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Into Elurien #2020

Into Elurien Skeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key Endless AdventureseletonkeybookseriesWhen Hazel Walsh discovers a strange key in the attic of the Old Brook Inn she doesn t imagine the door it unlocks will l

  • Title: Into Elurien
  • Author: Kate Sparkes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 332
  • Format: None
  • Into Elurien By Kate Sparkes, Skeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key Endless AdventureseletonkeybookseriesWhen Hazel Walsh discovers a strange key in the attic of the Old Brook Inn, she doesn t imagine the door it unlocks will lead anywhere special Though superstitious, she s never bought into the local stories of fairies, ghosts, and demons But when she opens the door, she discoverSkeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key Endless AdventureseletonkeybookseriesWhen Hazel Walsh discovers a strange key in the attic of the Old Brook Inn, she doesn t imagine the door it unlocks will lead anywhere special Though superstitious, she s never bought into the local stories of fairies, ghosts, and demons But when she opens the door, she discovers just how wrong she was.Hazel is dropped into a world in the midst of a revoloution, where monsters have overthrown the humans who once enslaved them All of the humans, that is, except for Verelle, the cruel sorceress who vanished at the moment of Hazel s arrival If Hazel wants any chance of surviving and making it back to her own world, she ll have to join forces with the amalgus Zinian horned, winged, and monstrously attractive to unravel the mystery of Verelle s disappearance If they can t, the fates of two worlds will be at stake New Adult Fantasy Romance

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      332 Kate Sparkes
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    1 thought on “Into Elurien

    1. I loved this This whole series is just so great, and I love reading these books Into Elurien by Kate Sparkes is part of the Skeleton Key series, where each book is written by a different author, but all stories feature a skeleton key that leads the characters to a unique, interesting world So much fun to read In Into Elurien, Hazel is returning to her hometown after her life hasn t exactly gone according to her plans, so she s a bit aimless, and is sort of dreading being back in her hometown Haz [...]

    2. I have loved everything this author has written and this was no exception She writes the most incredible complex characters even the secondary characters are well done The main character Hazel is likable, quirky and funny And I won t spoil Zinian s introduction as it is one of my favorite moments in the book I will just say get ready to be surprised and charmed This book was really good as it was different than anything I ve recently read The plot is unique and even though it isn t a long book i [...]

    3. This book is one part Narnia, one part Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, and two parts Where the Wild Things Are, if those were written for adults with a social justice bent You ll have to trust me when I say that s a good thing.Whatever it was I expected when I picked this up, it was flung out the window as soon as I turned the first page The set up takes a bit, but it s worth it for drawing out the sinister and mysterious atmosphere I kept wondering when Hazel might disappear into the other di [...]

    4. I was told about this series from a friend of mine, I read on a review one part Narnia, one part Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, and two parts Where the Wild Things Are , and this told me that I would like this book as well as my friend saying I would I wasn t sure at first if there was an order to this series, but found that it was not the typical series that I was used to I love the idea that each author writes about this one Skeleton Key This book kept me interested, and on edge I loved eve [...]

    5. What a fantastic twist on the usual monsters versus humans I also loved the fact that although I couldn t put it down it took a few days to read showing great substance to the book The characters are deep and and very much part of the attraction to the book as well as the storyline which is interesting, gripping and different from the norm for this genre A definite must read in my humble opinion.This is a fair and honest review for an ARC.

    6. Interesting, if a bit generic and blandHer first series Bound was much better, and this was a disappointing in comparison That being said, the book itself was fine Nothing great and amazing , but nothing that I hated it couldn t stand either Overall, a decent book but it was a little slow and uninteresting it took 3 4 days to read because I kept putting it down.

    7. I liked this book a lot A young woman is unwillingly returning to her childhood home on an island off Newfoundland after an unsuccessful sojourn on the mainland Shortly after her arrival she abruptly enters another world, Elurien, inhabited by human hating monsters It becomes a story of friendship, love, survival and adventure, driven along by an action filled plot.

    8. Four stars for Into Elurien by Kate SparkesGenre Paranormal, Romance, Action, Drama, FantasySeries The skeleton KeyAudience AdultsDisclaimer I was given the book for an honest review.Conclusion This is a sweet action fantasy You follow Hazel as her perception of what is important chance, while her sense of right and wrong stays the same In a world where monsters and humans were supposed to live in pease, there are no peace but war Can one human teach monsters, that not all humans are bad, but th [...]

    9. I got this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review This book is the second book of the Skeleton Key series I have read The special thing with this series is that every book can be read as a standalone, the only connection is the Skeleton Key that brings a human person in another world This time it is a world full of monsters that are obviously the good ones They dispossessed their old queen, because she made the humans suppress the monsters Hazel Walsh appears right in the moment in Elur [...]

    10. Wishing this was longer, so hard to say goodbye to the characters that sparked the skeleton key series.

    11. From The Book Junkie Reads .Hazel and Zinian have an introduction that was well worth the read The impact makes its presences known If for no other reason that finding out this introduction pick up this read You will keep hold to find out The tension, suspense and mystery builds throughout the read Never really knowing when or if Hazel would disappear Hazel discovery that humans are not the head of all things Her understanding the why of the things going on in the world Then she began to accept [...]

    12. Hazel reluctantly goes home to her sleepy childhood home, however before she can get there her far from trusty car breaks down Seeking shelter for the night Hazel implores the nearest accommodation to take her in As things go bump in the night Hazel happens upon an odd key and a strange door, landing her in a terrifying world of monsters but are they Kate Sparkes tale of true evil, prejudice and redemption is masterfully crafted and your views on heroes and villains may well be turned on its hea [...]

