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Dangerous to Know #2020

Dangerous to Know Classic Hollywood Silver Screen Style Vintage Murder A champagne cocktail of a mystery covered in movie magic stardustDecember Lillian Frost has plunged head first into a world of boldfaced names

  • Title: Dangerous to Know
  • Author: Renee Patrick
  • ISBN: 9780765381866
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dangerous to Know By Renee Patrick, Classic Hollywood Silver Screen Style Vintage Murder A champagne cocktail of a mystery covered in movie magic stardustDecember 1938 Lillian Frost has plunged head first into a world of boldfaced names and endless glamour as social secretary to movie mad millionaire Addison Rice Costume designer Edith Head is now in charge of Paramount Pictures wardrobe department, alClassic Hollywood Silver Screen Style Vintage Murder A champagne cocktail of a mystery covered in movie magic stardustDecember 1938 Lillian Frost has plunged head first into a world of boldfaced names and endless glamour as social secretary to movie mad millionaire Addison Rice Costume designer Edith Head is now in charge of Paramount Pictures wardrobe department, although her position is precarious potential replacements are being auditioned on a regular basis The two friends again become partners thanks to an international scandal a real life incident, a historical footnot long forgotten, in which the war clouds gathering over Europe cast a shadow on Hollywood.At a swanky Manhattan dinner party the well heeled guests speak ill of Adolf Hitler in front of a German maid with Nazi sympathies The secrets she spills soon have all of New York society running for cover and two of Paramount s biggest stars, Jack Benny and George Burns, facing smuggling charges.When an migr composer seeking work at Paramount is found dead, Marlene Dietrich tells Edith she blames agents of the Reich As Lillian and Edith unravel intrigue that extends from Paramount s fabled Bronson Gate to FDR s Oval Office, only one thing is certain they ll do it in style.

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      152 Renee Patrick
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    1 thought on “Dangerous to Know

    1. Dangerous to Know is a fantastic read I enjoyed the first book in the series, Design for Dying, starring Edith Head and Lillian Frost as sleuths and was very excited to read this one The book is set in 1938 Hollywood and, and the plot is loosely based on a real scandal called the Albert Chapereau affair that involved Jack Benny and George Burns Renee Patrick, a husband and wife team writing under this pseudonym, weave a highly entertaining tale interspersed with tons of Hollywood references and [...]

    2. I loved Design for Dying, the first book in this series written by a husband and wife team, pen name Renee Patrick I said in that review 1937 Hollywood the clothes, the movies, the movie stars, aspiring starlets, lavish parties, down at the heals diners, crackling dialog, witty noir lite writing, and a murder to be solved.And this second in the series is no different except it s December of 1938 This outing features Nazis, Nazi spies, Leni Riefenstahl, Anti Nazi organizations and spies, smugglin [...]

    3. In December 1938, an FBI investigation into the smuggling activities of Albert Chaperau has reached the doors of Paramount, where Edith Head is the head of costumes Since Lillian Frost was at the dinner party where Albert was exposed, she finds herself involved in attempts to head off the investigation Meanwhile, Lillian is also looking into the disappearance of Jens Lahse No one has seen him for a week Where could he have gone This book plunges us into the world of old Hollywood, and doesn t le [...]

    4. Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI had a great time with the first volume Lillian s investigations are interesting and full of twists and turns Besides, our heroine has to face a new problem Indeed, Marlene Dietrich is looking for one of her old friends, a German emigrant, whom she wants to hire for his talents as a pianist But it seems that he has disappeared.In a background of World War II, or at least with the echoes of the Nazism in Hollywood, Lillian will set foot in a story that surpas [...]

    5. Was slightly less into this than the first one.Lillian and Edith continue to be delightful I enjoy Lillian in the context of her new job That is fun She s not even a bad amateur sleuth I also continue to enjoy the heck out of the setting, and random actors cropping up from time to time Edith struggling to find herself in her new role as head designer and trying just a bit too hard also works.Unfortunately, not all of the character work goes as well Notably 1 Kay I loved Kay as hard nosed aspirin [...]

    6. Renee Patrick is the pseudonym for the dynamic writing husband and wife team Rosemarie and Vince Keenan Last year s release of Design for Dying Lillian Frost and Edith Head 1 was met with rave reviews and has been nominated for several awards Design for Dying is a cozy, behind the scenes mystery surrounding Hollywood s Golden Age You have atmosphere, glitz and glamour, and murder, of course Not to mention two intelligent women who steal the show Dangerous to Know is the second book starring this [...]

