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Island of Exiles #2020

Island of Exiles In this diverse gritty survival fantasy a girl warrior turns against her island clan to find the brother they claim died uncovering secrets Perfect for fans of Graceling and Snow Like Ashes In Khya

  • Title: Island of Exiles
  • Author: Erica Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781633755925
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Island of Exiles By Erica Cameron, In this diverse, gritty survival fantasy, a girl warrior turns against her island clan to find the brother they claim died, uncovering secrets Perfect for fans of Graceling and Snow Like Ashes.In Khya s world, every breath is a battle.On the isolated desert island of Shiara, dying young is inevitable The clan comes before self, and protecting her home means Khya is a warIn this diverse, gritty survival fantasy, a girl warrior turns against her island clan to find the brother they claim died, uncovering secrets Perfect for fans of Graceling and Snow Like Ashes.In Khya s world, every breath is a battle.On the isolated desert island of Shiara, dying young is inevitable The clan comes before self, and protecting her home means Khya is a warrior above all else.But when following the clan and obeying their leaders could cost her brother his life, Khya s home becomes a deadly trap The only person who can help is Tessen, her lifelong rival and the boy who challenges her at every turn The council she hoped to join has betrayed her, and their secrets, hundreds of years deep, reach around a world she s never seen.To save her brother s life and her island home, her only choice is to trust Tessen, turn against her clan, and go on the run a betrayal and a death sentence.

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      347 Erica Cameron
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    1 thought on “Island of Exiles

    1. Island of Exiles was one the most unique books I ve ever read The world that was created was fascinating, and I ve never encountered one even close to how it was described On top of that, the characters that appeared on the pages were larger than life And the way the plot unfolded was completely entertaining Island of Exiles was beyond original So I wish there wasn t a but, but there is I never fully connected to any of the characters And on top of that, the names that were created for ranks, ma [...]

    2. Island of Exiles was a gripping, addictive, and captivating book This book sucked me in from the very first page Island of Exiles was a book that pulled me in and never let me go I was pleasantly surprised by this book I loved the world the author created, but I did have some issues with wrapping my head around everything I thought the author did a great job of avoiding info dumping, but I the world was so unique that there were some aspects that took me a while to completely understand and reme [...]

    3. Island of Exiles is a rich and epic fantasy, incredibly detailed with superb world building I am picky about what fantasy novels I read, but this one far surpassed all my expectations and I am now eagerly awaiting book two in the series.When I was offered a chance to read Island of Exiles I was told it was suited to readers of Graceling and Snow Like Ashes That s a pretty high standard to reach, but despite that, I was still surprised when this book was actually really very good It reminded me i [...]

    4. Khya lives on the island of Shiara It s isolated and harsh Every day is a challenge Most die young Magic, secrets, and half truths are all around.Khya was close to her brother, Yorri until his apparent death Now she is determined to find the truth She is a trained warrior and dedicated to protecting her clan, but her brother s death changes everything Now she has to put her trust in Tessen Trust is earned not given and it will take time Tessen is hot on Khya tracks and soon becomes integrated in [...]

    5. I struggled A LOT through this book but it was fast paced and very unique I wish we got a little bit development with the important information just because I was left confused at so many parts which took away from the story.If the crucial parts, for example, key definitions were explained fluidly I think I would ve really enjoyed this book The plot was progressive and action packed The characters were likable but I didn t LOVE them since I did feel so disconnected to the book as a whole This [...]

    6. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight Ohhh guys, this one is unique And has a lot going for it I am just going to get right into all the good stuff.The world is incredibly unique Like, so much The creativity in this world is mind blowing, honestly The author didn t just create a place, or a group of people, she created a whole world, complete with customs, language, traditions, and so much It s basically the definition of r [...]

    7. This review and others can be found at my blog, Fine Print.Have you been struggling to find an original, well written YA fantasy Look no further Here are 5 reasons to read ISLAND OF EXILES by Erica Cameron 1 Creative World Building If you enjoy complex social, political, and cultural contexts in their fantasy novels, rejoice ISLAND OF EXILES has it all Khya s clan lives on Shiara, a land of inhospitable desert that forces them within the walls of their city, where they wait out natural disasters [...]

