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The Ebony Tower #2020

The Ebony Tower The five masterful works of short fiction in The Ebony Tower bring us once again into the company of a great contemporary novelist working his intriguing and dazzling themes probing the fitful relati

  • Title: The Ebony Tower
  • Author: John Fowles
  • ISBN: 9780316290937
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Ebony Tower By John Fowles, The five masterful works of short fiction in The Ebony Tower bring us once again into the company of a great contemporary novelist working his intriguing and dazzling themes, probing the fitful relationships of fantasy and reality, love and hate, pleasure and pain And they are an enduring testament to John Fowles s reputation as one of the finest storytellers of our time.

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    1. exquisitely written bourgeois entertainment perhaps not the edifying exploration of emotion, identity, and human nature that the author intended and rather a comedown after my excellent experience with his brilliant A Maggot but a pleasant trifle nonetheless Fowles has a beautiful hand with the prose his characterization is deep and nuanced but unfortunately the characters themselves are quite uninteresting, so rather sadly it will be all those pretty sentences strung together that I will mainly [...]

    2. Abanoz Kule Fowles n 1974 te, b y k roman n ndan sonra Koleksiyoncu, B y c , Frans z Te menin Kad n kaleme ald , her sat r n o zamana kadarki edebiyat na g ndermelerle s sledi i, acayip zengin bir eser T rk ede ilk olarak 1990 senesinde leti im Yay nlar taraf ndan bas lm 2008 de Ayr nt Yay nlar na ge mi ve bildi imiz bask s yla kitap larda bulunmaya ba lam.Kitapta bir k sa roman, d rt tane de yk bulunmakta Kitaba ismini veren Abanoz Kule isimli k sa roman okurken yine Fowles n dehas na hayran ka [...]

    3. I m glad this wasn t my first exposure to Fowles, because it would have turned me off him for good and I never would have read The French Lieutenant s Woman I didn t realize that it was a novella and four stories Nowhere on my copy of the book is this indicated The novella, The Ebony Tower, is about a dirty old man, an expat British artist living in France, his two young concubines, named the Mouse and the Freak, and David, the artist writer who drops into their lives briefly to interview the ol [...]

    4. Podr a leer con gusto hasta la factura de la luz si esta saliera de la mano de Fowles Es m s, estoy convencido de que conseguir a que cada una de ellas fuera nica y apasionante Tres eran las obras que de l llevaba le das y las tres no pueden ser m s diferentes desde su thriller psicol gico El coleccionista , pasando por el victorianismo postmoderno de La mujer del teniente franc s hasta su incalificable y genial El mago , todas ellas reflejan la gran versatilidad del autor, su erudici n sin gran [...]

    5. u ana kadar okudu um fowles kitaplar i inde en farkl olan diyebilirim nsan n bilin alt n yoklayan, yapt sembolik g ndermelerle kararlar m z n alt nda yatan fer eklerle y zle memizi sa layan bir yan var.

    6. Though each of these stories are very interesting, I found the last two unable to match up to the first ones I am tempted to choose a favorite among them, but that would be hard, for there are different things to love so much about each of them My attention was however arrested by a small portion to be found in poor Koko Fowles speaks of the nature of words, of art Of how some of us struggle as much as we can to make sure that this form of art survives Yet the enemy triumphs A triumph of the vis [...]

    7. In a 1971 interview about his brilliant first novel The Magus, John Fowles admitted that he was obsessed by the basic idea of a secret world, whose penetration involved ordeal and whose final reward was self knowledge This passage from Joseph Campbell s groundbreaking 1949 study The Hero With a Thousand Faces could have been written with a Fowles protagonist in mind Once having traversed the threshold, the hero moves in a dream landscape of curiously fluid, ambiguous forms, where he must survive [...]

    8. short storiesspring 2013nutty nuutpub 1974artebook Original cover Pisanello, fragment of fresco in Ducal palace, MantuaThe Ebony TowerEliducPoor KokoThe EnigmaThe CloudTBR Busting 20133 A Maggot4 The Magus4 The French Lieutenant s Woman4 The Collector3 Daniel Martin 3 The Ebony Tower

    9. What I really liked about Fowles stories is that each of them has a different theme and narrative technique which makes the reading very interesting I really like some of them turnul de abanos e o colectie de 5 nuvele ale lui john fowles prima, cea care da titlul cartii, aduce pe undeva cu magicianul un batrin izolat, doua fete prima parte e destul de descriptiva, semi plictisitoare, o teoretizare a artei secolului 20 caci batrinul cu pricina e un pictor retras abia in a doua parte incep sa se i [...]

    10. I was actually quite disappointed in how every one of these stories ended I found them to be initially interesting, but they all petered out at the ends much so that I couldn t get myself to finish reading the last one It just seemed like a waste of my time to take the time to read it when it was a not interesting to begin with, and b probably just going end like every one of the other stories The Magus is one of my all time favorites, but The Ebony Tower in no way lives up to Fowles other writi [...]

