: 9781770899650
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Tobacconist By Robert Seethaler Charlotte Collins, Seventeen year old Franz Huchel leaves his village and journeys to Vienna to apprentice at a tobacco shop There he meets Sigmund Freud, one of the regular customers Over time, an unlikely friendship develops between the two very different men When Franz falls desperately in love with the vaudeville dancer Anezka, he seeks advice from the renowned psychoanalyst, who admiSeventeen year old Franz Huchel leaves his village and journeys to Vienna to apprentice at a tobacco shop There he meets Sigmund Freud, one of the regular customers Over time, an unlikely friendship develops between the two very different men When Franz falls desperately in love with the vaudeville dancer Anezka, he seeks advice from the renowned psychoanalyst, who admits that the female sex is as big a mystery to him as it is to Franz.As the political and social conditions dramatically worsen with the annexation of Austria by Hitler s Germany and the Nazis arrival in Vienna, Franz, Freud, and Anezka are swept into the maelstrom of events And each has to make a big decision to stay or to flee

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    1. 4.5 To take a terrible and horrifying time in history, the Nazi invasion of Austria, and be able to render a story infused with tenderness and beauty, takes a great deal of talent A young man, Franz, sent from the Lake District by his mother, to help an old friend of hers, a Tobacconist by trade, has a gradual awakening and loss of innocence with the things he sees happening Yet, he refuses to let this define him, and is determined to live his life the best he can He meets Sigmund Freud, asks hi [...]

    2. NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK One Sunday, in the late summer of 1937, an unusually violent thunderstorm swept over the mountains of the Salzkammergut Until then, Franz Huschel s life had trickled along fairly uneventfully, but this thunderstorm was to give it a sudden turn that had far reaching consequences As soon as he heard the first distant rumble of thunder, Franz ran inside the little fisherman s cottage where he lived with his mother n the village of Nussdorf am Attersee and crawled into bed [...]

    3. I m very glad that I tried again with Seethaler I couldn t grasp the appeal of A Whole Life , because The Tobacconist is one of the few best novels I ve read this year, and very much a book for our times despite being set in 1937 8.Seventeen year old Franz Huchel s life changes for good when his mother sends him away from his quiet lakeside village to work for her old friend Otto Trsnyek, a Vienna tobacconist In Franz s mind s eye the future appeared like the line of a far distant shore material [...]

    4. Salzkammergut, AustriaWhen a deliberately nay, a joyously unlikely narrative device event obliges the seventeen year old mama s boy Franz to leave the backward idyll of Salzkammergut Austria s lake region for Vienna, the painfully innocent and ignorant country bumpkin has no idea what s in store for him The date of this forced removal is significant 1937 The 1938 Anschluss of Austria into the Greater German Reich is in the offing, and Vienna is a seething stew of Nazis who already have the upper [...]

    5. Rober Seethaler in ilk nce B t n Bir m r isimli kitab n okumak istedim ama sipari im gecikince T t nc ra kitab n film eridi gibi okumaya ba lad m Kitap bitmesin diye sindire sindire okumaya al t m Konusuyla, diliyle, evirisiyle, ba lang c ndan bitimine kadar kusur bulamad m.1937 y l n n son g nlerinde annesinin talimat yla eski bir tan d ve t t n sat c s olan Otto Trsnjek in yan na g nderilen Franz n hikayesi T t n sat c l n n inceliklerini renmesi, ilk kez a k olmas , d kkana gelen Sigmund Freu [...]

    6. seethaler den daha nce b t n bir m r okuyup her zamanki gibi kuzey avrupal lar n ocuklu u ne g zel anlatt klar n yazm t m t t nc ra n daha ok sevdim kitap ba larda ta ral franz la, ustas otto yla olan g zel ili kisiyle, kom ulardan bizim nl freud u sorular yla bezdirmesi ve ilk a k yla ok tatl bir fonda ilerlerken, y l 1938, yer avusturya olunca, bu mutluluk uzun s rm yor 130 lu sayfalardan itibaren yumruk st ne yumruk yiyor, b yle organize bir k t l e anlam veremiyor asl nda bug nlerimiz sa ols [...]

    7. Come away with meTo the AtterseeTo Vienna in 1938 the NSDAP force Jews to scrub the pavements clean of political slogans The ones they don t approve of, presumably.Come away with me, young Franz says to Anezka Too late Anezka has chosen to guarantee her survival, and Franz is not the one to protect her Sigmund Freud has chosen to guarantee his survival and escapes to London Franz is left adrift in Vienna like a rudderless boat on a vast lake But 1938 is not a time that allows drift You have to d [...]