    13. Another superb book from Kate Sparkes she s become an author I can count on to deliver enchanting fantasy tales filled with well written, relatable characters I come to know so well they feel like family, and plots I become completely invested in plots which also happen to weave and twist delightfully all set in imaginative worlds that leave me longing to live relocate When you sit down to read this novella be prepared to be unable to get up until you ve turned the last page it s just that kind [...]

    14. I had an opportunity to read this book in advance and I m so glad I did I sat down and read it almost without stopping except to eat in one day I m always amazed at the imagination and creativity of people like Kate Sparkes in developing such diverse characters and building truly original worlds.To be honest, at first I wasn t sure I was going to like Hazel She seemed to have a bit too much attitude, resentment, bad language, and self pity Until Elurien In Elurien I fell in love with Hazel, Zini [...]

    15. I had such fun reading this book Hazel is having a bit of a struggle in her personal life, having to tuck her tail and head back home a place she couldn t wait to leave then finds a skeleton key, opening a door that takes her to another world And this author is crazy talented at creating other worlds The Bound Trilogy.Hazel s situation makes it easy to identify with her and I enjoyed how her thoughts occasionally fall out of her mouth before she realizes it, and one moment she s all awkwardness, [...]

    16. Every book in the skeleton key series just sucks you in from page 1 Hazel comes back to Fairbrook not like she really wanted too after leaving home When her cars breaks down she stops in front of the Inn and stays the night and can t sleep so of course she explores and ends up in the attic and there she finds a skeleton key Finding a door she opens and enters another realm where monsters overtake humans But Zinian sees something in her and wants to keep her safe Will he keep her safe and will th [...]

    17. This book is totally different from most I have read and I loved it.Hazel is a wonderful main character I enjoyed watching her grow and learn things that she would have never learned at home In her adventure she befriends an ogre named Auphel She is one of the best secondary characters ever I wanted of her Then there was Zinian another wonderful strong character Kate Sparkes has a talent for making you love her people.Another reason I like this book so much, it was teaching tolerance for differ [...]

    18. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Honestly, i adored this book I don t like spoilers, so there won t be any here, but i will say that this is a fascinating book with well fleshed out, compelling characters and a genuinely interesting plot line I haven t read any other books in the series, though i have read and loved other books by Kate Sparkes My biggest complaint about this book would be that it is too short To fit in the series, as i understand it, she had a leng [...]

    19. I was lucky enough to be offered an advance review copy of Into Elurien and I am not sure I even have the words to describe how I feel about it.Our leading lady is truly awesome and quickly became stronger and compelling as the story unfolded Her biggest downfall is making assumptions and snap judgements but she overcomes this too to become a hero in her own right.If i could find a magic key I think I would find it hard to choose between Diagon Alley and Elurien.I truly hope that Kate can find [...]

    20. FacinatingI wasn t surprised that I would get drawn in from the very beginning as the books I ve read from this author has stayed with me for a long time Into Elurien, was completely different, which is good, cause who wants to read the same story with different titles In this story, You enter a world where the roles of humans and non humans are reversed, the life you knew doesn t exist for you any What would you do How can survive Who can you trust These are some of the questions you ll find in [...]

    21. The Skeleton Key series has been very interesting Each key leads the characters to a new world and begins a journey that changes them forever Hazel is sent to a world where things are very different from her old one Monsters are not what you expect It is a story with a lot of action, adventure and romance I really enjoyed the experience It is a quick read and make you eager for .I received a copy in return for a honest review.

    22. I was hooked from the very beginning Into Elurien was beautifully written, and filled with amazing characters I enjoyed reading this book, very much I laughed and I cried, I felt connected to the characters and the surroundings I can t seem to find the right words, but it was a wonderful experience This is my first time reading a book by Kate Sparkes, however, I will be reading her others very soon.

    23. ElurienI love this book or novella Full of everything that I look for in a good read This is a story for everyone who has ever felt rejection and heartache Elurien felt real to me than anything I have read in a very long time I can t wait to see what the skeleton key will open for me next Thank you for an amazing afternoon reading about such wonderful characters.

    24. Want to escape reality I recommend this book if you are looking for a different kind of romance Be prepared to change your ideas about monsters The alternate reality is a frightening place in this book The return to the real world isn t much better at first But don t let that make you put the book down Read on You will not be disappointed.

    25. I read quickly and, for once, I didn t mind the insomnia which plagues me I had Kate s new book to read I expect good writing and proper English from this author and was not disappointed I loved the story, the magic and the characterisations and didn t want to put the book down until I had finished it Now, I want to know what happens next.I strongly recommend this book.

    26. This is a fun, quick, lighthearted read, and I must admit, I wouldn t mind seeing of Zinian in the future wink wink Hazel is a very sympathetic character and I could relate to a lot of her struggles I love the fairy tale quality of the book, and how self aware it was multiple times poking fun at fiction tropes.

    27. I loved this book Kate did an amazing job bringing me into Elurien I loved all of the characters They were so vivid and so clearly written I felt like I was in the world This book had me hooked from page one I can t wait to read books by the AWESOME Kate Sparkes D

    28. Another amazing book from Kate I was captivated from the first few sentences and read in one go It was magical and as I finished , I was sad to say goodbye to Hazel and Zinian This is a fair review for being a beta reader

    29. There have been quite a few of the books in this collection that I have enjoyed This one is one of my favorites I really enjoyed how the key was introduced, and I really love these characters Great plot Great characters Amazing Story.

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