    11. oh my god here s another story about a creepy old man and his weird triad with some sexy nymphs, john fowles has done it againHe said gently, Balls.

    12. Fowles is one of the greats, that s for sure I ve been under the spell of The French Lieutenant s Woman for so long I ve been afraid to read anything else, including what everyone says is his real masterpiece, The Magus Not just because I was afraid nothing else would live up, but because I was afraid it might Weird Maybe I just didn t want TFLW to get knocked off its pedestal One of the things that s so fantastic about Fowles is how ahead of his time he was in terms of his handling of women s P [...]

    13. In the proper John Fowles tradition, this collection is well crafted and somewhat off the wall It s not every book you pick up that contains a novella, a translation of an 11th century Celtic romance, a mock autobiographical tale, and two short stories It gives the impression that these were some items that the author had lying around and decided randomly to bring together for publication As such, it worked pretty well as a summer holiday read, offering a few tidbits that engaged without requiri [...]

    14. I don t know what my issue was here, but reading this felt like a plodding chore Fowles prose is still a delight, but I don t know if his storytelling works for me in the short fiction mode The title story was sort of a light Magus, in fitting with his variations theme for the collection, but it doesn t reach the scope of the longer novel, despite threading in a wonderful sense of dread There s no real release to the tension The Cloud is the other worthwhile story, but even that suffers from too [...]

    15. E er daha nce Fowles okumad ysan z kesinlikle ve kesinlikle B y c ile ba lamak zorundas n z Bu adam anlaman n ba ka yolu yok.Abanoz kule Ba larda m thi s k ld m Fazla detaydan zellikle Fowles n of resim hakk nda ne ok ey biliyorum ya diye ba ran terimlerinden ve isimlerden fenal k geldi Ayr ca okudu um kadar yla adam n sap k bir d d nyas oldu u izlenimine kap l yorum Hikaye, B y c n n sa malar sa mas bir versiyonu Okudu um eserinde de ba ka adamlara kad nlar hapsettiren Fowles n k s tl hayal g c [...]

    16. This book was chosen by my book club I had read The Collector and The French Lieutenant s Woman years ago and looked forward to reading The Ebony Tower I liked two stories out of the five Poor Koko and The Enigma I found the others all five are novellas than short stories too wordy, very sexist and difficult to get into I don t mind complicated stories but I really don t like it when I have to look up a lot of words I find it pretentious and it makes me feel a bit stupid and uneducated Even his [...]

    17. When I read Fowles I m prepared to sit not only with the book but my dictionary as well As a pure writer, he is a master As a storyteller, he s spectacular What I love about Ebony Tower a collection of novelettes is one story in particular The set up is that he s off in a mountain cabin lent to him by a friend He s completing a manuscript when he s intruded on by a thief Not suspecting the encounter, the robber ties up the protagonist and then proceeds to burn his manuscript It s Fowles psychody [...]

    18. The Ebony Tower returns to the theme of mentorship, telling another version a meeting with a roll model In this case, it s a meeting of artists David Williams, a frustrated artist detours from his holiday with his wife to interview the cantankerous Henry Breasley who lives in seclusion with two beautiful former art students Diana the Mouse and Anne the Freak David spends the weekend being lectured on morality, sexuality and modern art He is tempted to join this hedonistic lifestyle in the wilder [...]

    19. John Fowles doesn t get much respect in the States, which is pretty unfortunate He s so good at sculpting these impressionistic, slightly sinister atmospheres And then, rather than using them as backdrop, he plays with them, constantly forcing them to interact with human agents It s a trick that readers of Borges and Calvino should find pretty enjoyable The stories in The Ebony Tower, the title one above all, manages this atmosphere And, like all the others, it s able to weave together mythologi [...]

    20. Collection of five novellas from the genius that is Fowles Stunningly brilliant, eloquent and profoundly intelligent It is surely impossible not to learn from this man about both writing and life itself This writer took literature towards a new frontier Amazing.

    21. David Williams, an English art critic and color field painter, arrives in northern France to interview an older painter named William Breasley, who is living in self imposed exile from England and Paris Away from his wife, David finds himself affected by the atmosphere at Breasley s manor, which is deep in one of the old woods of Brittany, filled with priceless paintings, and inhabited not only by the great painter but also by two young art students, Diana and Anne.The girls befriend David, and [...]

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    23. The ebony tower by John FowlesEbony towerThe first story is that of a young married man who used to be an artist and is now into journalism, going to interview an old artist, Henry Breasley The old man lives with two very young women on a farm in the French countryside Mouse and Freak They do a lot for the old man including cook, keep house, keep him painting and provide him with company and sex They are all artists although the women are so busy looking after Henry that they neglect their own [...]

    24. Fowler can certainly write and I think he can create a sense of place and character better than most The stories in the book are all unusual and The Ebony Tower itself stayed with me long after I read it I think he is concerned with the idea of living vs thinking, of people who live with ideas and those who live with facts Living lives which are created for us rather than creating our own and the losses associated with failing to live for ourselves.The problem is he always fails to give any answ [...]

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