    8. Butik yay nevi Jaguar dan g zel bir roman daha Roman iki temel hikaye zerine in a edilmi , siz hangisini ne kar rsan z ona g re di eri geri planda kal yor San r m yazar n ba ar s da burada, okuyucuyu anlamland rmada zg r b rak yor lk hikaye 17 ya ndaki ta ral bir delikanl n n Viyana da ya ad a k ve a ka dair duygulara yer veriyor kincisi ise Viyana n n nazilerin i galine u ramas ve Avusturya halk n n ya ad klar veya tav rlar Bu iki hikayeyi birlikte k lan k pr ise Freud un ba rol n oynad kurgu B [...]

    9. Ba ma bir i gelmeyecekse belirtmek isterim kiB t n Bir m r den daha iyi buldum bu kitab Anlat m daha canl , daha ger ek i geldi bana Jaguar art k ne kadar vsem az gelecek herhalde Bas lacak kitab n tercihinden bask kalitesine, evirisine kadar her eyiyle harika San r m ok ansl y zNot Kapaktaki k sa puro Franz uzun puro da Otto olarak d n lerek yap lm olabilir mi

    10. Salzkammergut, 1937 Der 17 j hrige Franz wird von seiner Mutter aus dem Idyll am See nach Wien geschickt, wo er bei einem alten Bekannten, der Inhaber einer Trafik Tabak und Zeitungsladen ist, in die Lehre gehen soll Der unbedarfte Junge kommt zum ersten Mal bewusst in Ber hrung mit Nationalsozialismus, Judenhass und Gewalt, aber auch mit der Liebe Ein Kunde der Trafik ist der alte Professor Sigmund Freud, mit dem sich Franz schnell anfreundet.Bei diesem sch nen im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, unt [...]

    11. Almanya da ya ayan Avusturya k kenli yazar Robert Seethaler in sondan bir nceki roman T t nc ra Almancas 2012 y l nda bas lm Son y llarda dikkat eken bir yazar Seethaler zira T rk eye B t n Bir m r ad yla evrilen son roman , 2016 Man Booker International 2016 finalisti olmu Asl nda yazar, B t n Bir m r adl roman yla dikkatimi ekmi ti, o da okuma listemde T t nc ra da birkutukitapcom un Kas m ay kutusunda gelince ay bu kitapla kapatmak istedim T t nc ra , y rek burkan bir kitap 1937 38 y llar nda [...]

    12. More of a 2.5After all the glowing reviews here on this was a real let down.I didn t know what to expect going in to this, but it s a pretty standard WWII story, set in Austria It s fine, that s about as glowing as I m going to get in this review The writing isn t bad, but I didn t love it as much as others.And now on to the bad First off, the character development was pretty much non existent I spent over 200 pages with Franz, the protagonist, and all I could tell you about him was that he was [...]

    13. Das Leben der einfachen Menschen zu einem historisch so bedeutsamen Zeitraum wie 1937 38 in Wien sterreich Der Trafikant erz hlt zu Beginn das recht bescheidene, unbedarfte Leben des 17 j hrigen Franz, der mit seiner alleinerziehenden Mutter im Salzkammergut wohnt Nu dorf am Attersee.Als der Financier der Familie verstirbt, schickt die Mutter Franz nach Wien in die Trafikantenlehre , dort lernt der noch politisch v llig unbesonnene und weltunerfahrene Junge die Gro stadt kennen, was Seethaler wa [...]

    14. Bazen zg n oldu unu duymak can m ac t yor Ne s ylemem gerekti ini bilmiyorum z nt n n, insan n mr nde ge irdi i saatler kadar ok t r var Hatta belki de biraz daha fazlas Bu z nt n n tam olarak neden kaynakland n bilip bilmemenin bir nemi yok Bu hayat m z n bir par as Bana sorarsan, hayvanlar bile z l yorlar Hatta belki de a a lar bile Sadece ta lar z lmezler Orada ylece durur ve hi bir ey yapmazlar Ama bunu kim ister ki Robert Seethaler son zamanlarda kitaplar T rk e ye kazand r lm en iyi yazarl [...]

    15. Wonderful Perfect to read in these times of political upheaval Franz is a teenage boy trying to find his way in a turbulent world Austria in 1938 and he finds love and loss but also his creativity in the fragments of his dreams that he attaches to the tobacconist shop window I loved A Whole Life but think I love this story even because of Franz and the social issues the story raises This is my favourite read so far this year, which I m surprised by as I didn t think anything would beat Sebastia [...]

    16. Her ey kesintisiz bir hareket halindeydi yle ki, duvar ve sokaklar bile canl gibiydi sanki nefes al p veriyor, i ip iniyordu nsan kald r m ta lar n n iniltisini, tu lalar n at rt s n duyabiliyordu Safi g r lt Dur durak bilmeyen bir u ultu vard havada birbirinden ayr lan, birbiri i ine kar an, birbirinin sesini bast ran, biri di erinden daha fazla l k atan, daha ok b ren insanlar n ses, ton ve ritim karma as yi misiniz gen adam Evet, iyiyim Sadece ehir fazlas yla g r lt l Ve biraz da kokuyor Muht [...]