    8. I received an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review SUMMARY In Erica Cameron s ISLAND OF EXILES, we visit a nation ensconced in magic and a hierarchy based upon strength and ability They re is taught to put complete faith in their leaders and to put the well being of the clan before themselves or anything anyone else.The only person Khya really loves and trusts is her younger brother Yorri, and she is determined to protect and take care of him When Yorri is suddenly proclaimed d [...]

    9. Haven t been reading much of late, but wow I m not a fantasy reader really, but honestly, I loved this diverse story and can t wait for the rest of the books in this series to release Tons of action, adventure, and there s a good reason why so many authors and even Kirkus Reviews have fallen hard for this book Pick it up today and see for yourself.

    10. CAN T WAIT TO READ THIS Starred review on Kirkus Cameron expertly blends worldbuilding and intriguing characters with page turning action scenes and a story that builds in tension and complexity The novel s commitment to diversity adds new dimensions to the story, as the cast is entirely nonwhite, and the clan recognizes nonbinary gender identities and complex sexual orientations The lexicon of unique terms and concepts may be intimidating to some readers, but the vocabulary adds fantastic textu [...]

    11. Check out reviews Perspective of a Writer2.5 stars rounded up to 3 stars due to Tessen Sanii Khya is a clan warrior whose home is an isolated desert island She s closest to her brother, Yorri and is constantly pestered by her rival, Tessen As a rare fykina who can make wards to protect from magic and physical dangers she is important to her team and her ambition in life is to become a leader of her clan When her brother s body mysteriously disappears she goes on a quest to learn what really hap [...]

    12. I have NO idea why this book hasn t had hype I really, really enjoyed it and it s like nothing I have ever read which is saying something, especially in the YA world The world building is complex, thorough and absolutely fascinating Erica Cameron has done an AMAZING job of creating a distinctive and diverse fantasy world The writing is descriptive and yet easy to read and the world is full of gritty and shocking detail There s a glossary provided at the back of the book to help orient the reade [...]

    13. Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for giving me this book to review.Island of Exiles is a good book with an interesting story and world which is a post apocalyptic fantasy novel It was well written with good world building, interesting characters, full of action and a romance which was there but did not take over the story I really enjoy fantasy books but I found the names and titles overly confusing which caused me to feel that it was slow to start Similarly, the three genders confus [...]

    14. I got the chance to read an early version of this book, and it absolutely blew me away I can t wait for the release date so I can reread it and so I can have other people to fangirl with

    15. This book is just incredible It begins so simply, not quite a Oh, look, another magic ridden high fantasy feel, because it does have a very epic, even almost chilling start, but it doesn t feel like it s going to be as mind blowingly phenomenal as it actually is That comes on slowly yet the story was never boring It begins with a simple but strong story stake, then builds and builds and builds on that, one shocker plot twist at a time, until the end result is something completely other than what [...]

    16. A HUGE Thank you to EntangledTeen for this book which I got in exchange for an honest review.Full review to come

    17. ASDFGHJKL This Book Is So Badass I admit I was so confused in the beginning with all the unfamiliar terms I came across but hey that s what the glossary is for right but once I got myself familiarized with the world, the book just got a whole lot better I don t think I ve ever read a book quite like Island of Exiles I didn t know what to expect from this but what I got What I got was an amazing blend of diverse characters, an amazing worldbuilding, a unique and complex world one would rarely com [...]

    18. I had the chance to read an early copy of this book, and I already can t wait for the sequel The story is engaging and satisfying with high adventure, subtle yet steamy romance, and beautiful, diverse relationships Key to this book are the well developed characters They give you a glimpse into this world so different from ours by feeling the beats of the story alongside the characters and learning about their society and place in it Altogether, it s really good read.

    19. A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen publishing for allowing me to read All thoughts and opinions are my own initial thoughts I will admit At first, I wasn t super into this book There was a lot of information and a lot of names that really confused me Since this island is an island of war, there were a lot of war terms weapons that I couldn t quite understand, along different names of honor for different people But after I got through that, the story started to pick up and I really st [...]