    7. I really should give this book a higher rating since it is probably my ignorance of Hollywood history in the 1930 s which detracted from the story However, I do believe stories should entertain without having to read non fiction first A promising series if character development vs less history and plot formula occurs

    8. Free Google Reward Just as enjoyable as the first in the series, a pleasant read despite the villain not being a surprise The only real problem with this series is that it s so heavily and delightfully populated by real people that the real suspects are drastically narrowed That said, I enjoyed this quite a lot, found the bits of actual history fascinating, and was glad to get Lillian and Edith and Gene, too I m unimpressed by Lillian s new potential love interest, and even bored by her even b [...]

    9. This is the second book in the Lillian Frost Edith Head mystery series It s 1938 and former hopeful actress Lillian Frost is now working as a social secretary for industrialist Addison Rice, who is known for giving large Hollywood parties After her success solving a previous mystery, Lillian is asked by Edith as a favor to Marlene Dietrich to search for a German composer who has gone missing Soon Lillian discovers a murder, this time involving Nazis, blackmail, and With assistance from her boyf [...]

    10. This book gets top marks for weaving together some really fascinating true history with fiction The influence on the Nazi part in Hollywood and the exodus of Germans, both Jewish and not makes for a good story I missed Lillian s personal story a lot however In the first book in this series she was central to the plot and her struggle to get by compelling I realize giving her a stable job frees up space, but honestly much of the book felt like a bumper car ride jolting back and forth from one sto [...]

    11. Pre World War II Los Angeles, California 1938 Lillian Frost is a friend and protege of Edith Head Edith Head works at Paramount as a costume designer At one time, Frost was an actress Some of Frost s current duties as secretary to a society millionaire is attending swanky parties At one of the parties, Hitler is insulted People who are pro Hitler are angry A murder happens.The tone of the story is not something I m used to It s a mix of strong wit versus a serious back drop of a world war loomin [...]

    12. Excellent second entry in this new historical mystery series It s 1938, Germany is on the march in Europe, exiles are flooding in Hollywood, a another Hollywood scandal is about to explode and detecting duo of Edith Head Lillian Frost are facing the dark forces of fascism But all is doom and gloom, a host of classic Hollywood stars drop to add glamour, laughs and action of Golden Age Filmdom Now, dear reader, join this wild Hollywood party to lift a glass of champagne to all the actors, artists, [...]

    13. Set in 1939 in Hollywood Lillian Frost is the investigator She is a social secretary who also tries to find a lost person Talks about being followed by FBI Talks about societies of German Jewish immigrants and government attitude toward them Edith Head costume designer at Paramount Studios is also a main character

    14. Delicious, complex mystery Hollywood love letterRenee Patrick is hitting on all sixes in this second installment of the Lillian Frost Edith Head mysteries A respectful, fond, love letter to Hollywood s Golden Age woven into a well written, complex mystery that continued to be pleasantly surprising all the way to the end I m hooked and I would like now, please.

    15. In the follow up to Design For Dying, Lilian Frost and Edith Head are back and solving crimes, this time involving Nazis in late 1930s Hollywood Lots of celebrity cameos, fabulous clothes and glamorous settings I LOVE this series so much.

    16. Good but not great I think it you are a fan of Los Angeles and it s golden age, this would be entertaining Lots of name dropping That part didn t do much for me But the story was good enough to keep my reading I don t know if I will read of the series, though.

    17. A missing musician, Nazi spies, and a smuggler keep Lillian Frost and costume designer Edith Head busy in the second book in this historical mystery series The setting is Hollywood just prior to the USA entering the Second World War.

    18. Another great addition to this new series Not only is the setting Hollywoodland of ole, but the novels reads out just like a classic mystery from that era, so much so, I think my minds eye visualized the story in black and white as I read.

    19. Nazis and actors and detectives, oh my Even better than the first one Lillian does a favor for Marlene Dietrich which turns into a murder investigation Fascinating and mostly true stories of Nazi spies in Hollywood Lots of fun and a largely untold story.

    20. A fantastic mystery I so enjoyed that the authors had done so much research For me to read a fiction book and to also learn something is a wonderful bonus One of my favourite series and I can t wait till the next one.

    21. I enjoyed this book about 40 s Hollywood The mix of fact,real movie people and fiction made the story real for me Can t miss reading this one.

    22. Excellent Even better than the first outing Little known Hollywood history behind the scenes glimpses of the stars tied together perfectly Cannot wait for the next installment.

    23. Although the main character was quirky I loved that , and she had excellent one liners, it took me over a month to finish.

    24. I did not enjoy it quite as much as the first book in the series but I still would definitely read book 3.

    25. Light fare, a little interesting than the first in the series because hello, Nazis in Hollywood but this will be my last of these Just not enough there there.

    26. Great sequelIf you liked the first book, you will like the second I hope they will write some books with Lillian and Edith.

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