    17. Kinderen hebben mama s, mannen hebben moeders Dat beweert de zeventienjarige Franz op bladzijde 175 van De Weense sigarenboer van Robert Seethaler Het is laat in het boek, maar voor mij is het een kantelpunt Tot dan toe heb ik het boek met interesse gelezen wat ik bedoel zoals het er staat.Met die ene eenvoudige waarheid haalt de schrijver me ineens dichterbij De zin raakt me Toevallig begint Seethaler daar ongeveer aan de finale van het boek Voor dat punt heb ik altijd doorgelezen, omdat ik zo [...]

    18. De 17 jarige Franz had een goed leventje op het Oostenrijkse platteland Zijn moeder werd financieel onderhouden door een rijk dorpsgenoot en hij hoefde dus geen zware klussen te doen en kwam zijn dagen luierend en denkend door Wanneer de rijkaard om het leven komt, is Franz gedwongen om bij Otto Trsnyek, een ex vriend van zijn moeder in diens goedlopende tabakszaak te gaan werken Hier begint het eigenlijke verhaal want Franz leert in Wenen de liefde kennen en raakt bevriend met Sigmund Freud Hij [...]

    19. It s 1937 Franz Huchel is 17 years old and living in a village with his mother As the book opens, there is a terrible thunderstorm, and the man who has been supporting his mother is dead This sends Franz to Vienna to apprentice as a tobacconist with an old friend of his mother s, Otto Trsnyek Franz enjoys his job and even becomes close to one of the shop s regular customers, Sigmund Freud Franz also falls in love with Anezka, a Bohemian girl of questionable morals The course of love does not go [...]

    20. I seem to be in the minority in terms of an opinion on this book So don t necessarily take my word for it Overall not bad, but nothing special Unlike many other reviewers, I did not think this was an exceptional book in any way The concept was good and it could have been made into something great, but was let down by rather average writing and poor characterisation I did not warm to the central character, and felt the portrayal of Freud especially weak If you are going to use real characters in [...]

    21. A moving tale about a wide eyed 17 year old country lad with a great ass you really need to read this book now, don t you who finds himself plunked down in Venice in the darkening months and weeks before Hitler overruns the country It s not the masterpiece that A Whole Life is, and I myself could have done without Freud being a character, but no matter I absolutely loved this novel.

    22. Land trifft auf Stadt T lpel trifft auf Denker Burschi trifft auf Mann Rot trifft auf Braun Franz Huchel hat sich keine einfache Zeit ausgesucht um erwachsen zu werden Wo Gegens tze aufeinander treffen und Umw lzungen von noch nie dagewesenem Ausmass die Weltpolitik ersch ttern, schafft es Robert Seethaler eine Geschichte zu erz hlen, die leise ber hrt und gleichzeitig die schonungslose Bosheit von Krieg und Faschismus offenbart Es war berw ltigend Die Stadt brodelte wie der Gem setopf auf Mutte [...]

    23. What can I say I loved this I had high expectations and they were met There is something about Seethaler s way of telling a story that just works for me I was completely hooked and couldn t stop reading until the end.

    24. Just perfect Beautiful, visceral, radiant, melancholy Everything I long for in a book Novellas can be tricky to do a story justice, Seethaler has definitely mastered the form.

    25. Novel set in pre WW2 VIENNAMy eye was drawn to this book when I saw a lovely display in my local Waterstone s bookshop, Fiction Book of the Month, April 2017.It is a gentle story set at not so gentle times Franz Huchel is a 17 year old young man, who leaves all he has known in the Salzkammergut, to work in the big city, Vienna There, his mother has arranged an apprenticeship with an old friend Otto Trsynek who runs a tobacconist shop on the W hringerstrasse that s the 9th District in the city Fr [...]

    26. Hoewel ik het boek graag heb gelezen, vond ik Seethalers Een heel leven beter Daarom drie sterren Seethaler schetst op een originele manier het leven in Wenen vlak voor WOII een pikzwarte periode De 17 jarige Franz wordt door zijn moeder naar haar oude vriend Otto in Wenen gestuurd om te helpen in zijn sigarenwinkel Franz leert er de joodse dokter Freud kennen Als die hem de raad geeft een lief te zoeken, gaan de poppen aan het dansen Franz wordt al bij de eerste zoektocht op slag verliefd Maar [...]

    27. Eine schnelle Lekt re, die mir gut gefallen hat Ein angenehmer Schreibstil und einige treffende S tze, die mir wohl noch l nger im Ged chtnis bleiben werden.

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