    20. 3 stars for potential teen readers, 2 stars for my own enjoyment Unfortunately pretty run of the mill fantasy, albeit the nonchalant inclusion of a non binary third gender sex, asexuality, and bisexuality not that I m down playing that Although I m still unclear about the non binary category I think it s a third sex with physical differences ie, they can t have biological children the text says and a corresponding gender identity called ebets but it s not made very clear It s also a bit disappoi [...]

    21. First of all, I want to let you know that this book tour is brought to you by YA Reads Blog Tour so I want to thank them for giving me the chance to host a tour.The story is about a girl named Khya who has a brother named Yorri Yorri is about to have his herynshi, a trial undergone by all citizens of Itagami the year of their sixteenth birthday to find out which status they belong Nyshin, Ahdo, Yonin respectively from high to low , but he hasn t discovered his magic yet So Khya got worried becau [...]

    22. I dunno, it was a bit slow and kinda hard to get into.I just couldn t get into it.I hate not finishing books, but I think the one thing that really really threw me off was all the different words I couldn t keep track of all of them and was literally flipping to the glossary constantly I made it about a quarter of the way through a little than 100 pages before realizing this book just wasn t for me.

    23. please tell me why people aren t talking about this book How do I even begin talking about this book Straight to the point, I really freaking loved it It s all the things I could want in a book Survivalism, fantasy, strong female main character, diversity in all the characters, and betrayal Island of Exiles delivers on so many levels, I don t understand how people aren t talking about it All the time in the book community people are begging for good diversity, and let me tell you, this book ha [...]

    24. At first I want to thank the team of Entangled Teen a special thanks goes to Melissa to give me the chance of reading Island Of Exiles by providing an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion from my side The first impression, when I see a book is always the cover Am I tending to read books with amazing covers Yes, most definitely And that s exactly how I feel about this cover It s amazing and I love it Erica Cameron s writing style is addictive The wording isn t always the easiest, as it s not the [...]

    25. From both a plotting worldbuilding and diversity standpoint, this was fantastic The plot and the incipient romance tied together well, and the world the story took place in held true The story also features numerous characters of a third gender with their own pronouns ey, em, eir like they, them, their, but with no associations with the plural , an asexual character who is friends with the protagonist and therefore shows up fairly frequency, and a bisexual protagonist People in this world also d [...]

    26. 3.5 Stars Khya s whole world is protecting her brother and doing her duty to her clan, her own needs don t play a big role in her choices But when something shocking happens, Khya is lost and can t figure out who she is any An encounter with someone important to her brother causes Khya to question everything she knows, including the bigger purpose on her island.I was in love with the cover from the first moment I saw it so I knew I needed to get my hands on this book I had to buy myself a physic [...]

    27. I d been eager to read this book since I d seen a post from Erica on Twitter about it and chatted with her briefly I am a huge fan of fantasy, and this book sounded right up my alley I also loved the idea that Erica would be exploring the idea of asexuality in the book, as I have never read about that in any book at least not where it s explicitly named, although it s possible it was hinted at in some book and I missed it So, I jumped a the chance to be on this tour with YA Reads, and let me tel [...]

    28. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3 Stars The blurb was a definite hook for me, especially with the Graceling being one of my all time favorite young adult fantasy novels But the language and terminology confused this 38 yo writer avid reader, so I wonder how much a young adult will comprehend while reading I ve struggled over the course of two weeks to read this novel, reading about 10% in a sitting before switching to another book, then coming back for another [...]

    29. I felt thrown into a fantasy world with no explanation or guidance Thankfully, I found the glossary of terms in the back of the book fairly early on, but even with that I was lost The governmental ranking system was hard to follow too 400 pages later and the only thing I get is that yonin is the lowest class and the Miriseh are the highest I couldn t kept track of any of the others Also, I didn t like the main character much at all Khya was very hard to relate to I found her to be very controlli [...]

    30. 3 and 1 2 starsIt s practically impossible for me to resist a deep desert setting, not since Frank Herbert s Dune became one of my favorite books, so when I read the first reviews for Island of Exiles I knew it would not be long before I saw for myself what this story had to offer.Life on the island of Shiara is hard and unforgiving set in the middle of a turbulent ocean, the island s climate alternates between periods of intense, searing heat and seasonal storms that can annihilate everything i [...]

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